My name's Westen. We make videos and have fun doing so.

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  1. Scott Fowler

    bob is jealous

  2. Ray Chamberland

    Good job Westen, very usefull infos not to mention extremely entertaining as well. Keep up the good work and your sense of humour as well.

  3. Adam Hill

    I found your channel off of Facebook

  4. the pizza devil


  5. Ted Ocwieja

    Have you guys thought about doing a tribute to the movie Transformers make the Rick look like Optimus prime vinyl wrap it may bring in some more viewers for you

  6. Ronnie Mac

    16in Moto metal weels on nitto trailgrapiler

  7. David Summerall


  8. Mike B

    congrats my dude on getting on moparinsider. I find it amazing that your channel is catching on, good hearted mechanically inclined guy that makes great videos! You should start looking at doin some merch for some extra $ to fund some of these projects as well! If you haven't seen the article, i'll post it.

  9. Paul Henry

    You flippin nut!🤪🤣😂

  10. Bill Ramsey

    I have a 94 7.3 extended cab 4 wheel drive F250. Not a powerstroke because it has an automatic transmission. Awesome truck either way. 21 MPG with no computer. I have a 99 F350 dually crew cab 4 by 4. 7 3 diesel of course. See this 2010-2011 style truck when the coming, has made me want that a newer truck. LOL I love a 12 valve Cummins. Simple, dependable, amazing engine. Your videos are addicting. I live way over in Virginia. You all are some hard-working guys. And you do amazing work. Keep making great videos. Can't wait till you have a million subscribers. LOL I do believe it will happen soon.

  11. Mr Olsen

    "catalog it on the ground" - Westen Chaplin 2020 Hahaha 😂 I Love your comments!😂😂👍

  12. Deven Willie

    Are you in wichita kansas

  13. Jonathan Steiner

    Great channel! I have a 96 like yours only the extra cab instead of crew cab. I named mine Sally, long, tall, Sally!

  14. JJ Lutsch

    Use never dull to polish the tanks and stacks it works magic

  15. Scott Stalcar

    Please add some auction video

  16. Coty Nietling

    Just wanted say how much i love your you tube your fing hilarious not sure if you'll read this but i seen you have quite the treasure of parts wondering if you have a good used 5.7 vortec engine for a decent price for my 98 suburban she threw a rod on me i live in scott city ks so your not to far from me everything i found around here is more than what i bought suburban for

  17. Thomas Carrillo

    He had to buy the biggest one cuz he didn’t fit in any of the other ones 🐷😂

  18. grafvonstauffenburg

    Kudos! Congratulations on what appears to be a real "value." A bit of washing would amplify that appearance. Maybe even a touch of wax!?!? It sounds great....if a bit noisy.....from the missing rear window. Snag a 2 X 6 ft panel of PE for a quick cover!

  19. Daniel Bonds

    Where did you buy it ?

  20. Derpydog 100

    Hehehehehe we gotta kubota.

  21. David Bailey

    Do you have any grey popom Lolo

  22. Backyard Garage

    You should just cut the stacks and make them straight up and down instead of buying another curved one and paying more money

  23. Dude Drover

    Hey westin! Love the videos! Keep it up btw John Deere is better😂 lol jk kubota is cool👍

  24. Tyler D

    You better stop taking all these small business loans Westin, you’re going to really get yourself into trouble, sure you’re making a little money onALsel but you’re digging a hole stop while you’re up and learn the gamble.

  25. BlazerWolf

    Westen my question is, do you like Trump?

  26. Amélie Renoncule

    Mind the petrol gauge, mon ami !

  27. Dubstep Magiic

    i seriously envy you man, i absolutely LOVE the squarebody trucks on the 90s and i gotta say i would love to own that vehicle. ive always been around those kinds of trucks and they really are made from a time when shit was made to actually last. you got yourself a good deal man

  28. TennCutty

    We need to take a blow dryer to it!

  29. Tony Woods

    That paint job looks great Wessen are you going to use it or sell it

  30. Raeford Redneck

    Hey Westen, can you give us a like 5 or 10 minute video on what it is exactly that you do? How is it that you can afford all these auctions and stuff? I’m assuming you’re a flipper, I’m one myself too but by no means like you.

  31. Mike_Aglione

    0:47 "It's only flat on the bottom" I died

  32. Black Feather

    You still haven't said "how much "?

  33. Rhett Schleeter


  34. Austin Poeppelmeyer

    Oh man it was so good to see Clifford again. I've missed seeing that truck

  35. Cc Smith

    I’m excited about the new shop build. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  36. ThatLooksAboutRight

    Factory power wagon wheels, they have utility, and some Toyo MTs in 35", might have to do 33" because that's a stock 2500, not a PW. Can probably put 35" BFG MTs on there.

  37. Mike Sonntag

    I definitely Wana see your junk yard lol.

  38. Blake Petrea

    Thumbs up for the Lisa Ann joke👍

  39. ben miller

    You should of gone a bobcat track loader

  40. Wayne Gouin

    Hi Weston. Tracks make a HUGE difference. Youre going to love it.

  41. Daniel Pritchard

    That red square body dually is a beautiful thing

  42. Lukas Chodur

    Shit, our boy here got himself a little tank 👍

  43. Bryan Depiazzy

    Update on the white 7.3 from the beginning.

  44. Keith Heffernan

    optimus prime is looking good !

  45. Gregg KUZILA

    Why don't you put a new electric heater Serta blue clubs

  46. George Flurey

    "The legend that is Bob" nothing more accurate Bob beast! Lol

  47. TTVsometable ,

    I cant wait for this thing to be done!!

  48. Jack Thomass

    I give a week before this thing is broken. Lol

  49. Michael Morgan

    If you want to make it a dump box they have those airbag dumps that way you don't have all the Hydraulics and cylinders do you have to mount in there it's just one big round air bag that fits underneath the Box

  50. Glock.And.Ruger.

    I'm sure Kubota's are decent, but not the Kubota 850 side by side. Omg, what a piece of junk. I work for a ski resort and we are not gentle with any of the equipment we have. That Kubota is 2 months old and it has spent more time being worked on than hours being used like every other machine.

  51. Nick Albanese

    There's an app in play store that will tell you how fast your going in any vehicle by using the satellites from cell phones.I have used it on one of my vehicles when the speedometer stopped working it's pretty accurate!

  52. Niels Olsen

    Wow, you need a mask. All that aluminum is not good in the lungs. : - /

  53. Black Feather

    Are you gonna sell your blue peter?

  54. John Stamos

    Love that you censored shit but not bullshit lmao

  55. the pizza devil


  56. D Thorpe

    I hope you video making the shop... will be fun to watch the progress.

  57. Robert Taylor

    My dad used to say no need to shout I am not down at the yard.!!

  58. Deejay Savoie

    What’s up good fellas love the channel

  59. knowltek

    Run that ac n winter get thoes windows cleaned...wth

  60. Kountry Gaming

    You should get one of those “rubber duck” hood ornaments

  61. Jordan B


  62. Northwest ADV Rider

    Im going to guess that there are no shortage of snack breaks during this operation.

  63. Willy Neufeld

    The 6.0 l sounds amazing

  64. Madalin

    You need to do a pressure washing video on this thing!

  65. Jerod Kessler

    Got 35x12.5x20s on my 2018 2500 stock didn’t level no rubbing +20mm off set Fuel Mavericks

  66. Charles Isaacs

    I have laughed till mt dew came out my nose!

  67. Eddy Gay


  68. Craig Dawson

    Those Kubota skid loader's are BOSS I've used them to move cars too, they do it effortlessly. Kubota make great user friendly machines that operate very smoothly..

  69. Joe Steen

    6.0 six speed

  70. Newporg

    I'm looking forward to watching you build your garage.

  71. CNYDriver

    Need to paint the flat black on the b pillar portion of the door to completely match....and get a damn mirror and grill end piece, it’s a beautiful truck, do it right

  72. Ron Dc

    Was that Honda "expertly catalogued" or should I say "expertly repo'ed"? 🤣

  73. Adam Blue

    You should call it big ol Beyonce

  74. Shane Hansen

    Your videos always make me laugh. 😂 Can you give BOB a block heater for cold weather starts? Pretty much everything up here in Canada has one or else nothing works in the winter.

  75. Paul J. Pappas

    When you say your good ole boys, you really are. I like that you don't strip out a lot of the missing around etc. Your videos are authentic everyday people getting it done and having fun doing it. Plus we get to learn shit. Awesome channel.

  76. Mark Radtke

    Friend more like girlfriend Bob+kabota=bobota.

  77. OETIOHeavyLifter

    What are you doing with the 5.0 from the diesel stang project?

  78. Terry Titan

    looks like it has HiFlo perfect for mower and other attachments

  79. Reel Fun


  80. Duke _of_destruction_

    These are always fun!!! My favorite skid of all for its size has been a bobcat T590. My job requires me to deliver this and similar type of equipment all around Cleveland Ohio and all surrounding areas. Just hope a hydraulic dive doesn't go out....... those are never fun to replace !!!

  81. burnum sharp

    u should show when u guys are throwing down on the bbq

  82. Bill Ramsey

    That's the best thing that ever happened do a 2010 F350. I absolutely love the trucks. Hate that 6.4 piece of junk engine. This would be my dream, you still have a newer truck with a 12 valve Cummins in it. Awesome video, I'm a subscriber, and I pass it on. BTW, you are hilarious. The video of zero to 60 in 2 burgers and a half a Sprite, is messed up. LOL, LOL, LOL loving it

  83. Hey Now

    I’ll bet you 50 bucks you can’t run over my wife with it.

  84. Stefan Marinescu

    Funny :)

  85. Braden Phillips

    Whats the song at 15:04?

  86. Elias Dahme

    Tagt Kubota is going to fall of the trailer for sure he didn't say that's not going to go everywhere

  87. burnum sharp

    Ur a stud boss. Love how u back roading it.

  88. Chasing a dream

    He's a bad ass paint man..... I wish I could get him to paint my car

  89. Bc rich Warlock

    Bob is king

  90. ForsakenGuy

    We need a yard tour!

  91. frankie2234

    Nice to see Clifford again. He is the shit !!!

  92. John Minor

    LOL ! LOl !! LOL !!! I really enjoy you, boys. I am sixty-six years old, and I have fun with my brother also. You guys are going to become a cult classic ALsel channel! Keep up the fine work and stay happy. GOD bless you and your family.

  93. tim b

    That's a regular skid for size

  94. Justin Racine

    One of the things I lovED most about your channel was the fact that it was pg13. Mullet kid might just ruin your channel for me...

  95. Placido Lopez

    Why have you not fixed?

  96. Dylan Curry

    Dad the a/c work and the heater work

  97. Sid Cantu


  98. Bubbagreen Smith

    Westen could talk the hind legs off a mule!!! 🤣😆

  99. Sandra Carter


  100. Doug Anderson

    I like that door design.. pain in the ass not being able to run with it open when you need to.