Hey! It's Mike!
This is a channel about my life and all the things I do. So...yea...hmmm...that's all.

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  1. Marquis Scott

    Mapo Tofu mmmmmm.... Yorokobe Shounen.

  2. Emma Wolf

    I love hot and spicy foods, and I love your videos and I so badly want to learn more on how to cook these kind of dishes.

  3. Carter Zhang

    I still remember to older video of you cooking up Mapo Tofu, this looks just as delicious maybe even better since the lighting is better. It looks so good I think I need to make some like RIGHT NOW

  4. gmoney4980

    So making this!

  5. Kaibaman41

    Mikey making a dish from Food Wars, a man of culture you are Mikey

  6. Gaz

    Love food wars❤️❤️

  7. JD

    Substitute a good chili powder or taco seasoning for the numbing spices and you might have a great tamer version of that recipe.

  8. Nv3 Grand rising

    Thank you for this epic recipe.

  9. Gobawoo

    Did he move again? This isn't his kitchen in Seattle right?

  10. Ness Firth

    Mike you're too cute

  11. David Moskowitz

    Excellent job, Mikey!!!1

  12. Patrick

    I wanna cry because I want it now, at the same time I know I can cook it but I am lazy but I want now!!!!!! LOL

  13. A L

    Love mapo tofu!👍

  14. Sarah Thiess

    Where did Mikey find these guys? They seem very uncultured. Never had Chinese noodles, never had hot pot!

  15. Ichigo 360

    No way I love food wars

  16. Randy S

    more cooking videos please 😁

  17. BennyWin Storytime

    Mike should've gone all the way if he's going to do Food Wars! Where's the naked apron Mike?!

  18. CrazyOldman Gaming

    why i feel this man also play online games and watching anime

  19. booe34

    I think I’ll use this recipe for lunch on Monday. Looks great!

  20. ninja

    Omg 😱 it looks amazing...so spicy! Right up my street 🧡

  21. Exodus

    I bit on one of those peppercorns before, indeed, it does cause your mouth to become really numb, from that day onwards, I kept my eyes peeled looking out for those devilish spheres...

  22. Dweezy Mango

    The scoopy think lmaooo

  23. Dragon Orb

    audio is too quiet

  24. HeartSmart1

    My favorite dish!!!

  25. Kyle Rangerstown

    Heck yeah baby!! Love all your vids Mikey!! Thanks for being an awesome human!

  26. H er

    Loving these cooking vids mike!

  27. Mill Eudic

    Forgot fennel, or six spice.

  28. Raim Surion

    I clicked on this thinking it was a new ChefPK video and was confused for a hot minute.

  29. Phillip Brown

    Excellent job Mikey i ve been cooking myself ever since this pandemic.

  30. Irena-Talita

    I love that you cooked this dish it looks so delicious I am definitely making this ..Thanks for sharing Mikey your amazing I love you channels and I adore you ...x❤️🥰

  31. Sydney Jane

    I have tofu...and I know now what I have to do...

  32. AllGame Gaming

    Heheh boi it's cooking time

  33. AllGame Gaming

    Heheh boi it's cooking time

  34. ali ali

    i've tried several times to give tofu a chance........its just not for me


    Nice to see you cooking food instead of eating it Lol.

  36. Rainy P.

    FOOOD WAAARRRSSSSS i love food wars🥺

  37. Char Horst

    Wow, love a man that can cook!

  38. Justin Ho

    you had me at mapo tofu...

  39. The Forgotten Mage

    Nice one bro

  40. Chin Cha

    My favorite food vlogger is also watching my favorite anime. 💕😀

  41. Food Vlogger Sourav

    I have enjoy your cooking really awesome 😍😎

  42. ethan nunez

    Hey its Mikey here

  43. Jayne Blakemore

    Stay safe Mike I miss you but health is more important than anything else

  44. Mira Maxima

    What? I always eat the Sichuan peppercorns in dishes 😱

  45. Nickert

    Damn Mike great choice of anime xd

  46. Joe Mama

    Order take out and make videos bro, please 😀

  47. lilevano

    my favorite and most wholesome youtuber ever

  48. Catharine Foster

    I love the quarantine cooking shows

  49. Polly P

    Hey Mike, can you give us an update on the hot oil business?

  50. mrmelthecat3

    Mikey is the best

  51. MayRed

    Its midnight and you're killing me

  52. LemonStrike111

    I thought this was his cooking channel, that place feels so empty 😢 I get it that this channel has more subs so that's why he uploads it here

  53. Sara Smith

    YES! Love Food Wars... like I just want to live in that anime

  54. Wingster Shining

    I thought this was gonna be on the cooking channel, but hey. Does it matter? Any Mikey food video is welcome in my book.

  55. Anindya Mitra

    Hell yeah thanks for dat...!

  56. Big Turbo EJ8

    I really hope and pray that all of my brothers and sisters from all over this world are staying safe, staying home (as much as possible), and are doing well. God bless our world and help to keep as many of us safe from this horrible virus as possible. PLEASE help to keep our children safe if nothing else. Amen.

  57. Ren PnP

    Thank you! This is exactly what is needed during this physical distancing!💕🤗

  58. Hisocarl

    Here during the first minutes of uploaded LETTTSSSSS GOOOOO

  59. #no Filter

    your audio is way too quiet

  60. Trippen Deuces

    Earliest I’ve ever been :)

  61. Chase Cabacungan

    Hey Mikey I like your plan to come to Hawaii but I’d advise u to stay away from Hawaii right now until the corona virus is gone because here on the islands our Kupuna and Keiki are at risk due to the virus and caused everything to shut down. It would help if you just stay deep in the US so that you won’t get stopped from enjoying different traditional Hawaiian dishes

  62. UtotheJ

    You should do more cooking videos now that we are all quarantined

  63. Tania Rose

    Anime always makes the food look sooo delicious, better then real life

    1. Emma Wolf

      I know right!!! I totally agree. Especially Howl's Moving Castle food just yummo. 😁🤗

  64. andy luo

    I can’t really handle spicy like that. I can handle siracha though

  65. EtrnLAsian

    Yeaaaa! I was hoping for this!

  66. Richard Jackson


  67. Ninja Nick

    I respect you for even making videos at home!! I'll make sure to catch up with the videos due to quarantine problems!! Thank you for being my light of the day!

  68. nazgul_ ofangmar

    never been this early so happy

  69. Tigor Napitupulu

    What? You watch Food Wars for the food?

    1. Big Turbo EJ8

      Don Cheadle...Buck's Super Stereo World...HiFi...High Fidelity...That means it's the highest fidelity...makes you wanna get freaky deaky.

  70. icmanlai


  71. William Maruyama

    I'm really enjoy watching Food Wars series!

    1. WatchLater

      it is pretty awesome👍

    2. AviatingTheExtreme

      You’re not gonna like the ending of the next season if they go off the manga

  72. Sweetheart73

    Hi from Tyler, Texas, y'all!! 😍

    1. Big Turbo EJ8

      I've been there, and it's such a beautiful place, and hello to you as well! I hope you're doing well and staying safe!

  73. Justin Hunter

    Missed the cooking videos so glad they're finally back 🥺🥺🥺

  74. Tiffany Smith

    My mouth is watering. 🤤🤤🤤

  75. Grayson Snell

    wohoo 5

  76. Aaron Demello

    Yeayyyy Mikey is cooking again

  77. Feel Kim

    Mikey Chen!!!

  78. Joe Johnson

    first lol good luck with the channel

  79. Warbler’s World


  80. Camille Hoopes

    Love this recipe. I will try it for sure. I get the packaged stuff.

  81. nikhil dua

    Second person to message u 🤩

  82. Aaron Demello

    Dam I’m early 😂

  83. Alpha Wolf

    Gotta love food wars

  84. Life with Yasara

    Wohooo first to visit here ❤️

  85. Georgio Lovely

    Yay I’m first

  86. mheezmorena


  87. nikhil dua


    1. Big Turbo EJ8


  88. Noob Kill


  89. Martine Dingivan

    It's not a time r blame it's a time to pull together as a nation as a citizen as a global concern big or small it affects all stay safe stay healthy stay in touch

  90. David O'Hara

    looks great !!

  91. Vicki Fox

    Mikey please be safe. There's no reason for hate. My neighbors and I are taking care of each other like family but we're also practicing social distancing.

  92. David Morais

    Ahhh Mikey, sadly your videos have declined in quality lately. Also, your demeanor is not the same; you dont seem like you’re having a good time anymore.

  93. adam evil

    Im still sure this guy has corona

  94. Donald Gillaspie

    Amen Mike

  95. Hotaru Tomoe

    Usually love your content and have been watching you for years, but your choice to fly to 4 major cities back to back is irresponsible given the current climate.

  96. Helen S

    What is the name of that Malay place in flushing

  97. Hotaru Tomoe

    I understand these videos may be filmed weeks prior to local quarantine ordinances so I think you really should consider putting a notice in the front of your videos to say when they are filmed. Otherwise these videos may seem insensitive to communities trying to shelter in place to prevent spread of COVID 19.

  98. MrsSandyCandy


  99. avaorchid

    The buffet looked sub standard for an average decent hotel let alone that particular hotel buffet

  100. Killershootin 69

    Dude you better have asked one of those girls for their numbers lol