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  1. David Ventura

    I want debate

  2. 3va Lifestyle

    “Drippy” @dahottest.3va (my insta)


    'DRIPPY' contact email

  4. jose tamayo

    0:36 tho

  5. Lol Kid

    I eat nitros for a living


    Omg my friend was 8 when she got hit by a drunk driver this year 😶

  7. Loopty boii

    Team Frawadis

  8. Ninja gamer

    the best song

  9. KGN_pjsekona Sekona

    Drippy:ig CHASEABAG_10

  10. Its BryJosh

    11:01 feel so bad

  11. Aiden Hunter


  12. Josue IsCool

    And Mama

  13. KGN_pjsekona Sekona

    @chaseabag_10 that’s my Instagram

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  15. KGN_pjsekona Sekona

    Yo I need them shoes

  16. Downfall

    Who's shorter faze rug or faze apex

  17. Amal Rustamov


  18. Isabella Lidanski

    Anthony is SO skinny 2020 anyone....

  19. pawninder kalian


  20. Andres Mejia

    That is no where near the biggest water park

  21. Mario Demner

    9:20 😂😂😂

  22. Haden Partin

    in papa rug mind the cat make mawawa and the cat goes meow plus the cow snorts

  23. Tito_ TheGoat

    Bro tell Anthony h ok w much for the sisors

  24. God Arsenal


  25. Nancy Garcia

    Yo your a of bro am one of them as well

  26. kaokao TNT boy!

    Bodley is cute

  27. Lain Mahner

    Drippy 715 966 9650

  28. Lain Mahner


  29. luis calzado

    Hey I can not get a call back I wanna is your

  30. Nathanael Jimenez


  31. Haden Partin

    6:16 learn to jump over all jokes a side but yah

  32. Sqwitch

    A 100

  33. You Want Cheese On That Burger?

    13:23 💀💀💀💀

  34. emelyn 20

    team frawadis

  35. Lain Mahner


  36. Freewheeler55

    Who else wants to see Brian act pregnant? I think it would work

  37. Fernanda Martinez

    The phone controller thing works with Xbox too

  38. Anthony Delarosa

    ”Drippy” Why: I mean why not. A extra pair of shoes would be nice. Faze Rug I haven’t watched you from the start but man you got your own way of being entertaining. With these challenging times and us being at home it’s kind of a lil something we need. Good looks, keep on making banger ALsel videos. 😎😌 @anthony_poppin_

  39. Shadowzz 25___

    13:43 there’s a ball on the ground

  40. Naumai Hughes

    I have a shih tzu

  41. jacob morgan

    new jersey

  42. Iman and Drew

    If you all are looking for a new couple check us out ‼️‼️❤️❤️

  43. Betsy Garcia

    Did anyone else hear two knocks at 16:18

  44. Estrella Aguilera

    5:15 you can hear a man saying "get out" or "argh" I heard the first one

  45. ChinoPlayz-FN

    The one that was the worst tattoo shop was super good

  46. Alex & Michael Gent

    I am vegetarian and I have never tried a burger before. I think that vegan food taste amazing. I also want everyone to be vegan for a week

  47. Matias Gonzalez


  48. Mikey Hart

    my bday

  49. Jessica Workman

    I'm new

  50. Ryan JR Neymar

    No cap rug's mother gets a 10/10

  51. Ttf22

    13:29 bruh how can the tell the future

  52. Jekyll & Hyde

    It’s a crack!

  53. All Stars


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    Nozzy O gamername let's play cod😁

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  57. Dora

    I mean tbh, they both have no taste at all :/

  58. Andy Corralejo


  59. Bless the only1 Blessed

    You should eat more and hit the gym No CAP you built like a thooth pick I bet if you eat 1 marshmallow Your stomac bloated You look like skelet You wear gucci and you STILL lame and you aint have no idea Thats why you a unsecured little shit That try to blow up but just dont blow 14 milion subscribers and 2 milions views ricegum,ksi,fazebanks Selfs offset cant turn subscribers on you

  60. Daniel Lopez

    If I saw that in the middle of the road at night alone I would run her over. Like if you would do the same thing.

  61. ghost _winner519

    I mean.... Jessica it's not my birthday but thanks for the 🎂🎂😏😳

  62. Zolsp -

    8:27 rug explain?

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  65. immortal ray

    Its corona time

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  67. Maribel Orozco

    Only Real OG watch this

  68. OneSmartDoge

    right when she cut the internet my internet crashed 😭

  69. Evelyn Martínez

    Ur nose so Long u look like a witch

  70. XxReDnAzTyxX #38 RB

    Lol you used Preston plays thumbnail lol😂😂😂 anyway good vid

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  74. songs Obispo

    Have you ever heard of something called brushing your teeth 😂😂 and😬

  75. Hey :D It's Ya Boi Adal


  76. Cloptres Here

    I thought they were already broken up... XD

  77. Hey :D It's Ya Boi Adal


  78. Mandi Derasp

    Rug:its hard too do on april 1st Me:wow nice joke *clap clap*

  79. Ivan Romero

    Did you guys see the Christmas tree

  80. Felisha Cirino

    my new year restitution is to watch more faze rug videos and meet faze rug

  81. Jaxon Capps

    first fit is a 9/10 second fit is a 7/10\

  82. DZ6

    No one: Rug: does a breakup prank on april fools in a pool

  83. Ryker Blaylock

    A ghost named Elizabeth is in my house well at least I think she does