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  1. Andrew Whitlatch

    Will you go off of youtube bcz of this???

  2. Chicken Noodle

    Deaf person: looks at morgz's facial expressions Deaf person: wondering why morgz said he did himself with a toothbrush

  3. MALIYA Metzger

    Yooo you mentioned Ardmore 🤪 that’s where I’m from 🙌

  4. bailzmurray

    the actual biggest challenge is a try to not spit out soda while watching this!😂

  5. Jigalith

    nice chalk

  6. Sofia R. Sanchez

    RIP morgz's mum

  7. Flyhouk

    real eyes realize real lies *d e e p*

  8. Roblox Rocket

    This is old, he said he cant tell this was for a ALsel video

  9. Platypus Gaming

    He was wearing a bin bag

  10. EVA

    i want that song as my ringtone lol

  11. Bob Cheeseman

    Nice chalk

  12. awesome_ seli

    when i heard the knocking my heart nearly stopped because I thought it was behind me!!!

  13. Katelyn Ashley



    This is you roasting key and i like it

  15. Aaron Adams

    Ok the proposal was a week ago pls stop saying congrats go to the vid to say it ok not this one or any other vid I’m not a hater

  16. Xoysbrovedorakizasikefu tranbarr

    "43:55" I recommend this: So grateful it exists in 2020.

  17. Archie F

    Strange before she was paused the iron was in the same spot if I was her I would take it off WHEN I HAVE A CAMRA INFRONT OF ME! 5:27

  18. BenTV

    I watched this at the time. Watching it back now is mad. Inspirational

  19. Olivia Connors

    Imagine if Morgz was there he would pause everyone then run to the end

  20. EVA

    i just tuned 6 yeers old. toodeys my birfday. plees say hapy birfday my birfday is toodey so plees yu wil mack me varey hapy!!! aso dis giy is craz. aso ryan stop sayin bad werdz beecuz its meen. lol this is a joke so if you didn't click read more you wouldn't know lol haha

  21. ocean eyes

    Ryan at 8:17 LMAOOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. EVA

    kylie jenner who?

  23. ゼロツー02

    why are you in my notification

  24. EVA

    me: seeing the title also me: yooooooooooooooooooooooooou soulja boy off in this oh watch me crank it watch me roll

  25. jeremy grolll

    I complete it make it harder

  26. Nate Nate

    Am I the only one that jumped Ryan added the door knock edit

  27. Elite Biscuit

    A water proof helmet? Aren’t all helmets basically waterproof?

  28. Jamon de Aragon

    “I’m not gonna lie I tried dropping..I’m not a bad person I just do bad things.”😂😂

  29. Jalyn Harrigan

    Aiden was amazing!! 😍

  30. EVA

    what i do to "solve" a ribik"s cube is just rip off the little cubes and put them the way i want it also does he know he can twist the corners?

  31. G I A N

    Who's watching this from 2020

  32. connor pereira

    Okay is it just me or does he keep changing the thumbnail for this video

  33. Its Arthur

    Fine youtube ill watch it

  34. Mann Tate

    "55:15" I recommend this: So grateful it exists in 2020.

  35. Tom Stefaniak

    I got all of them but I don’t have tik tok

  36. Mandy Leigh

    Only kids like it

  37. Olivia Connors

    i don’t even want to think what a JoJo Morgz and Collins Keys collab would be like.. i will be deaf

  38. Braiden Pilling

    That's one of zhc stuffis

  39. Red Panda

    6:31 This is my favourite part lol! 😂🤣

  40. Tran Nguyen Ruby

    It 74-

  41. Vincent KY

    orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce

  42. Mia Geraci


  43. Guanjie Zhao

    Wait, when I saw the trees for the first one, they looked red. AM I COLORBLIND????

  44. Clqw_Clan

    omg lol

  45. HanTae Edits

    I thought he really put charli like irl in the vid

  46. Mpact Slu



    Why you should subscribe to Ryan 1. His vids are ACTUALLY INTERESTING 2. He is not problematic 3. He trys new things 4. HE IS SO NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  48. Armaan Mohammed

    which song is it?

  49. Still Chill

    I could tell orange was slightly lighter than red so i managed to realize he is wrong

  50. Xoysbrovedorakizasikefu tranbarr

    "12:25" I recommend this: So grateful it exists in 2020.

  51. Griffon Grondin

    Lol, I'm actually colour blind too and I solve rubix cubes as well!

  52. Aiden Corso


    1. NoahPlayZ


  53. Physics_Teslaz

    Was that yoda


    Spam #Tongy #Tongy

  55. Jolly

    I'm colorblind but for me, it's not as bad as others it's just the slightest bit so I can watch with somewhat real colors

  56. Niklas Popenoe Thor

    Nice poster

  57. Pride-cF

    No one gonna talk about how he just gave a ring to his gf!!! Now wife!!

  58. Eli Mohareb

    Legit good content

  59. Navajo Rigdon

    Cool reverse video

  60. David Sanduleac

    Props to the man who ran as fast as the car

  61. P- Craft

    Ryan there is a pause button at the bottom of the remote

  62. Nadia Knoblauch


  63. Allison Mattocks

    WAIT WAIT WAIT... around 4:30 ryan and haley literally sang in CuRsIvEeEeEeeee

  64. piggytoon

    I be flllllosssssiiiinnnn NO!

  65. Blue McCain

    3:50 my neck every fuccin morning

  66. Elizabeth Hickel

    I LOVE SCHEELS! It’s my favorite store and I make my mom take me there every trip back we take from Chicago to where I live which is St.Louis. We always look for Tesla’s while we are there.

  67. Naruto Uzumaki


  68. Josie Regez

    what the heck 15:34. Just got pr of 30 and wanted to drop down to 28 this week so go off ryan lol

  69. Aria Cowley

    We are almost done my ashhhh💀😭

  70. Simone Coffman

    Who else saw Yoda move his head and expression

  71. Only Dave1807

    3:34 bless you to the person sneezing in background lol

  72. Only Dave1807

    2:01 bless you

  73. ParadoxD

    Ryan: That Pikachu has a human physique Me (also name Ryan): Yeah. That’s because it’s a Pikachuman Comments: No. Just No.

  74. alison webb

    did anyone else like... cry about what ryan said to haley because that was actually the cutest thing and i cried

  75. Exotic Dubs

    Spy ninja

  76. Notsbrovedorakizasikefu booneclark7

    "15:52" I recommend this: So grateful it exists in 2020.

  77. Snyke

    Im just going to make this clear guys he isnt a simp

  78. tank gaming


  79. Wally Soberano

    Is elon musk love our earth or not? So why he want to stay in mars if he say yes?

  80. Xoysbrovedorakizasikefu tranbarr

    "35:54" I recommend this: So grateful it exists in 2020.

  81. Qoysbrovedorakizasikefi clarkelee

    "15:33" I recommend this: So grateful it exists in 2020.

  82. Wally Soberano

    New subcriber here..


    8:27 also it’s fake

  84. Maneet Litt



    8:04 look in the room that’s open

  86. * m a r i c h u *

    wtf I'm romanian, she's romanian dang so we romanians actually can do something

  87. Jett Broderick

    So happy for y'all! Hope nothing goes wrong!

  88. Ed. Johnson

    I like what's going on here. In his tesla roadtrip video, in the beginning someone stated he dropped out of highschool, which on it's own is not very good. But hes promoting entrepreneurship ,success and how to keep yourself alive in a urban jungle by making youtube videos, which millions of people will see. That is amazing. Props my guy

  89. Andy W

    I would just demonetize that specific video. So they can’t get more money.

  90. Anthony Bender

    Haley do be peeken

  91. Sink :


  92. Flawless Blue Dragon Rare

    The lady at the end working when she looked over at Ryan giving the guy money her face was like "why couldn't I been doing the drive through???"

  93. Issiac

    so were not gonna talk about how he spelled sike as psych

  94. Tristan Rallos

    To be fair, Adam Waheed is funny

  95. Mike Vaknansky

    If you want a legit way to do this, Mark Rober’s most popular video is how to do this legitimately

  96. Jaxon

    im not gay . bbbuutttt, ryan looking GOOD

  97. Iizacery أحب الله

    They gotta make glasses that make you colorblind LOL

  98. Angel Face

    I don't blame her. Being ugly sucks. FML

  99. BigBoy HuntingGaming

    I say we do a wild card for Aiden

  100. Logan Loffelmann

    He will piping soon