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  1. Joe Priest

    After watching this video you should go right outside (after you make sure your hair looks good LOL), find a busy street where the cars do at least 50..and throw your body in front of oncoming traffic. Enjoy


    I always like lele's videos.. Love it!

  3. Yassine Ben ameur


  4. Natasya Bibi

    1:51 did Susan says "Lele"? =P

  5. Bertha Salcedo

    Per ir go

  6. sebastian m

    wow, this is amazingly horrendous lmao, really really bad

  7. sebastian m

    damn this is really bad lmao

  8. Gacha Belle

    Okay, everyone knows that I am Miss Latina

  9. Katie Vito

    Luigi: *crying* Mario: Hai b*tch

  10. Emma Ventura

    Kegrociosod los negros

  11. Gamer kid Andrew Ruiz Ruiz

    Me me me me me Me me me Me me me

  12. bianca brianna

    I I’m a fan

  13. Nevaeh McCarty

    Lele I love you and Hannah can you film more with twan

  14. vSaintAntrax

    Damm you cant even tell who is singing

  15. Jose Ozuna

    paco is right social studies is better

  16. Leo Ferris

    this is literally the worst shit I have ever seen

  17. jackie playz

    What about Guatemala :<

  18. ɪɴsᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ III


  19. Zamantha Rapal


  20. Amanda Teo

    Lele's mom:ohohohohohoh Me:hahahahaha

  21. Larissa Maite Chichande Macas

    Lele pons I love 😘

  22. Amber Boswell

    My favorite is the terrible princess

  23. Leo Ferris

    This is the literal worst video i have ever watched in my entire life

  24. Amanda Teo

    Dogs are better🐕🐶🐩

  25. minh lam

    How did this video get so many views

  26. Doreen Canonico

    I was laughing so hard and my coffee went everywhere lol

  27. Trinity Ford

    At the end tho🤣

  28. Emily Castro

    La escuche y me gusta

  29. Alvaro Eduardo Perez Tobon

    My beautiful Cartagena ❤️

  30. Abigail Stevens

    0:16 dat voice

  31. Shantal Rodriguez


  32. Jasmine Tapia

    Hi Lele pon

  33. Farah Blz

    Angar is the only arabic🙄i think

  34. Shadow Wolfie

    WHERE'S MY MONEY?! 🤣🤣 im just kidding ik that the tooth fairy isn't real

  35. keira Morgan

    you are so funny and special ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  36. Callie Catsadimas

    Omg I NEVER NOTICED THAT PIZZA KOSHY WAS IN THIS!!! SHE’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE ALselRS !!! DOES LELE KNOW HER!?!? And has she been in other videos by Lele?

  37. •Jaiden Chan•

    Yo ya escuche la cancion hace dias pero no escuche a Victor Cardenas en esta cancion Alguien me dice donde aparece Victor?

  38. merly sapusao


  39. Maya Borges mis

    Pon like si lo escuchaste en la cuarentena 👍

  40. georgina angeles

    Y vaya que si santo porrazo te metiste en la puerta jajajajaja

  41. Shadow Wolfie

    When the criminals ran from the spider xD

  42. Joni Zymyli


  43. Karma Kandy

    Butter cup is. Innocent

  44. Nylah Reynolds

    I tried 😂😂😂

  45. YT_ PDZPokedotzip

    Who’s in 2020?

  46. Alexander Crack-ilton

    *are* *you* *latina*

  47. Coolgirlcuot

    I use to think this was funny

  48. Like live subscribe

    😂😂😂 he took the tre😂😂

  49. London Norris


  50. Danielle O_O

    3:17 i was dead laughing

  51. Valery Sanchez

    Lele po

  52. Darkiesharkie

    Idk man I think maxmoefoe’s Mario parody is better just sayin

  53. Naïma Belghazi


  54. Hailey Hunt

    I just realized that the Kapanono was originally from monsters university...🤩

  55. London Norris

    I love 💗 u LELE PONS

  56. Aseel Hassen

    We all have hair 😐

  57. Stoopid Pikachu

    But did she get in though 🤔

  58. Idol

    Lele is so pretty <3

  59. Aliza Terech

    I love amigos and I love you!

  60. rajvir PATEL

    How did you make this songs

  61. Jocelyn

    I don’t like her but this song is the only acception lmao

  62. The Boss

    I’m gonna make a filipino one called “kaibigan” 🤣

  63. Said Said

    is this real or a skit

  64. Emily Scott


  65. Darin Gay

    Hahahahahaha love the first guy that does Martial Arts

  66. Yung Trifle


  67. Yung Trifle

    Pons lele

  68. Leticia Ortiz


  69. Leticia Ortiz


  70. Una Vikic


  71. Leticia Ortiz

    Lele Pons eres mi vida y mi mamá

  72. Phyllis Pavia


  73. Shetene Houdhan

    Yes Sofie dossi is the best flexible one I love Sofie dossi and Lele pons to...........😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😄😄😄😍

  74. Shetene Houdhan

    Hi lele I love you so much

  75. Angela Beltran


  76. VEMO

    Proof you were here before 300 million views ⬇️

  77. Leticia Ortiz

    I Love yo Lele Pons eres mi vida

  78. Maliya TV

    I like 2:51 that made me laugh sooo hard the dad though

  79. N'vee Espinoza

    Fjvfbb fbngnvbg gbnbnhn

  80. R Park

    I thought that it was weird that lele was bubbles I would think that she would be butter cup

  81. mariana rochinn

    que tonta es esta mujer

  82. Dianis Moscarella


  83. Rachel Kajos

    Harry potter and the plastics best match ever!!!

  84. Gregory Gonzalez

    A girl is easy too be

  85. Shayla Peotrowski

    Lele Pons if you are reading this good because i really want you to be my stepmom or sister

  86. Jj Lin

    I will marry her for her family. 😂

  87. Rayan Ramírez

    I will give you a giver

  88. Chris Sexton


  89. Alysha Petit pierre

    "Nobody: "Not a single soal:" "Lele:no baby no0o00"

  90. Britney Mathews

    Cool video, that onedjde is hot

  91. Pika pika pro 45 XD donatex

    Lele pons es latina 100% real como son todas yo soy latina :v

  92. Rayan Ramírez

    Lele si a god techer

  93. Adrea Fernanda Barcenas Martinez


  94. Mercedes Ascencion


  95. Steph Gomez


  96. Petros Sozomenou


  97. Jasen Kolone

    The pilot is Cory from thats so raven!

  98. Jael Salazar

    Lele hannah and all ur friens are the best actors