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  1. EverythingGaming YT

    Get the Scots they'll go mad if they see anything

  2. raiden the consulter of the elder gods

    Joker is scared of being forgoten

  3. 17B Crew

    Literally all of this is theory and ideas. Not proof. Just because someone has "scientist" in their name does not make them right or somehow on a higher plane of thinking. It's just a title that they got by choosing one of dozens of professions. Anybody that can pass their college courses can get the title "scientist". Its the few that actually expand our knowledge of the world/universe that earn that title. But that requires them to show real proof. None of this is real proof.

  4. Free MGTOW

    Looks like there is not much of an upgrade at all...

  5. Random Guy

    How come the Philippines is not in the list?

  6. Mihael Šenolt

    You vs General Grievous?

  7. Yani's gaming channel m

    I dont like ios/apple is not nice form me i like samsung/android cause its better for me.....

  8. Pine Life

    'Firefox doesn't work' that's why you use Chrome


    I'm actually happy for her. 🐅 😵

  10. Joshua Morales

    ;2019 will be the worst year! January 2020: pfft. hold my beer.

  11. Julie Probert

    3:45 it’s free real estate

  12. Neo Anderson

    So if the earth is flat is the sun and moon flat? That's something for the flat earthers to answer😁

  13. Zig-Zag Man

    I live in California, I would owe money if I won

  14. AJ!

    After watching this I'm gonna clear my history.

  15. Ahmad Raza

    Really glad to see another challenge episode.... Nice to see he didn't quite the gig...

  16. Александра Кочеткова

    I don’t understand what, but very interesting 😊. with love from Russia ~ 💖

  17. Like Random

    Predator confirmed

  18. Minato Namikaze

    You vs Deadpool

  19. Rajesh beura

    Last war between Pakistan and India was in 1999.. Not 1971..

  20. ZDeadfallout Xx

    That didn't age well..

  21. Kabam Palpomp

    Yessssss gaming i love it

  22. Việt Trung Nguyễn

    The Bigfoot sightings of Vietnam War, in another word, Soviet Special Forces advisors.

  23. Walker Vin

    I have 2 dreams every night

  24. Kenneth Murray

    Gas in my country is 15xcd a gallon thats 6 us a gallon

  25. Röda Pringles

    But how are w sure Dashlane is not just a front?

  26. busra karadas

    I'm Turkish and I live in the nederlands. I can speak Turkish, Dutch, English en korean

  27. EroticOnion23

    What about that the exact atoms had to collide in the exact sequence after the big bang to create all that...

  28. Za Warudo

    Dad- _monsters_ aren't real they can't hurt you Therapist- _monsters_ aren't real they can't hurt you Google- _monsters_ aren't real they can't hurt you Bing-

  29. jiovannid5798

    Please make a video about Kobe’s helicopter

  30. Mantelio LTU

    Do you want devorse? Yes

  31. Concrete

    Give us Prussia back

  32. Julie Probert

    You had to YEET the one out of the window

  33. vlad games

    The pornographic show 😅

  34. Астанинский Маппер

    1:46 I’m not a racist but black people in USSR and Islamic are you sireous?

  35. Hyxdo

    Did anybody notice on the timeline at the start of the video it said 21th century?

  36. Steve Oh

    1:40 if you oftenly watch anime, youll get the reference.

  37. Big Chungus

    My brian i think i might puke my brain cant handle all of this

  38. Corwin Oberwemmer

    actual smart people facts: this video flat earther facts: LIARS!

  39. Surge Water

    Near death experience

  40. Дени Ушев

    Criptonite is just realy radioactiv rock

  41. Todor Popov

    Don't underestimate me

  42. Henry Kiernan

    Im starting the your coming with us movement. Our aim is to ensure that if they start a war they die to and we are going to make sure they understand this.

  43. Michelangelo Enriquez

    8:01 Don't try it Anakin, I have the high ground

  44. Fais MZ

    Has anyone tried this?

  45. Harshil Shivdasani

    4.17 million kgs of gold costs 172 billion dollars at the price of 43000 per kg AND NOT 200 TRILLION!!!!!

  46. Dead End

    Haven't we already had this???

  47. Venom 946

    please do You vs Charles Xavier next.

  48. Hannah Meixel

    Confinement and Brig Time are NOT the same. If you are confined to quarters, you are basically just under house arrest, you can't leave the barracks for anything other than work. No PX, outings, range time, or even to go to the pit (great chance to quit smoking). Brig Time is Military prison.

  49. Get a life

    How far can we get with developing things... What about the enviroment... Can they do something ...

  50. The SchoolGamer

    imagen not having advanced this post was made by the alien gang

  51. gwarbled

    4:51 what you gonna do? *_Fight an explosion?_*

  52. Jack Jones

    Only been around for 100,000 Years? Lol.. try 100,000 million years.

  53. vlad games

    Use vpn in india,its blocked by gov 😁

  54. Unique Baconhair

    That's nothing compare to Burmese schools .....

  55. Jacob

    1991: Iraq ranks #4 most powerful military 23 minutes: Iraq is #1 most defeated military in the world 2003: Ranks #1 most favorite to topple

  56. Hayagriva Raghavan

    Infographics be like: Step 1:put on a joker outfit. Step 2:steal the Mona Lisa.

  57. XxsavageXxgamer xxx

    Who here after kobe passed

  58. Ryan A.C

    Thats not stereotypes its just the truth

  59. Sketch Eli Music

    1:52 full metal alchemist reference 😂

  60. Udit Pratap Singh

    Wix took over ios & Android

  61. Air Fighter

    5:14 no thisthing does nottakes place in India

  62. MasterjolterYukai

    You know a man just died in 2017 who was 146 almost 47 right? It's actually real and they confirmed his bday at 1870

  63. Bassam Sami

    Cat ima end this man whole career

  64. Swaroop

    0:37 Cringy Mystique entered the chat.

  65. Evolved Dragon

    Yes, myself and one Sgt Avila, were coming back from our rounds on all the guard posts (Tikrit,Iraq circa 2004 0300) when we stopped at the water bottle pallets, and out from some pitch black sky we saw this....... something ,diamond shaped that started to pull some maneuvers that no aircraft on earth is capable of doing and when shocked we looked at each other the craft took off at an amazing rate of speed and disapeared from sight in 1 or 2 seconds tops, to this day I have no reasonable explanation as to what it was.

  66. Marko s_gaming BG

    Nah pull out a gun and you win

  67. Ingrid Åkerblom

    Too many commercials!

  68. Ilari Pöri

    The whole aviation relies of the globe model. The whole business of flying an aircraft relies on the globe model. Every pilot is in on the lie? Lol. How about coriolis force? Rotating round earth is the only thing that explains it. Also.. satellites? How do they stay up there, if they aren't constantly falling towards round earth with high enough velocity to stay in orbit? How does that work in flat earth model? The most crazy one is the one said in the video, the fact that the sun sets _below the horizon_. How does that ever work in flat earth model, if the sun is always up in the sky? Answer: PERSPECTIVE! <--- What about perspective exactly? LOL. If the sun was a spotlight, it would still be up there in the sky when things just go dark and turn into a night. Cancerous subject.

  69. WZX Smoothie

    I challenge you to bras for a month. (I’m worn it since 2017 and I’m still wearing it as a male.)

  70. Billie Eilish

    2020 ZOZO Great.

  71. Kael powers Bipaloski

    China vs Coronavirus. Who Would Win?

  72. Reaction Freak

    india will come in 3 position youll see and need shoutout

  73. Daniel De Lange

    I’m 22 and I’m college. I tried a social experiment where I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to say hello to me rather than me to them. I didn’t speak for 5 days

  74. BCFC 29

    Flat Earthers are just trolls who love to rile people up.

  75. The SchoolGamer

    aliens seriously just want to get laid for child support since they dont have much money

  76. Jakob Visnak

    How lycky that the dident need to pay

  77. ultrajesper2

    Do the Batman who Laughs next

  78. Sma 556

    I cant take canned salmon; can I take a rubber band gun on board?

  79. Rick O'Shay

    So many fantasies, so little "proof" presented in this video.

  80. Randy Cartwright

    “Mary had a little lamb, little lamb boom little lamb”

  81. Mathis De Landtsheer


  82. abar mubarok

    I'm Indonesian and i laughing now.

  83. Have you Been Tongued by an Imam?

    Is That a round donut or a 🍩 donut?

  84. Mateus Rodrigues

    I like both games personally. If I had to choose one I would choose Minecraft just because I have more experience with it.

  85. le me

    I'm scared of sleeping now lol

  86. Mr. Misha

    Ok dream life? Playing a sim that has a brother that’s an alien, and married to a woman who’s sister is a mermaid, and having a child, and also having a puppy, kitten, and raccoon

  87. vabajeck owl

    when you hear an skyrim attack music after you killed a stray goat

  88. Anthony Maida

    Sounds like you need to visit your girlfriends family next time

  89. Rick O'Shay

    This particular video has such a misleading title, and is so arrogant and condescending. And there is no "paradox" unless we PROVE that BOTH contradicting parts are true.

  90. TheRealGeoBoy

    The earth is not quite round, because the trees and the hills and mountains where actually making the surface rough

  91. Jimi Gronlund

    no youre wrong häyhä wanted back to war but finnish government said no because of his injury

  92. letchumy Applaidu

    A me in 2020 1.ww3 2.australia in fire 3.jakarta underwater 4.china wuhan virus 5.pewds took a break 6.its still janurary

  93. Aleksandras Čupinas

    make next video about corona virus.

  94. Vu Le

    You vs Bill Cipher

  95. Ryan Ryckaert

    These Epoch Times commercials are frakking hilarious. The tabloids have invaded ALsel!!!

  96. Dank Memes

    Wow You... were terribly wrong

  97. The Trolling master

    I would nuke Gotham

  98. Paolo Andres

    1.6k dislike from flat earthers🐷🐷

  99. Susana Harding

    Could you trap her some where some how?