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  1. firehawk 99

    But the aliens weren't buried underground but their machines were, they were teleported into their machines in lightning strikes

  2. The Mobruary

    It would be really nice if we actually could terraform Mars but here's an issue. There's always a new killer virus which shows up on earth every 80 years and as we can see with corona, its death rate is barley 2% and it's already caused major chaos and nobody seem to know how to create vaccination for this virus. But let's imagine in 90 years a new virus pops with a death rate of 90%, that would almost wipe out humanity.

  3. whisper INC

    But does Mars have a magnetic field.

  4. Jianu Flavian

    i apreciate the power of medicine , but i hate for some politician to decide that i am obligated to do a vaccine ..... that day is the day that the politician does not whant to come ....

  5. Ant Honey

    I was wondering if the change of trajectory relating to OmauOmau could have been caused by Dark Energy? If its causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate, why can't it effect other matter?

  6. TomMuggeridge

    Million Billion Trillion Quadrillion Quintillion Sextillion Septillion Octillion Nonillion Decillion

  7. The Duder

    If it were possible to send a message faster than light, 4 years ago, we should have sent the following: "Hey Alpha Centauri... wait for it."

  8. 3D Clips

    Why'd he pull a 3/4 eaten apple out his pocket?

  9. HAS

    Let's say I traveled faster than light, it took me to Andromeda 10days then back to earth another 10, the time will be still relative to earth right?

  10. Shehan Sanadaru

    how many bytes all storages in the world have? my laptop has 975,352,894,378 bytes

  11. Blastogre Bricks

    its called reverse phycology

  12. Anthony Vitera

    If you rolled a bowling ball filled with molten iron at an absurd speed, would it create a magnetic field?

  13. Bambi胡

    Eugene mirmen is funny n he sounds like AI when asking question XD

  14. Anthony Vitera

    I love Neil to death but he is touchy AF. Lol To literally all of his guests. Who are often men. For reasons I can probably take a guess on. XD

  15. Geocentrist

    Actors will be actors.

  16. Necromantix

    its hard to explain in a foreign languague therefor here is my disclaimer: i dont believe in flat earth additionally its hard that to not spread a conspiracy theory when i "defend" their believings but at 3:10 the system of a flat earth is different to what we know. The moon have to be between sun and earth and they believe that the sun circles over the flat earth. I dont know how they explain in this szenario dawn and sunset.

  17. alexander george

    Earth is shaped like my D!ck. succ it Up Sphere-earthers and Flat-earthers. :)

  18. grapy

    TO me it's sad that this channel isn't on 10M+ subscribers. It's a gem that must be discovered and cherished.

  19. AAutuber gamingstudios

    I have a Theory that i would like to call... Avoiding indegenous contact.Imagine if you are exploring and expanding your civilization in space... then you saw a planet that still uses swords and wooden boats.You dont want to completely wipe out or just take their land you would likely or strongly want to make a law or rule to not take territories of a planet with its own civilization. its like some guy in a public restroom forgot to lock his door but hes minding his own business you dont wanna open it right?.. it made sense to me

  20. AAutuber gamingstudios

    an easy way to debunk flat earthers... tell them to use a telescope to see if you can see england from new york if you cant that means the earth is round


    1 minute in and I'm dying of laughing. 'Deep thoughts'.

  22. Igor Karpiuk

    Neil - What do you guys think? others - well, i thi... Neil - HERE IS WHAT I THINK

  23. nick nolder

    Yes Tyson! They need to teach us how to think!

  24. PilTheGhost

    Why zoom THO, did people forget Skype?

  25. Hardik Pawar

    "That's how you know it's genius. It seems obvious after you know it."

  26. David Viner

    The term 'fractal' is not a unit of measurement. Its a description of pattern and shape.

  27. connor monaghan

    Look at these idiots who think the earth exists

  28. Sophia Bogard

    The aliens were not there and dormant. Only the ships were. When they came and " rode the lightning " down to the ships.

  29. Whoa Apps

    🥳 Congratulations 🎉🍾🎈🎊

  30. Norensen Simanjuntak

    i'm enjoying this podcast :)

  31. SixColors

    5:43 1. Pay attention and think about it. 6:52 2. Failed education system. 7:05 You don't know how to think about information and knowledge. How great is America again?

  32. Sondra Allen

    She like the chocolate did she

  33. David

    Neil needs to keep his mouth shut more. Love him and his show but this episode is far far worse than most. Neil would not shut up. What is his problem, he cannot handle anyone else have an opinion let alone actually express it. Love who you are Neil but please try hard to keep your mouth shut. Or you are on some really powerful Drugs.

  34. Jazz Powers

    10k people fell off the flat earth

  35. Sheldon Douglin

    No disrespect to Galileo but let’s not forget Aristarchus of Samos for the first heliocentric theory

  36. Betta Dub

    Is dream a simulation?

  37. YMiles2

    Swear he was in starwars

  38. Crescendo

    Why is the heat trapping effect of the big amounts of concrete in big cities and along highways never considered a contributing factor in climate change? It's always the co2 and never anything else causing the heat with you climate change supporters. I don't deny that many parts of the world have gotten hotter, but moat of those places are medium to large urbanized cities and that's where most of the temperatures for this climate change science seem to be taken. In extremely rural areas, such as the Ozark mountains and the Himalayan mountains temperatures seem to be largely unaffected. Given this info I cannot support wide-spread global man-made climate change.

  39. Edward White

    On wormholes. If Dark Energy could be harnessed or used, couldn't we tear a hole in space to enter a different plane of existence and then tear it again to get back into space, allowing us to travel FTL

  40. Edward White

    In Arrival, as humans learn and use the circular language, they begin to have some control over time itself. As far as the best alien movie, I would pick UFO, with Gillian Anderson, because over time, they had been testing whether humans were smart enough to figure out the little puzzles sent to us. This brings up the possibility that one day we may be able to meet them.

  41. Rafael Santos

    5:24 where did that apple come from? 😂😂😂

  42. Go CPNG

    Jeremy Berimy

  43. Go CPNG

    Avatar Ish Is Impossible

  44. Rafael Santos

    What I learned in this video: I need to learn something about all of this. I understood very little, but it was enough to make me more interested. Thanks.

  45. Rafael Santos

    10:30 😂😂😂😂

  46. Liza Lizard

    Just what I needed, during my existential quandary that has arisen from quarantine 😂

  47. Neijah Saroukhanian

    Baymax is for heart attacks, silly.

  48. Rafael Santos

    Chuck's reaction represents me 100%. I wish all politicians had a great undertanding of this subject. The things that science make possible are amazing. 😍

  49. JanusAtTheGate

    You have an Escher staircase.

  50. rsine100

    We're not living in a simulation of reality but rather a parody of it.

  51. Dragoon GT

    Thanks for uploading this! I love listening to startalk while playing league

  52. The Dude

    Very very Well Said Mr Tyson....Failed Education ..on top of my list..along with Global Over Population that noone ever wants to talk about....

  53. JanusAtTheGate

    How does one define and instigate happiness?

  54. JanusAtTheGate

    But the people left still have all the destructive knowledge and some tech.

  55. JanusAtTheGate

    Like the scientist that said if people stopped having children for just 100 years, the planet would be balanced again.

  56. JanusAtTheGate

    People need the plants, too!

  57. j smith

    When they make anti--matter, what do they keep it in?

  58. JanusAtTheGate

    Comics are not books. They are a series of loose stories. Over years they contain so much it doesn't matter.

  59. JanusAtTheGate

    Fantasy is not supposed to be scientific.

  60. Jim Wallington

    Misinformation has been around for thousands of years. It is called religion and it was and still is used for power and control.

  61. Decoe Lord

    The bigger question then becomes; Who are "they"?

  62. Elias Gallegos

    This was such a great episode, I laughed sooo much and learned a ton!!!

  63. Sami Lamby

    Half a year late, but I study brown dwarfs - Jupiter would have needed to be 8x more massive to reach hydrogen fusion.

  64. Martin S.

    Two words. Sperical trigonometry. One word. Navigation. If the earth was flat no ship or plane would ever get where it's going because that is what is used to find the way there. Anyway, I know the earth is a globe because I've been round it (twice!)


    I genuinely enjoy watching this video every time it pops on my recommendation feed. This never gets old.

  66. Logan Perdue

    we could really use that perfect anti virus serum right about now

  67. Hamez sb

    Does NDT have his super suit on underneath?

  68. Fabricia Arbetová

    The Big Bang Theory in real life

  69. Veyuslavic

    Free speech is a natural right. But there is no doubt that our country's education system is in utter shambles.

  70. CFH M3TAL

    No photo or video of the spherical earth exist. The iss nasa feed he spoke of in the beginning uses a fish eye lens, when they fly over Australia or other continents, they span half of the whole "sphere". Its just not possible. The United nations logo is the best representation of where "you" live. FACT.

    1. CFH M3TAL

      @JtotheB I believe in no conspiracy, it's from NASA own words. And because of this I MUST see for myself. So should you. Never trust what your told by government. I dont have to be a conspirator to know they spend to much of my paid taxes to cover things up. Even they admit that also. Just take a look, it's easy to say too crazy to be true... go to there websites or whatever, it's all there in plain sight. I'd post links but that really and truly takes the fun out of it.

    2. JtotheB

      @CFH M3TAL Science requieres always some form of trust. We can't test all things for ourselves. The question now is, who do you trust? Do you rather trust the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, many other official science institutes and scientists, which all show us clear evidence of a spherical earth or do you trust pseudoscience and a conspiracy? In case of the question whether the earth is flat or a sphere, it seems so ridiculous to believe in a flat earth, as there is SO MUCH evidence, that even people from thousands of years ago discovered - without having any technology or knowledge about it -, that the earth is a sphere. And with just a little understanding of physics and how things work, you can easily proove it yourself. Now, I won't start a discussion with you, as I know from experience, that - no matter how much evidence I show you - you won't believe me. But please, just question yourself and question where you get ur information from.

    3. CFH M3TAL

      @JtotheB and yes... Fact. Just have fun with it, see for yourself. I challenge you to search for your own truth. Even if you decide your original belief is right. But challenge everything my dude.

    4. CFH M3TAL

      @happy muttonchop I'm sorry man, I'm no firm believer for sure in anything.. but I can say with 100% certainty there are no full photographic images of earth. CGI renderings only from nasa. With all do respect ask them or look up that question.

    5. JtotheB

      fAcT 😂😂😂😂ooooh boooy

  71. ginger 666

    Stephan died on the same day that this was uploaded

  72. Roverto Valentinov

    My mom said Graham number id the biggest

  73. HOLLYWOOD UNAPOLOGETIC! - Filmmaking Essentials

    Congratulations, Neil deGrasse Tyson & Chuck Nice!!! Right on! Huge fans of what you're doing!

  74. Marshall Fischer

    Two years later during the coronavirus never washing your hands seems extra funny... Of course there are riots now so who cares

  75. E.T the E-TH0T

    26:30 it's more revenge but ok

  76. Eredirn Celiener

    I would really like that they watch #TheExpanse there is a lot of science in that fiction TV-Show.

  77. Grandadmiral 1701

    Darleks are not robots

  78. Justin Case

    As soon as I saw Dowd with Neil I was like uh oh. This will be a painful 50 minutes for everyone but Neil.

  79. Grandadmiral 1701

    Anthiny danels is in all 11 Star wars

  80. Chris Hundt

    So the argument against the simulation hypothesis is: 1) the device (computer) that can create the simulation can in that simulation create a simulated device that can create a further simulation. 2) we in our time do not have a device capable of creating the simulation. Thus we are either the non-simulated reality (because no one can yet simulate us in our time/reality), or we are a simulated reality progressing through history to the time of the creation of the simulation device, and therefore it is one or the other, 50/50 chance. Which is better than the billion to one chance of the hypothesis. The additional argument is that a society that can create a simulation would choose to most often simulate their own time, thus it is likely there aren't millions of simulations of our time period. I think this counter fails, for one a simulation can be set for a distinct period of time, say 2016 to 2021, and doesn't need to follow to the future. The inhabitants can be programed with memories previous to 2016, and after the program ends in 2021, no one in the simulation would know because they'd no longer exist. Also remember graduate students, in the future they will need to write their thesis, and tinkering with a simulation is an excellent study. Let's say in the future non-simulated reality that Trump was not elected president, there was not a global health pandemic, etc. Say a social science student wanted to use a simulation to see how society would react if Trump won the presidency, if global unrest mounted, if a global pandemic swept across the world. That would be an interesting grad paper. Our chaos might be a student tinkering with the dials of simulated society.

  81. Stumpy Foxsmart

    Big Braves what a f****** joke

  82. hoboclown23

    Question : With the launch of the Space X Dragon that happen this week , it got me wondering about our future in space. My question is in the future if and when we find ways to make it more convenient and we can travel to other solar systems quickly , how would we respond to stars go super nova would we respond like we do for volcano eruptions or like we do for rain storms? This is for both prediction and response.

  83. Mister Incognito

    Let’s just ignore the plank length, time and mass.

  84. Danny Seko

    someone needs to do smelling what the rock is cooking in 2d now

  85. Muzzammil Hussain

    this is the convo i would like to have at back of party, , at bar, restaurants!!!!

  86. Jefry pulianrio Pulinario

    I disagree with her when she says when people are sad and they drink they feel worse than before as if when they are happy and drink they feel better, lady I been feeling down and sad and when I drink everything goes away meaning I feel better drinking when I’m sad or smoking in some cases ‼️

  87. Landi Noka

    41:40 he said we are kitchen ingridients, so there is a coocker that made us

  88. mike ralton

    How do we not realise we left Mars for earth ?

  89. Christopher Courson

    If one ends a simulation that has become sentient, what responsibility does one have? What responsibility would one have if it is detected that an individual of the sentient syntheses called to you for help?

  90. Chezshire Cat

    There are flat earthers from around the world, haha