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  1. tabbi ragan

    Just want you to know that I miss you and your videos and can’t wait for u to start playing with makeup again. Take your time to heal and love yourself but just know your missed a lot and I will be watching old videos of yours to satiate my jeffree cravings😂😘❤️

  2. Gül Ünlütürk

    Bunlar ne be utanc verici erkek diyiceksin bide sunlara

  3. Dacie Litwinczuk

    I would get lost in there

  4. bunny girl

    FUCK ME BABY Jeffree

  5. Blair Nazworth

    My house is a three bedroom and two 1/2 bath.. and I lose my phone lmao

  6. Amanda Lewis

    I love that the honesty I have come to expect from Jefree has not faltered. It is so lovely to see him doing this truth on his terms with his fans. No talk show. No big huge halabaloo. Just real talk about issues that are affecting him and his family talking to the people that support him. ❤️⭐️

  7. Mag C

    Can't wait to your pink swimming pool! The castle is so beautiful! Dream house loading...ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ✿✿✿✿✿✿...78%

  8. C B

    Am I the only one who has watched this so many times that I’ve lost count? This is gold! Jeffree looks gorgeous all the time, but he really looks gorgeous with minimal, soft makeup. His eyes are popping! Incredibly jealous of his lips!

  9. Luis Ignacio Sepúlveda Rojas

    OMG your first outfit is awesome, really love you 🖤

  10. Luis Ignacio Sepúlveda Rojas

    Jeffree i love you 💞

  11. No Name

    You pretty much never need to leave the house, you can go on vacation to the huge pool, you can go to the cinema, you can go to the casino room, go to the gym...

  12. Dacie Litwinczuk

    Never before jefferie hoovering

    1. Dacie Litwinczuk

      Never before seen jefferie hoovering

  13. Molly Morelas

    I have a bunch of orgies i dont want to risk my health lol

  14. Bellsprout


  15. RATHA Gaming

    hello i am new fan😍

  16. Ahlam ZAID

    😂😂😂 I love your friendship

  17. Stella Christiani

    I like how the Bobbi Brown primer feels on my skin, but I can't stand the fragrance 😣😣

  18. Stella Christiani

    I wear glasses and that glasses line is a major problem. I usually use some powder before applying foundation, then do my makeup as usual 😊

  19. Brynn Herman

    2020 gang where you at

  20. Matt Milewski

    I’m Srry but this idea that brands don’t create darker shades because their racist is ridiculous and I know JEFFREE thinks this to which sucks cause I thought he would the economic reasons on why this disparity exist . One of the reasons why certain brands don’t include certain skin tones and not . It’s because of the supply and demand of that product depending on where it is and where it’s being bought . So the majority of America is white . Hence why they put out more products that tend to white consumer like certain skin tones . And depending on where the white and black people are . That’s some of the Info they use .its like the Barbie dolls . The reason why on average more white Barbie dolls are sold at a higher rate and a higher price . And black Barbie dolls are sold at a lesser rate and a lesser price . But those are just smalll examples but don’t get me wrong of course there’s gonna. Be racist company’s and no body should buy from them and they will be gone from the market .

  21. Super Cover Sisters

    I want you to remember that Diamond is loved and missed by me. Thank you so much for talking about mental health because everybody doesn’t really talk about that much, but it is important.

  22. Tiffany Huckleberry

    Finally got my hands on the 10 piece eye brush set!! So pumped to use them for the first time!

  23. Sam Garcia

    Jeffree 2018 : "idk I don't sweat" Jeffree 2020 : "iM DRIPPING SWEAT"

  24. Croissant Bread

    Me watching this I wish I could eat Taco Bell because in my country they don’t have Taco Bell I think

  25. Lisa Marie

    Fluffers included!!

  26. Santa Clause

    I'm happy for what you achieved but that house is way too big😂, you gonna need some segways to get around

  27. Tam Tam

    This was cute to watch

  28. Ivilina Besic

    Jeffree be like 10000000 tons of powder “my face looks kinda dry”

  29. Louis haalmeijer

    jeffree: i have astma jeffree 10 sec later: pulls out a blunt

  30. Mohammad Faheem

    Did anybody else notice Ariana Grande’s song Bad Idea playing at 4:05?

  31. Ajsa Halilic

    it suckS cuz you gay

  32. Drain You

    What fragrance do you wear Jeffrey just wondering cause I want to smell expensive that's the only thing I could buy probably 😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Kimberly Breeding

    Am I too late!? lol Story of my damn life.

  34. karen robey

    Hang in there both of you. We have to live in the moments. Wishing you both happiness and long healthy lives!

  35. kendra payne

    That CD case makeup it awesome. I can’t wait to try beauty bakery flour, but still waiting to have the money to try Jeffree Star Cosmetics setting powder and Magic Star concealer first. Then Beaty Bakery’s

  36. Dahl Maria


  37. Dahl Maria

    I LOVE YOU Jeffrey. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖

  38. kendra payne

    I see the white patch on the right cheek too! Now that you said that I can’t stop looking at it....

  39. dark water

    Please help your grandma with your money.. im rlly sad that u broke up and i still new with your channel and with shane but i almost cry and im rlly srry for your lost.... pls help your family and u lost the dog... im rlly sorry can u use your money for good.. i not trying to be fake i cannot buy your stuff bc im muslim and my god/allah i cannot be gay but i still want to do what u guys do your lost is bad.... i hope u get better and your family.. and i have aniexty and depression my family dont know that but i still srry i rlly want your grandma and your family to live so i hope u do the money and pay

  40. Айна Мамаева

    Итине олгенше ойшык алганша балалар уйне алыпбермисинба тойнган албастылар

  41. Laurinha Tomaz


  42. الم .!

    اين انتم ياعرب🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  43. Thanushree Naidu

    From an Indian perspective, these negative situations occurred due to bad vaastu of the house.

  44. Jerk1992

    Bad acting

  45. B. Lalmuanpuia Bee Kee

    "when I was a little girl. " -Jefree Star 2018

  46. Jxworldwidemusic

    I love the two of you. Jeffree is so sweet and talented.

  47. Jeana Moesby


  48. Jeana Moesby



    Jeffree looked like Halsey in "boy with luv" mv idk why but i can see it but only in this video

  50. Black is All i need

    How In the world He just look just amazing WITHOUT eyebrows

  51. Eleri Kanep

    The dog literally just walked over pizza lol 17:39

  52. Arjun Bachmann

    When rich people flex

  53. Jeana Moesby


  54. E S

    I cant stand tana

  55. Wınner Slytherin

    You did not make that iconic video opening.. Oh dude, I think this explains everything💔

  56. Florencia Ibañez

    Dont tell me they lost that loveley woman, their grandmother?!!

  57. stephツ!!

    shane whispering and jeffree replying in a normal volume voice is the exact same as telling ur friends that theres a cute person behind them and to turn to see without making it obvious but they end up somehow being the loudest, most attention grabbing person in the room

  58. Taryn Whitehurst

    We love you Jeffree. You are the best and I know you can get through this and I hope we can help you. WE ARE WOTH YOU THROUGH THICK AND THIN. WE LOVE YOU

  59. Khiandra Jackson


  60. Thu Doan

    I think this hair style is very suitable for you. You look great and i love it 😍 💌❣️


    7:44 I can smell it from here

  62. Shanon-Maree Routledge

    Hey Jefree 💄🖤 I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who uses eyeshadow to contour and highlight! Congratulations on your and Shane’s Conspiracy launch 🖤

  63. hazel lagnason


  64. Constanza Vasquez

    Jeffree !! How are you? Te sigo desde Chile Un beso enorme , eres mi idolo

  65. Здоровье и красота. ЛИЛИЯ


  66. Cristina Marie

    1:27 : makeup is stunningly flawless ! I love this look! ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️

  67. Jessica 007

    If the flavour is bland in those drink machines means its running out of flavour and needs a refill

  68. Celia Lazaro Loyer

    you deserve to heal, take your time.

  69. Gabby Bunnell

    I recently posted a picture with a bloody clown makeup look, and now I’m getting kicked out of my house in two weeks because I’m apparently a “satanic freak” I have no money, no friends and nowhere to go (which is why I’m desperately posting about my problems on the internet)🙃 and way too many pets for me to just be cool with living in my car. If anyone has and legal advice for recommendations for places to go that would be incredibly amazing and appreciated.

  70. leidydi Perez

    You look beautiful with eyebrows!

  71. Sam Gill

    I'm sending the both of you so much love. I think it's really good you're both taking time to heal, and I think it's so brave of you to be this open about everything. Take all the time you need sweetie.

  72. Lisa Marie

    Who’s the gold compact by?

  73. Cristina Marie

    “My forehead looks like DIRT! Actual Dirt! “ I love you Jeffrey

  74. Michelle Rivers

    can we appreciate how modest and fluffy his nails are in forever

  75. Chubby Gachas

    Jeffrey be walking in the dollar wearing Gucci

  76. Kayla Anderson

    why haven't there been any videos, I'm really sorry but he can't go and leave all his fans in the dirt cause of a break-up. everyone goes through the same thing even me. we need you Jeffree. WE NEED YOUR HONESTY!! :-(

  77. Harley Marie

    I hope to see more videos soon I hope you never stop shineing

  78. Issac Mcgrew

    I've been watching tons of these trying to figure out what kind of makeup I should get my girlfriend(ik absolutely nothing about any of this) ....pls send help

  79. Dead Girl


  80. Dead Girl

    I know this might be a little mean but... J+J should get together.... comment if you know what I mean!

    1. gtoss chddy vs fame 🤔 Different people, different priorities 🤷

  81. Louise casey

    Shame on him for spending money on things no one in this world needs.

  82. Tanya Varshney

    Jeffree always has the most honest reviews

  83. Lily Wood

    done idk why I joined I won't loose

  84. Ripan Chakma

    I like u so much...😂

  85. Daniel Alfaro

    First OOF second HOW DID THIS HAPPEN

    1. gtoss chddy

      Those dogs look like stuffed toys! Too beautiful!

  86. Kdogg 877

    U need to delete ur social media. Please delete it u fucking suck

  87. Amelia Hitchcock

    When Nate can actually skate😱

  88. nie mam masła

    Girl.... We love TJ MAXX

  89. SH샤핟

    I'm sorry but i had to mention that cute sneeze 4:52 🤧🥺💕

  90. Xander Lamp


  91. Really_ Chill_

    I’m busy reading the comments than ACTUALLY WATCHING the video. I gotta say for a break up video there’s a lot of James Charles here.

  92. Magdalena Nikolaeva

    23:00 😂

  93. Kdogg 877

    I can't believe ppl actually watch this shit

  94. Bulbul Draws

    How did he grow that hair soo fast 🤨

  95. Bae Bee

    Imagine being in the parking area and have to use the bathroom...

  96. Kayla's T.V.

    2020. that lv bag. insane luck winner right

  97. Andrea Fink

    You’re so strong! I’m proud of you for bring so real! Keep growing.💙💙💙

  98. Blend Hasani


  99. Bae Bee

    Its like half of LA in there...🙄😜

  100. pinktoodeep

    You know what? I'm so sick of you. You're not the only person to ever go thru a break up and guess what? We all still go to work!! Pretty shitty of you to cancel that tour for this nonsense especially when you said it's been weeks. I get it that you're the CEO but come on. Be a professional and grow up. Your light will burn out one of these days when people realize how childish and what a user you are. Done with you ✌