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  1. Nathuanh P

    Eugene used to be my fav but after these few weeks I think *I like him even more*

  2. Danille Sindac

    why do yb and keith look like a couple in some shots lol

  3. Kristy Joy

    There is a restaurant in West Virginia and nowhere else called Tudor's Biscuit World. It would make a fabulous addition to Eat the Menu

  4. Megan Garcia

    Everything at Culver’s!!!!

  5. Llama Comedies

    I thought photography said pornography.... idk why-

  6. javier g

    You have to do a eat the menu Whataburger! You won’t regret it

  7. Niamh O'Hehir

    everyone was shaking after keith's rage

  8. Jacky R

    Freddy’s steak burgers and shakes is good!!

  9. Cherry Xx

    Yes bowie’s mine!!!

  10. Nicole Renee

    Don't get me wrong, I love me some sushi. But, are any of them worried about eating that much raw fish?

  11. Tiia Rantanen

    Not gonna lie, I've never understood the videos in which people overeat.... I find it repulsive.

  12. Annick Daniëls

    Keith lowkey just got hella drunk!!!!!!!!

  13. Eshmal Waqar


  14. Krislyn Jayde

    My daughter was six weeks premie, and we had to stay at Nicu for two weeks. She had the whole shebang. The blue lights, the feeding tube, the warmers, the IV. It was just the scariest thing I’ve ever been through. She’s six month old and growing off the charts now, and we couldn’t be happier!

  15. Jessica Nicole Klingler

    Hard boiled eggs would be fun!

  16. Kayla Silva

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Keith: "FOOD DADDY"

  17. Kelly Marie

    Try all avocado inspired food dishes.

  18. Lara Doyle

    I for some reason can’t eat tuna no matter what. Like I’ll have it all but once Tuna gets in me. It’s bad. I don’t know why

  19. a

    “Look come at me that’s fine, I just don’t like shit drippin down my hands” Zach -2020

  20. Aung sway

    Are those raw fishes? 😷

  21. ihjfjk

    This made me want sushi so bad

  22. Flamingo Flamingo

    I can’t even remember what I want to type a seconds ago . He played chess with 4 guys while blindfolded . This guy made great content too

  23. LaurieY.

    I feel like Eugene rode it an extra time to prove that he's the best he couldn't let the other try guys get the better of him He's the alpha.

  24. wesley boynton

    I love Eugene so funny. Hope bed is ok

  25. nicki nicki

    @nerdecrafter anyone?

  26. GetReadyWithMeMamma

    My hubby has a fissured tongue and my daughter has a geographic tongue. Keith, you are our fav Try guy, although the others follow close behind. You are just a lot like my hubs so you win. I’m half Thai. So my daughter is a quarter Asian with a geographic tongue. She’s Eugene and actually Ned and Keith together actually she’s tiny so probably some major Zach going on!!!

  27. Solenne Cortes

    I’m sorry, I’m not hating on this kid, but he’s just..eh

  28. Allison Porter

    The sigh count always sends me

  29. RJ_18 florendo

    19:48 I'm putting this for myself 😂😂 so funny

  30. Sages andSongs

    Such a wasteful video this was my least favorite of all so far. Gluttonous. I really hope eating a disgusting amount of food for no reason( keith eats all series are way different.) does not become a series.

  31. Genesia Superstar

    I miss watching ur vids 🥰🥰🥺

  32. wayne scerri


  33. dawsonLIED

    Imagine not closing your mouth while u eat

  34. Toast draws

    This entire video: Ned suffering for 22:12 minutes straight

  35. Francisco Carrero

    Aries rules, we are the leaders of all this others zodiacs, April 1 here.

  36. Sahil Sonawale

    Its funny reacting to a reaction video of ur own channel .... 😂

  37. Niamh O'Hehir

    there aren't mistakes, just happy little acide- *screaming keith*

  38. Jamie Garland

    whole video feels like a whole HR mess lol

  39. Sarah Tide

    my family has always had cats and we did the same thing with our pies (keeping them inside the microwave) except we kept them in the oven and every time mom would go preheat the oven she would forget that the pie was still in the oven and end up burning the pie...😂

  40. Lana Williams

    Eugene looks good in anything

  41. Tre Parks

    If you come anywhere near Oklahoma you HAVE to do Braums! (okay it almost HAS to be Oklahoma because they dont go to far outside of it....literally if your state doesn't touch OK you 100% will never see it there. And even the states that do touch us basically only have it around the border...everything is fresh so if you're not close enough to the farm for the meat to not be frozen then they wont even TRY. 😂🤣) But its fucking amazing! I want to move to Seattle and the one thing holding me back is Braums....not my friends....not my family....BRAUMS! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Tre Parks

      Also obviously you gotta do Whataburger.

  42. Sahil Sonawale

    Eugenes butt is cracked 😂😂

  43. Tweeter Deleter

    I like vegemite quite a lot because I do it correctly aka lots of butter and a little amount of vegemite

  44. Rayyan Elsaati

    Well in a few hours we’ll see a poop baby

  45. Lou Janie

    Welp I'm Pisces and they ain't wrong

  46. Sammy smith


  47. Diane Miles

    This persona that Keith is playing up where he awkwardly forces everyone to constantly call him daddy needs to stop. That joke has been beaten beyond death and is bordering on 'Me Too' for the poor souls who have to pretend to laugh because he's their boss. It's as disgusting as his slobbering bass mouth. Stahp.

  48. Sarah Jennett

    Did yb actually eat Alex’s pieces she was placing on her plate?

  49. Keenen Mmolkay

    kimora was actually so good!!! so underrated

  50. JBHM-Production's

    Mcfeast is in Norway to

  51. Sharon Barnes

    Keith should be chubby and he isn't, this isn't fair and makes me very upset!!!

  52. Tarrie Revenant

    “Why do people like grass candy?” “Why do you have an unrefined palette?” 😂

  53. Deadly Nightshade

    They were all tired from round 1 already? 25 pieces of sushi is n o t h i n g

  54. Lexie Judson

    RO! I'M GLAD YOU'RE ON THIS EPISODE!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆 YAY!!!!!

  55. michelle lee

    I love how he always finds an opportunity to mention his wife. Love love love💟💟💟

  56. Saniya Siddiq

    I am happy with the results because sagittarius are second

  57. Kte

    Why is Alex even involved in these lol she’s not a very good competitive eater

  58. jessica pattinson

    "hot stuff is hot" - Zach 2020

  59. Conall Ross

    Eugene: kids can have a little alcohol, as a treat

  60. Meagan M

    As the video progresses, Keith sounds more like the speed of the video has decreased

  61. Adam Cederstrand

    A- is a F

  62. hi there

    i was waiting for something like this

  63. nikki wakelee

    if you need a guest fan to come on the show and devour a crap ton of food, i volunteer myself!

  64. Maxime

    they are living my dream

  65. Gareth Williams

    No baramundi wtf??

  66. beaky

    these food challenges are a really privileged thing to be able to do

  67. someone

    "What am I saying I'm making it all up 😂!?" *"He'S SuCh a GrEat AcTIng CoAcH!"*

  68. Katspag :p

    10:44 insulted yet happy karma happened Sling bags ARE LIFE HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES

  69. rdizzy1

    Damn, I wonder how much methylmercury they consumed in that 50 pieces of sushi at once, 25 of them being tuna, which is one of the highest sources, especially so in large fish for sushi. Would have been interesting to see the testing afterwards.

  70. heping wang


  71. Sandy Nagy

    Daddy culture is the creepiest thing

  72. xoofftoneverl4nd

    Keith just becomes delirious when he eats so much food nonstop

  73. nikki wakelee

    it wouldn't be so dry if you used SOYSAUCE gahhhhhh!!! it'll go down so much faster!!!

  74. Lissi Fortinbrack

    I'm craving sushi so much

  75. Johncent Poloyapoy

    The genuine look on Ned's face when he remembers that he gets to light things on fire. 😂

  76. Al Die

    eugene just came in at some point and still ate more than ned

  77. tabasom Xoxo

    "Im the food daddy"

  78. Gio

    Zach sounded like an animated cartoon character when the judges decided to place his bagel at number 4.... Just don't know which (will get back to this)

  79. restin' mattress

    That guy's hair is still thin. Robotic hair restoration doesn't work after all

  80. King Doso

    Fucking gross !!! Why am I being recommended this ?? Eating raw fish , I can imagine how y’all breath smells 🤢🤮

  81. jessica pattinson

    14-18 pieces make me full wtf and it's usually the rolls. Not even Nigiri

  82. rikuyoreketsu XIII


  83. wai tsang

    Here is a prime example of 4 alcoholic human rice cookers with fish

  84. Anna Katherine Carey

    Cookout in the South! I would love to see you try all 40 flavors of milkshakes

  85. Brianna Tomlinson

    I don’t get why Jamie can’t try any of this... he’s not going to get drunk from a waffle cone or some ice cream...

  86. someone

    *"Oh, BRIAN!"* 😂😂

  87. Cmacc

    Zack is on fucking point with the glasses

  88. Jacob Silva

    Why is Kieth from CollegeHumor here?

  89. restin' mattress

    Guess what, it's been more than 6 months and his hairline is still the same

  90. Tra'mayne Gaines


  91. Lebron James

    Where is the lgbt guy? Rip kobe

  92. Mary Kate Monichetti

    Keith eats everything at Chik fil a and uses his chicken sauce on all of it

  93. Samantha Savoie

    This made me feel a lot more comfortable about my new job as a preschool photographer. If y’all can do it i deff can too LOL

  94. Skylar Jeremias

    i'll have you know that i love plain burgers and i order that constantly

  95. Diana Anderson

    “You can fit a whole burger in here” What a boy lollll

  96. Raoul Frasson

    *O i l*

  97. Ayzz O_O

    “We just call Aries’s babies and Taurus’s dumb” Me: *Choking of laughter*

  98. TheWolfBoi

    This brings me back to the old day and Eugene bowed before he got onto the mat but the other 3 didn't they should be kicked out lol

  99. gay Boy

    Wait 12:15

  100. Niamh O'Hehir

    i just had a heart attack i was not expecting the spoop