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The story of three girls’ rise to fame, STAR’s second season ended with CARLOTTA (Queen Latifah), ALEX (Ryan Destiny), SIMONE (Brittany O’Grady), DEREK (Quincy Brown), COTTON (Amiyah Scott) and CASSIE’s (Brandy Norwood) lives in jeopardy. Carlotta had been named the head of A&R for Midtown Sound, but her world came crashing down after learning Cassie killed JAHIL (Benjamin Bratt). When Carlotta confronted Cassie, guns were drawn and one went off. Meanwhile, Alex, Cotton and Derek each were on a flight to New York when a news report revealed that a plane had crashed - with no one knowing who survived. Season Three picks up three months later, as STAR (Jude Demorest) returns home from touring, and Alex and Simone’s fates are finally answered.
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  1. Shameana Gray

    Star hair was really on point though like🥰🥰😩😩😩

  2. Fari Saeed

    Wen xander said to brandy you had my heart since I was 16 was the favourite scene its sad they didn't pick him up as regular because I stop watching the show as it was my favourite couple on the the show rest was all teen drama

  3. Madison Bradford

    I love star 😍😍😍😍

  4. Kylee Martin

    Plz don’t give him away

  5. bomber dug

    Omg i miss this show!!

  6. Summer Rae Leah

    I’m sad that this is over

  7. Summer Rae Leah

    I’m so behind

  8. Summer Rae Leah

    Is it really cancelled this show no I did not no this for real I hope not

  9. Micah Tom

    I luv Ludacris’s song in the background as Simone checks her.

  10. 9 : 11

    Star and Noah sounded wayyyy better than Alex and Noah. Idk they just meshed so much better. Didn't like them as a couple though.

  11. Jacinth Turner

    My daughter knows that song from heart

  12. Dalayla El

    Wait what? Tik tok?!

  13. Dalayla El

    Star looks a lot like jlo here.

  14. Kb DaGoat

    This is my all time favorite song of theirs 😩

  15. Nisha Bofossa

    Ur baby is cute i love u

  16. Nisha Bofossa

    I love u so much. Star can u pls call my number is 0817232896 plssss i am only ten. And i can sing the song already cos my dad is a singer so i am like him plssssss callllllllll plss😣😣😣

    1. Nisha Bofossa


  17. Kevia

    2020 Anyone I miss this show💕

  18. Daisha Reece

    You should make 3 more season of the Show

  19. Venisa Lanza

    Hi star i just became a really big fan oh and this song was a lit song

  20. Dezerray Pellow

    they rlly cancled the show right after they left us on a cliff hanger....smh

  21. Qiarah Price

    new favorite song for 2020

  22. Fari Saeed

    Chad looks like a baby in front of her😉

  23. Fari Saeed

    Oh my I never thought lucas can be so damm good in bad role

  24. Monelle Joseph

    This be hiting different tho this is my fav song

  25. 9 : 11

    I remember when everyone hated this song but I LOVED it and still do. 😩 They on coke and the song reflects that lmfaoo

  26. Denishea Bates

    Yes Simone yes sing all of their voices bring tears to my heart 😥🙏

  27. Fari Saeed

    OMG chad as bad guy???? I have to watch this show

  28. Big Draws

    its okay gg

  29. Morrisa Hubbard

    Form star cool morrisa love you much

  30. Elizabeth Wyer

    The tea has been spilled

  31. Shakeeyra G

    I miss my favorite show 😭😭😭😭

  32. gabriel esparza

    Omg I hear Ariana in the chorus

  33. Karla WILLIAM


  34. Karla WILLIAM

    J'adore ce film

  35. Laura Havener

    This song is dope star is dope I love it

  36. 9 : 11

    They always treated Star like trash because she was white. Alexandra was spoonfed a silver spoon. She always had money. She wished she could relate to the struggle.

  37. 9 : 11


  38. 9 : 11

    My fav characters were Jahil and Star. ✨

  39. 9 : 11

    Simone was lyinggg. She is never on Star's side.

  40. Natasha Washington

    this song is the jam omg

  41. 9 : 11

    I never liked Alex. She was more selfish than Star. Just like when she chose Noah and cheated on Derek.

  42. 9 : 11

    I couldn't stand Alex and Derrick.

  43. Zakeiya Bausley

    Who here in 2020 and you miss this show🤍

  44. Calvin Washington

    First of all empire is better than star so they needed to cancel star and keep empire going !!!!!!!!!!

  45. Living in China

    Who’s here in during quarantine season!!

  46. B MOORE

    One of the best songs on the show period!! I’d buy them as a group

  47. Djenny Felinor

    This song is just soo good. I have listened to it so much and it still hits!

  48. Agoddes Moye


  49. Agoddes Moye


  50. Kayetta WilderHolly

    This hit bro! I love her like, she brought out an new sass lol

  51. TheKnownTy

    They left us on a whole cliffhanger...they can’t just end the show like that 😫😫 P.S (lowkey wishes they was an actual girl group)

  52. Shyy Bradley

    Song is 🔥 Dope AF, bumpin it in 2020 🎶

  53. Lareese

    Brittany and Jude's back ground vocals

  54. persyffani Barrett

    I love all of there voices but the you the that stand out to me is Simon. Simon has a voice like no other .her voice is beautiful

  55. Reva Tuck

    all the songs i hear from star just hit me

  56. Janet Sanchez

    Wtf happened to you and your girlz.. Umm u got Hella talent!!

  57. Shikapella Official

    Does anyone know season 4 went on? ???

  58. Carmen Colbert

    Ryan what other TV shows and movies are you in

  59. Tiesha Johnson

    Hi where is star

  60. Carmen Colbert

    We love y'all I want the show to do more episodes

  61. Carmen Colbert

    Why did y'all stop the show at that part

  62. Missjune5

    Wow ❤

  63. CeCe Tyshay

    I miss Take 3 like they were a real group.

  64. 0 Clay

    why if she heine you birthdays

  65. 0 Clay

    Love you hfvc

  66. Doran Williams

    Calvin from house of payne

  67. Laurita Onye

    This and this i love you star

  68. Jalea Hurst

    You are a good girl singing singing girl saying I love this song I listen to this song every day when I wake up in the morning girl sing

  69. Sopez1

    Bad acting.

  70. Andria Markins

    You are so cute

  71. Tyrone Thomas

    love this song the other ones to

  72. Paige Amidon


  73. uniquely me

    Where can i watch this show

  74. shania dyall

    I feel like Gigi and star would’ve been good friends

  75. shaniyah’s tv

    Let’s be real listen to you know like I know It sounds like Spanish😭

  76. shaniyah’s tv

    All the people who dis liked smd b****🤣

  77. Antonet Mims

    I love star soo much

  78. laurenlol100

    isabelle 😀com😀cry

  79. Elizabeth Hendricks

    Noah😍😍😍his voice

  80. Money Monet

    I didn’t like her bc of her cockiness but this song was hella real and the best one lmao. After this I loved her and I’m waiting for the movie 🥳🥰

  81. Tanya Penn

    She is my favorite character, this my favorite song and she saying straight facts

  82. Pearlie Davidson

    First time hearing this and I'm really feeling this....

  83. Breia Oglesby

    I'm a fan of you can you send me Shopkins everything I'm only at 8 year old and I still love them please my birthday was just last month thank you Anaconda response is from me I'm just in Lee Summit but it's a

  84. Dee Diorr

    this will forever be iconic

  85. Savanah smith

    empire and star should've did a collab

  86. Savanah smith

    i love this song stars voice is crazy in this!

  87. Starlynn Marie

    SOME SAVE STAR !!! 🥺

  88. Leah McCourt

    Not even bones

  89. Leilani Torres


    1. Leilani Torres

      I Love you 🌟 star

  90. ykneicy

    The emotion😩

  91. Jathan Cetoute

    I love it

  92. roblox master

    Who still listens to this in 2020😝😝

  93. katalina johnson channel

    i like angels part and stars

  94. Aderemi Holloway

    Who wants to write a letter to the creators so they bring this show back?? If we gather enough letters and signatures.... maybe?

  95. Lariah Ates

    We are braking up the group

  96. Lariah Ates

    I really love you

  97. Sandra Leon

    I love your video and music.💷💵💴💴😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  98. Jada G

    We're not gonna pretend like this wasn't better then empire

  99. Kaylee Johnson

    Who still listen in 2020 ❤❤❤great song to listen to 💯from 🇯🇲💯😎one love❤❤💯😁💙

  100. Preston Is Fabulous

    Go on my channel for the instrumental