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  1. Ocean Butterworth

    0:35 Calebs voice cracked

  2. Logan.T

    One helluva life hes had🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  3. ツAyeSevenn

    “Are you okay with shooting a dog?” Man like if I’m not shooting humans already in the game

  4. Freddy Richter

    6:40 No, we do not.

  5. ricah mae nalugon

    It reminds me Of Detective Conan and Kaito Kid

  6. Aiden Olsen

    Imagine if blitz actually did that

  7. Kanaro Kan

    I can watch chris talk about space and himself for hours.

  8. Raphael S

    How can it refuel itself huh?

  9. Brianne Freer

    He is on my list of people that I would like to meet and just want to sit down and chill with and have a conversation with. His birthday is January 6, mine is January 9 cool

  10. Dreams of an Illusionist

    As the Irish guy gets more Irish he gets louder 😂

  11. Sean Kelle Pesquisa

    Zedd is born on Soviet Russia

  12. hello its satan

    her eyebrow is so badass I can’t

  13. Anushka Deogharia

    I love David and Liza 😦 can't they be together again?

  14. Stuq

    Please learn your left and rights. Please it would help a lot

  15. яσgυε

    don't remember asking

  16. Leya Poki Doki

    Lele pons:Exist Subtitle :lily ponds,little ponds And when Lele ponds says shes real name it says elephant

  17. Dem Oofs On dem haters

    I was dissapointed that Noah didn’t say his ROBLOX Id I want to play with him

  18. Linkus

    I think that the rocks might be a paid actor

  19. Miiaahxboo playz

    Gatens got a cute face when he smiles♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️☺️☺️☺️♥️♥️

  20. Daviyon Gibson

    The "spear" is called the bayonet just so you know not trying to be all that but that's all

  21. Ak5u

    PVC for survival situations let's check it out

  22. Ezra Turrubiartes

    Doesn't take much to be a FBI agent it seems.

  23. Timothy Mckee

    Is Picard in a mental assylum and he is living in a virtual reality?

  24. Mark Richardson

    Why cant I share this?

  25. Jessie

    So you're telling me that Lucy Hale is a Karen!!!

  26. NV

    Dr. Seema 😍

  27. Nayvio Campbell

    It’s kind of funny how oblivious these actors are to the characters and universe that made them rich.

  28. Michaella Antoinette Diesta

    Hah. I dont what and who to trust anymore

  29. Pingupenguin 666

    Who is Will, and why does everybody want shoot him

  30. ShiroiOkami

    Dang, thanks corona for making me learn something new

  31. King

    John Candy

  32. Ali Humaydan

    Finally someone did ot without a fkin lighter 🙄

  33. Kirk Lazarus

    What an attractive lawyer. Thank you.

  34. Kymanie Hamilton

    Is he arsenal or spurs

  35. Edgar Joaquin

    That ending tho 😂

  36. Gamer3dx OG

    If the top 2 worlds fastest runner's became robbers

  37. Cody Peterson

    In also Virgo

  38. Fausta 14

    I’m also a Capricorn

  39. Macaco Louco

    If you wanna look not American, just try not look idiot.

  40. Sticky X Reefer

    the dots were spinning left the whole time..

  41. Sticky X Reefer

    the dots were spinning left the whole time..

  42. lehninger

    4:35 morty: "I'm not in danger, there's nothing out here" rick: "Literally everything is out here, and unlike everywhere else I'm too busy to help you."

  43. J D

    Who's Nick Offerman and why is he on my suggested vids?

  44. Waldo YeEt

    Isn't it amazing how powerful yet weak a human is without the right tools amazing

  45. John Johnson

    What is his answer to flat earthers?

  46. Anouk Schwarz

    „Is dove cameron perfect“ i think yesssss girrrlll😍 youre sooo prettty

  47. Theresa Carranza

    his shirt matched the west world guy shirt

  48. Nicki Snyder

    I wish there were more of those expert to expert conversations available to watch on line. Those of us entirely self taught.....no funds for university...could fill in some of the holes in our knowledge. It seems everything on line stops at the college student level. Wouldn't it be great if Dr. Carroll had a blog & got together with various experts to pick each others brains while we the audience are educated. TY for posting this.

  49. Filip Holm

    4:10. No he shouted Baelor to Yoren because Arya was sitting at the statue of Baelor during his execution. He wanted Yoren to go and save her.

  50. That one Hyper mha fan

    im doing the second layer and a yellow is on the side. i dont know how to fix this. ill just redo this.

  51. Mauricio Frayle

    He should make an other "The walking dead" game part 2 for ps4.... Will he see this.

  52. M2 TV

    Winona: is David Barbour British. Winona too:”aRe YoU bRiTiSh?” David in British accent: “yes actually I am British” I died 😂 😂 🤣

  53. HB


  54. J D

    At 13:45 you said something to the effect that a pro per defendant will “generally” be “assigned backup counsel.” I would note that the defendant is charged with 664/187, which is a violation of the California Penal Code. This is a California Superior Court case. Admittedly, I have not seen the movie and do not know what county this is set in. However; I have practiced criminal defense for 20 years and appeared in eight courts in California. I think I know what I’m talking about. First off; it’s called “standby counsel,” not “backup.” Second, I have never seen a Superior Court judge appoint standby counsel. Perhaps this is true in Federal Court, but you are absolutely wrong in Superior Court. A pro per defendant won’t get standby counsel even if charged with 664/187.

  55. gumballz

    If you want to hear the doctor discuss the point of this video, skip to 5:15. Other than that it’s x-ray analysis and information that I hope all of you already have. I’m getting pretty frustrated with channels like this extending their video length by disguising their content as informative but saying nothing new. Stay safe, stay inside as much as possible and lastly make a list of things you can realistically accomplish over the next month. Keep it cool, World.

  56. Spudsiy

    (Mei's turn) "Mei is happy!" (Maniacal laughing in the background)

  57. Dragonbornfighterex Taylor

    Who all though his name was Andrew babish

  58. Verge Gaming

    Oh if only they knew...

  59. Dark Angel

    The most search question is Elizabeth Olsen po*n!

  60. Melissa Peters

    9:30 “ive left my Mark on the internet” Ha. Ha.

  61. Sandy Hileman

    except in a search engine, you mostly want to search key words because it helps narrow the results especially with a huge engine like Google. That's probably the reason behind the weird phrasing

  62. Caleb Borgas

    MAaann J LO straight up savage when Leah say she alright and answers the question for her HA


    I'm just gonna say If your a fuze main, you can go step on a lego

  64. Nishaallen Gopal Dass

    corona virus anyone? Yea me too

  65. Laura AHernandez

    Yasss! The Mickey one!!!

  66. King

    Put your Reaper where your mouth is and eat one!

  67. Danis Raka

    The bald guy is oddly familiar...

  68. Frank Vella

    tenpin bowling cure for withdrawal symptoms alsel.info/video/video/k3t7ZYGrw6RokaI.html

  69. Kimberly Foster


  70. Tal Bello

    "is there life on Mars?" Astronaut: There will be once we get there. Me: make sense

  71. BNL1

    wheres artdonicat lol

  72. FBI Agent

    Couldn’t have said it better, Jonah

  73. jeroen

    extremely well explained, doctor

  74. Alpha Prime

    you two have completely violated Gene roddenberry's Vision and both of you are cruising for a bruising you ASSHOLES

  75. Jessy Swartzlander

    Who even searched "what did fin wolfhard say" I died of laughter 😂😂😂

  76. VoiceOf Wisdom

    lol dude - just become an aviation mechanic if you're really that into seeing how things fly.

  77. KILLER golm

    And now I'm on a FBI watch list because of my ALsel feed

  78. Carsten Hansen

    What. Sophie Turner blond. i don't think so.

  79. Onii Chan

    Does machine gun kelly named after a gangster?

  80. geanny damole

    I like this haha

  81. Derek Quiles

    Red hot chili peppers is a jojo reference

  82. Nick Amodio

    It's ridiculous that the wealthiest nation on earth doesn't have the resources to properly respond to a pandemic. It's more clear than ever where our politicians priorities lie. We are all expendable and replaceable to the powers that be. We need to stop giving these greasy politicians our votes and fight hard for policy that benefits society as a whole. We have too many out of touch, selfish pricks running this country.

    1. MrAnarchyMarine

      Yeah, those politicians are all bought and paid for by the lobbyist companies and corporations that own this country. You'd have better luck overthrowing the government than just voting, considering everyone you vote in would already be bought and paid for. That said the government has a military, that has unmanned drones. You could try bankrupting the large corporations by not buying their products, but everyone would have to be on board to make a difference, but even then those corporate interests have been buying all of the competition, and have slowly been building a monopoly. A tangled web they have woven, one very challenging to unwind and remove. Then you have to take into consideration that the federal reserve bank is only federal in name, is actually privately owned by the Rothschild family, whom owns all of the corporations, and military, as they own all of the world's wealth, minus North Korea and Russia, and pretty much all of the world's debt as well, meaning the entire monetary system is run and controlled by them. The stock market, currency printing, exchange rates, etc. You sit there long enough, and follow the money, the picture gets ever larger, and ever clear.

  83. hannah bisquera

    F I N A L L Y!!!!!

  84. DeAndre' Mahoney

    I capped out at level 10. Some of the stuff i can do there but not all. Its kind of funny cause i never really practice, at least intentionally... Anyway cool video!

  85. Kaitlyn Marie

    bruh they skipped one of the what is louis tomlinson question wth 🥺

  86. Gazpacho Soop

    I guess I'm weird because I get her humour

  87. The OG Exploding Villager

    Where is John cena in this video?

  88. Санёк плохому не научит

    Laughed my head off! Do the Russian accent (aka Runglish), please!

  89. 44EllaBonbon44

    I just realized that she looks and sounds,, suspiciously like this woman I would see at the faire yearly. Hmm.

  90. MindCrafter WMC

    Aquafina...? Isn't that water or something ?

  91. Xx_Yjgaming_xX

    I just docs these days would heal without tk

  92. Hema Singh

    Are aliens real?

  93. Sloth mindset

    Question: do all rock climbers live in vans? His answer: some live in trucks and Honda civics Me: sometimes they live in homes but that’s a rare occasion

  94. Sky High

    Seema yasmin 💦💦💦

  95. Guadalupe Lopez

    i have 1 brother and 2 sisters too

  96. Alyssa Vindell

    Seeing Olaf cuss ruined my childhood

  97. William Stark

    My parents will probably disown me if i told them to make a rollercoaster !

  98. Von Flores

    3:13 *this is terrible* i heard rachel

  99. Mandy Jordan

    Noah spilled some tea at 7:00

  100. Foo'd Bar

    Oh boi. 1:25 "if this were truly a fever virus outbreak and this was an isolation ward they would all have a face shield or eye protection" 1:30 "some gloves, some others without gloves. It's a total chaos, it's a mess. Pure hollywood fiction" those didn't age well did they...