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  1. kendra balhorn

    whats your depop account name?

  2. thealiceftw

    agreed! but this is so spoiler alert!

  3. ᏴᎳ

    You're amazing 🦋🖤🖤

  4. Kiarra Mccullough

    First day watching your videos and already obsessed. You really know your fashion it’s so exciting to watch and your a funny Taurus ♉️ 💁🏽‍♀️

  5. nady jose villar tavarez

    Well it works but it is a bit bloody and the smell, can't answer about the vagina. Men audience following you too partner loved it but there was blood

  6. nady jose villar tavarez

    Hahahha a pantalones is literally just pants in Spanish and I have seen people pantalones is something fancy.

  7. nady jose villar tavarez

    I love how these subjects are now conversation worthy and years ago this would have brought an uproar.

  8. Melissa Perales

    super cute!! I loved every outfit <3

  9. 8 M3

    What student can afford a car, an apartment all to herself, the dentist, food, an apartment full of clothing, etc etc etc? Shows up late to every class and graduates early?

  10. Emmie

    You need a podcast!! 😇

    1. yroohj gouy

      If u want to be more depressed pls watch when they see us

  11. Donghun Han Seonghwa Trash

    I just wanted to put out there, almost 4 months late and in a literal sea of comments, that the female population is not the only population affect by diet culture and body image. I am a woman, but I do have men in my life who struggle a lot with stuff like this, and to me body image for males in social media is at such an infant state that it is not even recognized as an issue

  12. Talk to Slimdaga

    Your personality is just too captivating love you girl 💪🏼💕🥰💋

  13. XIAO

    It's weird to me that you are surprised about the race thingy, it's even more common in East Asia, in fact. It's hardcore over there, they want you to marry asian and sometimes they give an OK for white, marrying outside your race is seen as taboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. Stan Me

    Ashley: I'm 5'5. :( Me: *casually sitting remembering I'm 5'3* damn... :((((((((

  15. Auden S

    Ashley thank you so much for making this video! I've been wanting to try harder with style for a long time but had no clue where to start and this was so helpful.

  16. Simone Lees

    Atypical!!!!! Also sex education! Also everything's going to be okay on Stan.

  17. dayoung ji

    ugh i just wanted to say how amazing ur videos are the music, edit, layout n everything! makes me want to enjoy the little things in life more and try different things everyday :)

  18. Kate Weinberg

    it’s getting hot and I’m watching this but like I’m in quarantine so....will I be wearing anything other than T-shirt?

  19. beyoncefan240able

    I'm 30 and obsessed with her channel, her as a human. I discovered her on accident while searching apartment hunting vlogs, decor, etc. I have now binged almost every video in the past year or so and can't get enough!

  20. Staci Wachsstock

    the moment you said you got really sick, i immediately heard Card B. screaming "CORONA VIRUS!!!" in my head, since they found cases in europe as early as November.

  21. Farida Andjani Azzahra

    Omg ashleeyy why u so cute i cant

  22. Georgie Swan

    You are so flipping CUTE

  23. Bex Hollins

    i just watched the first episode of years and years and without spoiling, its astounding how scary the possibility of it is.

    1. yroohj gouy

      talking it through because a lot of stuff happens very fast. i also recommend looking up theories after!

  24. cece monet

    Try out midnight gospel on netflix and killing eve (which you can watch on hulu). Also you really need to make a podcast, since the first video I've watched from your channel I've been feeling like I need a podcast because just sitting and listening to you talk gives off such a chill vibe for me.

  25. Marley Armstrong

    Thank you!!! So helpful

  26. erin roses

    omg i did not recognise you at first

  27. paulita

    literally no one noticed she speaks TOO fast?

  28. Lunática Joyería

    I recommend The OA, it's my favorite

  29. Cherom Kamoni

    U are really good at speaking👍.... I am talkative too😆

  30. Cori ZaydaC

    First off, I have never wanted to be someones best friend more in my LIFE. Secondly, Ash should really watcch Dead to me and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. i think she’d like it

  31. Sanfeng Miao

    Was waiting for Saturday and Sunday outfit lol

  32. Jamila

    Where do you got the big golden mirror????

  33. Alysa Patel

    We are looking for style inspiration not a reason to hate ourselves woah that hit hard lmaooo

  34. 8 M3

    "Liberal boob." I think you invented a new political term.

  35. uwu 69

    Oh to have found Ashley earlier so I could have potentially bought some of her thrift finds

  36. Sarah MacDonald

    The movie Snowpiercer

  37. Elena Damian

    Ok, i know I'm late, I know this video is not about clothes, I know y'all do not care BUT.... Your channel helped me so much. I found a style I really like, I actually bought clothes I really like and it's the first time I ever bought a skirt and a dress. And that's all beacouse of you. Ily thank you so so much Ashley.

  38. Scarlet Young

    it's so weird how slow ashley is talking wtff

  39. Sierra Kwan


  40. Deysi Santillanes

    I hate her

  41. hot cheetos

    This was so interesting!

  42. Marta Perek

    I almost pissed myself when she was talking about bugs and then told that she “used to make whoever she is fucking at the moment to kill it” I screamed

  43. Queen Knyoki

    who else loves Ashley's handwriting...

  44. paula martinez

    I watch NYC apartment hunting videos every time I feeI like I NEED to leave my home town and live in New York. After I’m like “ huh, I’m renting a 2,200 sqft house for $1,300... Las Vegas isn’t that bad “ 😂

  45. Queen Knyoki

    I feel like I've seen the girl in this 5:50 picture before, somewhere

  46. Caleb Bezuidenhout

    You Me Her

  47. Trisha Gudeman

    SpiCY DoLaRinOs

  48. jose stiebi

    this is like my favourite room makeover room i watch it so often :D

  49. Ovidio Jasso

    Is this video in 1.5x or is she just a fast speaker?...

  50. Jessica

    This is my first video of yours that I’ve actually watched and I am cracking up, your humor is incredible lmao. Keep doing you boo.

  51. sampaguitablue

    Great. One less snobby transplant who came here for Hollywood. Bye hon.

  52. lois kim

    PAST els

  53. Livi'sLife

    youtube be recommending me a 4 year old video that im still gonna watch

  54. Lee Cormier

    the taste in film, the makeup, the camera quality, the dad jokes. a masterpiece of a video ily ashley 🥺

  55. Rio Rio

    How where when did you all meet? Btw I know the current status now.just

  56. Aniya L

    why am i here i go to a high school with a uniform :( but shes legit a goddess tho so im probably gonna wear this on weekends.

  57. Majestic Mayu

    I think you need to do a Recreation of your outfits and fix them up to making them trendy now?

  58. Rupa Kamdar

    8:39 Nobody: Not even a single soul: Me: OMG HER HANDWRITING IS JUST-

  59. waccamatt

    Fake nice; sounds like the South.

  60. BaconNDCheese

    something that really helps with loneliness, is a cute animal. Get a pet

  61. Maya Davidov

    the beginning gives me nigahiga vibes

  62. He Succ

    i have the opposite problem lmao i wish i had smaller boobs bc most trends and tops never look good on me smh the shirts are always so big compared my waist and torso but ugh

  63. Ella Mason

    this video really made me feel like I'm not alone, especially with the losing zest for life part, so thank you. also, props to you for doing as well as you're doing. being alone (physically) in this time must be so difficult and you're doing so well.

  64. erin faye

    bellagio is a town in northern italy on lake como and there is a casino is las vegas names after it!

  65. 一夢 DREAMBUNNZ !

    i don’t have a plain white t shirt oh geez

  66. Isabel Rivas

    You should make your handwriting a font 😊

  67. MVIP NoNo

    Follow @thriftous for goodies 🌟

  68. i code sins not tragedies

    Beds are a social construct 😂😂😂😂

  69. nathalie miller

    Kinda looks like hadestown when it’s just the one red rose in her hair!! especially since that’s Eva’s old hair

  70. Eleanor H

    welll the only shoes I own are black converse and a pair of adidas sneakers

  71. Jennifer Ashley

    who's here after a breakup :))

  72. J. M. Wood

    omg yay RL white button up.

  73. Eleanor H

    lol I wear nothing but my cuffed jeans and a tucked in tshirt that I actually stole from my brother so it's way too big but yeah I'm to broke to buy myself clothing haha.

  74. Katy Ho

    I love your transparency and i feel like I sitting and chatting with me live

  75. Chrisnina SP

    I think teenagers should have watched your channel instead of others. I hope you will never change over time/ the more popular you get because you save so many people with your content. You are funny and brutally honest but very wise at the same time. Keep it up!

  76. Ethan Kubric

    Try Self-Compassion meditation. Videos by Kristen Neff is a good place to start.

  77. uwu 69

    God, I watch this and I can see you holding back dirty jokes and debating what’s ok to put on the internet and talking about how a short dress is a bit “too flirty” for ur style and how you don’t wear beige and I’m like. Hunny just you wait. Love you!

  78. Kara M

    I appreciate how honest and relatable you are! I can relate to the makeup imposter idea that you aren’t as good as you are with makeup on and racial insecurities. I love how you just say it like it is. Thank you!

  79. Peyton

    a couple times every video i spot items that are currently or have been in my urban outfitters cart ... tragic

  80. Cla Buño

    The romper reminded me of Phoebe from Crashing 😅🙈

  81. Kim Boudreau

    i love u and this video

  82. Robby Mac

    Love the little hand written (or seemingly so) inserts of each question!

  83. Emily Chen

    just binging ashley during quarantine 🙂

  84. Miss_Anonymous x

    I mean I’ve never been to London but it’s actually quite beautiful from wut I’ve seen

  85. Jihyun Woo

    I once had the worst day in school and my hoodie was once so over sized like went to my knees not over exaggerating and i was going to my bus in a hurry after school and MY SCHOOL DIRECTOR stopped me and said she needed to tell me two things and that first i wasn't allowed to run but I literally only had a few minutes left to go to my bus and said that another thing is my pants aren't showing, but like- my hoodie was a mid dress length but she didn't allow it, but thankfully she didn't know my name so it didn't go on my report card. like i understand dress code but if the boys are looking and getting "distracted" why is it our fault? like they should be taught not to do that. Like we should be able to express ourselves through our clothing. like ik they do it because its old fashioned but like- c'mon

  86. Cla Buño

    Nooooo. I was trying my best to stay away from the scissors. 😭😭😭

  87. Dhuha _

    you should open a thrift shop!!!

  88. Sweetrosella Gacha

    All I know is I have never tried layer what more great time than now

  89. Emma’s Plant Army

    the lychee jellies are the best!

  90. ohmywaeng

    I would like to wear wigs with my outfits and my mom once bought me one but she said "and you are not allowed to wear this in public, okay?" then why did she even bough it if i´m not allowed to wear it- okay karen I´ll buy my own one and wear it, what about that karen?

  91. E Kh

    Watching 3 videos one after another: apartment haunting, unwarraping ur LA apartment and moved to NYC ,im sad af and i just want to change myself . ❤

  92. laci stephens

    Lol wish I had the motivation to stay focused and not lose my momentum but I have 🎼axieeteeeyyeeeeyyyyyeeeeyyyy🎼

  93. Dominique Woods

    I loved these recommendations! Garth Marenghi's Darkplace is a good dark British horror-comedy series. Just started Derry Girls (hella funny Irish accents). Ohhh and Midnight Diner is one of my fav (Japanese Netflix series) and Troll Hunter (Norwegian "found footage doc") is so good you'll be rewatching forever....xD (also also Grace and Frankie but I'm almost 30 and love Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin). P.s. I re-listen to good podcasts too lol <3

  94. rock lobster


  95. TheCausation

    Jews are not white.

  96. sophiaernestal

    thank u so much for this video!! def gonna watch a lot of these now!!💓🌸✨💕🌹🌸💓🌸🌸

  97. peachy842

    Ashley you are so incredible and your worth is not determined by how much you work/how much you accomplish! You have inherent value as a human being that is alive. I've found a good antidote to self-deprecation and devaluing is to try to zoom out and look at yourself as if you're someone else, someone in your life you really care for. It really puts into perspective how awfully we treat ourselves sometimes, and how jarring it feels to really feel compassion for ourselves like we would for our friends/loved ones. <3<3<3

  98. TheCausation

    Marxism is a false religion.

  99. violinka0517

    Amazing list, thank you for the recs!! Something I think you might like based on these is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. An absolutely unique way of film-making and musical-making, created by and starring Rachel Bloom, one of the greatest talents of our times IMO. It centers around an extremely important issue which is not often depicted, let alone so well and so... realistically (kinda), on television: mental health (no more info to avoid spoilers). There is a lot of second-hand embarrassement, especially towards the beginning, but it has SUCH a well-written plot, ingenious music, and possibly the most amazing character developments through four seasons I have ever seen.

  100. Madison Knight

    “30-40 items that you love” My body image issues: oh honey