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  1. Bertukan Alemayhu

    Ya Bryn was so happy and then the was so sad

  2. Nxjåh Bürdï

    I just love drama

  3. Chloe H

    What was Clara doing at 2:01

  4. Shazia Gunawan

    Maybe Ashlee need to be nice days ago

  5. Shayzz

    I love when jojo says suckers 4:10

  6. εmr _

    I love audc and dance moms

  7. Purdy Patel

    It would have been so nice if Mackenzie was in there but then you get Abby who ruins😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡 it

  8. Alexis Garfield

    to mckaylee’s defense, it was a 2 eight count hold not a one eight count hold like abby kept saying

  9. LittleBody BigHeart

    Cathy makes my blood boil everytime

  10. kellyfan21

    I'm sorry...but Taylor is 25?!?!!! she looks a minimum 32!

  11. Roxy Wences

    Dam it was just them fighting them it was ather people

  12. Brett Hawgood

    Brin said that she’s not a brat but I completely disagree. Your a brat and your mum is one to

  13. quint meijer

    midget fight

  14. Jayden Rice

    I love how Holly always takes the Teacher approach for every situation it’s really satisfying lol

  15. Skylar Bain

    It's sickening to see the other moms smiling at Jojo's elimination. I mean who does that!

  16. Olivia Rayson

    I feel bad for her too because she was friends with kalani in Audc but I feel like she was kind of mean to her on dance moms

  17. Rachel Brookes

    When jojo says i cant believe its over. I just thought don't worry honey you have so much more to look forward to. Just wait

  18. ii Slxth

    Did anybody see when Kendall got dissed from a hug😂

  19. Harmonee' Silas

    Now why Nevada crazy self said the dolls was talking to them but hers was talking to the dolls

  20. Rilynn Tisdale

    Ravens mom is so dome

  21. Roisin

    I love how Holly was like eating popcorn while jojo and Sarah’s mums fight

  22. Twinpower Power

    Chloes mom is always in fights

  23. Lilly Ramsey

    abby and stop yelling at those kids and they hate you

  24. •C Sings•

    Kids: win 13 TIMES IN A ROW Abby: I think I want a new team

  25. Mia Carter


  26. MissyKatti3

    *"2 pink 2 blue and 1 green"* Actually 2 green Kendall was dancing in the other green costume the girls preform twice once for judging and once for the recording Kendall was only performing in judging so Abby made the other girls do the same number but reblocked for the recording


    Why is jojo getting in trouble if Trinity pike hip hop second and jojo pick it first

  28. Monica Pena

    Why are the girls in regulator clothes at the dance? They even have paints on.

  29. Purdy Patel

    Abby is sooo rude and she just runed it for all the kids and Mackenzie

  30. Madison Firebolt

    Notice how this is 15 minutes😂😂

  31. Moonthaha Hussain

    Trinity:Jojo is not on my level Me:ur right she’s above u

  32. JaNay Lott

    aww when Kenzie was running to her mom,that made me cry but I started laughing

  33. DeCouchNugGet _

    Wait so no one is gonna talk about the girl from Cathy's,she is from a movie called tall girl

  34. Zoe Webster

    Poor jojo 😥

  35. Zenfone Max

    I wanna join dance moms for drama.

  36. Stephanie Tarlton

    Ashley needs to shut up because she is giving me a headache and she's also talking about other kids so she can't be mad at people are talking about her kid 😠😠 made me stop talking about kids and people wouldn't talk about your 🙄🙄🙄

  37. Georgest144

    I wonder how they feel when they go to Target and see JoJo's face everywhere

  38. Thompson huynh

    She keeped going and thats great

  39. gloria raygoza

    Go JoJo go Kehlani Jojo is 16 now Abby

  40. Kaylynn Kellogg

    I would prefer to be on Candy Apples because Abby is really mean and yells at her students if they forget a dance and candy apples ( Cathy ) is so nice and I don't live close to her but I can't do the splits or any gymnastics move but im sure Candy Apples would love to have me at her studio. Also im really good at hip-hop and I would make Candy Apples ( Cathy ) win

  41. Francesca Pickering

    "JoJo can't dance up to my level" Now that's cocky to another level

  42. Domi J

    1:03 i love how kendall went straight to holly instead of her mother

  43. Andrea Simon

    Her face when she realized they called her number😱

  44. JaNay Lott

    I hate that stupid bee solo why is it bc ur daughter fell out of nowhere and Mackenzie look like a real killer bee

  45. Alicia Parry


  46. Bunny Nayeon

    I feel so bad for her😭❤️

  47. Maranda Fluellen

    SO LIKE IT (like the video is what I mean)

  48. Amiya Griffin

    Orange and turquoise dont even go good together

  49. Jules Beeper

    These people all have the Karen haircut

  50. HumpMeFuckMeDaddy BetterMakeMeChoke

    23:44 this is like little LA over again with scene of Brianna trying to sing but Jasmine outshines her.

  51. TikTok K

    thus was like the best dance i ever seen in my life

  52. Niamh Grogan

    she touched me

  53. Ella_ Dayna

    I saw asia and her mom!

  54. Crybaby._.vibezzz

    That mom who was like yes she gone so rude now and so broke. jojo is a millionaire

  55. Sydney08

    Looking back on Jojo being 9 is weird. She looks more like 12

  56. Kasey Gilbert


  57. Chris Candy

    When Abby said that Cathy was in charge for the moms dance the moms were noooooooo

  58. Nicholas Beepath

    I was named after whitney Huston 🥱🧡

  59. Lps light

    3:52 that smile was horrible

  60. Nxjåh Bürdï

    I just realized we created the "Karen" by dance moms for their horrible acting and fighting. they are basically karens in a nutshell. now we know! dance moms are Karens in the making! lol

  61. Darquise Reinhardt

    HellooooooOoooo, where is season 2?

  62. a. s

    Abbey always goes on about replacing then but she couldn't as they've all signed a contract so they can't leave

  63. Pavle Bogdanovič


  64. movelike asnake

    5:47 she did not have to push her head like that💀🤦🏽

  65. Halle and Horses

    When holly says your a coward you really are

  66. Amy Wadsworth

    4 once someone is nice to

  67. Squishy Sloth

    Jojo’s face was priceless

  68. Avis Barekiau

    Let’s be honest no one even likes ashlee lol

  69. Lucy Griffiths

    this totally deserved to win. it’s so different and real.

  70. ciawua

    Christi: I was really worried that Black Patsy was gonna snatch my weave. Me: 😳

  71. Zenfone Max

    I thought Brynn was becoming rude.

  72. Krista Masucci

    I don’t think it was Abby who inflicted the trauma. I think it was the producers

  73. Anabelle Savannah

    Abby=We are wearing hats and you can't drop them Chloe=yay! Chloe= drops hat

  74. Lucy Griffiths

    it would have been great to see Kalani in this. she would have looked so beautiful because she’s great at this style.

  75. Leticia Rivera


  76. Chrissyxo 823

    Now watching this in 2020 is actually comical. Jojo made all of them eat their words!! She’s now more famous than all of the judges and the other contestants. She never gave up on herself, which I think is very admirable.

  77. Loretta Schmidt

    I love dancer

  78. avery.grainger

    Is it just me or is Marahs nose really cute

  79. Sparklecupcakes E


  80. Olivia Williams

    I didn’t know kalani and jojo were both in this at the same time

  81. Angela Diorio

    Yay because Maddie always win

  82. Alyssa S

    Abby’s beleifs: OWN YOUR RACE OWN IT! Nia’s moms beleifs: everyone treated equally In that way, you can see both of there sides

  83. Lucy Griffiths

    i love this dance. there’s just something about it.

  84. Yazed Musa

    Are they trunk

  85. Sy Taylor

    I love Lila

  86. MrsButtersworth82


  87. Jenika Allen

    The girl that wants to dance with battyb most not dance with him only JoJo sould

  88. Kagan Shepherd

    I ThInK iD KnOw I WaS Ms GeOrGiA

  89. Ariane Quenard

    They edited it to make it look like she forgot a big part of her solo, but really she just missed one move and they filmed it from several different angles so it looks longer.

  90. Khalen Lennon

    I do thinks it’s rude what trinity said she doesn’t match my level. It might be true that trinity is super powerful but still.

  91. Katharina Burkard

    Why was Kenzie crying?

  92. Tell Me I Smell Good Now.

    Abbey:*makes dance about huraccaine Katrina* Nobody: Absolute nobody: Me: huraccaine Katrina more like huraccaine tortilla

  93. Kayla-rose Haslam

    I hate how the other mums go arh when there child doesn't win but when Sarah goes 4th Christy is over the moon

  94. Brenna H.

    Madison is just so rude. Older dancers are supposed to be examples to the younger ones.