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  1. samantha rono

    Well if I lost weight too I will get back on TV

  2. blue knife

    That Bitch HOW could she DO THIS 2 her son's big day

  3. HuffmanTeamGaming

    Ha she doesn't have shit on me. I'm planning my own suicide just so I don't have to pay bills or insurance.

  4. K Flanny

    what is that fit bro

  5. Gemini Rios

    Thats fine dining mother 10:12😂😂😂

  6. Mercedes De Zuniga

    Lol girl!? Is the man gona sleep in the bed too?? Its fine for children to sleep in the bed if they are blood parents only

  7. oreo ice cream

    Saving and not spending is very different.

  8. cynthia dsouza

    Superp this is how every family should be

  9. Najma Nur

    The muslim culture is so beautiful and absolutely amazing, she didn't change her religion because she's too young or naive. She change because she knew deep down that there is something more to life than being a party girl. I don't know too much about her but I don't think she change her religion for a guy but for allah(god). Even if her marriage with omar doesn't work, she seems to be determined to continue with the muslim religion. And quick fun fact about the muslim culture you can have a big fabulous wedding with hundreds of guests in a beautiful venue with friends and family dancing. You can have music playing and a custom decorated cake with multiple wedding dress such as a couple culture dresses and one formal big wedding gown.

  10. Chorizo343

    She didn't flush them.

  11. krrly Crrsq

    Love ain't come in sizes people,get over it

  12. oreo ice cream

    Bringing food to a restaurant is very disrespectful

  13. Mason Mitch

    These people need help

  14. Andrew Lee

    He didn’t even appear in the latest episode. I’m sure this is going to bed over. But will he actually drive to that girl’s hometown?

  15. Bresticle

    How can her sister say shes mean. She does what ever she say!

  16. Caleb Smith

    Anyone notice how it said 240 hours each week and there aren’t even 240 hours in a week🤦🏼

  17. That Average Asian

    I saw his insta, he lives an amazing life and she’s here really be like “he uses me for the money”

  18. Bresticle

    She’s horrible to her wife to

  19. Karim Dilawar

    Shit people do for a green card

  20. Bresticle

    If she cared that much she would stop and exercise the lazy fukr

  21. Jonathan Alvarado

    The baby mommy looks hot

  22. oreo ice cream

    The rain is dirty, that is the water from the ocean (which is polluted) so technically she is CLEANING her car with DIRTY water (rain)

  23. Alberto Bautista

    guess who's surviving quarantine

  24. Faiqa Nuzooa

    And that's how you get the Corona virus.

  25. carlos alvarez

    Colts shape like a big bean bag...

  26. Faiqa Nuzooa

    That man really loves his wife he literally does everything his wife tells him.

  27. Brenna Theunicorn

    When did they break up?

  28. monty Choi

    This Ed is disgusting. Fat and short with no neck.

  29. KubernetePirata

    Now it makes sense. David is an idiot, Annie is a leech. The guy got no money & the first thing he wants is a new wife, and the new wife wants him to pay up to 7k in gold. What are her abilities to justify that 7k besides being young? I could get a better woman for far less.

  30. Jimmy Dijkhoff

    After the father is gone is going to be to late for him

  31. oreo ice cream

    Jesus get a life

  32. Kjgonnasayfyeee


  33. Bandit Xxxx

    “Knowing that someone else is going to make him a dad for the first time” why did this hit me

  34. Chaeryboo

    “Im just in a swarm of hot and sweaty people” 1:10 Dude

  35. That Average Asian

    I think people don’t understand him... i feel him tho

  36. Queen Farah

    Good luck arab mens omg will run back like Janet Jackson they don't respect women's at all 🤣

  37. Bresticle


  38. oromethehuntsman

    This is not saving; this a mental disorder.

  39. Brenna Theunicorn

    Is prince her son?

  40. PVX Gaming

    On 36 it says they work out about 230hrs a week when theirs only around 170 hours a week 💀

  41. PeytonNintendo !

    The toothpaste?!?!

  42. Katherine Hurt

    Amy is a man!

  43. dani G.

    I thought this shit was going to be funny. Now I’m just disgusted 🤢

  44. My Mom Is A Virgin

    The upbringing of that baby is gonna be sumn else.....

  45. Jenson


  46. Kristine mae De casa

    Run.... Eric

  47. Jared Smith

    Regardless of this I would be so pissed if I took my car to get an oil change and they held it hostage forcing me to pay for repairs or pay for a tow.

  48. N.m 12


  49. jasmine

    Humans aren't supposed to eat excessive fast food every day TRY TO EAT SOME VEGTABLES AND FRUITS

  50. Itsss Faithh


  51. jasmine

    "Whats the big freaking deal just go" .... Sis. ...... You ARE the big deal.

  52. mzunique22

    Tht hairstyle is a bad choice Tim ur head is long

  53. MIL

    No offense, but I feel disgusted 🤮

  54. kaydence king

    to everyone reading this Jesus loves you!

  55. A. 76

    I hate colts mother she just interferes with young couple's life goddamit!

  56. jame D

    My question is why is she feeding him ice cream and fries n stuff if she knows it could kill him even faster??

  57. Patrick Gogan

    Weighs more than the amount of comments on the vid..

  58. oreo ice cream

    Believe it or not I am just 14 and this is also stock knowledge and I am sorry I have been commenting a lot like a nerd it’s really because my OCD just got triggered by what she is doing sorry again

  59. kaydence king

    to everyone reading this i j want you to know that Jesus loves you!!

  60. Shamonia Thomas

    And I feel bad for the husband/boyfriend

  61. Patricia Braswell

    This is how the coranaviurs was made

  62. oreo ice cream

    You are not actually allow to grow domestic animals in an urban area her neighbours can actually call on the cops and arrest her for domestic disturbance

  63. Windows 98

    Iamunbeautiful_kate search it up on ALsel you will thank me

  64. Shamonia Thomas

    I feel bad for the kids when they grow up

  65. Yaanix

    This video made me cry.

  66. mega0876

    I'm an attractive 43 yr. Old well off gentleman and I won't even do this, so I just don't understand this guy.

  67. Alexis Marie

    Lmfao love how everyone thought she was in the wrong only to be like “oooh I’m so sorry”

  68. food travel

    What they are doing to earn? The quantity she is taking can feed a full family in Africa. She should understand this as she is not a kid now, self assisment is the best way to get rid of this problem

  69. Janae Mancheski

    Does this idiot know how cheap it is to get cake mix and make it at home? Ffs

  70. Piotrek Niedzwiecki

    Jesus will smite this being if it gets into heaven

  71. SimplyNoosa

    Ok, I can understand the clothing method.

  72. Katherine Hurt

    Maybe all that money she's saving is for her to buy Patrick a pair of balls!

  73. Tardy Muffins

    I’d charge her for that ride

  74. Rocky2750

    He have soooooo many fans 😂🤪🙄 😏🍸 true story

  75. Helluh sama

    I really feel bad for beth..

  76. emily smith

    i think every episode should be titled this

  77. patricia naceba

    Do all american speak to each other like this. The way his asking questions is like , it's not a serious topic, or just joking around. I think those kind of behavior should be answered in the same manner.

  78. Jenni Rodriguez

    Eww that’s so gross like really gross

  79. Arlet Teran

    Hes ugly poor rose

  80. That Average Asian

    Finally... seeing an episode that’s not about “getting the green card” lol

  81. My Mom Is A Virgin

    The fact that these ppl ration stuff

  82. mzunique22

    Lmfaoooooo African men have sizable members, so of course she's disappointed I would be too u can tell he missing inches so it's new for her

  83. Icy Vern

    This is why you don’t bully the weird kid. He could have much bigger problems and doesn’t deserve to not feel safe at home and school

  84. Abiyah Judah

    I suck my fingers

  85. Yousra Mébirouk

    I need a sugar daddy who need no sugar from me xD

  86. oreo ice cream

    Your not supposed to be freezing breast milk because the nutrients would just be lost and the child would not grow properly because the baby can’t eat at that age. Breast milk is the baby’s only source of nutrients and this mother fucked it up.

  87. Lexie Ulanday


  88. Alexis Marie

    Maybe they both have different definitions of love especially in culture.

  89. Walter Holt

    78 dollars for a shirt miss me with that......

  90. charanjit ram

    Hazel is beautiful and really attractive girl 👧

  91. Surender Reddy

    Lulu is sooo cute 💜❤💚💛💙

  92. Alexis Marie

    I mean she’s not wrong. “I love you” is a big thing to say to someone. Feelings are supposed to grow into love if it is worked on and that’s what a relationship is. Would he rather have her lie and say she does?

  93. Code Synikal Wun

    When she heard about corona

  94. Navy Porpoises

    These people are part of the problem and waste food too

  95. Miles Sutherland

    For all the aussies out there 100 pounds is 45 kg and 120 pounds is 54kg

  96. Ang C

    I’d be fuckin scared if I were Mohamed locked in a room with her

  97. S Hareesh

    So beautiful Vijaya shanti

  98. Mdanish Kha

    Be happy the whole family

  99. oreo ice cream

    Jesus Christ my OCD is killing me

  100. dylan haney

    Look at all them run after that food. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.