'Pawn Stars' follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Learn more: www.history.com/shows/pawn-stars
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  1. MAL

    100k at a😛 scripted Pawn shop for TV... LMFAO... A d people actually believe it's a real show..lol

  2. patricia0966

    On 23:18 behind him the electric guitar I have that

  3. Ricardo Valls

    The security guard @ 0:45 is getting paid good money for a reason.

  4. dylon shockley

    i like when rick is mad, his eyes shut and grits his teeth like he’s constipated

  5. My Dick In A Box

    shoezuem was never going to sell them 😂

  6. Justin Edwards

    typical pawn show wanna give you as least as possible so they can sell it for 3 times as much as they gave you for it

  7. Fernando Aispuro

    Since the show is staged they should do an episode where Rick takes it out for a drive better yet chum lee and have him get into an accident (not life threatening) .

  8. Jesse Wilson

    Surely people can’t just buy a tank right? Even if he bought it I couldn’t just walk in and ask to buy it could I?

  9. Ajay Ghanekar

    2:14 Is that a John Lennon Comic Book?

  10. Stay Tight

    Come on guys??? How many times has a costumer came in and got paid more than they asked.?

  11. Jean Laflin

    That’s rich

  12. Scott Hamp

    Did nobody teach Cory how to shake hands???

  13. amy lover

    My kids got me playing Fortnite now I play pro competitions. Go figure.

  14. Jerry Muncey

    Corey's FAV ACTOR!

  15. Moe Yagz

    I’m in love with that expert.. I love all her appearances

  16. The One

    Should be nicer to chumlee

  17. Farruh Shamsiyev

    Bro they should have bought the lambo it costs more now

  18. Luke Pearson

    This is priceless now

  19. GamersLawツ

    Rick took advantage of an old lady, perfect

  20. Asta Edogawa

    What is the value of a penny USA of 1851

  21. *******!!!?? adiator

    Seller is weak in negotiation

  22. Frankie Gee

    Back to the future cars are not even rare. In fact they still make them. You can have one built just for you. All you need is 100 grand. Then just get it custo’ed

  23. Rani Abu Taha

    Come on people... hes regurgitating information that was spoon fed to him by the producers

  24. Breaks_N _Stuff

    I won’t give u 5, I’ll give u 6

  25. cabinetflame

    Saying charizard is one of the best pokemon in the game or tcg doesnt know anything about the game :P. I play competitive pokemon charizard is one of the worst pokemon till X and Y. Tcg he the one of the worst cards ever they are just collection pieces they are really pretty and rare

  26. rsv0676

    Call Rebecca for additional info... its a book right? 😂✌️

  27. John Sean

    He's maybe Digimon guy

  28. Nicholas Bacardi

    Isn’t it weird how interesting it is watching other people spend there money

  29. Rhiana Wilk

    Enough ripoff comments jeez. Its a PAWN SHOP. Generally a pawn shop will offer 35%-50% of an items worth. Anyone who walks into a pawn shop expecting to sell something for retail price is a fool.

  30. Robert mc

    The biggest televised event 😂😂 has 100m veiwers the World Cup has 3.5billion veiws for the entire tournament

  31. GP P

    Wtf does $100 get you these days?

  32. gerett roma

    She sweeps ricks head with the barrels at the end😂😂😂

  33. selva bharathi

    Smuggled from TAMIL NADU ,India ...... 💯 government must take action...it's not just a statue.....it's our ancient brilliance...he sell in pawn shop OMG that guys don't know the real worth of the statue....

  34. Saad Ali

    lady is cute and calm

  35. bobicpfan2

    WE were somewhere around Barstow, when the drugs began to take hold...

  36. bobicpfan2

    We're journalists, We're friendly's man. We came to get some footage of the race

  37. J J

    Yo the Pokémon guy looked so sad when rick said the game is played by 8 year olds 😂

  38. Creed

    Yankee with no brim

  39. Polish Padawan

    I like that ending

  40. Scott Kinderdine

    Your Book Expert is Beautiful!

  41. Scott Hamp

    I think $20-25,000 is more reasonable

  42. Zenza

    You can buy Frostmourne for 300 bucks brand new on epic's site

  43. jake Puguon


  44. Jan501


  45. Reflect Pagan

    Why does he look like Donald Trump

  46. Snaggle Toothed

    I wish someone would try to rip me off by giving one of these instead of an actual £10 note. KLF burnt £1,000,000 live as a stage show THEN they had to buy the ashes and burnt fragments as 'art' to avoid prosecution for destroying legal tender currency.

  47. Radamés CobaiN - Free Fire

    Hunter S Thompson is such an interesting individual. Im definetely gonna read Fear and Loathing one day.

  48. MilkMonster

    This is one of those high school kids who said "whoo!" a whole lot and whacked off into a gym sock.

  49. Dragonfire111

    1:37 stainless steel body so Biff wouldn't have crashed through them like they were tin foil?

  50. The gun godbeast Yt

    He said his Nephew found it but then at the end he says he paid for it which one is it

  51. Snaggle Toothed

    How much tax will this guy be liable for paying on his $80,000 heavenly windfall?

  52. Leon

    He took his pawn item much more relaxed thin I did when i pawn my paul smith electric I was like don't worry baby I'll be back go pick you up in 2 weeks lol

  53. Juan Crerar

    This is an insult for the... Dah, forget it.....

  54. McLOVIN

    I guess Rick isn't good at listening to his wife. He had three. Lmao

  55. Pasco5098 Wa

    You can tell they are fake customers they don't even know how to act

  56. Jonas Almgren

    this is from tv idiots and evry one here is show stupid ...Me see it is show evry have shop some go in here 55555

  57. Gorgosaurus

    Bro i want that jacket it's badass

  58. bambino100011

    Then sell it elsewhere than a pawn shop.... I don’t understand why people think they are going to get top dollar for their goods when the shop has to make money.

  59. C V

    This guy can't math

  60. pp man

    imagine if 2pac was in the driver seat

  61. YS Entertainment

    Dear teenagers, this is what you'll become if you don't go out and socialize with girls.

  62. Spoon

    Well this couldn't be more scripted. They spent over 2,000 dollars (cheapest) EACH JUST to fly there to get it authenticated and found out it's worth 500 dollars more than what they paid for so they lost money there already because of the money spent on flying. Then leaving his son behind so he could run the store yet when filming is over and done the three of them usually DONT run the store

  63. R A H U L R A J A N

    I'm ready to give that guy $8,000 only for that letter.

  64. Spoon

    How did Rick strike gold though he didnt buy it!

  65. Spoon

    Americans, how do you gift something from someone that passed away for money??


    miss the old man

  67. Jerry Muncey

    this is why you do not work with family or friends. No one works an 8hr day and they think you should pay them for insults and advice..

  68. ChiefinTv

    comon rick atleast offer the guy 65,000 and remind him its cash

  69. N and J's Jamaican lifestyle Thomas

    I would like to send you a picture of them

  70. N and J's Jamaican lifestyle Thomas

    I am from Jamaica my father bring back a set of Stone from France and I would like you to take a look at them they look really good so how can I get in touch with you

  71. FloridaFishingCentral

    This seller is a complete clown

  72. Shatta Prio Ahmed

    Those Pat on The Guitars on 5:15 that dude was really saying a farewell to his partner..

  73. Jean Laflin

    That’s rich

  74. Bootsandcats

    Guy: this is a- Rick: I can do 1 penny. Guy: I didn’t even say I wanted to sell it yet! Rick: 2 pennies man I’m taking all the risk here

  75. Tom Trant

    This show is such a scam

  76. jms980

    He was in another episode selling another one of his Grandfather's coins. Last time he couldn't wait because he had an exam

  77. Clint Perkinson

    Sold for only 28.6k at auction in 2016. Looks like Corey made the correct decision.

  78. Great stuff

    Corey only offered 4K to wind him up

  79. MUSIC

    1:10:19 uhm yeah great melons

  80. Lifers

    Send some subscriber love this way! If you like wildlife, I hope I find something like this!

  81. eL Patron

    felt pity for the smurf guy

  82. vid husic

    yankee w/ no brim?

  83. FOX Gaming

    No one: Literally no one: Sellers enter the shop, shows the item, Rick makes joke and laugh!

  84. Connor Wilson

    a 66 hemi charger is literally worth 65k max. its not a 2nd gen charger or a ebody

  85. JayRue

    When Rick has no reason to lowball...😂

  86. clintinterface

    i wonder how much german ww2 ace jacket would cost... that would go way double or even more in price.

  87. Music God

    Pawnstar meets a pornstar 🤘

  88. jack arkell

    I’m from West Yorkshire

  89. mumbai kar ashok

    Hey I am from India and I have lots of antique goods... contact with me..if u interested

  90. cyrus prudenciado

    Even without the speargun, i can tell the guy looks like he has a speargun

  91. BassKickers Outdoors

    Smart move

  92. Cosplayguy1fun

    Disney corporation will be knocking on that guys door

  93. TheDucksworld

    Rick is Canadian

  94. Faramund

    Seriously whoever painted over that beautiful Dutch flintlock must have seriously hit their head HARD! 51:00 Also the guy selling it for 200 dollars is equally stupid. Starting the stupidity runs in his family.


    i always thought this guy and Rebecca work together

  96. Tony King

    Becca looking good

  97. Yugioh Amersfoort

    Now they wished they had bought those charizards 😂

  98. I Lee

    Me see booka Me think Rebecca But this noBecca...

  99. Duff01

    the best i can do is 1 dollar, and im taking a huge risk here