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  1. Mel Nich

    My baby hasn’t seen Disney with me yet because I’ve always been homeless

  2. mollie c

    i’m rewatching these and i had no idea they knew the ballingers! my two favs!

  3. Angelica

    Thank you for using your platform to help the movement and for being educated on the cause. Influencers need to help stand against police and for black lives around America. Thank you for helping.

  4. Chloe Rose Faultner

    I love how their videos are a decent length AND so informational

  5. phillip west

    Hi guys i can the say the sunsets here in South Fl are amazing but a really good friend of mine went were you are and i saw pics of the sunset..OMG...wow! I want to go so bad!!! So where in the world are you goin next...How about Rapids here close to me in Riveria Beach! I know you love water parks you should try this one..gotta get some shut eye now its time to pay the price!!!

  6. Jennifer Yu

    I made this and it was so good! I added some molasses, simmered and added some dates, added an extra banana, and added a bit of milk and mine was so soft! Thanks for sharing!

  7. DK H

    Enjoy the outdoors but stop being sheep and socialists.

  8. CrypticBlueHue

    Dude, what is the Stargate VR about? Was it traveling thru the wormhole? Or something else? Just curious cause I've wanted to see someone do a Stargate themed ride forever!

  9. Elizabeth Randhawa

    Can you find the word “Give”?

  10. Maggie McAndrew

    Wow! I love that bird feeder! Care to share where you got it from? Thanks for sharing your day with us

  11. Mackenzie Z

    Edible glitter is just non-toxic plastic, unless it's mica glitter, because that is made out of the mica mineral. They are fairly easy to tell apart when you see them up close.

  12. Susan Abela

    I've been watching the Trackers for a while but this is my first time watching this cruise series. Bittersweet seeing Bandit again but it's also exciting to think of them taking Jackson on a Disney cruise someday 💓

  13. RunnningWithScissors

    There is not one person who hasn’t made a comment they regret. We are human beings and imperfect. Use this as a platform to make positive change as you have done in the past for so many great organizations. You will never lose me as a viewer and I know you are both good people and will raise Jackson to be a loving individual. Life can be hard to navigate when the past follows you, but as Walt said “if nothing changed, there’d be no butterflies.”

  14. RunnningWithScissors

    There is not one person who hasn’t made a comment they regret. We are human beings and imperfect. Use this as a platform to make positive change as you have done in the past for so many great organizations. You will never lose me as a viewer and I know you are both good people and will raise Jackson to be a loving individual. Life can be hard to navigate when the past follows you, but as Walt said “if nothing changed, there’d be no butterflies.”

  15. Laurie Pearsall

    Made these last night. No to the ketchup, & I added a few splashes of liquid smoke. Perfecto!

  16. ITSH Productions

    I miss this Tim

  17. Kira F

    I am so sorry to hear about Bandit. My heart goes out to you guys so much.

  18. Valerie Hufford

    Good to know about this park too. I think I'm going to check out Oakland Nature Preserve this week up in Clermont. Looks beautiful.

  19. Dana Ross

    As a black fan of you guys, Thank you.💞

  20. honey_bubblex

    Someone steals my tacos: Me: 30:30

  21. Karen Dixon

    With that much water nearby..how can they not include gators on the wildlife list? But looks like a nice day out.

  22. Natalie V

    It’s so interesting to see trails in Florida very different from up here in the northeast! Love your positivity, keep being great!

  23. FreeHomerS

    Damn.... For Honor really be hittin different on Ultra Graphics VR.

  24. Lesley Beaulieu

    Are you able to see the launch from there

  25. Aiken Adventures

    Thanks for the great tour! Subscribed!

  26. Sam and Kelle Albrecht

    So great to see you bringing light and using your platform to injustice. We hear you and are with you 💕

  27. Michael Gomez

    I missed you guys going to SeaWorld Orlando

  28. victoriakapshaw

    Propaganda, totalitarian bullshit....Not paying all that money to be controlled while on vacation. No thank you 👎🏾

  29. Zoe Powers

    I want to see drunk Jen again 😂


    Hope you guys are ok miss seeing you

  31. Monica Haller

    Love Apples and Peanut Butter!!

  32. Ryan Brown

    So sorry for your loss. Pets are family and losing one is never easy. He was such a cutie and you will always hold your memories of him near.

  33. Miranda McGuire

    You don't need a mask. You're outside with no one around.

  34. amandafay1220

    Is tim going back to universal???? There are some many ALselrs going back to universal city walk and it just opened today? Is he going back or even coming close too???

  35. Miranda McGuire

    I am so sad for you. I am sad that you have bought into the mass hysteria so much that you feel the need to wear a mask OUTSIDE when there's not even anyone around.

  36. Nikki Lynn

    I hope you guys are okay, you still have a ton of supporters. We love you. ❤️

  37. Angela Wix

    Loved the outro! Thank you!!!

  38. Monica Haller

    Yassssss!!!! Now it’s time to pay the price!!!!

  39. Brianna Bankston

    Snowman plate. Greetings from #quarantine2020

  40. Monica Haller

    So I have been watching you on and off for a couple of years. Ever since Covid19 started and Disney closed I have been watching every daily video you post. I have decided to go back to the beginning and start from Day 1. 😊😊😊 Here goes to the beginning!!!

  41. Joseph Bird

    U do more than anoth to make ur channel positive during this heartbreaking time good luck :)

  42. Oj Ll

    when will playgrounds and swimming pools across the united states reopen?

  43. Joel Murphy

    If it makes you guys feel better, the WHO said last week that mask may put you at higher risk for the virus than no mask at all......love and live life!

  44. snaaus2000

    Glad Jen ditched the mask in the heat. I still wonder about folks having to wear a covering in the heat at Disney.

  45. Ensign soah

    That's a giant baby haha. Huge noggin hope he grows big and strong!

  46. Preston Ewing

    15:36 WHAT IN GOD’S NAME

  47. Ziva Goldman

    I know I'm 2 years late, but did Tim giggle like a little school girl when Marilyn blew him a kiss? LOL

  48. Endergamer 22

    What about the lightsabers? Can you build savis lightsabers without reservations when it re-opens? Because Disney world isnt allowing reservations for it. Maybe a little at a time?

  49. Paul Colbourne

    Hey just wondering do you own a set of bar bells with two big balls with the number 100 printed on them? Lol love the look

  50. Kimberley Dewar

    I am not sure if anyone has mentioned Norwex masks to you yet or not. Norwex is a household cleaning supply company. They have been making masks for hospitals both in the US and here in Canada. They are made from their window cleaning cloths and are very light and breathable. They contain something they call BacLock Filtration which is 81% effective against 0.1 micron-sized particles. Their website is Norwex.com

  51. katarena nicole

    I listen to live streams like podcasts when I miss them (which is 90% of the time)

  52. Debbie Dias

    "About 3 places" and the first thing that popped in my head "about 3 cabanas"! I've never been Pin trading. Awesome videos! I will plan to do some trading during my Disneymoon next year!

  53. Gabriel Langlois

    Cangrats jackson

  54. Gabriel Langlois

    Home vlog I don’t want to wake up Jen so that’s why am being quiet

  55. Barbara Dunleavy

    Exactly where is the moose out front to tell you the park was closed dad nab it

  56. Inkpad's Playpad

    Well...i have no kid but i have heard some crazy stories about my life as a baby. I am the "practice" kid (first daughter of 4) Haha.. some creative genius out there is going to come out with a mask raincoat for the rain! I shouldn't even be writing this I should be there genius LOL

  57. Alex Winter

    Any guess as to when the AP & DVC park preview days for WDW will be? We're going to be staying on property July 4th weekend and are hoping Disney does some previews while we're down there.

  58. Samantha Kinnaird

    I have watched all of your vlogs for many years and I just wanted to post here and say that we are all human. Also people who are out to get someone will go to any means. Stay true to who you are Tracker’s and know that you bring joy to the lives of so many.

    1. 100AcreWood

      What happened?!

  59. Henry Butterfield

    It is a coke cola shop

  60. Smithy Boiii

    I was shouting TIM! I’m the small one with glasses

  61. Cocomykumo

    Hey! My mom and I drove all the way down to Florida yesterday all the way to from Massachusetts took us 1 day (yesterday) and 8 hours (all this morning) today we headed to disney springs, it was really nice and fun! Tomorrow we are going to the Space Kennedy Center at 10:30, and for Wednesday and Thursday We are probably going to chill, and Friday-Monday My mother and I are going to Universal Studios, i am really excited 😁 , my mom and I watch you guys, it will be cool if we see any of you within this week!

  62. Becky Silverberg

    Can you please link what type of fan do you have for your baby? Thanks

  63. Brooke Cook

    We changed our plans for Feb 2021 and we will push back later if we need to. We are waiting for the mask policy to change and we also want to do character meets. We will be coming from Utah so we want the full experience for the price we are paying. If we lived locally, had season passes and there wasn’t a mask policy we would be there on opening day. We wear masks out and about if it’s brief but with medical conditions masks are tough for me to wear especially for longer periods of time.

  64. Kirby Kraft

    Warning is worse

  65. Danny Diaz



    What type of walker are you going to buy for Jackson? I can't wait to see vlogs of Jackson walking around in a walker💗

  67. Sandra Murphy

    Tim's giggle at the animatronic animals made this vlog

  68. Deborah Demaree

    Evidence in a murder case! Finger puppets! The story of Tim losing his mustache is awesome! ROFL!

  69. Gabriel Langlois

    I want to try candy bacon

  70. AdventurousV

    I feel like God gave Bandit the strength to continue until Jackson was born. Bandit let go knowing that now Jackson was going to continue bringing y’all the joy that he gave you for so long. May he rest in peace. My heart is with y’all.

  71. Hailey LaNoue

    9 years later

  72. Tanya Fowler

    Will the Park Hopper not be in effect since there needs to be a reservation made for each park?

  73. Irish Cat

    HELLO...PLEASE LOOK AT THIS..no way to contact you but a good STRUCTURED face mask , with filter slot, soft face soft adjustable over ears , but being STRUCTURED it properly covers face but does not cling, easy to breath, works.. not expensive, get them pretty fast please look...link... Wanted to share a really good comfortable mask.. www.bravenewlook.com/products/protective-non-medical-face-mask-with-filter?tblci=GiDQzHAdo0-y9x1f6UTHxc6KvVIBlG4D0na0exRbB64LWSCv7E4

  74. Ben Duddington

    We were planning to go next year but have now postponed until at least 2022! Coming from the U.K. we need to be able to guarantee admission especially as of how expensive a trip to Orlando is now! It’s gutting that going “home” costs so much!

  75. Alison Griffiths

    Such a nice vlog! Just what we needed for a break from the world. Thanks so much....appreciate all you do😊

  76. James Hitt

    I soooooo need to do this!

  77. Deborah Demaree

    Love juicy chicken!

  78. Megan Carney

    It was 68 degrees in Ohio and sunny on Christmas

  79. James Hitt

    We had already decided to NOT renew our passes (Disney) before this even started. My guess is we won't be back to the park for a few years now. Our Disney passes expire in Sept. or Oct. (can't remember) and most likely won't make it back before they expire.

  80. Marilyn Knoll

    Its in the lake

  81. Jacquelyn Dobson

    Hi! So not sure if someone said this yet but if you put like a 1/2 tsp of unflavored gelatin in your whipped cream, it will stabilize it. Look up stabilized whip cream and it will tell you how to do it. Best trick I found for whipped cream.

  82. jen catlady

    I love when you guys say " Oh No" its something I can always count in your videos.

  83. Pato Swag

    You should try dinnerly

  84. JJ Rooney

    I want to meet you in real life

  85. McKenna Murphy

    i went to universal a few times i thought i was dreaming i was so happy.

  86. Irene Pierce

    Here in 2020......That's Quarantine Baby!

  87. Elizabeth Mills

    I also stayed at Caribbean Beach in 2016

  88. Elizabeth Mills

    King of the bus?

  89. Horacio Linares

    Fun fact Tim you wont have foggy glasses if you setup your mask to go way over your nose and push glasses forward a little not so close to face so glasses wont get foggy

  90. Shane Roland

    Thank you for not being complicit. As a black man who’s been watching for several years now and watching this message going out to your amassed followers across the globe I can’t help but to be extremely happy that you both have used your platform to speak out and against the injustices that are ongoing in our country

  91. Tera Parker

    I as a black woman this means a lot. There are a lot of influencers out there that have not said anything! Thank you for using your platform and speaking up! God Bless you!!!

  92. Deborah Demaree

    Summer Florida = Rain. This is the equation of truth for Florida. We love to eat steak with asparagus and I love to put steak seasoning on my steak; just a bit.

  93. Vanessa Peake

    I think Jackson should be the Hulk for Halloween 🤣

  94. Marilyn Knoll

    Vinger and water works well too

  95. Outsmoke

    Is it just me, or has Tim looked a lot more tired every since having a baby? xD

  96. Vanessa Peake

    I did the strawberry thing too and didn’t see any bugs either!

  97. Deborah Demaree

    We really need at Four Rivers when we go to Florida again. It always looks so good. Lime green with orange flowers! :-D

  98. Malik Petty

    17:18 ❤️❤️❤️ Goosebump moment!!

  99. Deborah Demaree

    Clean the countertop!

  100. Sharon Evers

    Love the areas. Real ALselrs. Lol