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From viewer Bob Frazier on my Oroville Dam series-
"Juan, I think you've demonstrated the true power of the fourth estate - reporting information, facts, observations, and informing the public. Nobody has to watch unless they're interested, but thousands of us bystanders are, and we thank you. "TV News" can't do what you've done, they don't have the time, but you really did show how powerful a smart capable person with a camera can be. It amazes me how much more information you covered than anyone - and without drama or sensationalism. Thank you!"
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blancolirio1 second ago
Thanks Bob! This sounds like a good testimonial for this channel!

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  1. Alphonse Capone

    Wow. You're so lucky to be living in such a stunning location. Awesome place to be 'locked down'.

  2. Greg H

    Here's another informative ALsel post about the PIA 8303 crash:

  3. Ashley

    Ya, mind yourself and thanks for all! Really interesting channel.

  4. Ashley

    Thanks Juan...really sad for PIA and helicopter.

  5. dondle2

    Lovely spot for a picnic. !!!

  6. Minkus Mcminkus

    Nice , out there riding single track and the gnarly, yet still apparently working,

  7. No Name

    There are only two certanties in life: taxes and something weird always happening with the MD-11.

  8. Grey Jay

    I had a feeling the French would end up with those recorders. They are often the "go to" agency for countries lacking expertise in crash investigation and data analysis.

  9. John Denison

    wow - what a fantastic studio background!

  10. DoctorArt PhD

    Thanks for the updates, Juan. Appreciate you.

  11. Stashi 01

    Has the FAA cleared you to fly the Mighty Luscomb? Thanks for explaining the Pakistan crash

  12. Danstaafl

    Little girl in Pakistan = Dangit! People just going about their day.. makes me sad.

  13. Six Toes

    Be Waiting .

  14. Alan Hall

    Have a good time!!

  15. timtrottproductions

    PGE chopper crash - better to use UAV for inspections?

  16. Morgan C

    Yess !!!! Thank you 🙏

  17. Lu Silk

    thanks man

  18. leebest1A

    Always informative, thx !

  19. Rudolf Abelin

    Thanks Juan! You are now the go to channel for these accidents.

  20. Jeremy Fonseca

    I just happened to open flightradar at that time and saw the FedEx airplane on final approach and wondered why he was landing during a cyclone. The aircraft landed and just kept going way on and on showing 40kn..and I thought maybe the app froze or the guy went around and it was updating. Only knew after seeing your video on ALsel and went and looked it up

  21. Stefan Rose

    Stay safe Juan. One of my favourite channels. Greetings from Germany!

  22. Phil Nicholls

    Hadn’t heard of the FedEx woes until now. Mumbai can be tricky in the wet, as Rwy 27 is slow to drain - aquaplaning is a real risk. And not as much runway as you think might be available, with an inset threshold of nearly 500m. Thunderstorms are common at the start of the monsoon season, so the possibility exists for an extra few knots being carried over the threshold, at the end of what would be a busy approach, land a touch deep, and marginal braking..... they’re not the first to go off the end there, and they won’t be the last. The last time I went in there (last years monsoon), we only just got the lights around 50ft above decision, the rain was that heavy - ‘‘twas an interesting route check! Hope the guys/gals are OK.

  23. Doug McKelvey

    FYI, Tankers have wings and Water TENDERS have wheels. Makes a difference when you're trying to order resources over the radio. If you want a water truck better not order a tanker because that'll come flying in and cost a lot more. Thanks for the update.

    1. blancolirio

      I think it was an Engine.

  24. Tired Again

    I heard minor injuries on the water tender crash

  25. Onkel Bebo

    Yes, it's always good to hear from you. Please report your analysis as soon as possible on that PIA 8303, which was an unique accident!

  26. Paul Hussey

    You need a haircut, tòo. Stay on the air.

  27. clutcheavy

    Ride a wheelie for me boys!

  28. gtr1952

    Dan Gryder should get the aviation medal of honor for the work he is doing around reducing GA accidents!! If you haven't seen his work, Josh Flowers channel ("Aviation 101") is an excellent example also. Must see stuff for every GA pilot!! Thanks Juan!! --gary

  29. Khaled Alharbi

    Thanks Juan. I have never ever think one day I will be patreon supporter. But this channel deserves more than just a support.

  30. J Adams

    Super scenery there, Juan !


    this is so interesting. i'm not a pilot (but i play one on TV)

  32. AV8OR51

    Good stuff and kudos to you on pronouncing Mumbai and Pakistan correctly!

  33. Keith Thompson

    This guy knows how to relay complex information in a clear, concise manner -= good stuff!

  34. Richard Seton

    Thanks for the update, thanks for your integrity in reporting! Where is the rest of the Dan Gryder content you promised months ago?

  35. Captain Webb

    Where was the md-11 departing from?

  36. Johno

    Is that lake spaulding behind you?

    1. blancolirio


  37. Stompin McAllister

    I live just down the road from Benton in Andover, are you going Juan ? Would be cool to see you there.

  38. William Cox

    Hope your making a riding video you have such great rides and great bikes

  39. John Baskett

    Is that the Oroville dam behind you in some of the video?

  40. footprintsinconc

    Nice to hear from you. I got introduced to your channel through the PIA crash. Love your reporting of the technical content or facts only. Loved your Orrville dam a Civil engineer, so loved the details.

  41. Alex Bregman

    It would be absolutely amazing if all the aviation ALselrs could get together!

  42. Dobie Dude

    I won’t be making it to Wichita. The job that I was looking at with Cessna is on hold. 😪

  43. Ken Brashear

    Thanks Juan.

  44. Simon Rook

    Just to correct you, Mumbai isn’t yet experiencing Monsoon, that’s not due for about a week, the culprit is Cyclone Nisarga.

  45. missyd0g2

    We have a number of fire airplane tankers flying out of Prescott AZ. Fires north of Phoenix

  46. Jacob TJ

    Did you get old?

  47. step4560

    This is like a breath of fresh air, even though it really isn't. Stay sane, stay safe everyone... ❤️🐾

  48. musicfnable

    Re: Pakistani Airline crash The boxes will most likely confirm that (now) 97 people would be alive today if the pilots performed just one of these: • Approached the airport with the correct flight-landing path. • Made sure the landing gear was down (this is the big one!). • After realizing his gear was not down, proceeded to belly-land the plane. • After damaging the engines and performing a go-around, proceeded to land the plane immediately and not pre-deploying the gear or flaps which contributed to the plane stalling. The FDR & CVR will show that the decision making and loss of awareness on what was going on was similar to Eastern Airlines Flight 401. That disaster lost 101 souls in 1972 due to a 20 cent light bulb not illuminating, falsely indicating that the nose gear was not down. As Juan would say, lots of lessons will be learned from this.

  49. Vaqar Khan

    Thanks Juan for keeping us posted, even when you are away from home. Stay safe!

  50. Joe Mehere

    Thanks Juan. Be well

  51. Doug Wheeler

    Thank you for all of the good information. I hope you have a great trip.

  52. LEB 3

    A lightning strike provided the opportunity to replace every light and completely rewire my small sailboat. I now know every wire and it's function.

  53. Duane Quam

    I will be waiting for you commentary. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Little Mo Pete

    See you here!

  55. Henry S.

    Have fun! Be safe!

  56. Glideslopes

    Thanks Juan. Quite a bit of history with FDX and their MD-11's. This one is in the details I believe.

    1. No Name

      Aviation Nut IIRC the procedure for the weird bounce thing requires you to add power, whoch could cause an overrun situation.

    2. Aviation Nut

      The MD-11 is a great aircraft, but it's very unforgiving for even the smallest mistakes during landing. One reason the MD-11 is unforgiving, especially during touchdown is because it has a smaller horizontal stabilizer, the engineers decided to make it smaller for fuel efficiency, but if a pilot doesn't flare at the right time the aircraft will bounce and if it's not properly corrected by the pilot the plane might lose a wing and end up upside down on the runway. This accident here is a runway overrun so it might not be do to the stabilizer, but who knows. Like I said MD-11 is a very unforgiving aircraft when it comes to landing.

  57. Random Someone

    Blessing those on board 🙏 so sorry 😞

  58. Augford P. Doggie

    i miss northern california.... it is soooo beautiful

  59. ab202012

    Supercyclone NISARGA made landfall south of Alibaug, which is 98 km south of Mumbai. Please do not forget this very unusual weather pattern. Supposed to be only the second supercyclone to form in June, and hit the Mumbai region. The last was supposedly in 1961.

  60. Doc Holliday

    Juan ✌️

  61. David Haig

    Where are you hiking Juan. Looks a gorgeous piece of country?

  62. chelo fonte

    Oshkosh has been cancel?

  63. Jack Sainthill

    Sorry, didn't like to change the likes away from triple-7.

  64. flagmichael

    The world of aviation is so large and unforgiving that everybody has to take occasional deaths in stride - take a breath and carry on. However, hearing of a 12 year old who was going about life and then suddenly plunged into fatal burns that would only release her to death a week later... that's more than we bargain for. Steely eyes can only stay open so long.

  65. Steven Harbauer

    The only real-time source for aviation, including RCFA that we would never get from local MSM. Thank you blancolirio team! Awesome view!

  66. Don Moore

    As very sad as the death of this young girl is, it is still amazing that there were not numerous casualties on the ground.

  67. benz500r

    I’m waiting for your analysis of the FedEx landing. Interesting story.

  68. turbofanlover

    Thanks for the update, Juan. Stay safe out there. :)

  69. Jens Bråkenhielm

    Sad news. Thanks for the update. Looks like you're having quite a good time, beatiful scenery!

  70. lenny108

    Flight PIA 8303, everybody wants to know when the captain tried to get the landing gear down for the first time? Of course the plane was too fast and there must have been an alarm: "Reduce speed". But the captain ignored that signal thrice. Is it possible that the captain and 1st officer were drunk as a drunk?

  71. Olaz1

    You will pass 200k subscribers probably in few hours! Congratulations Juan!

    1. Raoul Thomas

      That was a quick 2nd 100,000! Great content wins the day!

  72. World of Aviation

    MD11 has very high landing speed due to shorter tail height ..

    1. Manny Puerta

      I think you mean a shorter horizontal stab width (than the DC-10).

  73. hippylong

    What ya riding and where?

  74. Bill Inglot

    Juans got better mobile bandwith on the mountaintop in the sticks than I have in the middle of LA.

  75. Rd B

    Thanks for the updates.

  76. Steve Schlackman

    You should be over 200k subscribers shortly.

  77. broomsterm

    I can't wait to see a report on the Pakistan A320 with all the data. I'm betting that it will be used to train future pilots on how NOT to fly a plane. How can both pilots be so careless?

  78. juantransportador

    Hello from Chihuahua Mexico, thank you for all the information, have a good day, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    1. juantransportador

      Thank you.

  79. Cheala Neves

    Thank you for reporting the news for aviation. Condolences to the families. God bless you. 🙏🏾

  80. Kenneth Iman

    Interesting with all the computer automation, Siri or Alexa would not simply come on and say, "Conflicting data, please turn off MCAS".

  81. David Drewitt

    Juan, please can you list the you tube channel of your friend Jeff/ Geoff. Thank you.

  82. Jeff Matthews

    How's the ride up to the lunch spot. If you ever have a chance, ride the Sierra Safari, Mammoth, Ca

  83. Ibbie

    wanna be friends?

  84. George Figueiredo

    Yay, you're back! Hope you're well? I was getting JBW. "Withdrawal" Comments to be enhanced later today. 🤗

  85. phillip vaught

    nice hair do, lol

    1. Tim Hardman

      hot sweaty helmet hair = getting an excellent workout while having a great time on the trails.

    2. ogre1074

      Atleast he still has hair!

    3. phillip vaught

      just kidding of course

  86. Jan Negrey

    How is the rain in California? We had similar (as Cali) issue with drought last and this year, but last week we had almost continuous rain (almost to the point of flooding). So the situation seems safer. How is California, then? And thank you for the video!

    1. Fred

      We had a normal amount of rain during the winter, and now having a dry spring.

  87. aarrkk6

    Have a safe ride home, Juan! Thanks for the updates!

  88. Joe

    To me people's minds aren't fully on the Job, still worried about the outcome, of the new world, living with Covid. ?

  89. Gordon Richardson

    I was wondering why your channel was so quiet! Note that Mumbai was just hit by a tropical cyclone, more than normal monsoon rains.

    1. Mohit Masand

      Actually the average rainfall yesterday wasn't as much as was initially predicted, runway excursions are an all too common sight at Bombay in the monsoon season.

  90. Eric Lozen


  91. TheLaidukas

    Nice to hear you from such a beautiful landscape. Jealous!

    1. volvo09

      I'd love to get out west and hit trails.

    2. flagmichael

      Nice here in Flagstaff, AZ, too!

  92. J M

    RIP helicopter pax. 😢

  93. lillaryden

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Have a great day! Juan, a question, I haven’t heard anything about the MAX crashes in a long time, are there any updates, or what’s goin on with everything surrounding those accidents and the MCAS?

  94. johnnyduck311

    thanks for videos

  95. TechGuy

    I'd love to ride with you guys. I have a YZ450FX. I ride tight mountains/woods all the time.

    1. ki0ng

      I'd tag along wih my honda monkey

    2. BatGoat

      I'd totally keep up on my Honda Trail 70.

  96. p horner

    Made it to 43 w/o a downvote!

  97. Todd Cory

    what lake is that in the background?

    1. blancolirio

      Lake Spaulding near I 80 in Nevada County.

    2. Deluk

      In addition to that, what is the straight line "thing" up near the top right of the screen? Pipeline?

    3. Raoul Thomas

      Could it be Donner Lake?

  98. will f


  99. half blood prince

    i hate 2020, can we just skip the rest of the year :(

    1. 1motomanic

      If you tune out MSM and stay away from social media it's what you make of it, I'm actually enjoying getting away from it all.

    2. Joe Mehere

      Let's not! I said that about 2019 and look at what happened in 2020. We can't skip them all

    3. Jackie Bayliss

      Nope....6 more Miserable Months to go. So buckle up its gonna be a Bumpy Ride.

    4. Miles High

      Can't we just hit the reset button!

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      It's got to get better?? Right?? Murphy's Law says it unfortunately will get worse.

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