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  1. bluehavencd

    Did anyone get Return of the Jedi in mind with the laughter? Inparticular the first 25 minutes or so. Bring me Solo and the Wookie

  2. Adrian riv

    Noone- Lady- I feel like a couponer is defined by her stock pile!

  3. Music Elle

    I love this...💖💖

  4. 可愛い櫻 桜 *cake

    Its her daughter's wedding,not her wedding!She should let her daughter chose.

  5. Summer C

    He never left 🙄🙄 Probably stayed in a hotel for ratings.

  6. Zayetoune J Cotterell

    The toilet paper rationing is unhygienic. We take our personal hygiene very seriously. After doing what we need to do a quick swipe with toilet paper then strip waist down and into the shower for thorough cleaning with soap and water. When travelling we bring in wet wipes and a bottle of water into the cubicle. The Japanese toilet is the best. They have water spray for cleaning and air blower for drying incorporated in the toilet seat.

  7. Acanthus

    What does she like about Marsel? She can easily get a guy that has more charisma/more attractive, she is great looking

  8. Blake Benson

    You don't have to eat less food to lose weight you just have to eat less calorically dense food like a huge salad with a little greek yogurt

  9. lurch321

    Am I the only one who cringed like crazy every time they kissed? I literally had to look away! Talk about a stomach-turning moment! That being said, I wish Michael and his daughter...…………………, I mean new wife the very best!

  10. buggyracer 1

    You know what kids do in swimming pools? They pee in them. Or even worse, it's all fun and games till someone pinches off a log! You're doing your dishes in that!?!?!?

  11. Kostantinos Kanelopoulos

    Honestly I wish she lived near by with leftovers and all.

  12. Sour Neon Gummi Worms

    Lmao that doorbell.

  13. LVL3TV

    Did she duck tape the table to the wall ?

  14. person noname

    These people are horrible parents.

  15. TayMusiq

    I'd definitely devour a slice of that chocolate cake....

  16. Oun Hamza

    I Love you green card.

  17. Jet Bo

    She is god.

  18. kgaogelo kekana

    These ones are gonna make it..literally the most amazing kids!

  19. Jagdeep Kaul

    Is it me or does Whitney look like Lorelai from Gilmore Girls finally paying the full price of drinking too much coffee

  20. Tasty_xperiences Instagram


  21. Lee Jones

    U S👀 That Big ass😊Smile On Her face when They handed her that🌯🍿🍟Bag though⁉️😲🤔🤨🧐🤭🤫

  22. Stardust 3DS

    So, they are having her "learn" how to save money by.... driving her to a grocery store 4-5 times a week and spending $30 a trip?

  23. Sour Neon Gummi Worms

    That kid seems like a spoiled brat. He's not grateful for anything and even seems repulsed by it.

  24. Alex.B

    You can see how he’s not used to American food and american life style. Im a american europeen and when I go to visit family in the us it is so weird and unhealthy

  25. Louise Harris

    I love these 2 😂

  26. Freddy Jones

    This the result of american processed food.You'll rarely see this in foreign countries as they ban most of the chemicals we consume daily.i dont blame these girls but i do blame the food industry here.From high sodium to high fructose corn syrup in everything to trans fats.Gotta watch how u eat. One plate of food at Applebee's or panda express has 1500 grams of sodium.Thats one plate.Way too high.

  27. Daysy Gutierrez

    He can go to the dollar tree for the balloons and other things

  28. Scholar Id

    The kids are learning to live a miserable life, in their future, how will they adjust with someone?

  29. Laila


  30. Tania Cornejo

    Good. So happy in the water and they look like they had so much fun

  31. Akuma4u

    The one on the right looks like mama june if she continued to gain weight at a fast rate

  32. Soft Squid

    She says the fence "looks like a marble cake" I wonder if she has even seen a marble cake 😂

  33. Matthias Vandamme

    Riley looks like a little boy in a dress to me.

  34. Luke McIvor

    I knew when he said that he had no one to look after but himself, that his 'cheap' ways were the result of the traumatic effects of costly divorce.

  35. Marc Lamparter

    This guy is definitely gonna come out soon, he's gay as hell!!

  36. rheous nissam

    There is only 168 hours a week! XD

  37. Narjes Fadel


  38. Nthabiseng Nthabiseng

    this is nonsense!!!

  39. DGC tam

    First of all they could had bought and farm not this house. Second she needs a psychiatrist because she looks well dressed up with quite expensive clothes and that high 👠. Her makeup looks expensive. With those she can feed her children more.. Dam.. If they were poor I would agree but this.. Poor children and the poor husband.. 😂

  40. John Lester

    So I can eat a dozen Krispy Kremes as long as I wash it down with a 2ltr of Diet Coke? Cool.😎

  41. Jakob Suyak

    Good for him keep going to the gym and keep healthy case I would never want to see someone that kind of weight it's dangerous and could cause heart attacks

  42. Benito Camelo


  43. Helai Arya

    Bruh I would hate life if I had her as my mum

  44. Soul Evolution0

    That was great they had a great laugh had some fun in the pool

  45. Jakob Suyak

    I hope he keeps up the work I would like to see the transformation of him being fat to fit

  46. Yakatani

    The paper plate custom looks so depressing to me. Why paper plates?

  47. Sour Neon Gummi Worms

    Everybody: He gave his wife food from the TRASH! Me: How the heck are they going to carry that big ass barrel of water back to the truck???

  48. Panji Second

    She a bit crazy but for the sake of money she is only a little bit crazy

  49. Fury Official

    U mad bro

  50. area40five

    She isn't cheap she more stupid

  51. Arcade Asylum

    This brings a whole new meaning to Kid: Mum can we have “__________” Mum: We already have “__________” “_________” at home:

  52. emily wanja

    I love her🥰😘

  53. Funneh Fan чт

    Aww! They lookso happy!:D

  54. Umer Hayat

    Be a proud husband and wives. You haven't done anything wrong...

  55. syztem

    *her drinking animal blood.* Her: i feel it going down my throat.

  56. Floris Groeneweg

    Until one of the animals has to go to the vet.

  57. Umer Hayat

    God bless your family sir..

  58. Umer Hayat

    Polegmy is not a crime

  59. Summer Skull

    So far her "obsession" with her capybara is far from the weirdest I have seen between an owner and their pet

  60. Umer Hayat

    Great family. I am proud of them...

  61. Nxck

    Kids like this never see a woman without clothes

  62. FaZe Corex

    8:01 he’s a *cheapskate* and he’s got a leg tat

  63. Umer Hayat

    Everyone should have freedom to live their lives. The way they like..

  64. Umer Hayat

    Polygmy is not a crime...

  65. Umer Hayat

    Great family

  66. John Smith

    If you wanna save money that much then why even throw a party. Just don't throw a party it'll save you money and embarrassment...

  67. Blues Rock

    To be honest it could be nice to have him becouse a cheapskater in an expensive sport. I mean could be good.

  68. Alexia Wilson

    Now what if the kids pee in the pool

  69. Excel (A-Z)

    Surprise to see her car to bake food.

  70. Chris Hamm

    This can’t be real all TVs fake

  71. Tom soldier

    Can she see something?

  72. Kristall

    Chantel wanted some bad tough girl attention. She knew who to mess with and who not to mess with.

  73. Sha neal

    Im not even sorry for this disgusted

  74. Nashmann Jango

    He is laaaaazzzy as HELL !!! Fix the pan handle and shower BY YOURSELF FOR FUX SAKE !!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️👎😡

  75. eLise. nEil!

    its kinda sad they wont be able to go overseas or just have those luxuries and nice living space instead of having a blue deck chair and a plastic bottle as a shower head :/

  76. Scott Chapman

    I’d hate to be in that family, it just disgusting

  77. komo

    she looks amazing

  78. Guille383


  79. Abdullah Mahmood

    Oh please this is not cheap this is crap. Live a happy life not like this... Do what you want to do...forget about other people or making records. Feed good food to your kids.

  80. Liz LA PARA

    Hes going to use you. He probably went home told the family his plan and they agreed with him to marry you, to their benefit.... your kids dont want him, you need a man that the kids can see as a father figure... smh. Love is blind at times I tell you... females females

  81. Eduardo Campos

    He looks better with a beard

  82. Sabrina Rose

    Wait. Is that the lady from 227

  83. sven

    This video should be retitled as "5 -minutes craft family"

  84. jane maas

    I’m not a perfect weight, I just don’t understand how someone can get to the weight these two women have allowed themselves to become so obese.

  85. ElectricCaterpillar

    these ladies are so cute and fun to watch

  86. Shane Nguyen

    You can come to my house to vacuum for free Or at least Asia Or at least the Earth Or even the Galaxy

  87. Rumana Jannat

    Please don't confuse Islam with culture

  88. Annett Strahan

    Clever 👍 thank you

  89. Midnight Turbo Foxy

    Even my parents had their own lives before they even met each other and had me and my younger sister

  90. Candy *

    This was filmed about 6 years ago... check out her ALsel channel 😃 Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree

  91. Antonina Cawley

    I watched these 5 years ago and it's on again. No point watching it because i know who wins.

  92. jenna jackson

    The backyard looks like a junkyard😂😂😂

  93. Lena 1998

    How can you even get forehead fat?? I am genuinely asking here...

  94. Vernon's Blog

    First off why are they aspiring to eat THAT much bacon a year? Yikes. I’m abt to throw up. They should live on a farm. Def will do them justice.

  95. Khzari

    Dirty feet

  96. Carlos Silva

    Deport that green card gold digger.

  97. Acelya X

    Just sell the hot tub dude

  98. Carlos Silva

    Deport that green card, gold digger. Somebody realize that Dominican is some type of sleeper cell.

  99. Angela Oliver

    She is making her choice, obviously she isn't invested in the process, it's her choice, her short journey in this life. If she isn't prepared to open a drink, she just mentally isn't in it! Sad, but any life changing commitments have to come from within, not from other people.

  100. Mean Kitty

    Maybe he's a good lay, but don't settle, duh