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  1. Steven Trautman

    Several years ago unemployment was a year long if needed now it's six months, take away now there is a lot of Americans out of work with out support due to end of unemployment benefits end of workers compensation benefits or out of work force over two to three years what about those Americans do the just pick and chose who get help ...? Remember " UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL " ...!

  2. jim h

    Add links for citizens to sign For congressmen to do their job and quit taking vacations until the Pandemics is over and unemployment is down to 10% (?)

  3. hot rod 218 hotrod 218

    Old,news man old,fucking news

  4. Sharon Howard

    Giving people $5,000 then taking away their social security is not good.

  5. Pastor Mark A. Lynch

    Police need to learn how to safely subdue someone instead of killing them. My heart goes out to everyone who is being abused by law enforcement and I pray the violence will stop because violence begets more violence. Swiff justice should be taken on the people who killed this young man.

  6. Rosie Betz

    03:45 08:18 11:20

  7. m_rton

    i just want to buy a new pc

  8. lucy Liu

    how is the gain I made in my RothIRA taxed on yearly basis? let's say I sold stocks within my RothIRA and made money, will that be included in my taxable income for that year?

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose


  9. Kandis Powell

    I FINALLY got my stimulus check on Monday. I'm on SSDI and have a representative payee so I was surprised that it was mailed to me.

  10. Kimulita Mann

    Àmen I am praying 🙏 daily for AMERICA.

  11. Kimulita Mann

    Thank you for keeping me informed on Stimulus Money updates. Keep these videos coming.

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      Thanks for watching!! 🙌🏽

  12. Kimulita Mann

    I pray we do 🙏 get another STIMULUS MONEY Payment cause many of us didn't receive any Unemployment benefits, an was awaiting for Stimulus Money to catch up on bills.

  13. Kimulita Mann

    I don't think we are going to receive anything else, BECAUSE OF ALL THE RIOTING, LOOTER, and burning down building. They focused on helping Businesss now and forgot about all the people in need from corona virus.

  14. Stephan Savage

    If you would have just bought in with 1,000 dollars when it was down around 2.50 in June 08 and been patient, you could have sold in June 2014 and turned your initial investment into 17,184. That’s one heck of a bank account if you ask me! Buy and hold seems like it might be a worthwhile strategy... Nahhhh! YOLO OPTIONZ

  15. Robert Schauer

    I think people who are on SSI SSDI need help and people you are veterans also need help also more than everything else

  16. marie Deluna

    I'm disabled do I get one to I only get 800 a month

  17. Donna Russell

    Well said, sir

  18. Frugal Rules

    Great update! Thanks Jeff for tackling such a needed topic for our audiences right now.

  19. Jen Jen Wisdom

    We've only received $300 per month since March total. We value high to Congress

  20. Nicole Ramey

    You is beautiful 😂

  21. Raeven

    RIP, George Floyd.

  22. CreatingBalance

    I just invested my first £500 in stocks and shares. I’ve made a new video on the results I got in two weeks - I was so pleased!!

  23. Barbara Duncan

    I hope they check the 2019 returns and use the lastest filing that will make a big difference in some people getting what they are suppose to get. My grandson had his filled, accepted and refund deposited before the virus hit and yet they didn't check for 2019 filings

  24. Elizabeth Durden

    We finally got our first check last week, but it is now a pre loaded debit card....

  25. Ed Curtin

    Jeff, please center the conversation on finance. I'll go somewhere else for my politics ...

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      Appreciate your comment, Ed. I totally understand if you need to go elsewhere but you can’t discuss money without politics. Especially with what’s going on in our country.

  26. Julianna Butler

    I got my check but not my children's money...wth? That would be an extra $1000

  27. James Cetnar

    I currently get 5.4% just on my blue chip divvies - not including capital gains 👍👍

  28. Hannah

    Falls asleep to his voice **

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      My kids say the same thing

  29. Judy Artis

    I am talking about the second check cause I get ssi

  30. Judy Artis

    What if you get ssi and were claim on some one taxes would you get the check in your own bank account or would the people that claim you get the money if that person get the money it would call a lot of problem

  31. foxgirl4721 :3

    Heroes act should include everyone who is working during this covid-19 down to factory workers!

  32. Alexandria Scott

    They should cancel rent right now. They need to give people monthly checks of money because most businesses are closed people aren’t hiring so jobs have disappeared. Food prices have gone up. Not everyone qualifies for unemployment. Everything costs so much and some people who might have a job left they don’t even pay enough to live and survive. Everything is so fucked and a joke. This system was designed to be broken and corrupt on purpose in this man made money matrix game with false illusions and lies. Complete bullshit everything is. The evil psychopathic elites are doing this all on purpose they want humanity to suffer and die off. It’s part of their depopulation agenda and new world order plan.

  33. Triggaheartz

    I still haven't received my first check and I filed both years. That number didn't get me to a real person just gave me options telling me to wait and that I did everything I needed to.

  34. Romeo Erfe

    Your audio has too much base. Not sounding good for a channel that's mostly verbal audio. Please fix it. Thanks.

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      I will fly in a professional audio team to analyze the sound transmission of my videos to ensure it’s acceptable to your listening pleasure.

  35. Thomas H

    I got my on May 28 2020 for the 1200

  36. Sarah Knight

    Yes i agree wee n eed to get back on our feet are bills are falling behind i could go on and on they do not care about us

  37. Shawn Hammack

    When its in my pocket, then I will believe it.

  38. Everrett Barber

    I was so glad to get the last one it helped me oyt so much thank u all and may god bless you guys

  39. aka uncle


  40. Phil Farmintino

    if its foresure goin to indeed be the last one n set there gonna to be sending out .. then cmon with it they just need to start gettn them out fast like now

  41. Garey Stevenson

    Folks that are working are not making what those that are drawing unemployment are making. This is not right. Government needs to get their acts together.

  42. Aracelia Ponce

    I really like him he is so good explaining everything

  43. Velia Cruz

    I need $2,000 I agree a month

  44. Luz Esqueda

    we need passive income ideas. A great place to start. what a great video! thank you!

  45. Jake Libo

    My neighbor's daughter got a second check

    1. Jake Libo

      @Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose i told her not to spend it. That money was meant for someone else.

    2. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose


  46. Caremine Seemueller

    If the government wanna keep people from looting and get them to keep calm the second stimulus should get rushed out. Some people been out of work for months without pay. Many young people lack savings to start with. Health bills and inflation in this country is hitting hard. Stay strong people we gonna make it through this!

  47. Gloria Mitchell

    Yes Jeff, it starts in our homes. Change is going to have to happen or we will implode. Thanks for your attention.

  48. Jon S

    Newbie investor here who needs guidance. Opened a Roth IRA through Charles Schwab (with $4k cash as an example) and looked at the different Schwab mutual funds. Unlike regular stocks in which I can buy multiple shares, these mutual funds have figures such as $65.90 (S&P index 1000) and only give me an option to invest as much into it as I want opposed to buying shares. How does this work and what would you suggest in terms of asset allocation and how to funnel money into my account and/or mutual funds? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Al Rocky

      Did you mean: Schwab 1000 Index® Fund SNXFX ? You may be better off selecting instead: Schwab Total Stock Market Index SWTSX. As the name suggest this represents the entire US stock market and provides very good domestic diversification / asset allocation for the equities portion of your portfolio.

  49. Jacq Jeff Zamble

    Can I open an account with M1 Finance even I am living in The Netherlands in Europe ?

  50. Lynda Aten

    People like to point the finger at others, they never look at their self. It is always someone else who caused things not me. People pray to God, people.

  51. Mike Breler

    Direct payment to individuals from the government is OVER. It's only about businesses, states and interest groups now.

  52. Marlene Hellmann

    It won’t happen!

  53. Christina Gurchinoff

    Hey. Popped screen on phone and you were here. Thank you. Yeah. Ive been avoiding TV news but get what I need and try to refocus energies. I'm so thankful for people like you giving your informed info and talents to the are essential!

  54. Michelle Hughes

    I hope that we do get more money. I'm a single mom and I have no job and nothing is hiring.its hard to live with no income and the fact no school and covid 19 makes it hard for child care. If the country doesn't have the money why don't the higher paid government take a pay cut for the American people?

  55. Hal 9000

    If you are one of the hundred million plus who never stopped working like myself, the government should not have gone further into debt giving out this money.

  56. Malinda Fouts

    I called the stimulus help line earlier this week because my husband has not received his yet. The information I got was the following. They recently found a glitch that they are working to correct. Couples who are married filing separately, were affected by a glitch that issued a check to one spouse which triggered a notification that the other spouse had already received a check because their SSN showed up in the records of checks sent due to them being on their spouse's return. So it registers that both have received the check even though they have not because the SSN is on the return of a person who did receive a check even though they have not. I hope that makes sense.

  57. Deathninja 5551

    3:58 6:26 8:08 10:04 12:41 14:19 16:41

  58. Use2Earn Make Money Online Platform

    cool video

  59. Aniara Rodriguez

    Who give a f about that guy just get to the point

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      I do

  60. bonnie may

    Thank you for the video. I would like to ask how will they address helping those that are still unemployed because their company is still closed or the temporary layoff has now become permanent?

  61. Emma Karir

    Wonder why some people got the second check and he have not been released yet

  62. Doris Teichner

    What about the first check? My husband got his via direct deposit. I got nothing. Calling that number gets you nowhere.

    1. chopealways

      Doris Teichner my ex-husband received mine, thankfully he sent me my portion. It goes off of how we file our taxes and the last few years we filed, married & joint.

  63. SatsusMom

    Is the Heros Act doing anything for the heros who were essential, and risked their lives and their families when the jobs wont or arent?

  64. Pamela Cook

    Soon as I hear about George Floyd getting murdered infuriates me

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      I understand your anger

  65. Nash Traveler

    thanks this video is very helpfull

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      Thanks for watching!! 🙌🏽

  66. La Chula Guerra

    I am affected by the riot and protesting I am in Houston Tx can go out or anything! Yes we are tired of the government they are okay well off because they have food their bills are being paid rent nice cars and why because of our had working tax money! We the people deserve that check we are struggling and companies like landlords rent insurance they don’t care about the Virus they want their money! I don’t know why the government is taking so long it is our money anyway!

  67. Mike Woodruff

    They will hert the poor as much as they can.... And what they did to that guy. Get him down and beat his head into the blacktop.. no one should be treated like that I don't care who you are no one deserves that.

  68. Atoi Bryant

    Thank you for being part of the solution, all we ask is that you acknowledge BLACK LIVES MATTER!

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      Appreciate you!

  69. Facethia Lee

    U talk to much people just want to know if they are or aren't going to get it you should be ashamed of yourself..

    1. Facethia Lee

      @Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose it wasn't that sorry if i sounded harsh but so many people get up on here talking but no real facts and it just goes on and on...the people as well as myself want to know 👍 or 👎 they are financially hurting including myself...maybe you could do a petition to move it along..if you are willing to help with information part

    2. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      I’m sorry you feel I need to feel shame for what I do. As a reminder you had a choice to watch my video. I appreciate you watching and sharing your voice but I choose to not let you control how I should feel

  70. Henderson Waters

    Excellent video, this setup was indeed very understandable... i count myself successful in stock trading because of the amazing trading strategy of Mr Anthony Vincent..

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose


    2. Rodney Poland

      There are few persons who are stock trading experts and Sir Anthony Vincent is one of them.

    3. donald walters

      Wow you guys also trade with Mr Anthony Vincent, that guy is a genius i keep receiving my weekly profit.

    4. Brown Koko

      Fluctuation in stock price doesn't affect my profit, he's a genius ..

    5. Brian Rodriguez

      He's consistent in making huge profits....

  71. Pennye Merthie

    I like the Fundrise idea. And I am serious thinking about doing it.

  72. Thomasina Brown

    No its the kkkops they need to stop killing innocent black people. They didn't kill dylyn roof he killed 9 black people and arrested him peacefully. Miss me with the BS you talking.

  73. Sandey Surface

    Still waiting for the first one

  74. bww2745

    Came here to learn about stimulus... stopped watching because it was a riot lecture.

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing

  75. • Justice •

    “You want to invest into Blockbuster?” *”The heck is that?”* 😂

  76. Cactus Mobb 4 life

    there wont be any second stimulus checks because of the riot. in a week they will say the money will be used for damages do to the riot. you heard it from me first

  77. King Onei

    Excuses will not pay the bills

  78. Vicki Roach

    My daughter was taught not to see color and that everybody loved everybody

    1. Emma Roos

      Tricia I hope you see where I’m coming from below and examine that “not seeing color” is not at all what BIPOC want from white people. They want to be seen and loved for who they are and the color that they are.

    2. Emma Roos

      As well intentioned as the sentiment is, when you say you don’t see color what you’re really saying is you are choosing not to see anything other than whiteness. And that their blackness is therefore not existent or beautiful and a color that should be looked at and appreciated in its own right.

    3. Tricia

      I taught my daughter's the same

    4. American Pie

      Just announced that the stimulus money will be given to the businesses attacked by Antifa BLM terrorists who burned down looted and destroyed billions in property damage. Sorry folks.. Thanks Antifa BLM terrorists 🐂💩

  79. DeShan

    Why the irs haven't sent out people taxes?

  80. DeShan

    They never plan on giving a second Stimulus Check. They will use the riots for an excuse on not giving it to us.

    1. PerryArt420

      No, the two party's will blame it on each other.. but you are correct, i'd be surprised to see #2 ....... Stay Safe

    2. Amy Jesiek

      I was thinking the exact same thing. It's all planned out.

  81. Pedro Guiterez

    The unemployment benefits are unjustified. A job in the US economy doesnt entitle you to taking money from it. These people should've been prepared for this. This pandemic is in the realm of possibility and they've should've considered this in regards to their economic activity and done something reasonable about it.Unemployment compensation is possibly free, unjuftiable money. The only reasonable thing about the stimulus checks is that taxes are partly from income and consumption, two unjustified sources of revenue. Atleast it's likely that those who recieve stimulus checks are likely recieving money they worked for, but it's still contentious. Govt taxes should possibly be membership fees. Also the checks for children is unjustified, other people shouldnt be subjected to the choices of others. Generally, occurrences such as the legislative acts are momentous. Overall, people should've been prepared for this.

  82. Pedro Guiterez

    The unemployment benefits are unjustified. A job in the US economy doesnt entitle you to taking money from it. These people should've been prepared for this. This pandemic is in the realm of possibility and they've should've considered this in regards to their economic activity and done something reasonable about it.Unemployment compensation is practically free, unjuftiable money. The only reasonable thing about the stimulus checks is that taxes are partly from income and consumption, two unjustified sources of revenue. Atleast it's likely that those who recieve stimulus checks are likely recieving money they worked for. Govt taxes should be membership fees. Also the checks for children is unjustified, other people shouldnt be subjected to the choices of others. Overall, people should've been prepared for this.

  83. Leaving Blank

    something something "one little ol' mayor" something something, only applied to a random black guy. i wonder where all these protesters were when EVERY...SINGLE...DAY men of ALL races are getting fu cked over by the justice system. oh...right. NOWHERE. they were nowhere. protesting won't even solve anything. never has, never will. damaging random stores and property is going to punish those responsible for what exactly? oh...right. IT DOESN'T. my oh my, how far the mighty race warriors of the 50's, 60's and 70's have fallen. there's a surgical, Michael Westen approach that could be applied here, but clearly AA's haven't figured that out yet. or they're just incapable of applying it. either way, it definitely does not involve setting police cars on fire, or throwing sh it through miscellaneous storefront windows. that is mud-brained anarchy. it is not problem-solving. it creates more problems. if you want to know why AA's are where they are, look within. they have no leadership. gone are the days of MLK and even Malcolm X, who have been replaced with greedy, corporate- entrenched shills like the Reverend Al Sharpton. the system over the past 40 years has been taking money out of EVERYONE's pockets, not simply AA's, and putting it into the top 1%, regardless of race, sex, or religion. bank regulations keeping wide-spread financial corruption at bay don't exist anymore on top of it. The middle class and poor, of every shade of color under the sun, have a math problem, not a "one little ol' mayor" problem. next month another darkie will be shot by another dumb pig and more innocent people will have their property damaged and so the wheels of injustice will continue to turn and turn, a reckoning of fate which AA's will be forced to relive until they ACTUALLY wake up. P.S. if this makes some cu ckboy white knights who haven't even experienced police brutality bu tthurt, I don't care, won't be back to read replies, so S M D. lmfao

  84. pdxrodsroom

    I am on SS and still waiting for the first one via Direct Express. This has been going on for well over a month. Justice is being done RIP George Floyd.

  85. JohnStarks.

    Yuh cuz. I liv in southsyde chicago trynta suhvive wid lil moni poketz ona diet nigga yawn sayn? I servd da hood wen i werkd at popeyz fah 3 monts lazt yeah bud dat ferst chek wahunt shit nigga. cuz prolee god 3 ayths uh dat kronik otta it. hoep we get dat odda 1 cuz ma I's on dez 22 ench rymz da nigga wunt 800 n I toll da nigga ta put da joyntz on holed . wen yue thynk we goen get da nect chek?

  86. Genevieve Words

    Man, get to it!

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose


  87. aguy ghow

    Great discussion. I personally don't think that the $450 enticement cookie for finding work or returning to work .. could ever happen. It would be just too complex to administer, for example .. all those who have kept working, .. and those who have several part time jobs, the list is almost endless as to the conflicts that such a payment scheme would entail and how it would essentially be unfair to so many. The government can barely handle mailing out checks much less a complicated bonus program. And then that Senate argument that the current $600 bonus is preventing employees returning .. if one calculates the cost of lost health coverage paid by employer, something costing far over $600 monthly on the open market .. those unemployed are in a "net" losing situation. Cheers ....

  88. John Wright

    You talking about nothing repeat stop making nothing videos Man

    1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

      I repeat stop watching my nothing videos to add joy to your life

  89. Juan Hernandez

    Amen totally agree!!!

  90. Every Lil Thing

    Will the next stimulus be given For child support.?

  91. Bliss


  92. Jose Diaz

    Nothing is going to change nothing will get better. Not until the struggle for political Powers is decided. The deep State doesn't care who they hurt as long as that you can regain power the cost is worth it. They have never been more exposed ithan they are today. If you can't see it now you'll never be able to see it

  93. I am Amazing

    Just invest in bitcoin or other crypo currencies out there. I invested in bitcoin and every year i can double up my bitcoins you see i invested 50k dollars and in a year i get around 200k dollars because i can double it up for 2x so yeah invest in bitcoins not in this shitty banks