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  1. pink panther

    Rittany makeup has been terrible all of the seasons. Smh

  2. Steph

    I love this show... I dont have cable so This is how I watch. Wish there was more.

  3. Guillermina Tolcachir

    For me this dance is so underrated, this is actually my favorite dance

  4. Breana Slimes

    I am so sad that I thought ms Diana was going to quit

  5. noodleaddict

    correct me if im wrong but is that the same dress in Kendall's Scream solo?

  6. noah wolnik


  7. Athanasia Chatzileftheriadou

    maybe abby should worry about that necklace and earrings cause that isn’t it hun

  8. Leen Bakhsh

    AbByS ThE bEsT - mellisa gisoni

  9. chakiyahh

    minnie act like my 8 year old sister

  10. kiki reed

    Can this show come back ! 💕

  11. The Kris10

    Marah is gonna hate her mother, how sad! She probably would have return an ugly child back to the adoption agency! She’s a witch

  12. AlllSmiless

    These entitled karens are rude AF.

  13. Kim Knight

    Now dont hate... she a black strong women doing her thing if they got a problem take your child out then u get down on floor and do it moms.... girl call them legends out dont get upsat because she been around the best she know what she doing did you not here the names she called out

  14. Isabella Escobedo


  15. Red Knox

    Terra tried it man 🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

  16. joanne Roberts


  17. Naomi Ramirez

    did yall see jojo 4 23 4 27

  18. Megan Pare

    I love these two women so much they have such big hearts and it’s so great to see the kindness and open mindedness they show ♥️

  19. TexasRobotTv

    Kehli:hey Mrs d Mrs D:Get out I’m trying to eat my food

  20. Smith Roy


  21. Sonja Ellison

    This is how many times the moms mad confused/angry faces || \/

  22. Pumkin pie

    OH YEAH ANGIE GONEE poor marah baby

  23. Athanasia Chatzileftheriadou

    kira is me right now watching this

  24. Kynedi Webb


  25. Kynedi Webb


  26. Ave K

    dance moms compared to this is trash.... just my opinion.

  27. Rachelle Seymore


  28. cd2189

    You don’t force your kid on people. You don’t put them where they’re not welcomed. Bc they may get mistreated

  29. Iiduq h

    aldc=abby lee doesn't care!😂

  30. Gemz

    why is it that when maddie placed 2nd they automatically assumed mackenzie didnt place

  31. macie byrom

    abby : Kendall you will be getting a solo Jill: YEAAAAAAAAAH

  32. Gabriela lucero Martinez altamira

    No entiendo ni maíz pero quedo super padre el vídeo felicidades Dance Moms ❤️😘😘

  33. Athanasia Chatzileftheriadou

    imagine taking happiness of a child AS AN ADULT worse AS A MOM wow clown check

  34. Bridgett Holman

    That was funny!

  35. Mackenzie Abbott

    Watching these episodes on ALsel is the third time I’ve sat down and watched this show. I really wish they would bring this show back and that Kim would come back to the Pageant Place if the show was brought back

  36. China Houman

    Am i the only when that found disturbing when her mother said that she wanted her daughter to chang so she could fit in. I always thought people should embrace them selves and if other people don't like them for who they are the tell them to "f" off.

  37. Bianca Carletti

    Che donne

  38. Jessica Mclune

    Lol gia jumping 10 min after Abby jumped 😂 @4:36

  39. Vsevolod Inozemtsev

    Lol wtf

  40. Kailah Nicole

    If you don't like the video don't watch it you just hating you can't dance to and that is on PERIOD.

  41. Tori parmer

    It's so good I do dance I went to the finals

  42. Brooke Farrand

    If there's going to be drama over Maddie and Kenzie then why have both girls in it????????

  43. IIam Sky

    When she said oh I just stopped jt because I judt don't want my weave pulled out I was dying I mean it's ok because one time at school I got my weave snath and I was lauging

  44. Charlotte Alderson

    This truly shows how messed up Abby is tbh

  45. Georgia Rollins

    she really be out here saying that isn't the kind of choreography you put on stage after she tried to put them on walkers for a dance

  46. Princess Kee


  47. {Purple Sunset}


  48. Shakira Miranda Official

    Mackenzie's face was very funny a 1:28...she literally laughed because Maddie was grounded😂

  49. Karijo Robison

    Abby wanted the fight. She asked Jill what Kendall said.

  50. Princess Kee

    Chloe N’s mom’s face is so botched omg I so agree with Kelly, I wouldn’t want her to work on my face either 🥴😂

  51. LoveGuru

    I thought by seven deadly sins it was going to be the opening to seven deadly sins the anime

  52. Gacha_AngelSkits

    I'm acc crying rn😭 like the OG mom's could be a bit more respectful like abbas crying like jesus

  53. i don't really like almonds tho

    This is so staged.

  54. Be Quiet

    Who did this editing tho? How one moment Ms D is sitting on the floor, the next she at the DJ booth?

  55. Rayne Randle

    What happened to anslee

  56. RachelTeeKae

    Not saying names, but that mama who sucks energy out of a room is referred to as an emotional vampire.

  57. _LePizzaGuy_ 54

    when a hamburger is literally beef

  58. Jana Bahgat

    The rotten apples win impossible!!! But still abby is still gonna win a lot in the future

  59. Kallen Smallwood

    I LOVE ALDC but the candy apples coach Cathy is a hater and she's so ooooo rude because how she gonna throw a child's 🏆 cause U lost so stop hating on ALDC,

  60. Cole

    Yolanda just told her to go say thank you, Elli took the initiative to tell her story

  61. Lauren Obi.

    Angie is always trying to ruin something for her daughter ....

  62. Alyssa Rooker

    When Christi told Kenzie not to be maddie and stuff like that it was sooooo nice and when maddie was back stage talk to Kenzie before she went that was so nice!

  63. Dance Moms Sparkle

    Lilly is soooooooo cute

  64. Lorenzo Jacobs

    Why did her mouth just suddenly twitch? Can someone please help solve this.

  65. Abby Mac

    Kendall was kinda bad 😬

  66. Diamond Thomas

    Every Time Angie Comes Back That Spell Disaster With Capital "D"

  67. Yara hamed Xoxo

    Kelly and Abby Have a history Jill and alshlee have a history Christi and jill have a history

  68. Jahneria Hurd


  69. A

    I love Brooke but whoever told her she could sing needs to be stopped😂

  70. Itz_ Chi

    *Judge:Second place, doing the doo* 😂 i felt that

  71. Patricia Henderson

    Dancing dolls are good even know I'm not o they team i still love them

  72. Ida Lundborg

    Haha!! Pennywise

  73. Ali Stack

    Omg Elisabeth crying is what’s gonna kill me

  74. Clara Charbonneau

    Mackenzie is so cute!

  75. Yara hamed Xoxo

    This is kendell 👩🏻 🧥 📱 👖



  77. Dreyah

    The editing is so weird, Rittany hair changed in one scene lol, she had a ponytail & then a random half up-half down style?

  78. Jelagat Miningwo


  79. Zeba Waziri

    i love asia

  80. Saloni Malhotra

    When kid won: "it's MY training and MY HARDWORK" When kid doesn't win: "SHE IS LAZY. SHE NEEDS HELP. SHE WAS A HOT MESS UP THERE!!"

  81. R B

    I think they should’ve kept Gracie’s curls, they looked so pretty!

  82. Drea Chanel

    Terra is annoying 😒

  83. Aleesha Walker Irving

    what I don't understand is stacy and Yolanda got along in the Jordan matter video and even took a pic together then on the ordition day they were talking and stuff like If u think there friends

  84. ALDC Sweetheart

    Yolanda; attacks Elli Elli; defense her Mom Yolanda; attacks Elli again

  85. Thunderstorm The flipaclip thunder fox

    Jojo cry all you want

  86. Joshua The Michael Jackson Fan

    Why she want everything to be perfect for, it’s not like she is going to the Kardashians or something! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  87. Angelique Hogan

    Sam got some good looking parents

  88. Barsay Bowier

    Lizzie you are a snake

  89. King El III

    Fat girls acting like their dimes, PLEASE! stretch marks and cottage cheese on their bodies but they're demanding what type of man they want. Make up, fake hair and obesity isn't a good product. They all look like the first people you'll see at church, because church is where you'll find the most obese people in the world.

  90. Purple Rain

    Omggggg I used to almost hurt myself trying to get to watch a new episode!!!! I need this back on & ASAP! Kim was so my mama in my head & I need her sis & mama back too💜

  91. Sharon Freeman

    So a PowerCouple! But they dont know it yet!!💪💋

  92. Joshua The Michael Jackson Fan


  93. Brahim idelmenchar

    Maddie looked so sad

  94. Wolfie Grande

    Isn't that Maddie's solo?

  95. Brahim idelmenchar

    The lyrics are so moving I makes you never give up

  96. Joshua The Michael Jackson Fan

    0:38 He was trying to Moonwalk, cuz if he is he is bad!!

  97. Naami W

    Lifetime get your search box together. When does the next season begin??

  98. Lazy couch potato YouTube browser

    Cathy and Jill:*fighting* Little kid:*trys to make 2 sticks into 1 long stick Me:😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂

  99. Ayden Harmon

    Well now your daughter is famous and Is on Netflix

  100. Jefferson Odige

    Neva always got sum to say,just listen to what coach d said n stop anwering these dum questions