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  1. Darren Bent

    Rip kobe😢

  2. Elizabeth Mayers

    When he started speaking in tongues I died laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. 2 Ez Sullzi

    Justina violates Black at 2:49

  4. iiiSpeedBuilds


  5. Elizabeth Mayers

    I would definitely do it. Freak out a bit, but still do it lol.

  6. pinkstarfire1

    Black team killed it

  7. pinkstarfire1

    D.C young fly didnt want to lose against designer speaking the same language

  8. not abadname

    02:26 whos the girl that hes holla at , i mean the one that he said pirate hook stuff , shes fine tho like irinasyakh fine , can yall tell me whats her name on instagram please ?

  9. Sir puss

    Lots of racist here... let’s make a joke about black people *DETROIT*

  10. AYRTON Gideon

    Fuck this show is the best

  11. not abadname

    jacob seems like he doesnt wanna be there or some one pointing a gun at him

  12. Qrit__91

    My favorites in no particular order: 18: 1:35 14: 3:56 9: 7:06 8: 7:45 4: 11:06 3: 11:40

  13. It’s Me

    “Ah, uh, wait a minute white woman.”

  14. Deondre Brown

    "Yang yang yaaang yaaaaaaang" im fuckin dyin😂😂💀💀

  15. LuvMystix

    They forgot a hood proverb “Mom can I have McDonalds?” “You got McDonalds money”

  16. R N

    1:08 check my man Emmanuel in the back like *this niggaaa*

  17. Hoy Darnell

    Rest in Power Kobe Bean Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the others who were in the helicopter crash. :( #MAMBAMENTALITY

  18. SavageGuyNixxa

    I just like Kobe ;( R.I.P Kobe Bryant

  19. terry lewis

    She cut deep by saying " -enjoy Wild 'N Out- "...'So Fly' take it as challenge and prove her wrong

  20. Smurf This

    0:37 hahahaha 🤣 !!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Lilly64 hi

    Kevin Hart had me dying 😭😂😭😂😭😭

  22. got2kissme


  23. April

    RIP Kobe

  24. Matthew Utley

    MGK is alright I suppose, but Nick Cannon is shit.

  25. Mvp-AngelOfGod

    0:46 i wanna sleep on those.😊

  26. Kanyin Aluko

    Nah something must have happened backstage between all the girls, that was wayyy too awkward.

  27. Kanyin Aluko

    Sky was blushing HARD When Nick came close 👀👀👀

  28. Nunuandjj TV


  29. Carmen Palmer

    “Cuz he’s fat” 😭😭😭😭😭

  30. Nunuandjj TV

    Girl is my favorite cuz she's cuter than you in better than you cuz you don't have a girl and she doesn't want to be with you.

  31. Ryleigh Apps


  32. krazy_ogzyt

    Did any one here justina moan

  33. lilotata93

    All I be looking at is Doja

  34. not abadname

    i dont think he want to be there tho 😭😂

  35. Vala Dina


  36. Carmen Palmer

    Chico really sounds just like DMX. 😭😭😭

  37. Itsjust Sefora

    Who is she? she looks 14 but old at the same time 🤣💕

  38. Flaco

    I totally forgot about the skits, they should bring them back

  39. Nisha

    Diggy cheated too though ! He said “ish” and that was in the title. Lol

  40. Vaketha Thurston

    What is on Nick's head?😊I like Zoe. I just hate that he is gay. I like Hitman. I like Justina too.

  41. Ramon Alzate

    This nigga should be training for his next fight not be on some random ass tv show alright woodley when leon dismantles your ass dont say shit

  42. Summer.ttx_

    Yall cant be sleeping on Dc and Timothy's Rush Hour impression

  43. Stephanie M

    The last one 😭😭😭😭

  44. PoisonPowerUp

    Ok the race card was a bit out of nowhere

  45. Sbahle Cele

    can i just appreciate the talent, i really enjoy this show.

  46. Snak Daddy

    7:33 the best rap battle ever on wild ‘n out

  47. Aricverseal

    they don't look like they're actually having fun

  48. Universal Wiz

    😂😂😂😂 🔥🔥

  49. Masked Fox

    Hey hey Ima do that and the sweep

  50. p _rock

    DC you ain't gone do DDG like that c'mon now😂

  51. Rali Gamer

    I love the girl's voice

  52. Ooo Chileee

    Why do ppl even do this show smh haha

  53. Yvng Gaara

    Young MA got a deeper voice than me

  54. MigReX

    she thinks her song is a banger ngl it aint

  55. Kensi Mbethe

    Matt’s insult still hits hard😂😂😂😂🥵

  56. Yvng Gaara

    I thought Jason Lee was Vin Diesel

  57. mike

    built like a love seat,lol

  58. Thylaric MTG

    Why does quavo look so similar to offset and migos

  59. Beautiful Sun 3333

    DC is not funny he is not a natural comedian.... scripted 🥴

  60. Caleb Jones

    She stupid as hell 😂

  61. oof boy 1420

    2:24 I was low-key confused there

  62. Ajayi Wuraola

    Did I hear that African dude say "ode"😂😂😂

  63. Summer.ttx_

    I miss dc on this

  64. the_Black_wHole Visuals

    Man wtf I wanna do this

  65. Lil G


  66. Ari

    Darren does not like her 😂😂

  67. Marcus Lane

    Twizzler dipped in mayo...I FELL OUT..LOL

  68. Playyourpart 1111

    Emmanuel is hilarious

  69. Chelle Navarro


  70. Nsoul

    Diggy shoulda got a buzzer mans said black-ish LOL

  71. Ari

    Sammy you can’t do my mans like that 😅

  72. Roxanne Azat

    M Y P E N I S

  73. Flaco

    3 years later they made a 4 seat rari💀

  74. Roxanne Azat

    Dj d wrek big ass head

  75. Rene'e Stockton

    The dime joke is iconic dj dwrek just be hating 😭😂

  76. andre douglas


  77. Sydney Moreno

    Why do all the WnO girls have the same voice?

  78. Khalin McClain

    “Are you talking trash Mr.Cannon”’😭

  79. Chau Nguyen

    Tim should’ve threw the octopus on Darren 💀

  80. Princess Ameera TV

    Justina Is A Confident Woman. I Love It. Ain’t Nobody Harder Than Her.

  81. HyperSport this song underrated

  82. Khalin McClain

    Karlous had me on the ground😭😭😭😭😭AUGHHH he didn’t even say her name right😭

  83. Gag Faster

    Хуйня какая та

  84. DTY Rique

    I don’t know that other nigga was bald

  85. Riss Rova

    Lmfao holy fuck that was fucked up

  86. Crissy Lyons

    I love this show so much I watch ever time I get home from school

  87. brunoheww

    Wonder if Chico knows the democrats started the kkk

  88. Black Coffee

    Me after a beating and my butt hurts: 6:54

  89. q perry

    Love when Karlous returned😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  90. Conor Thompson

    Can do a compilation of the dime joke


    He said kobe bryant 🤧🤧RIP Kobe❤❤❤

  92. Princess Ameera TV

    Chico Bean Is Soooo Funny Man 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  93. Jalen Griffin