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  1. Olivia Summerhays

    its been literally 2 years since they broke up and im starting to think this isn't a prank

  2. Vol_tic _

    Is this a weekly channel now, pleaserrre post more even if you don’t think some bits are good for the vlog🙃😅🙈

  3. Keddie Family

    heeeey david dobrik liza she my boyfriends break up today]

  4. Moses M

    I heard the song I'm like yess and they're getting 1k u don't put the dog unless the winner takes it all

  5. Moses M

    I pause at 4:07 to comment this but I love his ending when he play song like this

  6. KingAss

    Bruh fucking Jonah is allergic to fitness any type


    This shit makes me so happy but we need to see more jeff

  8. Lazy Patatoez

    You should do a video of Kobe Bryan about something

  9. KingAss

    Everytime I had to pre and the bathrooms were full I peed in the trash or in the trash outside when I was 8

  10. Morro Vlogs

    When can I visit and be part of your video 😂😂😂

  11. Gentle man

    Never cut line...

  12. Deka

    im not crying... you are

  13. Dino_gamer Hello

    Holy shit was that Colby Brock??

  14. Devon Scott

    2018, David’s year. 2019, David’s year. 2020, probably still David’s year. 🤷🏽‍♀️😹

  15. Carrot top

    Fuck a seat I wanna car😂😂

  16. Nathan Saavedra

    Wait that was Jason’s money 😂

  17. Yung Cartier_

    I like how they watching themselves on TV

  18. Jack Diaz

    How do you get real celebrities to come over?

  19. Reagan Ralston

    David we want the vlog squad to come to our date party at A&m please come with us!!

  20. tyler derrick

    is it just me or does it look like there at the GTA airport

  21. Max Stockwell

    4:20 thank me later

  22. Hailey Tierney

    Is that the same girl that says “can you eat pussy like that?”

  23. Kanan Pradhan

    2:53 R.I.P Kobe.

  24. Jack Diaz

    Is that actually him?

  25. Jayden James

    Look at 1:16 the girl lifts her shirt up and David did not blur it out

  26. Luis Martinez

    Random but I actually like that movie Josh did it was called ATM .

  27. Tatum Miller

    he is so funny

  28. deepak Kharel

    Only if Kobe was in this chopper 😔😔

  29. bu bba's

    I’ve literally laughed so much watch him

  30. Brie Bonnette

    My question is: Is the car insured?

  31. Evan Palmer

    Dose david on purpose make he's videos 4:20 for a joke

  32. O.T Ghost Vlogs!

    David can you come to New York and change me life that would be crazy you might not see this but your the most amazing person in the world bro

  33. Noah Cortez

    Ngl the song at the end matched with his outro 😂

  34. gaby vasquez

    rip kobe 😣

  35. Julien Araiza

    Goes from posting 3x a week to zero. Fail dude

  36. Philip Zavagage

    Damn grandpa got that little man syndrome

  37. YUNG E

    I like how all of David’s vids are 4 min and 20 sec

  38. Neon xXagera

    I like this version of the bro code

  39. ppsuck 9000

    I thought it said I got a cocain addiction

  40. Xployts

    When vardon was freaking out suzie face was chaging😂

  41. cindy k

    I love how Jason didn't even reaact when Tana said 10 mil

  42. Jordan Green

    “Can I touch you” 😂😂😂😂

  43. Simone Barber

    I found that one of those exact chipmunk sweaters at a thrift store a couple days ago... no fucking way.

  44. Slick Sloth

    Get the FUCK outta here !

  45. The Emperor

    Well she was literally sitting behind her BF back so yea

  46. Royal Rat

    “That one right there is my favorite”

  47. Jess M


  48. Nicolae-Bogdan Visineanu

  49. Devon Tuggle

    Are Jason and David related ?

  50. Tanyon Czajkowski


  51. Reality

    1:51 that voice crack lmao

  52. T3lME SUmm1N

    Yo who else has Charlie’s trading cards

  53. Charli Porter

    you seem to be the Uber in every video, and the only sober one.

  54. Michael Medel


  55. Nayops 19

    1:19 David - She’s gorgeous now....

  56. Seventeen my BBs

    I didnt even realized dom was wrong when he said "fill in the kid blank" 😂

  57. M E

    I love how you can see the shots that missed Jonah

  58. Lily Benbrook

    How come Charlie didn’t say anything..?

  59. Rain Echo

    She’s hot

  60. Pastel Chan Gacha

    waiting for the video where they ACTUALLY switch lives and Natalie pretends to be Jason

  61. Aroha Tamanui

    david how is vardan gonna be like when he finds out kobe died he loves lakers

    1. i Supportu

      Simple answer as all Lakers fans will probably feel the same way, Devastated, destroyed and absolutely completely heartbroken

  62. Amber B Cortez

    They need to find their mayonnaise.

  63. TheNoobSerpent

    Charli Damelio looks like a human thumb

  64. Christina Kween

    natalie is a wannabe liza

  65. DRÃGØ gaming

    That kid sings too good.....and his song was used by dlow in gbb and the kid is famous

  66. The Freal & Frankie Show!

    You should do a video with Rex Orange County

  67. Fear_ JFK

    David juss dosesnt put the camera down😭. Could be dien n juss vlog it.

  68. Gabbriel Breitling

    Trish said daivin

  69. Ya Mama

    Loving that Illinois hat🔷🔶

  70. Faze Panda

    I wish she did make a sex tape😁 IM NOT JOKING😁😐😐😐😐😐😐

  71. Glenn Villanthanam

    Is this serious? How don’t you know the states

  72. JaysOddFuture

    1:29 master negotiator

  73. Perez Email

    I love the vlogs so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Breezy

    Natalie couldve just turned around 💀💀

  75. ktkitty83

    This is bad

  76. Imani Celestin

    Nicole didn't even get out of the car when she saw the skunk, she just wanted to look horrified yet still sexy for the camera lol.

  77. Aidan Torres

    Behind Jason on his computer at 1:11 if fortnite

  78. Nakia Capers

    October 28 is my birthday

  79. Lucifer

    3:42 David was ready to risk it all 😂

  80. Evan Martinez

    Am I the only person who saw the red ford lightning

  81. Tiny Nuts

    Is dom off cherdleys

  82. Raul Quiroz

    Hey David can I have a shoutout

  83. Antonella Sialer


  84. Ryan Hansen Pianist

    When there's ads on a David Dobrik video, Me: That's impossible

  85. Defrain Gaming

    *Friend* : Realizes justin is behind them *David* : Aggressively Grabs Camera

  86. namjoon’s 27th airpods

    4:06 “oh my gaw she on x gains mode”

  87. Jessica Bennett

    I miss the two videos a week😭

  88. Nayops 19

    0:48 Hannah Baker❓😅

  89. Aarav Makanawala

    Damn Lebron James vibes

  90. Khysarth

    Yo let me be in the vlog squad for 1 video, I can gaurentee you I have a smaller penis then jonah

  91. Funnsized

    I have a google nest and my google responded to Alex . It took me 5 minutes to retain myself.

  92. Kathy_ Wheeler

    Why tf did Dom sound like Deku from MHA??

    1. Kathy_ Wheeler


  93. Eman Eltassi

    we need liza backkk

  94. Christina Kween

    “ fuck you gary” 😂

  95. Shayla Amey

    Elio loves natalie i love them

  96. leo

    RIP Kobe Bryant 😭

  97. Abbey Duffy

    david and liza?

  98. Luis Ayar

    When Natlie came home and she said Natlie:What the fuck djdvdjdbdkebdjfhdbek DAVID JDJDISVDIEOEBDIWTCIW FODE9RT2OF F

  99. POV PRO

    Secretly he had a coin with only tails and that's how he bought the macs

  100. Sophia martin

    never have i ever once heard charli damilio speak