Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial out now -

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  1. Raul Santiago


  2. Unique Mullings

    Me : tryna run from the cops Shoes : EeR EeUrH

  3. Ben Williams

    ALsel engineers are geniuses! Had no clue what the name of this song was. I typed in “eee ooo” and it took me right here!

  4. King Ilhadj

    Hey Man u know what?! U Fuk8n SicK And I love it 4 4 Real

  5. WOLF MAN 8063

  6. Paddoo Pakoda

    I thought that he sounded like a black guy Then I found he is a black guy.

  7. Teχ

    0:22 what's her Instagram?

  8. farmasi onile

    Jadolive music

  9. RecluseTV

    I love this entire album. I actually wrote a remix too this beat. Check it out if you got the chance:

  10. Dayton Mccullough

    Im down below on money

  11. RecluseTV

    This beat is crazy...i wrote a remix on this beat. Check it out if you got the time:

  12. Beats N Tatts

    My girlfriend left me because of my obsession with Linkin Park. But in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

  13. Dragon So2

    aql comentario br que todos esperavam (zoas kakak)

  14. Gød Luca

    Wedzao hehehhehe

  15. Robert johnson


  16. The gasoline Man

    If you type nigga suckin d, the box shows up

  17. The gasoline Man

    If you type nigga suckin d, the box shows up

  18. Judy Blakely


  19. Trevor last

    I don’t like to compare people but the similarities between lil baby and him are crazyyyyyy.☠️🙂

  20. Tiny Toon


  21. tribufu br

    Quem é br🇧🇷 deixa o like!

  22. The Drummonds

    I Like your songs

  23. DoS David

    Copie e responda no caderno Atividade complementar 1. Sobre o conceito de região e suas aplicações, julgue as afirmações, marcando com v (verdadeiras) ou F (falsas), justificando sua resposta. a) As regionalizações produzidas com base em critérios naturais são construções humanas, já que são os homens que determinam os limites entre as regiões a partir de observações e estudos. b) Qualquer região deve ser estudada como uma unidade homogênea, que não possui diversidades internas nem relação com outros espaços. c) As regiões são importantes ferramentas de trabalho para a Geografia, mas seu estudo requer alguns cuidados para que não se caia em generalizações exageradas. 2. Leia a afirmação a seguir e responda às questões. Fósseis de Mesosaurus, um pequeno réptil, foram encontrados no continente africano e no Brasil. a) Qual teoria ligada à formação dos continentes essa informação ajuda a comprovar? b) Cite outro argumento que ajudou Alfred Wegener a elaborar sua teoria. c) Façam uma pequena pesquisa sobre a teoria Alfred Wegener.

  24. Ledi Keki


  25. Ledi Keki


  26. Bob Fave

    0:53 spoiler alert for the future

  27. Lucas Loures


  28. my petrol head family

    Big tune world wide

  29. Lil Had


  30. Hashim Satvilkar

    Bhai meme bohot bante hai ye song pe bohot kaam arah hai meme banane mai

  31. Tyler Dyrden81

    Roddy admit it you cant drive a V12 manual just like you dont hustle in the streets! And you look 12 and like 5'5 dude! You're not hard dude! Hope ya got good security!😂😉😘

  32. Vance Weckel

    Sucking on di** made🤣

  33. Martha Lyons

    Are you offended basketball player

  34. Bollywood Songs Wale

    Nice #BollywoodSongsWale

  35. kuba stasik

    The second chorus hits different

  36. Kemal Ciks

    %80 animation %2 song %100 Roddy Rich

  37. Osama Fadi

    Fantastic I watch you from Jordan

  38. Kemal Ciks

    Good animation bro

  39. Desmond Richardson

    Anyone else still listens to this because of how 🔥🔥🔥 it is

  40. Dope _103

    Nobody: My microwave at 3:33 in the morning when I’m trying to be quiet: EeEeoOooO

  41. MegaX Leader

    The fact that the white people in that concert are saying the N word

  42. Alfred Demishaj

    Not bad

  43. Maaz Duncan

    Nobody: No one at all: Roddy ricch: hi hi hi ii hi hi

  44. Madison Gilliland

    when he says ima get lazyyy I really do get lazy

  45. P Simon

    I love this song ❤️😍😍💙

  46. Madison Gilliland

    best song ever even on tiktok I do this song like 6 times

  47. ikram Ramoul

    Me at midnight opening my parents bedroom door the get my play4 The door: eurrrwrr

  48. ikram Ramoul

    Me at midnight opening my parents bedroom door the get my play4 The door: eurrrwrr

  49. Jada Snyder

    and im only 10

  50. Jada Snyder


  51. YeetusCleetus

    we he said “ee ur” I felt that

  52. Happydude100cp *_*

    They be sayin' the N-word

  53. Joker Boy

    The best song!

  54. mit4c

    this video is homage to late 90s early 2000s MTV music videos that were expensive but still made sense for the labels to finance them

  55. Aaron Smith

    Roddy rich turned my whole life around when the song that blew him up and that when I lived a hooded area and I was trough tough times and he help a lot since he loved in a good to

  56. Nick Asbury

    when this song went viral like fortnite no its dead like fortnite.... also when girls like fortnite when it comes out and now they hate it and when this song comes on its there favorite song now its gay to them smh haha...

  57. Alex Markov

    W A T E R Edit: he Roddy Rich..guess what? Cool video, it's ok, you are apologized by all your fans for being antisocial..👍👍👍 W A T E R

  58. Alex Markov

    It's ok Roddy Rich, cause I didn't even know that you was antisocial... W A T E R.

  59. Atong -Thi

    i is so coool

  60. ShinyBrian

    Sub Urban: Hush Billie Eillish: Duh Roddy Ricch: EEE UUR

  61. Luke qqqfarjak

    When I try go to get a drink at 12:00 Door: Ehhh Ohhh Eh Ohhh Me: Screw it....

  62. Luffy LCS

    *Eu e os rapazes indo...*

  63. juicy women

    GREAT VIDEO! Make an account on and type in the promo code "CSGOJUICY1000" for free money ( and maybe some juicy stuff too hihi :p )

  64. Сумасшедшие видео

    cool song

  65. Lidelfonso soriano

    My cusion like this song

  66. Tao Gaming Belge

    Qui parle français ici ??? Je suis seul ? 😂😂😂😂

  67. Lantaarn Kop

    Roddy ricch is good he is not from ilimunati*he says i will never sell my soul he means he will not give his soul to be famous*

  68. Faze Jose

    is mustard the person that makes your beat

  69. amin mafai

    Travis scott

  70. fujitora One piece

    EEEEE UUUUURRRRRRR -Roddy Ricch 2020

  71. Asgard Ninja

    The "ee oo" holds this song back

  72. Big homie Cuddy


  73. Dre'Vyn Gribble

    Daddy you’re so cool I love all your videos and ready I love the one where you did the box it was so is like the best video I ever watched it was so cool I subscribed and I’m a fan fan

  74. Geovani Silva

    KKKKKKKKKKKK eu pesquisei: ih uh e deu certo

  75. thierry Matheus


  76. Brenda Colvin

    😶😶 um ok best song ever

  77. Scrights Plays

    *alright who gave the crowd the N-word pass*

  78. Nazi

    Todos los comentarios en inglés, sé qué no soy el único hispano


    I can Able To Watch Future xxx tentation In You ♥️💯🌍👆🏻


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  81. Roselia662 Menesse

    Best music ever

  82. Kace Laabidate

    No Mi

  83. Phúc Noo

    So much niggas in his lyric

  84. Abdulrehman Ahmed

    THIS IS MY 1ST best song because this live performance was on my birthday 23 march 2020

  85. Jale Samedova

    This is legendary

  86. רועי עמיר

    איכסה פיחסה

  87. 《ƬƧK》SharIIN

    BR Aqui🔰🔰


    I cal dees one ... the BUAX!

  89. Samantha Hoyes

    Yo really clean

  90. neox rc

    C un ouf ont 1mois il a fait 9000000vu

  91. Elton Junior


  92. Aiman Boi

    1:05 stop the cap lmaoooooo

  93. JadoLive-Ada

    Tr jadolive

  94. OBITO

    Cadê os Brasileiros kk

  95. Airbus A350

    Who's from the USA VS india memes?

  96. FRAzix 25

    normal people : 1% - memers :99%

  97. yoann amal glaou


  98. Alan boro

    Grammy boy🔥🔥

  99. Z_ Archived

    Roddy rich:We dont care corona virus Corona virus:Here we go again

  100. Skykzy 87

    new XXXTENTATION ???