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  1. Darius Carroll

    Something the industry needs

  2. Mr Oppboy

    This song hits way harder after Kobe’s death🥺

  3. Sanjay Daley

    Song touch my heart when I hear it ....every word is frl..

  4. Dante rowell


  5. L.A.W

    Mamba Forever

  6. musiqologist79

    Damn. Young boy is the truth.

  7. msmixedace

    2 greatest artists working together.. I was wishing they would work together

  8. Dt Kwan

    I’m a rapper from Muskegon I’m trying to come up y’all should check out some of my music

  9. Vu'Shun Hill

    Is it just me or do he sound like Kevin Gates

  10. Candy Watkins

    😂😂 you a fan bitch

  11. Faddy NaZari

    Rip Kobe 💔😞

  12. Damon Hepburn

    Son this song is so fucking special to me

  13. EJ Gains

    Rip kobe💔 Song is real talk! Rod wave and E40 kills it. Song should be dedicated to the grind that we came from and were we go to free our mind. Rest over these mountains Kobe the best that ever played the game.

  14. Avante’ Johnson

    The fact that he quotes the realest to every so this (SOULJA SLIM) he gone be another great one !❤️💯💯💯💯

  15. bad vibes trey

    Can’t wait to make it and put my momma in a bendz💯

  16. Amira Ring


  17. kxing von3x

    Imagine rod wave singing the whole song instead of rapping

  18. CBE COBI

    Had to listen to this tonight. RIP kobe Bryant this song helps me

  19. swervinkaii driveboykaii

    ROD WAVE CLOSE ENOUGH TO HURT [Intro] Drum Dummie Drum Dummie made the beat and I'm gon' kill it [Chorus] In this life I've been scarred So I walk around with my guard, guard And they quick to say Lil Nuni trippin' I think about my past and get in my feelings (Okay) I think about the people who desert me (Okay) I think about the ones who didn't deserve me (Okay, yeah) Think about the ones who did me dirty (Okay) I won't let you close enough to hurt me (Okay, yeah) [Verse] And I've been stayin' to myself, I've been movin' low-key 'Cause I don't know you, and nigga, you don't know me I don't need no new homeboys, nigga, I'm straight You can keep your handshakes, these niggas snakes, I play it safe And sometimes I wish bae could understand (Okay) That I am not your average man (Okay) Ain't insecure, I'm just hurtin' Tryna find out is you worth it? Openin' up make me worried And new faces make me nervous Like where these niggas was when we was slidin' in my Acura? Now they wanna pop up 'cause them R's is in the back of us And we be state to state, promoters always got them racks for us New niggas come 'round, I disappear like Perry the Platypus [Chorus] In this life I've been scarred So I walk around with my guard, guard And they quick to say Lil Nuni trippin' I think about my past and get in my feelings (Okay) I think about the people who desert me (Okay) I think about the ones who didn't deserve me (Okay, yeah) Think about the ones who did me dirty (Okay) I won't let you close enough to hurt me (Okay, yeah)

  20. Molissa Turner

    “His whole life, his whole life, aww yeah” I felt the pain in his voice when he said that @2:50

    1. Nick Woods

      I felt the connection through that part too 💯

    2. YvngTato TV

      I felt that too🤟🏾 AWE YEAAAA

  21. Unique Sapphire


  22. Kerry Griffith

    Hardest shit I ever heard 🔥🔥✍🏾🧐

  23. Ray Thompson

    This niggas songs be deep ash and true asf i feel his shit 💯💯💯💔💚

  24. ryan wisener

    so aint nobody gonna say how small his slides are?

  25. CHICO JAY 13

    Ok my dawg seven on the beat and if you see this seven this Jay Dye niggaaaaa this shit funky yallcniggas did dat

  26. Aidan Baumgartner

    Why is this hittin on a nother level...

  27. Keenan Hill

    Rip Kobe 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  28. fabian encinas

    R.i.p to my childhood and my hero I come to this song with an extremely heavy heart I’m speechless it still doesn’t seem real 🙁💔😔 LLKB24 🐍💜💛🤧 👼

  29. Kentrevies Ford

    Stand back and watch it lock jhit Whatever If u from Florida like this

  30. Kentrevies Ford

    This shit got me replaying back to back I played this 15 times a day when I heard it I was like 😱

  31. LTate

    Rip Kobe

  32. GAMERYT2 fortniteking1

    Man I'm so in love with this man music the first time I heard him was on feel the same way fucking with money bagg I pulled him up and been stuck since I feel everything he makes I just wish I could give him the biggest hug not even on no groupie shit just to tell him I love him and to keep pushing I'm rocking I pray he's forever I love you rod keep doing ya thing man 💪💯🙏#factuals

  33. feds

    Been broken a couple times but I always pull through. Life gives u lessons sometimes it hurts but at the end it makes u strong.

  34. Elliott James

    Crazy Kobe died here

  35. Ybladel Jones

    😭😭😭😭😭 it hurts so much

  36. Kayla Winkfield

    Rod ant playin bruh this song heat🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Johnoy Hamilton


  38. Elton Locklear

    My guy... real recognize real

  39. Reshone D

    I wear my heart on my sleeve🥰

  40. Ivan The OG

    beginning part sound like the nigga barely woke up

  41. Funabdul

    Go lose the weight fam

  42. Bartosz Bartek

    This is weak af. This fat ass Rod Wave is boring af. Only Kevin Gates!! No features.

  43. Reign Supreme


  44. Gigi’s Nation

    “I put my demons to rest but they keep talking me” I felt that

  45. Hii Yella

    Who Listen 2020

  46. Courtney Renee

    Rip Kobe and Gigi Bryant 🖤🖤😢

    1. rashid karriem

      Yeah, I came to this song because he crashed in Calabasas so i just thought about this song

  47. Cas B.

    My dude tried to use this as a lyric prank

  48. Lawrence Fisher

    I lost my BM this song remind me of her


      I just lost Kobe 😭




    I feel like he’s gonna die like next year or sum no disrespect but mark my words he’s my fav rapper rn

  50. Double RR


  51. LucidGoth

    who else finna die in these cuban links??

  52. Florida Waves Music

    Florida we here subscribe for more FL artists 🔥🔥🔥

  53. Isaiah Baker

    R.i.p Kobe😭🏀

  54. Nylah Symone

    Could be OKC but he cancelled it

  55. Kvng Tchaka561

    I’m Playing This On Repeat Thinking Bout Kobe #LongLiveMamba 💛💜

  56. TIME is on MY SIDE

    Yes sir cold-hearted

  57. K McCullen

    thank you bro 🙏🏾 life saving shit on god

    1. Jordan Mcneal


  58. Tyrell Bailey

    RIP Kobe

  59. Daddy Dean

    Who jamming this saying rip Kobe! 😰

  60. Are Rollakk

    R.i.p kobe

  61. king Brandon

    Listening to this after Kobe death hits different🤦🏾‍♂️🤧

  62. LegacyOfBlack

    Rip Kobe and Gianna Bryant

  63. Rilly Cray

    This song deep bro I cried listening and thinking about my relation... Beautiful 💯💯

  64. LegacyOfBlack

    Rip kobe and Gianna Bryant

  65. Peyton Fowler

    prod by akel <3

  66. Issac Dube

    2020 is rod waves year

  67. Lil Kurk

    That Florida boy gas!!!!$

  68. Solo dolo yolo momi Miller

    I swear I wish I met this man before he made music I want to heal his soul his music does that for me I love him I'm getting my life together for him fr omm😊😊😍😘🥰❤

  69. Denise Shakesnider

    Never let time define your.love remember God above...one love...

  70. Jacobi Roberson

    Watching this thinking bout Kobe Dying in Calabasas

  71. Denise Brinson


  72. Brian Alarcon

    Rip kobe

  73. Debbie Davis


  74. Elton Locklear

    I been through it all it takes a real one to understand

  75. Shareek Clark

    He Should have dude in the Background. He really made this song🔥🔥

  76. Kemiyah Thompson

    Me and my brother playing Fortnite My brother: Do you want a big pot Me: Heart been broke so many times I don’t know what to believe

  77. Nietra Wright

    Heart been broken so many too time I don't know what to believe I felt that 😇

  78. Fresh Boss

    Who here 2020 just leave a pile to continue the game 1k like in 3 days

  79. Tristan Brown

    R.i.p kobe

  80. Carlos Lee

    If you don’t like this song u jus a hater or can’t relate to real shit🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🖕🏾

  81. Jasmine Devers

    My mufuckin bruva the strong way

  82. Mike Wilson

    This is some real rap

  83. Edward Eubanks

    You sweeter then a lot of papers💰💰🤑

  84. Jalen D

    Rip Kobe...

    1. Jordan Mcneal

      Fr Bro 🙏🏽

  85. Catrena Russaw

    Love it

  86. Brianna Mejias

    Rod wave looks like the fatter version of Kevin gates a lil bit

  87. rochelle walker

    This song on fire

  88. Gucci Sock Glock

    Rip Kobe Bryant can’t listen to it the same

  89. MzTanjaX

    Mama says my fault my fault I wear my heart on my sleeveee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Jeremiah Contreras

    R.i.p Koby & His Daughter 🙏🏽😢😪

  91. Jordan Ortiz

    Him: “Heart been broke so many times I...” Me: Run that backkkkk! 😤💯

  92. Marvin Benson

    Rod wave

  93. Jeremiah Kelley

    R.i.p Kobe.B🐍💔 #mamba4life

  94. Betty Nance

    We too

  95. Alexis Halliburton

    Pain turns birds into vultures!

  96. Aja Frank

    R.i.p Kobe Bryant.. 1/26/20

  97. Pinkish Gold

    Listened to this while loading my gun thanks big dawg 🙏🏻

  98. Derrick Mitchell

    RIP Kobe LongLive The goat

  99. OGwill Boutadollar

    This song gr8

  100. Barry Thorpe

    When I heard about Kobe, this song instantly came to mind. Big fans of both, Rip Kobe, your daughter, and the others in the helicopter. ❤️