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  1. Lloyd Webster

    who doesnt know who Mr Bean is

  2. teebosaurusyou

    Needs rocket boosters.

  3. Slikx666

    Colin. Just get another car and turn it into a time machine. You've already converted a Ford Granada Scorpio into a drag car, so how about converting something into a time traveling Delorian? (Spelling)

  4. Meta Dee

    My anxiety

  5. Otus Hermanson

    Could you try to make a Quantum Levitation Hover Board.

  6. Electr1c Pulse

    Literally the ark taser stick....thing ....i forgot what it is called

  7. yeet dude


  8. 키모오타 ㅤ

    영알못 한국인들 위해서 번역 사회적 거리두기 자전거

  9. Kozimiq

    When the rockets went kaboom bam wam *i felt that*

  10. T-spiral

    PLS pls pls make the deluxo from gta 5 online

  11. Chandra Kant

    i fear when u loose control and fall!!

  12. Kirov

    can ya make it so ya only need one hand to do it tho? so each wrist would be their own flamethrower

  13. teebosaurusyou

    OH the humanity! errr inhumanity... . . . .insanity.....never mind.

  14. Matt Day

    Colin made a beach out house lol

  15. R Bandola

    Cool 😎👍

  16. R Bandola


  17. Richard Kremer

    Awesome picture of the beginning of it. WoW, much respect to you guys an your insanity. They won’t allow us to play like that here in the states.

  18. Divya Atmakuru

    If corona kills everyone he’ll be fine, living in his bunker

  19. Harvey Tinson


  20. Razorhater_Playz

    imagine it just goes full throttle and won't shut down. up up up and away

  21. teebosaurusyou

    Needs a turbo.

  22. Regison Rabelo

    The bike of Simpsons , because they live at "Springsfield

  23. Can Long

    I remember a manga I read a long time ago, someone build a house - and it's a giant robot head.

  24. MetaphysicalBoi

    he should build this

  25. Alex Smith

    Does anyone else notice he's where a suit

  26. Redeye

    welled me up boi

  27. Quinn Balfour

    One of these days the safety tie will catch on fire

  28. Stefan Vögele

    What about a Plasma Cannon? 😊

  29. deadly jeff

    Are you ever gonna make more improved version of this, and then sell them? Because that looks so fun and cool, I REALLY wanna ride one

  30. Rustybutt Austin

    Better than a Grand Finale 👍

  31. Nitroade Productions

    How do you even get down

  32. Toby Fav

    i love that second song

  33. 333megaladon

    Or of the simpler builds, but boy is it elegant

  34. The A show


  35. Exotic Filter

    Who else remembers him giving mr bean the playbutton?

  36. Charles Mcgowen

    Love the tie!

  37. Tuke PinkStego

    He is doing this with a suit and a tie

  38. teebosaurusyou

    But did you wake the neighbour?

  39. Faze Pico

    Hey Colin can you maybe give us a rough estimate of what something like this costs? I'm a musician and for years I've wanted an awesome place to be able to jam all night without interruption and without noise complaints etc. This is so amazingly awesome that I'd consider doing this myself if the costs aren't insanely out of hand.

  40. Faze Pico

    Imagine if he sold the house without telling the owners and 10 years later the new owners find out about the bunker door and realize he's been living down there rent free the entire time. 🤣

  41. Faze Pico

    As a musician who's unable to produce new music without using headphones 24-7 this is literally heaven! I have a 5000 watt QSC PA system that I've had in storage for the last 3 years because I live in a damn apartment and I can't use my system. I would cry with joy and happiness if I had something like this bro! God damn I wish you and I were good friends! Thanks for sharing this with us though! This is absolutely badass and one of the best man caves I've ever seen in my life!

  42. KroneYT

    "Yeah it's never that good, or it's a bit kinky (giggity)" i don't even know what to say to that

  43. Max Dukhovskoy

    "honey, the neighbor's built something again"

  44. Logan Ketchum

    How about you make your own suit? Or modify it by making an exo skeleton so it's not weighing down your muscles as much

  45. You Tuber

    Inside looks like crap

  46. Rochan van Dijkhorst

    I lovveeee back to the future!!

  47. Cody Jenkins

    How does a man make a 2 minute video on fully automatic hydro pressed wolverine claws

  48. Kelly Clark


  49. Gregg Mouritzen

    Looks awesome. I suggest changing out those nets for a metal screen. You wouldn't want to fall through into those blades.

  50. Dushyant Deshwal

    Colin is ultimate 😂😂

  51. Gregg Mouritzen

    Needs a gun mount on it. Probably not legal there, but it would be cool.

  52. VAB

    I'm in love with this video!

  53. VAB

    This video is a masterpiece!

  54. senpai17

    Try the first iron man design

  55. AJAY!!!!! the,AwEsOmE

    That is sooo cool

  56. It's NEO!!!

    At first I thought he will drill a hole upside down


    And the rocket's red glare !

  58. Gameman2

    When I read the title, I thought: this is Lada blyat

  59. Daniel Morley

    How far away did the cameras land?

  60. C J

    Genuinely cried laughing.... got to love the madness. Best ALsel channel👊🏻

  61. Julie Peggie

    This man predicted the coronavirus

  62. Tudor Rogojina

    imagine driving to work and then you have a riptire in the back of your van all of a sudden

  63. Maria cecilia Ribero


  64. Cícero Sávio

    very good this video

  65. Tudor Rogojina

    everybody gangsta till the safety tie gets caught on something

  66. Luis R.

    💯% Perfect 👍👍👍

  67. The Tattoo Trunk Show with Scott Hill

    In another life, this man invented the helmet, then threw it in the garbage.

  68. Hadden Curren

    Next video: “Guys I made a time traveling jet powered tricyle”

  69. Tom Willard

    Next time shoot them in the air

  70. CSRWilderness

    Super tare, im suscribe to canal!

  71. Bryce M

    Not many ppl can say they won shed of the year in 2017

  72. Enter // Enter Incorporated Productions

    Just what we needed. A psycho Brit with the power of the X-MEN... As if 2020 couldn't get worse.

  73. Creepo_J

    For some reason, there are two of these same videos in my recommended What is this sorcery ALsel

  74. Creepo_J

    I keep getting so scared he is gonna cut his stomach or something because dem axes be breaking rocks my boy

  75. Name Last

    Brooo the blades look scary as hellllll

  76. Elijah Dage

    13:28 best part of the show, and it's because they went off script.

  77. Alex Smith

    I would make this my own room, this thing is literally sick

  78. teebosaurusyou

    Does he have all the local small airports on speed dial?

  79. Abrham Abay 116

    please make it wirless

  80. teebosaurusyou

    I don't think the warranty covers that.

  81. Jabub Gaming

    Next he does the car

  82. teebosaurusyou

    My God this is deliciously psychotic!

  83. Lee Clarkson

    A delorian & rocket man, this guy is basically living the future we dreamed of as kids, all that is missing is hulk like smashing power but given time im positive he will come good.

  84. NedTheDread

    That must have been sooo amazing!

  85. Dusk Devil

    I love the music you use :)

  86. Richard

    Only one thing could made this better than it is , you should had have build it in my back garden, i mean i need my mancave!

  87. teebosaurusyou

    I fully endorse this psychotic behavior... hehehehe

  88. NykEntertainment

    RIP 😢

  89. Nasir Jamaal

    I can't believe that u finally make it

  90. Seek Pratik

    Heck yeah. Modify it. That's A Totally Colin Thing! 🙌

  91. The Randomist

    what if he added extra floats on the bottom to make it all terrain including deep waters 🤔

  92. Kel McGowan

    Where's your life preserver McFly?

  93. teebosaurusyou

    Yes... THE Robin Reliant. Was wondering what you might do to prevent crashing. Good job!

  94. Nicola Caswell

    Looks like a bonfire on the 11th july

  95. DJ Stewart

    Its Bif not Griff

  96. Flip Mania

    Colin probably knows me, I’m Ryan Office and I was in the newspaper for cancer

  97. Gabe Toyne