Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial out now -

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  1. Skinnyboy 2008

    I liked Roddy rich before this album but this album made me like him wayyyyyyy more

  2. Fusion Jordan


  3. Albert Fiter


  4. Rogue Blitz

    Epilepsy warning

  5. Danko TTv


  6. Kosmic KJ

    My car door be like: EE ER

  7. אלדר אייזנברג

    If roddy dies I will quit listening to hip hop

  8. gamberrillos1

    Try to avoid the first sound of the song that You hear like an orchestra. I trying to do it but its to difficult.

  9. maldivians be like

    This a serious question Can maldivians say the n word

  10. Basil Ayodele Del'b

    Ty AYE

  11. LifeWitTasia !

    I menrt she not he

  12. YBG King

    Eeh err

  13. Exist6nceMusic

    The beat : 😬😯😬😯😬😯

  14. LifeWitTasia !

    Some times i lazzy will my lilttle sister i crazy he name is skye 😍😉🏪😸

    1. LifeWitTasia !

      Sorry its a she

  15. king paul

    I love this song i listen to this every day go to my tik tok and follow i want to get to 2000 followers I LOVE THIS SONG

  16. Blenda Powell

    I put 100 bands on Zimmerman shit 2:14 listen deep what Zimmerman you talking about blood this my people account I’m a men I don’t gangbang Explain yourself

  17. Jesziah Brooks

    Now we all know he stuck up his ring finger and not his middle

  18. xImLucas

    ee eer

  19. The life of J

    This song is ass

  20. Leahjade

    Ee Er.

  21. Reggie Collins

    This is Reggie

  22. ッRegen

    I know why you're here

  23. William Howle

    She suck a nigga soul, got the cash app. I know I’m not the only one who thought he said that.

  24. Aylin Russe


  25. Trax_CodemeCo

    Chui le seul commentaire francais ?

  26. NIku GaNg

    Is tiktok trend

  27. عّبدالله البقمي.

    When you wake up The bed : ee ur

  28. xFlexy


  29. Luis Jimenez

    Who just watch the song bc people are making memes with this song ?

  30. My Dixie Rekt

    Nobody: Shitbox windshield wipers: Eee uur

  31. GGF- -4

    The bed when im trying to fap quietly:

  32. xXxDf0_ _UnDxXx

    *E* ER *E* ER

  33. Prod. Z3RO

    If you don't like this you will never achieve your highest dreams.

  34. Getta 2real

    This song still dope as hell, who ever reads this should press like if they feel me 💯💪🏾🔥

  35. Julian Hinkston

    Is it just me or does it sound like he’s saying “tell em white boys nigga no” instead of “tell em wipe a niggas nose”

  36. chance

    Who else doesn’t give a fuck about stream count & just want to enjoy the song?

  37. My Nam Jeff

    EE RR

  38. Drip God

    God: “Roddy I needa banger” Roddy: “say less” 🔥🔥🔥

  39. Gokugamer Son


  40. Harvey Pipes

    Admit it you searched eee err

  41. Bianca Biii

    All the time i excuse you!🕵️‍♂️🗣🔊🎧🎤❤

  42. VTX ItaChiッ

    0% for listening 100% for Fortnite

  43. Abrarツ

    Yo Roddy, this song is more than insane. Keep it up. Keep balling. 💪💪

  44. Kaleb Camp

    Like if Roddy is the only top 1

  45. GIO 123

    Hes going through pubury too hois voice is cracking

  46. Adalia Galvez

    When he said “eee urr” I felt that

  47. Nehkye Fenton

    Imagine the music video just people opening and closing stuff, walking on the floor with squeaky noises and etc 😂😂😂😂

  48. Aujlamba

    How can an original song get fuckin demonetised

  49. LTU PRODigy

    When this song plays who remembers last summer

  50. 천사 αηgεΙ

    Eee er

  51. Adalia Galvez

    When he said “eee urr” I felt that

  52. Spider Man

    I like the bit when he goes: ee oo

  53. Nima Hanna

    if you google e err this comes up...

  54. Husna Mahad

    When he drops the mv its gonna be game over it will enter 100 million in couple of days can't wait for it

  55. Kiko Bang

    Nobody: The old door when you're sneaking outside: EE ERR

  56. ToonyWoony Gang

    My grandma fuck with this song she don’t even like rap she said he smart asf he is tho

  57. xxslayerpro420mlg360xx


  58. N o F a k e

    Ee uhr

  59. Usbaldo 2k

    "What's In the fucking box?!"

  60. Taferzz

    Who else searched ee eerr to find this song

  61. Chestnutty

    Please let this beat Justin. This fire 🔥🔥

  62. Levex誉

    ამაზე თესლი მუსიკის დედასშევეცი მე

  63. Zeztrap

    anyone here from tiktok

  64. Tobe Nwabudike

    Me trying to sneak back into bed. My bedroom door:

  65. Isaac Salo

    Two 10's and 1k watt amp got my truck goin ee err ee errr eer errrrrr 🔥

  66. Deng Mam Du spasst

    He drops out his song 2 days later juice wrld dies🥀

  67. NoxiousCake

    what’s with all the hype on this song ?💀💀

  68. Amy Price

    Wind sheld wipers eee err eee err eee err



  70. Tommy Brulé

    This what all the hype is about smh straight 🗑

  71. Goon10ajz

    Does anyone know where Roddy Ricchs hoodie is from, the one with the pictures, was wayy too dope

  72. Mr Chuckles

    Me walking up the stairs at 2 AM to get a snack: The stairs: EEE ERR

  73. DOTHEDASH 69

    This nigga the next up 🔥🔥

  74. Mr Chuckles

    When i microwave pizza rolls at 1 AM and i forget to take the pizza rolls out when the timer ends: EEEEEE EEERRRR

  75. DOTHEDASH 69

    This nigga the next up 🔥🔥

  76. AARON

    Boogie all over the beat. Damn..

  77. Luiz Rodrigues

    Connect Whit this Brazilian Sound

  78. Key

    Y'all love the beat but I hit that heheheh @1:55 every time w/ a shoulder shimmy lol.

  79. Tenzin Dorjee

    Me : Comes home and opens the door after clubbing. , while my mum is sleeping . The door : EEEEE ERRRR

  80. Jonathan Jean

    Roddy all 2020?🤙🏾

  81. Damien Long

    How to get Roddy Ricch to #1 Stream the song whenever you want to

  82. Jana Yorulmaz

    I didn't knew the name of this so I search,,Eeh Ouh" hahahha

  83. TheFame12284

    I want your body give me sloppy top on the front seat.

  84. Gucci Manameajeff

    Why the beat sound like japanese porn

  85. 1Fritzfps

    THE BOX DROPPED!! Fortnite PLAYERS :😎😎🤘🏻🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  86. DareToFight

    can i use this in my vidoes as copuright claim free?

  87. Marcos G

    Damn that video put me inside my phone !

  88. Amy Price

    The beat Dees nuts dees nuts Dees nuts

    1. Jana Yorulmaz

      Lmaoooo hhaah