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  1. Corey Wofford

    2020 youngboy it's crazy

  2. QtSosuke


  3. Lamar Lucas

    They posed like some females..that shit look suspect as fuck especially the nigga behind him with his arms in the air...🤔🤔🤔

  4. William Schumacher

    Rip kobe

  5. Khalid Melton

    NBA over moneybag now no argument


    sh*** hot

  7. Toby Redd

    beat x yb 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Samuel Mayr

    Who bangin‘ dis in 2020 ?

  9. crxzll

    That vhs overplay is pretty nuice

  10. Joshua Jones

    This lil ass boa be turning up with them lil dances😂💚

  11. Big Trapalot

    She the girl in dirty iyanna

  12. the real Luke skywalker

    2020 anyone?he was so young. Youngboy u sound better than me I'm only 9 years and u rap so good this is your first song!

  13. Eric Jones

    my nigga my bitch this song fire

  14. Scoup Aightbet

    Wanted to write a comment so that I could see it in the future, hopefully. Remind me of it please, and Get This to top comment. If I don’t respond, then I’ll be Dead, Love y’all. ❤️

  15. brandon gaines

    Shut the puck up nab young boy can kill him

  16. Pablo West

    Go listen shit fire asf🔥

  17. J'Von Thomas

    yessssssssssssssssssirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr slime

  18. Karson Hobbs


  19. Da Rockstar Brandon


  20. Pierre Ronaldo.

    This nigga don’t even react to he subs comments

  21. Keisean Thomas

    Yea nigga

  22. Mariijuana The blxck hippie jay

    Mariijuana should be on this track ! Listen to him rite here if you don’t know who he is ! 🤟🏿

  23. tay Robinson

    Why is this not on spotify? 😭

  24. Aniya Henderson

    I luv youuuuu nba young boy ❤️❤️❤️🍓‼️🥰

  25. Dominick Burkhart

    Yo Youngboy Dont do no more rock songs please

  26. Akeem Corion

    Who is this guy dj or producers this beat too much 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Quan Catchings

  28. Quan Catchings

  29. magical charm

    Who's better ? Nba youngboy : like Eminem : comment I wanna see what the ppl say

  30. Jeremy Hess

    Felt like this song would make me feel a little better with the loss of the Mamba😞😞😣😣

  31. Jayden Sherrod

    4kt slime

  32. Mihnea Ciobeica

    0:01 "Buddah blessed this beat"

  33. T&B SQUAD

    Finna still be bumping dis bihh in December and the whole album 💚 come steak out with me 🤫🕺🏽

  34. Venom

    who else bumping this all 2020??

  35. Trell Johnson

    Yea we T.T.G

  36. Laylay Davis

    Young boy

  37. Kevin Rosado

    Slime 👈👎

  38. Vv zvrg


  39. Justin sheffield

    He talking about jania

  40. faygo

    real fans heard this when it was called “Four Bricks”

  41. Fahad Saadoon

    I heard a rumor that people are saying NBA YoungBoy said a like that goes “in 2020 we all gon die” this song was recorded 4years ago and it was released last year or something idk

  42. HyperSport

    This song is underrated

  43. HyperSport

    This song is underrated

  44. Sylefane Cadeus

    Summer Walker brought me here

  45. Free style fresh yeah

  46. super jmoney1403

    This is the best song ever😎😎😎🆒

  47. Victor Danu

    imagine aliens watching this

  48. JFN EnvyFN

    Aye who still banging this in 2020 Rip Kobe 🕊 .

  49. Linda Dodson

    Fuck yv

    1. Linda Dodson

      You dum ass kinds

  50. Jackie Jackson

    Ayeeee young boy got bars

  51. our hair defies gravity so can we

    Soul will show we gon send a deposit 💯

  52. Naruto Uzamaki

    Visual audio artist

  53. Charmcity77

    Def my fave Youngboy track

  54. Camille Whyte

    2020 yb we need some more of these old yb

  55. Lanre Akerele

    We've found out The NBA legend Kobe Bryant died in helicopter crash, with his daughter. Rest in peace 😔🙏🏾💔 NBA Youngboy and fans: *make no sense* 🔥🔥🔥

    1. vliduu zeeb

      Subscribe to Robert crawford

  56. NDO Will

    Keep dropping that heat my nigga🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏿💯

  57. Dee ferragamo

    Anybody bumping this 2020?

  58. Camille Whyte

    2020 boa i love u so much

  59. Torenzo

    Rip Kobe and it’s freaking 2020 worst year probably

  60. Eric Prince

    Youngin do ur thing.😎🤑 🤑🤟💯 💯💯 💯. U got alot of souljas put hea bumping ur music that can relate frfr.💪✋

  61. inder singh

    Song makes you want to break into your own house

  62. marlo_slime add SC ,


  63. King Benz 🗣new rap soul♿️🥶

    1. vliduu zeeb

      Make NO SENCE

  64. Young Black

    2020 best songs 🔥☔️☔️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Fanelesibonge Bonginkosi


  66. Fuckgoingbroke

    This SHIT Hit You at 4:48 AM On the ankle monitor

  67. Diego Ventura

    I remember when I ain even believe in me💯💔😔

  68. Jayden Rogers

    Hi NBA yougboy I like your videos in I am mot to like your video

  69. Blue Benji

    He a Said he admitted it I shot him ???? I Wana ask byt the name but may he rest up I was just wondering BYT the confession within the lyrics is all n was curious who it was

  70. Michael Hoskins

    Ig Klum s

  71. raymond3165

    Rosetta Tharpe a so called black woman created rock n roll. Culture vultures stole it because I'm sure it was not given away. Smdh....sad!!! Yea, this song won't make it to heaven. On GOD!!

  72. Bradley Whisonant

    Bruh if only yall knew how much fun me and my nigga have screaming this shit😂😂 yall have noooo clue😭💀

  73. Bradley Whisonant

    One of the top 5 best nba youngboy songs💯

  74. Lisvett Miller

    Ain’t meant to break yo heart but that’s what thugs do 💕

  75. Mia Walker

    I'm young biggist fan 38slim

  76. Adam BJO

    he is sexy

    1. Adam BJO


    2. Adam BJO


  77. KJ. Customs

    Rip Kobe Man😪☝🏾

  78. Von RoadRunnin


  79. I amDenetta


  80. Acekillers 387

    Take the pain away because my head been running wild 😢🙏😪 you can just feel the pain in his voice when he sings this song so heavy

  81. Xslime 38x

    When ppl say shii to u den wen u say sum back 2:11

  82. T 510

    Rip Kobe 🙏🏼

  83. Jordan Mcneary


  84. Babyy Riley

    “I done grew up way to quick to early”

  85. The Churro

    rip kobe man 😓

  86. YQB Flow

    NEVER BROKE to ball with that Glock....started from the bottom

  87. YC Ossi

    When he said ´Nigga what, nigga bitch` *I felt that.*

  88. L Surge

    24k likes for Kobe

  89. Angel Alvarez

    What does he mean by again?

  90. L Surge

    Here Before 100 Mil? Search up g surge

  91. SCRUBS

    Rip Kobe Bryant 💚

  92. Turbo Gotti

    Rest In Peace KOBE

  93. David Casillas

    01-26-20 still listening on a very sad day cuz Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant passed away today around 10 am among the 9 people in the crash

  94. Ruby and Caren

    add my snap : official.rubyyy and my insta is @rubyy.c06

  95. Jam Jam



    Can’t stop listening 🙉 to this

  97. Precious Beautiful Princess

    Who learning song in 2020?

  98. Adammm

    this song a bopp

  99. keens574

    R.I.P. KOBE

  100. bakugan1219

    Just talk to KOBE thru an iPhone . RIP to a Legend 🙏🐍🐍