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  1. BeeLee TV

    "You have more stickeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssss..." lol im dying.

  2. Silver Is The Name

    Yes more videos!!!

  3. TeddyTheBear 123

    That fact that this is her most popular video

  4. Isabella Santos Fonseca

    In 2000 I was -4 years old

  5. Fiza

    Okay so if I get a Nintendo Switch and my sister gets one too.. do I need to buy Animal Crossing twice or can it work on two devices with one purchase?

  6. Emil S

    You are switching the switch

  7. Johanna Fuentes Pacheco

    There are no Nintendo Switch consoles in stock anywhere near me and I’m sad sad so living through these videos and pretending I have one 😂😭

  8. Bryan Morales

    What type of dog is Maddie? You

  9. dqveC

    *_i want one_*

  10. Krystal

    Now I need to buy this game. I also need to buy a switch lmao

    1. Krystal

      Daniel P I went looking after I made the comment & realized yeah I’m not gonna spend that much for a game I may get bored of in a month lol crazy prices !

    2. Daniel P

      Good luck trying to buy one. Switches are sold out everywhere. And people are selling switches at high prices

  11. Nammakara Luon

    Ijustine:EarPods Me:it’s earphones

  12. Sara Olive

    Do more gameplay!!

  13. Annelys Dones-Menendez

    this is weirdly my favorite video because you explane everything and it is also kind of a house tour and i love that it is your birthday in the video so i hope that you had the best birthday you could have possibly had during the carona virus

  14. Fraser Grima

    Can’t wait to see more animal crossing

  15. Shan Lad

    You should have a birthday party on your island!! 🥳

  16. Boston Red Sox fan


  17. Ewan Hargraves

    I was -6 when it came out.

  18. GamerGirl758

    Happy belated birthday Justine!

  19. Jessica Peña

    How many switches do U even have??? Can u donate one to me u have like 1000


    Rich 🥱

  21. Ryan Nordmeyer

    The sound... I've been a Mac guy since I was a little kid. I was 1 at the time, but man that sound takes me back to simpler times...

  22. Trent Scrogham

    I would be - 8

  23. FrankieJHeartsU

    Gurrllllll you know damn well that chicken was raw and not seasoned 💁🏽‍♂️

  24. Mason Swine

    “THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL OUTFITS” this video is so good ha haha. The editing is dope!!! So much fun and fast paced.

  25. Focus OnBaseball

    where's ur 4k 60fps video

  26. YouTube ED


  27. free thinker

    So lidar permit me to view my home in gummy bear ? Nice

  28. Sabrina XoX

    Let’s just pretend she doesn’t review every phone and she can buy 10 more

  29. free thinker

    Sound also seem to sound better

  30. free thinker

    Here is a nice little trick I found on my iPhone se ! Triple click the home button ! A menu appear with x and bar ! Disable animation ! Restart iPhone ! What this does ? If you go on youtube you get the proper pace for video ! It likely affect each app similarly ! And nope the other 2 way to disable animation does not do this

  31. maria acosta

    the lack of flavor/seasoning in the chicken and salmon...........

  32. death_nope

    Am i the only one who doesn't have a nintendo switch? :(

  33. Campwise05

    Nice video iJ!

  34. Dhavinra Jingga

    Ahhh I really want to play the new animal crossing on a switch 😭😭😭💔💔

  35. iomqsimply Charli

    Lol I’m watching this is April 1st

  36. Dasha Spelciuc

    Justine this has nothing to do with this video so anyways you Should try Animal crossing Pocket camp it’s basically the one you play at your New Nintendo switch and just try it it’s fun

  37. Dasha Spelciuc

    Justine you Should get Anima crossing Pocket camp on your phone it’s basically the same you play on the Nintendo switch but it’s a camp you and Jenna should try!!! RECOMMEND!!!!

  38. M A C C

    :( I want animal crossing so much

  39. Ivone Solares De Leon


  40. Nisco Racing

    Totally not material people.

  41. Shane Keulen

    Chicken looks boiled :'(

  42. Cuco Tapia

    Jenna you need you to get your phone and every singel phone away from justen and take all of justen phones.

  43. CarlitoNZ

    meh, thats not a real coffee. Just looks like dirt water to me. If you want real coffee get a real coffee maching with a proper E61 group head and a proper grinder. I like iJustines videos but the machine itself is crap.

  44. Olivia Henderson

    How do you get Wisp to come back after you collected his spirits? I love amiibos and I really want to use them! Love you!

  45. littlebrojay

    why is ed(d?) like the coolest person ever

  46. Tanvir Virk


  47. Shane Keulen

    This thing doesn't really have any good reviews out there afaict.

  48. Roy Ho Chun Yin

    yes please make more gaming videosss

  49. DctrGizmo

    I wish you would stream games.

  50. BobaBear

    Whats ur switch account

  51. Ghazoua bahria

    i just broke my phone and I'm breaking my heart watching this

  52. Squirrel Girl

    Happy Belated Birthday, Justine! I loved your amiibo birthday party and that cake looked amazing!

  53. Steven Universe Lover

    Animal crossing is dah best

  54. Hanna Ebrahim

    The iPhone 1 looks like the iPod touch ( the old version)

  55. Joyc E

    That white bland chicken...

  56. Madeline Masters

    I have the same doll

  57. Zehn Khan

    Do more gaming videos please!!🙏🙏

  58. Kaitlyn Stevenson

    Make pro designs

  59. Danielle Saranchuk

    The dog is the ugliest

  60. Emily Thank

    Yummmmmmmmy :)

  61. Beep is The name

    Do he have a yt

  62. Joey Charnick

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  63. Alexa

    make this a series!

  64. Fabian V

    Happy birthday Justine I love your vids also been watching since 2016

  65. Beverly Sabio

    Good 👍

  66. VantaGlo

    I am shocked Justine actually followed a recipe.

  67. Brownie Adventures

    CEO of wasting money on random stuff. 😙✌💰 Love ur videos!

  68. megatron324

    tik tok is cancerous

  69. Paris Heath

    And now I have purchased a switch... mission failed

  70. MrGodsChaos

    Shes so hot

  71. Siegfried xy

    Wow that’s so modern

  72. Jitesh Sharma

    Your lack of honesty baffles me

  73. Zack Stephens

    Hey great video ijustine

  74. SarcasticallyReckless

    Anyone want to visit my island Alcatraz??

  75. Irvin Deleon

    i was going to get a switch but they're out of stock and some are ridiculously priced :((((

  76. Robyn Morin

    I’ve been trying to find this for the past 2 weeks but everywhere is sold out 😑

  77. Whoa watch out or I’ll flip you off

    Okay but I have something better... *George Foreman Grill*

  78. kieran cherrington

    I hate seeing people who’ve cheated on this game..

  79. João Vicente


    1. iJustine


  80. Kari

    Love the AC videos! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  81. Zak Ren

    Awesome! Keep us updated :)

  82. Stephanie and Ashley

    visit me po

  83. Blimpz

    She probably just took both shots using the 11 Pro Max while lowering the brighness, seriously. That is a good camera for a 2007 phone.

  84. Taylor Burke

    I want one so bad but I don't have the money to buy one. I would be so much healthier if I got this oh my goodness. I want it so bad damn looks so good though.

  85. Peachy Milkz

    You should do a series of animal crossing game plays!! (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

  86. Maciel Nunez

    OMG I need a Nintendo Switch they are SOLD OUT everywhere..... Every time i see you playing i want it more...... Please let me know if anyone knows where I can purchase one at a reasonable Price.... 🙏🏼

  87. Daniel P

    I caught a sea bass sea bass sea bass sea bass sea bass sea bass sea bass

  88. Grant Hawkins

    This is a tip for yoyr friend and you! If you place a rotten turnip on the ground it will attract ants

  89. Claire Couraud

    My brother really wants a switch (he is 8 years older than me) because we share one we have the black one (normal) and he wants that one so my mom bought the animal crossing switch so, my brother will have the black one and I the animal crossing!! I’m so excited 😆

  90. Ordinary Filmmaker

    Just saw your video with Linus Tech. I see myself in both of you. I aim to be more expressive and entertaining with more vibrant videos, but am still trying to get my legs firmly planted. You make everything seem so easy, but I know it is not. Thanks for the inspiration from a fellow tuber and Mac editor presenter.

  91. Eli Ramirez

    When we you saw the shorts, did you think of James Charles HIGH SHISHTERS

  92. Sophie Soares

    imagine going though production, getting boxed up and waiting patiently for someone open you up. Last time you were out was 2000 and you see two people going crazy over how old you are.

  93. Oddity 74

    yeah sure, you might think this is amazing, but my island 5665564865896520-19-2948397846 stars so yeah

  94. Andrew Zschech

    i noticed the desk messed up now after seeing jennas nail video😂😂😂

  95. Jolene Yohannan

    Tell him he can get ants by having a turnip rot outside. It will attract them :)

  96. JasenStl

    Thank you.... And Uhhh, where's the cat?

  97. John Lowe

    You are just are as lovely with out make up

  98. Bored Smashing With Hansa

    2020 anyone

  99. iNight Flight

    I love how almost everyone is talking about how Timmy tommy and Mabel gives us anxiety when followed 😂

  100. P4ul

    what about the mac pro?