Hi, everyone! Anthony Fantano here...again! Cause it turns out the Internet's busiest music nerd is too busy for just one channel dedicated to music. Here you'll find discussions and rants about the music industry, as well as other ideas that just won't fit on The Needle Drop.
As always, we're not always going to agree, but that's OK. I still love you. Forever!
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  1. Fate Is Not The Same For All

    I stopped watching award shows when they began acting like Rock and Metal (and even punk) don't exist anymore, or that they're obsolete.

  2. James, Garden Mgmt.

    I like how dude's honest, even when it looks physically painful to be.

  3. Timo van Baarlen

    Drake😂😂😂 shouldn’t even be top 500

  4. Taco the cat

    With that thumbnail I actually thought it was a parody... now I’m exhuasted from cringing!

  5. Trevor Haman

    Idc Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Bandana should of won rap album of the year smh

  6. nek nek

    Ok Shapiro's pretty hot but sometimes he can be a little much. Like he just wants to say the most unpopular opinion for the fun of it. Not saying he does this all the time but alot of the things he say have been proven to piss of the masses 😂.

  7. Son Of The Sea

    I thought the two ghosts line was a reference to kids see ghosts because of Push feature on that album

  8. hotlanta35

    I am glad I still listen to metal..too much drama in music today without the talent as well..double fail

  9. M

    Britney Spears is real-came from hella poor. Got a deal. Made fun, silly music. No one tried to make it serious. Fiona Apple was doing that at the time (and well and authentically) and both catalogues have aged well. Billie’s music will fade. Common sense people-know what you r buying. Don’t be fooled by what people r selling you.

  10. Jason Rozak

    Simple solution get rid of it.

  11. Jack Innis

    Sounds like Anthony just learned the word 'diatribe'

  12. Brad Spliff

    I Didn't Love Igor Fantano... I Didn't Even Like That Garbage.

  13. Anna Vass

    the song is about pedophilia, just like avicii’s better day, go to justins official video, scroll down some comments and you will see

    1. Anna Vass

      and it actually makes sense, he was probably sexually abused when he got into the industry

    2. Anna Vass

      also watch sharliza moe’s video about the subject

  14. Andrea Bertazzoli

    More lyrics doesn't equal more lyrical

  15. Cadell Van Den Heuvel

    Igor isn't even really hip hop. It has elements of hip hop, but c'mon Grammys, there's way more to it and it definitely could've gone to pop.

  16. Peyotekeijo

    Review the coronavirus, Melon.

  17. George Brady

    Bad guy is more of a “rap” song due to rhyming than most of the songs in igor

  18. This World is now Controlled by SolReese

    Yes Fucking your way to the top Is a thing the lower level losers do Just to be something they are not I give my money and attention to the artist Not the dumb talentless dicksucker That buys fans and views and lyrics To make itself feel good about looking in the mirror But the fuckin music in the background is trash and it keeps getting paid To fuck everything up

  19. FizikSoulja #1

    Okay blackyspeakz wrapped this up in 3 minutes and you’re taking 12? Streamline your shit old man 👴 the future is NOW💯

  20. DukeBox

    loyal is a banger so idc

  21. Saylerjesse

    building 7 building seven????

  22. delfin garcia

    Eminem gets lots of respect from "the industry" as a whole and so many rappers/artist claim him as an influence... but most of the people I know don't listen to or care about Eminem.

  23. Chris Don't Miss

    Tyler was robbed two years ago for RAOTY. Nothing was better than Flower Boy in 2017. They knew it and that's why they gave Tyler this time his Grammy. Yes it's the wrong category but we all know that the Billie Ellish agenda was about to happen this time. Tyler wouldn't even have the slightest chance against an 18 year old media "wonderkid".

  24. Marcello Bactus

    To be honest, I think Lil Nas X Old TOwn Road is pure garbage and I would like to throw the radio out of my car whenever this song is played in the radio

  25. foxJereezus

    it think, also, that the "urban" category was invented because we wanted somehing for us black people / they wanted to give us our own thing, so that we don't feel like there's any type of cultural appropriation etc etc, but now we're angry that the distinction is made, that's one argument that i don't hear a lot. i think the dialogue has to go on with this. like, we HAVE to always check what's our position relative to the NOW, which means that things should be more flexible, so that we're more free to change and evolve and decide of a better position. does it make sens ? do we agree ?

  26. Joey The Misfit

    I'm sick of the Macklemore hating.

  27. Pauley ._.

    Well i guess he predicted the sucess of Billie Eillish. I mean 4 Grammys damn! Good job 🍈 Melon

    1. Pauley ._.


  28. TheSupremeHokage

    No ones is gonna point out that he spelled “your” wrong? 😔

  29. pineapple

    Airpods look like mouse crack pipes

  30. Joey The Misfit

    YEN Cordae got screwed here...

  31. Ted Bettridge


  32. Will Strickland

    Smh kids

  33. Joey Dinner

    I dm'd the grammys insta page and said "vote igor" like months ago 😂

  34. Anti Christ

    I’m really getting disgusted with y’all running with this narrative that X actually beat that Bitch when proof has already cane out that the bitch was lying sick of media

  35. Nessi

    Can anybody find Tyler’s performance on the Grammys’ website? I think they took it down or never posted it.

  36. taylor111825

    never stop making these😂😂😂

  37. Player 9

    Wow, just fuck this place. Fine, you can say Gawne is corny and generic but Crypt is in my opinion the most skilled rapper out there, only behind Eminem and I hate it when he's brushed off as some wannabe by all these people in the comments that have only heard one song from him. He can rap just as fast as Em and has incredible wordplay and double entendres, eg. his second verse in "warning" and his verse in "unforgivable".

  38. Gabe Villarreal

    Wanna see a Melon fix its glasses?

  39. Ely Chres

    you say that no one calls artists urban, but there was, ya know, halsey rofl

  40. vascosilver

    black man makes edgy music, complains. moving on.

  41. Juan Ghena

    Its not about racism.Eminem didnt win the best album in 2000 with MMLP. Grammys dont wanna have a hip hop album as the best album .They dont really care about it.

  42. Connor Cheyne

    All of his points are about being a twitter extremist and arguing with twitter extremists

  43. 1Always Dreaming

    Grammy's are racist and for White America only. It shouldn't be relevant.

  44. Playboi Carti is my dad

    The only reason they placed Igor in the best "rap" album is because tyler is black

  45. BigWheel

    I give Tyler massive props for speaking his mind out in that interview.

  46. Deathstroke150

    What rock is to billboard: Lyrics that doesn't talk about drugs or sex and has real instruments, and was made by someone who likes rock

  47. Kazpr

    You said that black people weren't featured in pop categories, but Ariana was nominated for 5 awards ???

  48. e r

    Billies nominees where rigged

  49. Goat on Molly

    Tyler just mad his boyfriend Jaden wasn't present

  50. Matthew O’Leary

    I think the statement is more about the way he is written off for being old white man which Kanye jay-z and even drake don’t see anything nearly as bad as

  51. D J VIDDO

    DJs in hiphop are SOOO overrated! "Oh look at me, I'm mixing a beat with a couple extra instruments!" 16 year old can do that shit. Sit the fuck down! 🤚🤣

  52. The Addict Of Gaming

    I've heard Earfquake at Target.

  53. Dragoneta Slayer

    This is really common in the Beetle Juice the Musical fandom but the shows never explicitly told anyone to do it people just seem to independently of each other do it then notice others are doing the same thing.

  54. Section 3

    This is basically the Aussie rap scene atm

  55. arlo stein

    It's been a longtime since the Grammys actually nailed anything but at the least they had good live performances. Melon's diatribe is exactly how I'd describe Eillish

  56. amoonheart

    "widest and whitest" felt that

  57. joshua morales

    Kpop...really? Foh

  58. A D

    thx fantanto, you put the isue into good words!

  59. ineedhelp

    Hip Hop not being deemed worthy of a nomination in higher categories for a Grammy is kind of like how Horror isn't deemed worthy to get a nomination for an Oscar.

  60. adam frost

    Billie Eilish had to win, the past years been all about her. Get with the program you boomers, she’s the new Kurt Cobain, duh.

  61. King Ninja

    Idk q tip or Andre so I guess that says

  62. This is not my real name

    Man that wallet has to suck ass in an airport

  63. GabyTheMan

    4:05 Wow Melon, unbelievable. I'm telling my locked up father about this one.....

  64. King Ninja

    Why does logic hate Eminem so much

  65. John Smith

    The "n word?" What are we, 10?

  66. Powo

    I don't usually agree with your music taste (not at all), but this type of "white guys trying to bring back the great times that never really existed" is really obnoxious.

  67. adam frost

    0:01 Stop, let me read the comments.

  68. perfectally cromulent

    I have to say when I saw Anthrax, they opened for Iron Maiden. I'm not sure how you make a list of Big Four metal bands without them.

  69. Bruno Surrador 21

    No iron maiden, Ozzy, stones, rammstein, acdc. Ffs

  70. Laurent Delacroix


  71. Wes Lewis

    I do not see IGOR as a rap album AT ALL

  72. Swift

    I have never met a person who doesn't respect Big

  73. The AutoBot Fox

    You look like dr evil

  74. TurKishsoulja

    black people will only be satisfied when they win every single category and no white people win anything..until then it's racism

  75. Dave Price

    Come on Anthony, we all know what you're *really* trying to say when you call Tyler a "young, urban troublemaker." Personally, I'm sick of the dog whistles.

  76. Greasy Chips

    This comment section and channel is what I like to call a group of music incels.

  77. Jp Prater

    I wish Cardi B was just a fad. She’s garbage as a musician and a human.

  78. f

    Muh black people working 5x harder...hahahahaha

  79. Jidayun

    Ain't it funny how that muffin looking like a hamster.

  80. Souls

    Um okay, but why isn’t thank u next not in the top 10?

  81. Audio Dude

    The lyrics on this make Marshal’s new album sound fantastic.

  82. Evan Westendorf

    Guy is rapper his entire career. Guy: why does everyone see me as a rapper?

  83. depressed cockroach


  84. perfectally cromulent

    I find his voice let's say underwhelming. that's enough for me to know he isn't what he thinks he is, and the egotism just drives me further away from wanting to overcome my annoyance with his vocal quality to experience whatever else people think is so glorious.

  85. Lil Snappa

    You're an idiot

  86. ZK594

    Aren't people sick of playing the victim, yet? Take your win and be thankful.

  87. Itz. So_and_So

    IGOR was best rap album because Playboi Carti was on it.

  88. Grimferatu

    "irrelevant within a decade" lol how about irrelevant for at least a decade?

  89. night wing

    I can’t believe it mumble rap is dead now 😳

  90. Christopher Morris

    In my opinion, I feel that either you are just saying what you say about tom to get views or you are but hurt about the shit he says do to you being an "in public" SJW, or you don't have the mental capacity to see that he's not crying like a victim rather he is trying to point out the futility and ignorance of racism as a whole. Either way tighten up bud your commentary needs work. 10 bucks if you can explain where hip hop TRULY started, go ahead and google it....I'll wait lol

  91. Vincent Pouridas

    Its so sad that there isnt a single person who knows what theyre talking about when speaking on eminem...has anybody paid attention at all to the past 20 years

  92. maxmoefoePokemon

    The Grammys need more fruit based categories

  93. PunfuN

    Honestly, the Grammys are a fucking joke. Metal album of the year is more like best selling mainstream metal album of the year.

  94. DortmundBVB22x

    Why do people call him melon

  95. Saleh Ali

    Macklemore over kendrick isnt as offensive as taylor over kendrick for aoty in 2016

  96. alexander leo

    Tom would you like to say a few words in remembrance of your great aunt Emma WHITE BOI WHITE BOI!

  97. Skrt Reynolds

    Tom McDonald fans have the same unbridled devotion to defending his integrity as hardcore Em Stans. His comment sections are a fucking war zone lmaooo.

  98. Chris

    But the dude is making hiphop, so what the fuck? That latest album of his, or the one before that, that ain't pop music.

    1. BALD CAT

      wtf have listened to igor he doesn't rap at all he sing most of the time flower boy maybe but igor

  99. Ilya Ilya

    Some people really think that kpop is a new and evolving genre. I lived in China when I was 8 (24 now) and kpop was already there back then. The essense of kpop hasn't change even a bit over these years, it's just the west caught on to it just now. Bts isn't much different from big bang who aren't much different from super junior. Koreans have figured out a formulae for boys and girls bands and it is all been the same. The reason bts and other shit are so enormous now because they benefit from globalization like some comment has already mentioned and combined efforta of their predecessors who were refining this formula.

  100. Flying Island

    IGOR is the Tyler’s album I played the less 🤷🏽‍♂️