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  1. Aaron Ogg

    Go talk 2 my apartment manager


    Sickening. And what's worse, once a cop starts down that road they never back down. They cant admit a mistake has been made... they'd rather end it by sending the guy to jail. They can move on with their lives, to the next case. This guy gets dragged down with this for weeks, months, and forever in many senses.

  3. Icaro AUGUSTO

    Great Man

  4. Irene Cheng

    What a clown hahaha 😂

  5. Money Maker

    So stupid. So if I go to Poland I need to speak Polish? That's not a rule and even if if it was. I ain't following the donut human who made it.

  6. Beachmum

    What it is is what it is. I just put the darn groceries up.

  7. Ibrahim.m M-512

    honestly of God it's not our fault I mean the good respectful ppl ,the fault is the bad sinrs yes it's the fault of bad sinrs F to them like the pornstars and gangs and terrorists those sick filthy criminals bring to us the deaths, if you want my good advice my friend be good and do good deeds and charity,and I warning you do not do sins.

  8. enzo siquico maningo

    Tbh I don't ever want to go to states now becuz I feel uneasy about the cops there...such an embarrassment to human race

  9. agent pixi

    Nah when I was a kid and worked at a gas station anyone who came in wearing a hoodie covering their whole face was a red flag regardless. Especially where I worked in Baltimore city. If you want to go out and look like trouble coming don't be surprised when people keep an eye on you.

  10. monivideosable

    The difference in values, after being treated like that, he still wish them a good day, if they should speak English, then those old ladies should speak the native Americans language, after all, they were there first.

  11. jitter bug

    Two people coughing in their hands

  12. Steven Sweeden

    Well first of all I see many troubling signs...many of these people have no business in the complex, difficult, extraordinary world of politics...I mean they can't even do REALITY! And also I detect a lot of nefarious, acrimonious, outlandish elements lurking bellow the surface. Spelling...?

  13. Alexander Gallardo

    Crazy Bernie - Donald trump

  14. Steffan Yathali

    If only Jeff Bezos did something to help the world with some of that.

  15. ga ga

    We heard Trump tell America , it was a hoax, all the way over here in Australia, and all the puppet broadcasters on Fox followed suit, morons,, probably responsible for many not protecting themselves and getting sick and dying. Now they say that didn't say that... Disgusting human beings blatantly lieing and dealing with people's lives.

  16. Trisha Meenaghan

    Based on his'll go away. Nobody knows Covid19 like TRUMP does!

  17. Jeff scott

    Might i suggest woodworking?

  18. Aveeshay James

    “I’m not asking to confirm ... I’m asking to verify.”

  19. Ред Ред

    And what about spiting your burgers stuff? They still making this for fun. You may follow all these precautions, but you can't get rid of someone jackass. And what about carpets? We have to get rid of all such carpet flooring? Carperts are best place for coronovirus, its hard to sanitize.

  20. Mark Freedman

    1 22 2020: USA confirmed its FIRST case of Wuhan China Coronavirus Covid-19 disease. NOW 4 1 2020 USA has 188,639 confirmed cases & 4,059 Deaths. Free trade? April Fools' Day!

  21. Epidemiologic

    Dat Music is really great

  22. Mark Freedman

    1 22 2020: USA confirmed its FIRST case of Wuhan China Coronavirus Covid-19 disease. NOW 4 1 2020 USA has 188,639 confirmed cases & 4,059 Deaths. Free trade? April Fools' Day!

  23. christianneguan ✨

    germophobes does these all the time 🙋🏻‍♂️

  24. Mark Freedman

    1 22 2020: USA confirmed its FIRST case of Wuhan China Coronavirus Covid-19 disease. NOW 4 1 2020 USA has 188,639 confirmed cases & 4,059 Deaths. Free trade? April Fools' Day!

  25. Phum Bambalaza

    I applaud Taiwan well done to their gvt.

  26. monivideosable

    And this is the people who voted Trump.

  27. Blunt Conversations With Me

    You guys wouldn't be Democrats....... NOooo!

  28. New Thought

    Block ALL phone calls from India indefinitely. People can use WhatsApp.

  29. Alessandro Ramirez

    I hope that all this white doctors and nurse remember that the administration didn't act for 6 weeks, 6 weeks of denial and miss information.

  30. Trisha Meenaghan

    Babies DON'T GROW in The Stomach! Babies grow in The WOMB. FOOD is DIGESTED in THE STOMACH! These are COMPLETELY different internal organs and have very separate functions.

  31. TokenBlackman7

    We're aaaaaall gonna die... 😅

  32. Son Lee Quang

    "I'm not asking to confirm, I'm asking to verify" Me testing covid-19: What a relief , it's just lung cancer

  33. Steven Sweeden

    "Planted" "Wiretap" "Brainwashed" ??? Yeah I'm thanks.

  34. ArianAdonis

    And Amazon doesn't even pay taxes. Good job America

  35. top-ical movement

    And to think this incompetent precident will be able to stay for another 4 years is just crazy.

  36. Jonathan Gullett

    True story, she didn’t vote against the bill.

  37. himalayan dream

    Trumps america!

  38. ღɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ ᴊᴀʀɪᴀʜღ

    Bryce's laugh is the best, I love it, lmao

  39. Todd Williams

    1) It's not Trump's border wall, it's America's border wall. 2) The wall was not anchored down, it was only sitting in place until they could cement it in the ground.

  40. John Elejalde

    How many more of these health professional "tear jerker" videos are they going to put out? Boy, oh boy, they're really working hard to legitimize this "pandemic". Last year, when 80,000 Americans died because of the flu, we didn't hear a peep!

  41. singh harvy

    😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢plzz god help all



  43. Alex

    What a bunch of freaks 😂

  44. Extrema Thule

    She suffers from CTRGHN

  45. Bee Rancher

    AOC For President .

  46. Jayanna Kelley

    The ‘Entertainment News’ program.. People really think this is Real News? 🙄

  47. Niclas Jannßen

    "Nobody knows more about Kansas City than I do"

  48. Jonathan Gullett

    Liars. This channel couldn’t make better propaganda if it were chinese

  49. Lee Hendrix

    ..Nothing like being stupid twice as an adult.

  50. G man

    WOW!!!!!!! NOW WERE ARE THE ARRESTS???????? I hate seeing this when these millionaires get away with these crimes!!

  51. ATL Guera

    Look at their faces while they stand behind Trump. . . . . Must take alot of time to train your poker face like that. 😬

  52. Oro

    Bruh, same thing happened here in Philippines, even before our president declared he's putting the country's capital under community quarantine. People are hoarding, not thinking of others. The result of their actions is hurting others. 😒

  53. Kiraa VFX

    police abusing their power

  54. WaitedLongEnough

    Vote for him, Americans. Not for a phony talker like Trump.

  55. Finger Nagel

    Now try this in Spain, Mexico, China, Russia, Italy, Japan or France. You will get the same reaction all over the World. Immis have to adapt or they get called out. Totally understadable.

  56. Rishabh Raj

    Why does he sound like he is Indian

  57. Kiraa VFX

    isn’t that child abuse

  58. White Avalanche

    Learn to code.

  59. Hutomo Riyadi

    If someone want to spill their anger, why not directly confronting chinese mainland?? Oh wait, i forgot, those racist are nothing but trash on their own countries.

  60. ChrisRyot

    4:36 my brain hurts

  61. later nerds

    It begins..

  62. Vera Nika

    Even in crisis situations creativity and humor prevails. ❤

  63. Jim B

    This is his opinion. That is all. Tell me, why was the head doctor in testing was fired immediately after stating his data showed a link to vaxxea and autism. Now he called a nutcase. He still backs the data of which they confiscated from him. Why worry about fake data if therw was nothing to verify his data? Hmmm sound just like talcum powder. Like you will get honest from any company including the govt.

  64. Cadi Levox

    What's his name? We should be destroying this man's life right now on behalf of the people and families he ruined.

  65. EEE PEE

    See what happens when the Fox News idiots get COVID-19. We’ll call them “fakers” promoting alternative facts and we’ll tell them to get over it because it’s just the flu.

  66. kyra yusoff

    hmm so basically shes an immigrant too 🤔 and why is her english like that, wasn't she supposed to be fluently in 5 different languages 🤔