One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. ming Li

    Especialistas da área e políticos se reuniram em Hong Kong em 10 de junho de 2018, para analisar as atrocidades que o regime comunista chinês vem realizando ao perseguir os praticantes do Falun Gong e outros grupos religiosos. O tema foi: "Há liberdade religiosa na China? E sobre a perseguição ao Falun Gong". Legisladores e especialistas examinaram e condenaram o regime chinês, por extrair os órgãos de prisioneiros de consciência ainda vivos, em sua maioria praticantes do Falun Gong, e pediram para parar a perseguição contra a prática espiritual. Legisladores e especialistas no fórum em Hong Kong. David Matas, um advogado canadense de direitos humanos, declarou no fórum que os grupos religiosos na China, incluindo o Falun Gong, os tibetanos, os uigures e os cristãos, são massacrados para extração de seus órgãos. Os praticantes do Falun Gong representam metade dos presos arbitrariamente e sofrem as piores perseguições. O Departamento dos Estados Unidos informou e publicou em 2017 o Relatório Internacional sobre Liberdade Religiosa, e destacou que grupos, como praticantes do Falun Gong, tem sofrido uma perseguição severa na China. Sistema médico da China aprova vendas de órgãos David Kilgour, ex-secretário de estado do Canadá tem investigado a extração ilegal de orgãos de presos de consciência por mais de dez anos. David Matas e David Kilgour foram indicados para o Prêmio Nobel da Paz em 2010. Kilgour, Matas, e o jornalista de investigação Ethan Gutmann publicaram um relatório investigativo em 2016 que demonstrou que o número de transplantes na China superou muitíssimo os números oficiais. Mattas disse que a tremenda quantidade de órgãos veio de prisioneiros de consciência. Ele disse que esse sistema está dentro do sistema médico naturalmente.

  2. Mikhala

    I feel like we need a new drunk video 👀

  3. Mia Kelly

    pray 4 kobe

  4. Hey Hey

    I say this every fucking time I’m sorry but when Jake comes in the videos he literally is the star of the whole video 😍

  5. Damara Gonzalez

    I am a Gamestop employee and yes it is true! Only if we have stuff at the moment to give away though. Also its called pennied out which means sometimes items go way down in value to the point where they only cost a penny.

  6. chloe Porter

    my names Chloe and at 20:13 when he said "Chloe" I said yes

  7. shalini bali

    Yes he remodels only one room and that is specified in one of the episodes by him to the owner i dont remember which one it was.. to give them an idea of how things can be done.

  8. CoCo 1505

    The popcorn hack would be better if u let the candy dry and then crush them in a powder adn then coat the popcorn in candy powder

  9. Elly belly

    Oof, he doesmt have any actual REAL power, why he saying "and I have the power to say this" YOU 👏 DON'T 👏 What power and who gave it to you?

  10. Srimathi Iyengar

    At 3:35 a light appears left of Brennen shoulder a human figure is seen

  11. Snophals DcM

    18 for a pizza with multiple topping is reasonable, especially if it’s a hand tossed dough

  12. Snophals DcM

    These guys have NO idea what there talking about when it came to that pasta🤣 “what’s sauce is it? ....... it’s fettuccine” BOY WTF

  13. unzoom

    loool I thought those mannequins in the background were real people so I thought there were just two girls in the back while ur taking about u shitting

  14. Luke T

    That fingernail doesn't surprise me. A former co-worker of mine who was delivering supplies to a local Chinese restaurant once saw the chef sitting up on the countertop clipping his toenails into a pot. I guess that's why their chicken was so crispy.

  15. unzoom

    What did you do at 12:45

  16. Jrxcubing

    While watching I was eating cheetos and drinking fanta


    That’s my world

  18. Keoua Boi

    For the first one he only said the bottom part of the shoes

  19. shadequeen_2214

    4:15 Elton be a hard core solby shipper

  20. typical moder

    You dont need the salt just put the flash flesh to your skin and it shocks you

  21. Eric Guerrero

    At 9:50 had me laughing super hard😂😂

  22. Chloe Mathieu

    12:56: kids when there parents cooked

  23. Michael Tababa

    try some filipino food, you will be shock specially chicken adobo

  24. Ruin the Sergal

    Yo, tell me I'm not the only one that's annoyed that when he made that burger pizza hybrid, he didn't 1: toast his other bun, 2: melt the cheese, or 3: didn't add bacon. Like, c'mon now.

  25. • c h e r r y •

    This hotel had so much potential

  26. Michelle Swiftwolfe

    Omg its not a gravitational pull or majick its just the bristles cut straight and the thickness😤🙄

  27. Dee Jay

    System definitely is broken, just isn’t broken in this case. Idk where you read up on this story but there is no statute of limitations for murder... in any state. Not hating or anything, just see all these ppl commenting that the system is broken because of statute of limitations on murder when that actually hasn’t existed for many years now. The reason he got the plea deal is because without his confession and showing them where he had Jacob buried there was no way of even charging him with murder at all because there was no evidence linking it to him. In other words they traded the plea deal in return for bringing closure to the family and closing the 30yr old case. Otherwise it would probably still be an open case unfortunately.

  28. Morgan Christine

    you are dumb for doing any bleach

  29. Jovirock2018

    Burritos aren’t Mexican in Mexico there is no such thing as a burrito in Mexico 🇲🇽

  30. D V

    Instant karma lol

  31. Joseph Nieto

    Yo we have this mc Donald's where I live and I get an orange Fanta and ask for cream and they put it in all the time its freaking good. :)

  32. Adelso Flores Jr

    Try a flight to Australia on quantas airlines first class on the A350

  33. Joshua Polamalu

    I really need to go eat over there! That looks amazing!

  34. Shae L

    " Sex in a pan" cooked thoroughly because she used a cast iron skillet 😉

  35. Triple6

    Y’all are dramatic as hell

  36. Christina Hardwrick

    is it weird that i like my chicken dry? how THEY’RE describing the chicken makes MY mouth water. like the white, dry, crunchy chicken MMMM🍗🤤

  37. gaming with twk 42

    In 1.07 he sounds like he's out of breath

  38. Jaiden Saddler

    Dude I have been there it is no joke brennen

  39. B&B Gaming

    LOL 8:10

  40. D V

    Nobody irons their money? ..No?.. Just me? Okay.

  41. Romeo Enriquez

    You be going on a lot of often

  42. taylor maddux

    Do the marker thing without salt

  43. gresham boy

    She still will get hit

  44. Issykid44 Thompson


  45. victoria

    sweet tea and creamer BEEN good

  46. chambersrock

    At 9:50 that actually will work If he did not go to science

  47. Glitchy Glitch

    It kills me to see you not eating to tail of the shrimp

  48. Splexsychiick

    Sweet tea is just tea with ice. People really slow. Nothing outlandish about cold tea with milk. I will say it's better to not have lemon in the tea.

  49. Wayne Schonthaler

    I wonder if you had put the popcorn in the freezer 15 mins or refrigerator that you would have less sticky and more crunch.

  50. Emma Brown

    It's on the audio cuz I heard it too!

  51. Diego Carranza

    I don't even have 20$

  52. Rohit Kaler

    I get good vibes from Billy 🤙🏼

  53. Justin Tran

    Have they ever been to a 5 stars place and not like it or been to a 1 star place and like it???

  54. MiddleMan615

    Bra if she smoked meth or crack, she wouldn't be hungry AT ALL. I dont give a damn if she aint ate in 3 days, when you on those kinda drugs you have NO appetite. She might be high but def. nothin hard

  55. Ahrry

    OMG your the one who made this video

  56. Hannah Pittman

    he could've ate sour cream except for a salad

  57. the islander

    Professional food reviewer?

  58. Scnoofellufugus

    Yep because if you put soda in the freezer nothing interesting is going to happen

  59. Brawl Monster

    Sfter watching the video i realised i am vegetarian

  60. TheVille 043

    Although it's staged and you're running out of content, just dont try acting cause it's shit mate..

  61. habz x

    id join u 🥰😘

  62. Creepy cryptic queen 679

    Dirty butthole poop

  63. Kevin Vazquez

    Who opens a pizzeria when dominals and pizza hut exists💀

  64. 100 likes

    I am black

  65. Isela Ruiz

    I drink tea with creamer all the time...didn’t even know it was a hack lmao

  66. Lorenzo Idk

    His Spanish 💀

  67. deedle Dee

    Its called belly dancing colby 😂

  68. Stokque

    Low budget Bollywood horror movie Scenes ???

  69. Pro king 101

    I’m in ORLANDO

  70. McKenzie Thatcher

    Colby at 9:20 😂😂😂😂

  71. Kevin Harter

    Anyone know how to private message someone on youtube? I’d like to message Brennan Taylor...

  72. randy Dillabough

    If you knew how to make fries they would have tasted fine!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️💯💯💯

  73. Bryan Benz

    Hopefully brennen stops making these tik Tok videos they are getting too repetitive but for now as long as those views keep on coming he isn’t going to stop

  74. Rayquaza710 007

    I thought the plastic bag would melt for sure


    Don't you love the pic of brennen it shows at the end of the video like damn

  76. Gregory Johnson

    food- u check in and eat that and get sick so u don't check out. its a scam

  77. tnfofficial

    Anyone else noticed the number over the microwave when he was eating the cookies

  78. Gaming Zone Malayalam

    Hey Dude Most of the things in your life hack not available in India😔

  79. FaZe Avoqado

    He had 10 mil subscribers?

  80. Samantha Greene

    Just so you know for future cooking/baking, there are two different types of measuring, liquid and your powder ingredients. The one you used was for liquids, the plastic measuring cups are for your powders :) just thought i'd point that out :P

  81. Pamela Arias

    This really touched my heart please do more of these.

  82. The Gammer

    she switched hands

  83. Elijah Deshone

    Brennen said when he had kids. At the time he has kids he’s going to be DEAD

  84. Aiden Craig

    I have literally been there

  85. Christina MacDonald

    lmao the way brennen was holding the spoon Love You Brennen & Jake

  86. Claire C

    for the tattoo one, you need to print the image out using laser printer.

  87. baby Russia

    Anyone eles notice the Hennessy bottle in the back 😂😂

  88. Hayden League

    Btw they r crayfish or cradads

  89. Seth Martinez

    She hot 😋🥵

  90. WHT_jayy

    Tell me if you see Trevor because that's sandy shores from GTA 5

  91. Angie Veeder

    On the tattoo one you didn’t put enough perfume you need to soak it in perfume

  92. Slots and poker

    Don't mess with the sweet tea

  93. Luis Martinez

    Donating more doesn’t actually do anything for the people it’s just gonna go too adverstisment or if your lucky money for the produce and resources for the specified country

  94. Monet Stringer

    At 12:05 he said Idk if I was going to like nacho cheese on a pizza when he was talking about the burger

  95. Monet Stringer

    At 12:05 he said Idk if I was going to like nacho cheese on a pizza when he was talking about the burger

  96. Andrew Vasquez

    5:34 look behind the certins

  97. Eddie and Tj Ochoa

    Did anyone else realize the number on the cannot that said text me

  98. Jason Poole

    yes me to

  99. Ivan Davila

    I knew the marker hack since i was 8 years old

  100. Izmira Leiva

    Look love giving ur vids... But if you come anywhere close to my girl ... I will beat u azz no ...Or am i.😠😳😵😠