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  1. Felecia 14


  2. Alain Fynn

    Ask nlechoppa to come on the show

  3. Getting a lil ROOMie Here

    Dc said the Asian looks like Jake long from American dragon 😂😂

  4. BłueMoneyNarĐ

    I thought dude Nick"Brittney Loosey Hole" 😂

  5. G D

    Dc and karlos and Chico are legends on this show 👌🏾

  6. Shafiq Tokhi


  7. Jaylee Jenkins

    “i got 2 black friends” camera goes straight to white people 😂😂😂

  8. Galaxy TP

    My dude brought out snoop

  9. Rebel LaBeija

    "Baggy draws havin ahh"😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  10. Jorge Rodriguez

    DC goes after the audience when he doesn't have a comeback or a funny joke

  11. Ben Warner

    “Someone give me 35 cents so we can feed him for the day” fucking hilarious

  12. Creative Z33

    Did he come in with the davido fall melody?

  13. Amirul Syafiq

    Finally! But wheres “Cynthia on Rugrats”? HAHAHA

  14. Mariah

    Love it I can’t with dc young fly 😂

  15. Nurse Dre

    7:37 Jake long American dragon 🔥

  16. Nathaniel Schmeling

    DC is just a rapper doing a Chris Tucker impression

  17. Joseph Ralda

    What the green hair girl from 42:11 Instagram??? She kinda fire

  18. Alice A.

    DC really does where the same 3 Wild n’ Out shirts with different pants.

  19. joshua oludoyi

    “ my name king Harris... yea and I am fly yea.... everybody knows.... yea..drake is my daddy yeaaaa...... 🤣 if ykyk 🤦🏾‍♂️😭

  20. Karmella Sekna

    Months later and I still be making the buzzing noises outta know where “buzzzzzzert skeeerrt -what he say? Skkkeeeeerrrrt” 😂😂

  21. Zakiya Peppers

    Mimi was looking like tekashi69

  22. Sarah Adera

    UH Excuse me ma'am you need one OKAY. I died😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. BOOM! idc Tv

    @2:57 I'm weak

  24. Seven7

    Get me to 1k.. Am at 700 already.. Y'all won't regret it

  25. Jesse World

    Here before 1M

  26. Felecia 14


  27. Zazathegod Womack

    Another dc banger

  28. Chris Norris

    In every vid king is in he look high asf😂

  29. Lay Willi

    Conceited dancing 🙊🤣

  30. Tom Decker

    I like how Erica got up to show her butt acting like it wasn’t sagging to the mf ground lmao

  31. Zakiya Peppers

    Happy belated April Fool's Day

  32. Rory Alexander

    Does anyone know the name of the girl at 00:30 to 00:35

  33. Dreamy Yrd

    Dc too much

  34. Dj Jc Dallas

    DC AINT FUNNY ANY MORE! When he has nothing he turns to the audience.they need to get rid of him js

  35. katerenae

    the front row is like the splash zone !!

  36. YoungBoy NeverBrokeAgain

    At 9:35 I feel bad for her

  37. katerenae

    imagine paying to get the front row and then being roasted 😭😭😭 it be like that

  38. OG Mandara Tz

    Dc: i am Nicholas's thoughts... Person at the front:why do i hear boss music

  39. Rj Brown

    28:14 Clips and Hitman 1v1 is straight 🔥🔥

  40. Leina

    anyone else not like Mimi and Maddy that much....idk maybe i just need to give it some time.

  41. Brian Brown

    Y’all overrate DC in the comments lol. Majority of his jokes aren’t even funny, but you’re not ready for that conversation.

  42. Golden Girl

    I love when dc go in on the audience it just be so unexpected and funny

  43. Tori Bond

    I love Justina, Pretty V and B Simone! At 4:56 Chico Bean and Karlous looked they ready to risk it all when Charmaine came out!😂

  44. Teniah Montgomery

    “Baggy draws head ah boi”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Lebron'sLostHairline

    Wild n out been blessing up wit the quarantine content❤️🙏🏾

  46. themetdub

    DC not funny sorry a moment here and there but I'll pass.. he scream to try to make u laugh and his laugh fake as hell y'all buggin Carlos funnier all day

  47. Mary -Joy Angel

    The girl at 1:10 looks just like Ella Mai

  48. Ya boo periannah Brianna

    DC- My man Micheal Blackson- my bsf 🥰 hitman- My side nigga😍🥰

  49. Bandisa Masilela

    Honestly they have to stop beeping this show, what’s the point?

  50. big homie


  51. Scott Terry

    What if I'm also awkward

  52. Shamiya Edwards

    this low-key really funny tho

  53. Jacquise Sheppard

    30:52 favorite part of the wildstyle. Chico ain’t even have to do all that.😭💀💀 And peep how emmanuel saying yang yang instead of gang gang cause rich brian asian.💀💀

  54. Makai Smith

    Sup me and my cousin are going to be there when you come to Chicago

  55. Alex Balekjian

    44.50 what happened there?

  56. Chosen 1

    This nigga said a “brake light” 😂🤣

  57. Itz Yxng abi

    Look at Cortez

  58. Keyannah Robinson

    dc is so mean wtf

  59. Chukwunonso Uzoma Eze

    2:02 Polo G Never Looked Happier

  60. Jaylen DeVon

    Now we need Emmanuel passing out 😂😂

  61. веат макег

    5:26 that killed me

  62. Tâlharu Tlh

    I hate nick cannon

  63. shaunny santana

    Someone find the guys Instagram @ 2:49 he is fine fine lol

  64. Andre's

    lmao...Jake Long

  65. Meme Queen

    This was released on my birthday!! I didn't even realise til now!

  66. Malakai Ervin

    This is my own: michal blackson so black when he walks he got 2 shadows

  67. Itz Jay Official

    Been dying for this to come outt😂

  68. Potnoodles4life

    3:00 That woman in the middle high as fuck 😂😂

  69. Pwenko Jammy

    6ix9ine: gets out of prison thots on IG: 1:41

  70. Michael Zarrad

    This is why I don't sit in the front row lmao

  71. Cashwin Deelman

    dc young fly iz not funny at allllllllllllllllll😷

  72. Eduardo Morales Jr

    This is prolly the funniest shit, like everyone is so innocent and DC be on their ass for no reason LMAOOO

  73. Bretania Morris

    Part 2