Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.
ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit esrb.org for rating information.

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  1. Ghost2529 F

    *Your the last one, finish the mission*

  2. Turner Lott

    Ashe: I have terrible family history Genji: Am I a joke to you?

  3. Juan Balderas

    had to come and see this one more time after reading the book, I guess im the first one

  4. Zhou Yiu Fung Moriarty

    While Reaper could go for the headshot, he went for the glasses.

  5. Rodrick Goldberg

    Imagine if Sombra was a hero instead of a villain...

  6. Bryan Lariviere

    i guess the cop's next line will be "you are under arrest"

  7. Rodrick Goldberg

    This is Jevil if he was a dignified astrophysicist instead of a goofball clown.

  8. 안혁준

    플스로 하면 끔겨요

  9. EchO

    5:59 나를 위한 타임라인 자리야♥

  10. Ryan Pham

    The music and sound effects tho

  11. No Banana

    Hope y'all can count to 3

  12. FAZE_xxboyxx Chill

    Nerf bastion

  13. Oda Falz

    If it was actually metal then perhaps it would be worth the price. Foam shouldn't cost anything over $70

  14. thateggkid

    I really don’t like this. It’s gonna invalidate my rank as GM on my main. Open queue is too easy. Can there be separate ratings for open queue and role lock?

  15. Noobie

    2020 anyone

  16. Marie Joseph

    4:58 thats the part i came here for

  17. Steven Nelson

    0:41 - 0:44 Insert anime wow sound effect here

  18. HeronOfHeaven


  19. Nate

    If only Brigg did that much damage

  20. 스트둠피

    Mondatta never new 'THE DOOMFIST'


    a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a


    No one: Comments: pie

  23. Diablo

    In this comment section, thete are people we've probably played with/against.

  24. Potato King

    People are forgetting the meaning of this skin and for the people who want it back so they can “donate” go to the BCRF site and donate

  25. Rafik Haireche

    Aah, truly makes you forget about when the enemy bastion ults

  26. nada saif

    Can anyone tell me the story in brief ?

  27. Snavels

    I finally know what looks so different about this, it's rendered in game unlike the other shorts

  28. Fox Wavy


  29. Gregor Giebel

    Isnt that creature stolen from castle in the sky?

  30. Diego Bollain

    Let's be real, this cinematic is supersonic godtier

  31. Buck O'Neer

    It's been said before, but.... Animated Overwatch show! With different episodes focusing on different characters. (And this kind of animation, preferably.)

  32. Jason Jeong


  33. gacha fan 14

    What is happening there with supporting robots and people who wants to kill them happens rn in real life but then with black people

  34. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

    Day 94: What changes would y'all like to see made to quick play?

  35. Nomology

    i came back hear to tell that the narrator voice actor is Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa to dragons: "YOUR SOUL IS MINE"

  36. Petevo

    They dont even know, how much money they can make with movies like this, i mean Blizzard cinematics are always on another lvl

  37. swager dager


  38. Andrew Parsons

    They need to nerf zarya and mei that’s the only thing I ask from them

  39. Zeaig

    As a fellow attempted musician, the music blizzard produces always fills me with so much emotion. The video would not be anywhere near as emotional or impressive if it wasn’t for the blizzard sound design and music team .

  40. El Marto

    Mercy: Hello there Enemy: General Angelnoby

  41. Domingo en fuego

    Am I the only one who cried when snowball “died” :(

  42. Lycanskull

    Why does this sound like it was narrated by Shang Tsung?

  43. Justice Rima

    ok this is the second time i've seen this, but low key jeff needs to drop his skin care routine

  44. William Huynh

    2:53 Reaper apparently has a grenade launcher

  45. William Huynh

    Little do people know, this is a few years after 2020

  46. Declan Goddard

    Anyone else get goosebumps when Genji showed up ?😂

  47. Rashaun Grant

    I may be missing something but what actually happened to him?

  48. Marcus Meyer

    Echo is op.

  49. Stasiscape

    Awesome, I love these shorts.

  50. Yousef Alsaidi

    It would be lit if Balderich came back in Overwatch 2

  51. CloneTrooper 042

    And on that day, a bird saved so many lives...

  52. caleb5b

    Genji: shadows die twice

  53. Potatoface 2007

    lady: "Does this mean Overwatch is Back?" Winston: "No, we are Underwatch."

  54. samppa_yt

    Sigma is the quiet kid

  55. Potatoface 2007

    Where is Solider?

  56. Abigail10x

    who else is watching after echo became a character in game

  57. snuggerTM

    i want mauga

  58. Bekah Stegner

    ok but that cute korean boy tho

  59. Bekah Stegner

    why am i crying

  60. Lava A

    Here I come with my yearly comment to ow pls MAKE A MOVIE 😖

  61. Studiousbeef6

    Still a classic 🤜

  62. Grindz

    3:21 got me feelin some type of way

  63. Kerchunium

    As always the military is unreliable

  64. Mercenary Gary

    I hope this comes back... I wasn’t playing overwatch yet :(

  65. apex_XD

    i think this was the best short we ever got ngl

  66. Aaron Johnson

    This Animations call wolfsmoke

  67. CityXV

    Just found out now four years later that Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (also known as Mortal Kombats Shang Tsung) did the narration. Maybe papa shimada can become a character voiced by him!

  68. Spaydi

    is it just me or is widowmaker kinda looks like kendall jenner

  69. Go boi TRASH CAN

    5:02 Me OMG GOD Brigitte got buff Im gonna get play of the game now In game: Time to wipe all the enemy team. (Hit roadhog 50 damge) Me: Ok then Get hooked and killed 😥

  70. hi

    I wish I had over watch, sombra looks really cool :(

  71. Ms. unoriginal

    Can we have a moment and appreciate the animation


    Adult swim type beat animation

  73. GarsideSamG89

    They should bring her back in like the ps store or like on loot box special offers and it’s pink mercy

  74. liban osman

    Anybody else notice Marisha ray

  75. Phos

    Bob! Win something!

  76. SoRec Gaming

    Wish they should rework the rating system. It carries over your previous rating instead of starting fresh, I don't get why even have placement matches.

  77. Bentypundure

    0:37 he looked like killmonger lol

  78. Ben Hamaty

    5:05 is what you came for

  79. LightKnight

    Bruh Winston didn’t even use his bubble wtf he’s garbage

  80. Inaaya Raje


  81. Rehaan Raje


  82. Matt Wert

    Blizzard can you please bring back modes on regular basis with those events like was those pve missions with twist like no healer back that was the only time i felt challenged and not bored to death with repetitive stuff more twists like this and more people will like your events since currently lucioball is awful junkenstien is just horde mode which is boring it should be replaced with vampire hunt or something mei snowball would be good if you disable the wall and keep the shift only with possibility of melee for half damage and getting the bullet if you land a kill and give most favourite game modes which people created into arcade that would be fun lile hot potato week or get down mr president or winston sumo duel...I know you wont read this and comment will fall into abyss but I have to try voice my ideas so people can enjoy overwatch more

  83. Ryab ryab

    Who is rewatching this just to see this man get friendzoned

  84. Bepsi The Cola Clown

    Lmao watch Blizzard make them date or something .

  85. Parzival

    To any Reinheardt players, take Rein's lesson to heart, this animated short is just a tutorial of what you should and shouldn't do To clarify: Rein: charges in, almost dies = BAD Baldrich: Protects Team = GOOD Then as you go up in rank as a rein you get too the second portion of the animation Rein: Learns and becomes the teams shield protecting them with everything = GOOD Baldrich: Feeds and dies = BAD Also Baldrich: is last one left and can't retreat, SWING LIKE A MANIAC = GOOD Long story short, be Baldrich, but don't die.

  86. Гик Крюшон

    Wow this game is gonna be so cool

  87. Blu / بلو

    Why does this remind me of an anime

  88. Tyler Hunt


  89. Eric Gilbertson

    Neither Winston (as a monkey raised in space) or Tracer (a Brit) have any reason to understand what the phrase “go long” means as there’s no reasonable way to assume they know American football

  90. Frappei

    2 healers, 2 tanks and 4 DPS sounds about right

  91. Illes Stefan

    overwatch is bad call of duty aw is bom

  92. Ben Dayan

    the day cancer created

  93. SaadTheLegend

    I really want the mother or the daughter to be in overwatch.

  94. Nelly’s Stories

    Wait, that music sounds familiar. NEMO?!

  95. ItsJustJack

    "never accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see it for what it could be" everyone protesting, don't be silenced, stand together, its time for change. #blacklivesmatter

  96. RLG_Screemzy

    Who else gets Scorpion and Sub-Zero vibes from these twos rivalry

  97. Alximick

    1:48 , что он говорит? ._.

  98. Severec

    Reaper: "Santa never came to my house." Me: *i WoNdEr WhY*

  99. KingArkooo

    Mei: Gets called a demon and too OP Blizzard: *I did not do that*