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  1. ahluvdrums

    So happy to see her back out there!! I do feel like her performance was a bit emotionally reserved, which I 100% understand, but I hope as she keeps competing she opens up a bit more on the ice. So glad she is doing this for herself now!!

  2. Chloe Ashfield

    Rip Kobe and his daughter you will always be in our hearts 🥺🥺❤️💔

  3. M Collett

    GO CAPS GO!!!

  4. elizabeth padilla

    10 Years old wise beyond his years. He is incredible and enjoy his performances of masterpieces.

  5. Chiefs Lightning

    Not first, but he should get in, no doubt.

  6. ronnie massart

    Why do commentators instantly predict a certain athlete who has a good year or a few good months will soon be walking on water for years? Wasn't the Baltimore Quarterback going to smoke the Titans....remember?

  7. the annointed one

    Fucking asking a cowboys fan. Cmon.

  8. Imogene Rutledge

    I want to see Jason Brown skate program - free skate-. the network switched to NBCnew about Kobe and I missed and many others missed Jason's skate program.

  9. M Shahnazi

    I always tell my boys that the greatness of Kobe Bryant was that when the Lakers lost to Celtics in 2008 the reporters told him that was great achievement for the Lakers to make the finals; to which Kobe answered: “To me Second Place is First Loser”. That’s a WINNER and a great Competitor. RIP Kobe and Gianna and 7 other people who perished.

  10. vipahman

    Starting a GoFundMe: Braces for Bryce Bennett!

  11. Trucker_Pete

    As a Packers fan, I was disgusted by the lack of heart, effort and accountability I saw. Rodgers looked like a zombie the whole game. He's as much to blame as anyone. There's no positive to spin if they're going to come back with the same attitude next season. They were a team that was content with wins even though they had bad performances against bad teams. I knew they'd get stomped in the playoffs just because of that. Buddy coach Matt and mediocre Rodgers will not win a championship the way they are now. It's also time to draft a future QB.

  12. Jhonny Teran

    Q viva el tiler gallfallone

  13. M Collett

    GO CAPS GO!!!

  14. José de Jesus

    It was crazy to see the deterioration of Evgenia and Alina once puberty hit, and the drama it caused among team Eteri was tragic. Now, imagine when puberty hits these 3 Eteri girls at the same time. It's going to be the WORST.

    1. rbspider

      Or the three will push each other to be even greater . I don't see the deterioration with Evgenia and Alina. They are the two best in the world.

    2. Isabella Hernandez

      Alena has more of a "woman" body than a child one like the rest of the girls and Alina & Evgenia. I hope that will make the adjustment a little easier. She really is a dream on ice

  15. Brent's Lucky Slot Channel


  16. Chris Guerra

    Why kobe why him and his daughter I just can't believe R.I.P. 😥😫😓😔

  17. Moon Sun

    Am I the only one seeing RJ at the back? lol

  18. robert galletta

    As a fan and with all due respect for Dan Marino, Mahomes has more tools than Marino.

  19. John Parriott

    Who are going to suggest get cheap shot this show Mike Florio?

    1. Steve Carithers

      Some KC fans should catch Mikie behind a building in a dark alley. Better yet, if they see Mikie in the stands, throw something on him.

  20. Burp Robrox

    Day of the space shuttle challenger crash maybe?

  21. Zion Sharpe


  22. anssi heiskala

    No never EVER....no,no,noup

  23. uncle_jessie

    Thumbs down for Florio.

  24. Zion Sharpe

    Do you mean

  25. Jarrid Gable

    Not good PR for Lockheed Martin and their Sikorsky choppers. Killed a living legend Icon. Have they ever seen what happens in LA when they win championships? The countdown has begun for 1.5 million Angelinos to come marching with pitchforks to burn Lockheed to the ground lol

    1. Burp Robrox

      Probably pilot error, foggy.

  26. Gife Lizardo

    I think hes not dead he just wanted a private life

  27. Vanessa Spiva


  28. Bad Rasbury

    Only media talking heads think stupid things like this, in an attempt to fill the 24 hour sports news holes and it has become idiotic, hyperbolic points. Media, news and sports news, needs to clean house to remain relevant again.

    1. robert galletta

      LOL, completely agree. It's all entertainment. Have to sift through the noise.

  29. Drew Koslow

    Great win, Mikaela! Brignone was bringing it until she crashed. Amazing race!

  30. Ciara

    This was the most beautiful routine I've seen. The music was beautiful...the way she moved so gracefully was beautiful. I wanted to cry Haha. Very happy for her! Especially at such a young age, and tonpreform at that level! Wow. Amazing!

  31. Assassin User

    Rest in Peace lodi Kobe Bryant mahal ka namin

  32. Vanley Ludvig


  33. Laurie Norton

    This was just magical!!! Watching again it still gives me the chills, and tears of joy for her. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  34. Officer KD6-3.7

    As a neutral, I was having so much fun. I was a bit alarmed though by how badly I wanted Leicester to get double figures to absolutely ruin Southampton players/manager careers. A bit evil on my part.

  35. Walka o Wolność

    In 2017, there was one episode of the cartoon "The Legends of Chamberlein Heights" where Kobe Bryant died in the helicopter crash !

  36. James Baker

    Heart goes out to the family. Just horrific. My gfs father died in a car crash last year and her mother barely survived. I got to see first hand what that does to people. I can't even begin to think how his Wife and other children will cope. It's just so sad 😥


    49s 4 li9fe

  38. Deandre Ray

    Starting 2020 couldn’t be more painful 4 weeks in GOD be with us through the rest of this year! 🙏🏽 RIP 2 EVERYONE INVOLVED #24

  39. Old Soul

    They should stop calling this track-and-field and just call it things you cannot beat black people at.

  40. Janet Lawrence

    When I heard the news yesterday about Kobe I went into shock it was hard to hear. I was very saddened for my husband because Kobe is his favorite basketball player and he was devastated by the news.He kept on saying how sad he felt but he was more concerned about Kobe daughter because she seems to be with her dad everywhere he goes and he love their relationship.Later on we learn that she had died too my husband really lost it.I’ve never seen my husband cry in the 25 years since we’re married. We know we’re not here in the flesh for ever but their passing is a hard pill to swoller. RIP Kobe and GiGi and our condolences to The Bryant family.

  41. lordhoho1

    Isn't this T J Miller

  42. jesuslove Talbo

    So hurt, So Heart Broken😢😢😢😢

  43. dv941


  44. JJ Rho

    Crosby is a very interesting guy these questions are terrible and he’s still able to make the interview interesting

  45. Ryan Friar

    Wondering why everyone keeps saying this. Better not fall behind this week because they won’t come back. I understand a slow start is not ideal but this offense is too dynamic to stop all game. No offense to 9ers but it’s been a theme for 3 weeks now. Can’t wait for sunday

    1. Ryan Friar

      Richard Shannon As a Chiefs fan I feel the same way about our Offence. Regardless about your stout D. That’s why Sunday should be great. When KC has been healthy every team we have played has to abandon their game plan because of this offense. It truly is that game changing

    2. Richard Shannon

      As good as KC is I really do not see KC beating the Niners Defence , let alone there Blistering dominateing Offence , because not many teams can literally can stop them ?????

  46. THE4NT


  47. KeijoAmbersson

    Easily the best part of the all star weekend. NHL guys were there only because of obligation. These women wanted to be there and it showed.

  48. Marika fasola

    I d love to see PC Fame with american audience!

  49. Yvenane Gray

    Never forgot Kobe I love you and be always love you.

  50. jesuslove Talbo

    i mess you kobe Bryant😢😢😢😢😢😢

  51. Why u mad bro

    I agree ☝️

  52. AirPro K

    3 on 3? Wtf? This was terrible.... I can’t believe what the NHL has become.

  53. Harvey Smith

    Maholms is a good QB but the 9ers are a much stronger team all around. The 9ers offense is better and you can't even compare the 2 defenses. Straight up!!

    1. BrocktheBoxer Pup

      Harvey Smith why did Vegas make KC favorites if it’s so one sided then?

  54. Nicholas Sanchez

    I dont understand are you saying 19 year olds shouldn't fight? You sound pretty weak to be honest. He didnt get jumped clown.

  55. Christian Castro

    Why was it not Trump .

  56. jesuslove Talbo


  57. PantherIsBoss

    Andy Reid one badass grandpa

  58. Megan

    I really hope his family wasn't watching this broadcast. He is survived by his wife Vanessa and 3 daughters. One died with him.

  59. Uganda Knuckles

    He laughed He cried But most importantly He died

  60. Trevor Braden

    The Bengals....... go ahead and laugh now.... but the Bengals...... if not this year definitely next year

  61. Brian B

    Nope, not gonna listen. Just here to downvote after your video after your call to win by injuring a player by making an illegal hit. Then instead of owning your mistakes and lack of judgement, you claim you were misunderstood and blamed others. You suck

  62. Amanda Jenkins

    Then blues really deserve that & this is a note to them ... THANK YOU FOR BEATING THE BIG BAD BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Elizabeth Kemble

    I think you should post Jason Brown's free skate as well since the Special Report on Kobe Bryant's death superseded it.

  64. Gamer Shubh

    On india republic day he dies

  65. fLeX 831

    Daam wtf. Niners been on a tear. Now it's like we don't deserve to be here

    1. fLeX 831

      @___ underscore your smoking crack. Niners defense has been elite. What you talking about. We've been murdering teams, specially in the playoffs. Yall are a offensive machine. Defense no so much. Thou the last 8 games been good for the chiefs. Most those games came out the weakest division in football. Niners are battle tested and been playing championship football over 2 months. Won in multiple ways..

  66. Willy Red Williams

    Florio: Calling all cheap shot artists.

  67. Paul Robertson

    no its not its his second year starting.

    1. J nasty Yeet

      Right haha. It’s jimmys first full season as a starter too

    2. Noah Edwards

      Paul Robertson yeah it is lol

  68. Old Soul

    3 years ago he 100% would have closed that gap. Watching age take grip on the greats is always sad to see.

  69. J.R. Davis

    Did Dan Fouts find the fountain of youth?

  70. 袁国强


  71. Chris Collins

    Chiefs can just lay a dirty hit on him like you suggested the niners do to mahomes.

  72. Maria Cecilia Degan

    Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant and Gianna! God has finally taken you back in His abode in heaven together with your daughter Gianna!

  73. Nora Arico

    Wow! Yuzuru wears spangled costumes gorgeously. More male skaters are wearing very ornate skating garb. Looks like Johnny Weir really left his mark on the skating world.

  74. Sarah Frye


  75. Biff LeGrosBoeuf


  76. Heidi Cook

    Every movement is stretched and measured and unhurried. I miss this kind of skating.

  77. BigTimeSpider

    It makes me sad he wants to leave and is not giving his alll but man it's goals like this that just stun me.

  78. FVNT0M IIX

    The trending page on ALsel has never looked that sad. Literally the top 10 trending videos are either about Kobe’s death or coronavirus 😢

  79. Kiril Pougatch

    That pukki dude on Norwich can’t shoot

  80. cesar Leo

    This is why I don't believe in god because if there was a god he wouldn't let such a horrible tragedy like this happen.. A father with his 13 year old daughter crashing and burning like this... Na fk that! If there is a god... fk you, For this... And yes I blame you. Christians say, god puts us all through trials and tribulations to prove are faith... Well guess what I'm tired of your games and your weak insecurities and your weak faith that you have of us, that you have to keep testing us over and over with tragedies. You're the one that has no faith and if you're so powerful and know it all then you should already know who believe and who doesn't... But I'm speaking to no one because god doesn't exist. Rest in peace Kobe and GiGi... I can only imagine the pain Vanessa is going through right now.. So sad 😥

  81. Kitoy Palaboy

    Gianna was just a kid. So unfair

  82. Sheila Kay

    Best skater I’ve seen yet!

  83. Calm Down

    4:15 race

  84. Nairb Gleason

    Mixed relay, first time ever run... IT'S A WORLD RECORD! OMG!!!

  85. Ace Lightning

    I'm a little surprised they got away with this.

  86. christian Williams

    Legends Never Die.

  87. Bob Vogel

    Life has a beginning and an end. This is when we meet our Maker. Unfortunately for Kobe his meeting came far too soon. I have tears running down my face. RIP father and daughter.

  88. Kiril Pougatch

    Jesus is trash

  89. betch puddin

    This be sad

  90. daniel harkins

    I didn’t like Brett Favre until he retired because I am a bears fan but the guy was great

  91. Eagle Fan

    u switch Brady and Joe what happens..... well Joe had a tough road with Super bowl NFC Winners for 7 straight years, every week u play a tough team, every play was tough. QB got hit after the play ,after play......let's say Brady makes the 4 SB joe did....Brady loses his SB or barely wins them ....Brady say loses 1(lets be nice) Joe is on the Pats...he has weak Miami and jets every year...like Brady always gets the Bye so very healthy easy road ....Montana should have same Sb appearances again lets be nice. Joe in 2 super Bowls destroys the team which Brady never did in 9. Montana wins 2 Super Bowls Brady could not win due to iMontana's 126 QB rating to Brady 90rating......one more thing....Joe is the GOAT no Int in 4 Super Bowls......Being on the Pats....u decide

  92. Royce_21

    rip kobe

  93. bad_ bone


  94. Lady J

    He’ll still get the hall of fame spot.

  95. Patato_Potato

    I’m literally crying for her, I know what it’s like to hit that jump you’ve been struggling with just right and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. Your heart is just like ☺️

  96. Norma Lilia

    Entry Song?

  97. Sukai Penn

    Rest in peace

  98. Amanda Cook

    Anyone else think this was really boring and stiff?

  99. Damon Miller

    Let's just get real no defense can contain Patrick Mahomes