Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.

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    Did not know you could legally have wheel spacers on a car. It has been engineered so I guess you can?

  2. Mykola Korkishko


  3. D Ed

    Antarctic trek: closest to South Pole wins

  4. PhunkBustA

    does it not scare you a little that all that holds the wheel in is a weird lookin hub nut with a bolt going through it? it would concern me a little 😜

  5. David Garrett

    Winner gets to respray the losers car?

  6. Graham Robinson

    Challenges Go to woe Dyno challenge Reverse Parking 8th mile

  7. Greg Davies

    Euro motors for the win 🤙

  8. Chris Cherry

    Challenge: if it's a buggy, there has to be some beach driving! Maybe a sandhill race (up and down) or a beach slalom (soft sand).

  9. joshs199

    Well...this video was a little gayer than I thought it would be. 😐

  10. jimboburgess

    5:26 demonstrates proper social distancing.

  11. Miles Kee

    Is that Cheryl on the left @15:26 ?

  12. Lil' PotatoVEVO

    Challenge: Tofu Drifting!!!

  13. bokortify

    Do a challenge in outback australia desert thing might be cool. The moon buggy will be look like its in mars, and the MR2 straight up be a 90's rally car!

  14. Kayne Craddock

    1/4 mile roll race . And a go to woe will sort the two out

  15. David Hyskell

    Guys, what is with the FEET????? Lol

  16. David Barnsley

    What is with the hatred of the other one’s car Just give it away to a random stranger ie me so hopefully you loose moog as I would love your buggy and put a windscreen and wipers on it And maybe a bikini roof for summer driving 👍👍😍😍

  17. Lyal Minchinton

    Go to wow, and witches hat course 300metres.

  18. Fatty J


  19. Damian Rynett

    Whats the go At 3:55 the Ghost stool in the background?

  20. Deddily

    Challenge: Which car is better off road?

  21. lenny 034

    general lee challenge, how far can they fly

  22. Orku5

    I saw 1960s Fiat/Abarth 600s destroying Ferraris and Porsches on my local hillclimbs, slalom and other rallys - so, depending on the challenge a tuned beetle has actually good chances to beat the SW20. We had a guy who was using a Mexico bug for rally racing. That car was keeping up with the Evo 5s and the Imprezas - was pretty much chopping all the Group N cars - but I'm sure his engine was tuned more then the KoalaBug you guys have.

  23. Zach Higgins

    Is the background music available for purchase? Really digging the last track.

  24. Lighting Boomerang

    Demolition derby 😂

  25. Jack Walkom

    You're winning 100%

  26. TheCoBBus

    5:29 For some reason I would love to see this shot but with the camera a couple meters away xD

  27. Outlaw815

    Am I the only one that saw the red and black stool move by itself at the 3:33 mark???? Moog, do you guys have a ghost? Lol

  28. DangerDamo

    Build info for the buggy is online. www.justcars.com.au/news-and-reviews/lynx-lunar-buggy-behind-the-build/11824

  29. Seth Jensen

    Winner gets to do a burnout until the tires go. Loser buys new tires.

  30. Vexitivity

    I saw this when it came out

  31. Rennis Tora

    Are you gonna be getting new tires? Assuming those are the ones it's had for years, and even if it wasn't driven much, the rubber may have aged. Maybe go for something sportier and lighter than those beefy looking things?

  32. John Caldwell

    Challenges: Motorkana, which the Moon Buggy will probably win. And, a high speed challenge. And which car can do the longest burnout! I'd like to see that!

  33. B1G M

    The stool in the background at 3:35 moves on it own

  34. gimenofm

    You need some sort of practicality test.

  35. F L

    Challenge: Moog Buggy vs Golf R

  36. Art King

    blind driving obstetrical course blindfold the driver passenger gives verbal directions

  37. wyatt darshay

    3:30 wait is the mighty car mods shop haunted 😳

  38. matthew Acuna

    Solid front rotors! You wont get 2 min in to a track run before brake fade wreaks your run.

  39. andre f

    Scrapyard is the best place for that Hitler machine I hate bugs

  40. El-Cachet Claassen

    Please don't make it that the winner takes the losers car.

  41. Art King

    paddle tires and beach racing running in the sand buggy will rule or will it, m-m-m-paddles on Mr Poo?

  42. Abner Ishak

    5:30 I- idk what to say

  43. Trenton

    Izac is an old school VW pimp

  44. teamavk

    Challenge idea? It's a buggy...it looks a bit weird, but it's still a BEACH buggy!! Need to see this running on the beach. :) Mr Poo will get bogged in 2 sec flat. Moog...you know you want to run this in the beach...you know you do..... Before any form of beach driving was banned here in SA, every second family in town had some or other version of a beach buggy for fishing, etc. Amazing how well these go on the beach. Just keep the revs up. ;)

  45. LucasJed

    Please don't play for keeps, I'd hate to see the moon buggy get crushed 😉

  46. Jerry Cambel

    Challenge: pikes peak hill climb

  47. Marshall Owens

    Loser has the winners engine of choice swapped in.

  48. El-Cachet Claassen

    Challenge: Any challenge that involves reversing 😂

  49. Mitchell Tinaburri

    After the challenge put the MR2 engine in the moog buggy.

  50. David Barnsley

    I love your buggy but it needs a beach buggy windscreen

  51. Brenden Pragasam

    Whatever happens, don't crush the buggy.

  52. Hydrocarbon82

    Carb cleaner leaves some residue, but burns clean. Chlorinated brake cleaner burns some poisonous gases, non-chlor is mostly methanol and acetone. In a carb you want some of the residue to not dry out o-rings and gaskets.

  53. RaisedByWolves79

    Challenge: Drive through a automated car wash.

  54. Agatemaster 199

    Rivers though mc checkers drive though

  55. August Sawzak

    Don't play for keeps, just do it for fun and maybe a couple thousand yen or 10 million dong

  56. rx7racerca

    Challenge: an autocross course (or short road course, like where you took Yaris Hilton).

  57. Hal Cozens

    Please tell me he’s going to change the wheels and tyres

  58. Foaplo

    Challenge: weigh both cars and see which one is closer to 50/50 distribution

  59. Jh Wgshs

    Did that chair move?

  60. Derek Goudreau

    Keep it simple. drift, drag, slalom, 0-100-0, lap time (best of 3 or avg), speed parking for fun and could throw in a MCM styled challenge for entertainment lol

  61. Liam Johnson

    Are you planning on putting re003s on the buggy? 50 year old tyres will be pretty useless on a track you'd think.

  62. MikeKlonowski

    @13:45 why are you just putting all those bolts and crap on the paintwork. It'll scratch the shit out of it!

  63. Chris Rosie1

    Final challenge = engine swap. Drop a Tesla drive train under the Bug..

  64. A W

    Would like a civic vs corolla build. Simple, basic and everyday caahh for the average DIY person out there.

  65. Dia KK

    I mean I like the mr2 but this is definitely different and I love it and I hope it wins just because.

  66. promethbastard

    The effort going into the MR2 doesn't justify the crushing.. then again the Blue Turd was too nice to crush as well.

  67. eric devore

    Depending on the track, elevation, you could possibly pull it off, but I love an MR2... My biggest dream car.... Errrr smallest..., But I've been in a few MR2's they are scary quick around a corner, and aren't exactly anything to laugh at on the track... I don't know anything about Volkswagen to begin with... I like old bugs. They are definitely about as cool as they can get... However.... I do know Mr. Pooh will be a tough one.... The thought of a front lip, and possibly a small spoiler would be in your best interest to win... it won't be easy, but I feel like you might be able to do it.... If you can get him around the corners...

  68. Lawrence Lentini

    I'm surprised the internet is so confident in the MR2. The buggy probably weighs at least 600 lbs less and has wider tires (which they could take advantage of to run a super soft compound). Marty would need twice the horsepower to stand a chance and this would still destroy it in the corners.

  69. Earl McCutcheon

    row row through the gears, aggressively down the track wooo sue too too, woo sue too too, woo sue too too, short shifters are a load of crap :)

  70. Brad Fuller

    Lmao he wants hes revenge for 2wisted ahahahahs

  71. drake b

    So obviously, a reverse speedtrap is required for the challenge.

  72. andrew

    no way this handle better on turns.

  73. Yendry Perez

    Its beautiful to see a time capsule but it killes me to know the actual struggles my fellow Cubans go through as we can see in this short documentary.. thank you mighty car mods for exposing the struggles Cubans go through just to keep a car running

  74. Royalty_Stance_Nation

    You guys should do a WRC Challenge !!

  75. DKP Productions


  76. Mona Lisa

    just my opinion list! 1) drag race (a must) 2) go to woe (a must) 3) burnout 4) off road ( hope so to see) 5) track race ( the best time laps 6) 1 litter petrol challenge ( stupid idea ) 7) gymkhana ( lol) just silly list!!

  77. m2coy

    dont you love carbie sounds??? reminds me of my old weber in a 93 corolla. having said that, im super hyped to see what happens. the tension is killing me!

  78. jan F

    I think the loser, loses all and has to destroy their own car if they loose all the challenges

  79. Janis K


  80. Gally

    Gotta do something off road, like a dirt path

  81. Earle Haggerd

    Dude are they playing games??? That red stool totally moves when they are talking abouth the front brakes........

  82. Edilberto Gabriel Ylo

    The soundtrack is just epic as always

  83. Henrik Paulsen

    1.st challenge: Who can get their car into reverse the fastest. :)

  84. Shane Forsythe

    car wash challenge, drive thru an automated carwash. race on snowey mountains roads in mid winter. gymkana ( if hard to get reverse). hahaha.

  85. 0311KILOCO

    LOL at 3:33 the red wheeled stool just moves by itself! The Ghost of Projects Past?

  86. cootie coo

    3:34 Ghost moving the mechanic seat on rollers in mid left of the video?? Da Fak

  87. Anoroc Suriv

    Marty's Ok - but really need to get rid of this idiot. Just get behind the camera and STFU.

  88. Josh Hochkins

    visibility challenge: course that's REALLY skinny lanes. like only 6" wider than the cars either side. but put personal items on the track that each player doesn't want broken ;-)

  89. Evil Me

    Challenge: donuts / skids in reverse!

  90. potato mash

    hill climb / rally style race plz

  91. iZR0

    Challenge: ! IN A SAFE AND OPEN SPACE ! whose oversteer is easier to control? Points are scored in 2 parts; the angle of power oversteer, the speed of recovery/lest amount of oscillations. Induce power oversteer in a safe environment, recover the best you can, pendulum swining and all!! (a bit of judgement for amount of angle Vs how well recovered, but could be fun and entertaining for the audiance to see "snap oversteer")

  92. Joe Rosales

    Longest reverse Skid. Fastest circle before losing grip.

  93. DJGatortail

    Moog soundtracks: “Ima just make you cry in the intro.”

  94. anonim1133

    Now I don't want Moog to win. Poor Mr. Poo.

  95. peachypeach

    It's an EVO. www.evolutioncustomindustries.com/uploads/6/2/7/8/6278480/271807_orig.jpg

  96. Ronin

    moon vargan Moog vargan

  97. Alvin Hall

    Challenge idea: Essentials run. Who can pack the most jigsaw puzzles/toilet paper in their car?

  98. iflystuff1

    Regardless of challenges.... don't crush these cars... they are both great

  99. JESC Biotank Supreme

    Music video challenge... or maybe a drive thru food challenge

  100. Brian Pouwer

    Loser must sell to first caller no dealing..