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  1. Sparkles D

    Girl: A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-I-S-H Me: G-O B-A-C-K T-O E-L-E-M-E-N-T-R-Y S-C-H-O-O-L

  2. S T A R B U C K S H A C K S

    ItS cOrOnA tImE

  3. Kurtis Wiltshire

    I went to this ice cream shop and got chocolate cone and sprinkles

  4. xoxo_alexa

    Favorite candy: 100 gram bars, Reese’s cups, Kit Kat’s and Snickers. Least favorite candy: Dots, licorice and tootsie rolls.

  5. Gaming Replays YT

    I don’t sleep with controller I charge it

  6. Ava

    how dare you I LOVE those pants

  7. joanne thorburn

    You play fortnight all might then tell mom 👍👍👍

  8. Five Nights at Freddy's is so cool

    i just went on netflix and they changed Winx im now watching this and think oh thats why (;w;) i now hate life

  9. Funneh Cake

    The msot confusing thing ill edit it so it looks normal 😎😎

  10. Tyjaiya Starr

    Wow who does she think she is roasting are Queen

  11. 1,2, Cherry!

    Sssniperwolf: wooooooaaaaaahhhhhhh Me: so that’s what sarcasm is...

  12. Penelope Ceccato

    Also the reason Nutella is pronounced weird is cos it’s an Italian brand so they say it like “Nootella” 😂

  13. itsjosedistror

    Ewww the bread toilet paper you Sh!+ is the nutella

  14. royal noora

    They took all my toys 😭😭 when I bring them all the time

  15. Jay Schwartz

    Actually, my mom makes one of those premier protein Starbucks every morning. They’re pretty crappy in my opinion, but suit your self

  16. Keiser Birch

    My teacher took my pencil because I was tapping it on my arm and she never gave it back. This happened in elementary school and now I’m in eighth grade. :(

  17. mansi mehta

    3:40 this is the future and we need those

  18. Lisa Hildebrand

    I play gta5 and I'm only 8

  19. Elly Nguyen

    Lia:looking at the banana. Me:I lOoKiNg At ThE aSiAn BaCkGrOuNd.

  20. Chris Menjivar

    My name is Christopher and am 8

  21. Danielle Richardson

    can i live with you

  22. Derpy Potato

    This a crazy show

  23. Cherry Blossom


  24. John Scancella


  25. 4D 22 Jefferson

    Me going to a zoo: :O its a alligator :D sssniperwolf:OWO ThIs iS A diNoSaur >:D

  26. Mika Yasaka

    Take a shot every time they say “yeah” Oh wait don’t, you’re definitely gonna get drunk.

  27. Esmat Elkatteb

    How someone will smell the space with out breathing

  28. Gaude Mendoza


  29. Christian Salazar

    Let me eat

  30. Akpos G

    It takes more than 1000 liks to get to the sender of a lollypop

  31. The wonder Planet

    I just started getting paid 20 dollars a mouth and I thought I was living the life but apparently she can’t live with a thousand like come on some one go smack her for crying out loud

  32. Tyra Fornell

    F hahahaha😂

  33. Erica Malicoat

    Danielle should of call vicky fat

  34. Aeralou Walker

    JONY JONY yes papa SLEEPING um no how the hell can you hear me?!

  35. Δyena -w-


  36. Jolyne Morin

    Why do all these girls look the same

  37. Maria Dumitran

    That is a crazy family

  38. zain sultan

    bruh this girl is spoiled and i hate spoiled people they aint grateful for what there perents get them and like it just rude and stuff if i got that lambo or any car i would be grateful like what sniper wolf said so yeah be grateful people and like dis up boys and girls bye

  39. Danielle Richardson

    i was born October 25

  40. Buzubuzu Enukidze

    U think one directionars and justin bibber fans are crazy check out A.R.M.Y's

  41. Xx Annie meow master Music and More :3 xX

    When the people were screaming like they were being murdered I think I pulled out my headphones like a hundred million times and Idk why

  42. Shirley Scarleth

    Siri is sassy

  43. meme king22

    thats called stick drift

  44. Karina Wolcott

    That Slenderman in the first one

  45. GalaxyPanda_x12x

    I hate spider's

  46. paul de bob


  47. Noah Melton

    I have an x

  48. Ollie Wheeler

    I can’t have sleepovers period.

  49. XxKitty_OofxX ;-;

    Most stores: NO MORE TOILET PAPER My Publix: WE HAVE ALL THE TOILET PAPER Literally they have so much toilet paper I think they had restocked but still!

  50. Eliana Diaz


  51. Amandajoyhh Doyle

    This is so much better than that Iamsanna/Iamnotsannah

  52. chloe long

    That’s. The dog on Tik tok’s car

  53. Jody Dennis

    You have to dig down and around

  54. Trevor Rutherford

    I always get this btw I’m a girl so much boys like me and I’m only in SECOND GRADE

  55. Penelope Ceccato

    I searched it up and apparently Hello Kitty is a Japanese Bobtail that was anthropomorphised (aka made to look more human) so she’s basically just some rando cat mutation 😂😬

  56. Zara And shayla

    Hi Olga🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😌😌😌😌😌😌😌 am not back in school cuz is close

  57. JustRandomStuff1971

    Why you in a closet?!?

  58. Tracy Cooper

    On really tall playground a baby was on the top of the monkey bars

  59. Stefanie Guerrieri

    Happy birthday on October 22

  60. Rylie Zieske

    That girls stupid

  61. Cerrys Hughes

    Now we know how the Grinch has furry fingers

  62. Elizma Milne


  63. GD NightShadow

    Rose's are red Violets are blue I got a like But why is it blue?

  64. sarahlhji8 princess

    I was crying very hard R.I.P. tuna 😣😥😫😒😓😔☹🙁😖😞😟😢😭😩

  65. DaRobloxAddict

    6:02 why does the spider look like an antlion form half life tho


    Lol she didn’t even stop anyone anyway am I the only one that’s watching at 2020?

  67. Dallas Mckern

    Survey: are you alone me: I don’t know Survey: look out The window * me looking out the window* James Charles: hi sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Tionna Askew

    you 20 your sister over 18

  69. Molly DePrey

    What is my mom’s best friend’s daughter she’s 18 and she also has a boyfriend.😃😇

  70. Maria Rickard

    It’s hard enough to loss and come your hair but I have to do on your nails and the people they told her paper nails were prepared for the coronavirus

  71. Sophiana Martinez

    yeah bras do hurt alot wwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy u killing device i hate yooooooooouu boys are lucky

  72. XIN YAN

    This was made on my birthday.

  73. Мұкаш Алуа

    I had an embarrassing moment when I was smol I accidentally called a missed call from my bus driver and she was like: "Hello?" And I said..."Sorry it's me, his daughter" then I realized she hung up before I started talking Edit: omg a like

  74. Angie Diaz

    5:24 ok Sssniperwolf I love you but the reason why we as patients tell the doctor about the products is because so they can see because if the side effects or if the ingredients are safe. Let’s say you find the back pain medicine that you think is perfect for you. You talk to your doctor and see if it is RIGHT for YOU it’s not to tell your doctor what to do. Even though some do that anyway -_- oh well thank you bye bye love you Lia❤️

  75. Haylee Wilson

    I eat both

  76. Ella Ogram


  77. Feather Sketch

    3:18- all I could think was that episode from the office when Dwight was making everyone conserve and unrolling the toilet paper

  78. KIDchannel23

    I clocked on this video because I have a 3rd front tooth TwT and I wanted to see if it was part of this video- also I’m writing this while an add is playing. T^T

  79. Belle Maloney

    Wow they are so unique

  80. Myahjoy Findley

    Pls do a part 2 @ btw I LOVE YOU MORE!!!❤️❤️❤️Not in a weird way

  81. Mrduckling 160

    If that was me I would be dead with in 10 seconds

  82. KayzPlayz1

    Girl: looks at dog Also girl: STOP STALKING ME

  83. ZoopBooperDooper

    I can think of many small youtubers who are way better than her (I’m not talking about SSSniperWolf) Also 1000 doesn’t make you that famous because there is around 7.4 billion people on the Earth

  84. Damali Hanchard

    0 out of 10

  85. Makayla Zamora

    I get breakfast in school but ,my father makes me eat

  86. AlexGameZ

    I would take the money then tell

  87. Hannah Shen

    Her: “I want them OUT” Me: Sure you can get em out for a membership, you just need to stand in the treadmill and move your legs a little ya kno? Actually maybe try?

  88. It’s Millie Duh

    she has the same voiuce as you what

  89. Genevieve Victor

    Who else came to check the comments right after she said "who stole me iPod like it's been 15 years I won't be mad" to see if anyone said I did? 😹

  90. Ahtziri Merida

    Smack her face

  91. Cookie Da Bunno

    Those snakes look like the little ones inside oogie boogies dice in the nightmare before Christmas. Tell me I’m not wrong

  92. R W

    I'm here in 2020 and we still have other languages dont know how much longer while have the world but we still have other languages. And honey I have lived in the U.S my whole life but I have a Texas accent because that's were I live

  93. Heather Wells

    Wow grate parents

  94. Marlyn Gonzalez

    I hate that man so so so so so much 🤬 that man

  95. suryaprakasarao anipindi

    2020 anyone

  96. Gacha Star

    I like the triangle too, and I own a cowbell 😁