#GOODCONTENTGANG SUBSCRIBE BRUH. Tired of clicking on a deceivingly clickbaited video only for it to be someone doing the same boring crap you saw last week? Yeah me too. Thats why i never waste time uploading a stupid boring video. OK maybe they are stupid lol. If youre looking for a weather report, product review, or vlog youre in the wrong place bro....

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  1. Cooper Gosnell

    love the vids man keep em coming

  2. the973boys TM

    How much for a WD sticker you put on the back windshield on my truck?

    1. the973boys TM


  3. Emily Joecken

    U need to put l s w's on the 4440 and spikes on the front

  4. ShadowHarpy 1920

    My names frank why the fuck would you say that to me you’re so mean goddam dude I hate you your mean why you bully me

  5. cLeAn Guy Yt

    Why didn’t you put a brick on the gas and let it go in 8th gear 😂

  6. Mike Brady


  7. sebastian lamb

    If you don’t like the vid you can leave

  8. Donald Trump

    But you know when this kid wakes up in the morning the trucks are like oh no SIDS up hide

  9. Donald Trump

    I don’t think anybody would use that piece of shit on the road even if they were in desperate need I would use my donkey

  10. Kai Portalla

    I cant believe you dumped water on that

  11. Shaun PC

    Nice one brother, I’ve gotta be honest I thought that Frank was doomed from day one but I’m kind of glad that it was such a happy ending 👊🏼

  12. Mainly Scoot

    Who else wanted him to try and start it

  13. Manuel Tovar

    that fords is taking everything he throws at it.... Putting the duramax to shame

  14. sebastian lamb

    Hey I saw this thing where people wanted to punch you in the face because you destroy your trucks but I think y’all do you it’s yours and you bought it and I enjoy your vids keep doin you y’all are awesome

  15. john d gurk

    I stumbled on your channel and at first, couldn't believe what you were doing to these trucks. Strangely, I find it entertaining. Painful but entertaining!

  16. The_hsg1

    Why do you keep diesel in a cas can you heathen😂

  17. Dustin Stevens

    Frank just has one wheel open differentials. Good job!

  18. D. Ryan Shaw

    Must be nice to have daddys money to buy you a perfectly good beer so that you can waste it all over yourself! There are people thirsty out there, you know!

  19. Keagan Mclaughlin

    You should blow up what's left of Frank

  20. George Rodriguez

    Can you make this truck run on caterpillar track?... and run over junk cars???

  21. komatsu 53

    Hey how much for the truck

  22. Midnight Trumptrain

    Want to get this guy where it matters, don't like, don't comment, don't subscribe.

  23. CAElite

    God, when he turned left at 9:10 I swear he was about to lose his back right wheel

  24. - Fankhauser -

    Just found your place by accident driving from Ohio to Wisconsin, just happened to look over and caught frank out of the corner of my eye

  25. boosteds40

    Always love watching your videos. Keep it up!

  26. Mathias Gauthier

    Wow. If you want to smash brand new truck i could use a brand new truck.

  27. Shark/dolphin puppet

    Frank had a fast death

  28. Shark/dolphin puppet

    He hates red trucks the most

  29. Mark Osborne

    Running over the neighbors lol love it

  30. Jimmy Belin

    Do it again bro like

  31. Jaylen Morris

    I think it’s funny you do this stuff and I know you don’t give a crap what I think but we have two of those IH transtar cabovers we still use

  32. Its Criptic

    Too many snowflakes online 🤦🏻


    کیرم کس ننت کسکش خیر نبینی خو بدش به من چرا این بلا به سرش میاری


    کیرم کس ننت کسکش خیر نبینی خو بدش به من چرا این بلا به سرش میاری

  35. 4 spd life

    Converable drop top now

  36. SmashCatRandom

    I bet he doesn't dare wreck the tractor. His daddy would cut his allowance off 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Tony Pearson

    You took a classic and made it look absolutely horrible. Ugh. Not for my liking. Bring on the negative energy. I'm opinionated as everyone else so you want receive any comments.

  38. Ethan Jones

    He won’t destroy this one this one he’s gonna “keep nice”

  39. Biskitzngraavy

    next time fill a balloon with ether and throw it in the intake. Maybe some gasoline??

  40. andrew bush

    Right on! Dayton, Ohio. Repping the hometown

  41. Jojo Braun

    wait didnt thisguy fill his truck with cement

  42. Mama Shivite

    I learnt how to drive in a stick shift at 13 years old(South Africa)

  43. Tucker Latsha

    0:10 haha haha I died

  44. Kenny Evans

    All I can say, is what an IDIOT!!!!

  45. Hector Bribiesca

    You are so ignorant that truck is historical and you have no idea what that truck did when it was on the road you could have donated to a museum

  46. jino j

    Miss you truck 😨😨

  47. dirt bikes and tractors

    you should also do that with the white farm truck

  48. Dirt road Empire

    Go kart semi

  49. James Welch

    How about who cares you are watching the video too lmao leave people alone if you don't like it scroll on if he wanna waste money.......it is his money after all

  50. Non Compliant

    Too bad this isn't the last whistling diesel video.

  51. Jayrod4113

    Those trucks prob hard to find wreck a new one pussy

  52. James Reaper

    What a shame for an old workhorse to go out like that. An old road warrior deserves a little respect, Frank has earned it.

  53. Henri Haikonen

    Stupid boy.

  54. Tucker Latsha

    3:13 like if you see it

  55. flora thompson

    You are cool From dylon

  56. Pixel gun 3D Gamer

    I learned so well thank you

  57. The German Dude

    You gotta get another cabover or semi truck! the content you made with frank was AMAZING!

  58. Tucker Latsha

    The sounds of the destruction of the camper are oddly satisfying

  59. Nathan Penn

    Maybe try turning Frank into another buggy!

  60. Tucker Latsha

    It’s all fun and games until someone takes a piston to the face

  61. Jeremiah Rohrbaugh

    I unsubsceribed because you reck all your tuchs

  62. E Eller

    R.i.p Frank he was a good Soldier he was a Veteran . He will surely be missed he was one of the last good old boys fuck that set it on fire

  63. ReDwIrE 93

    I agree. some things dont ned restoring, and some do and already are. idk it was cool while he lasted lol

  64. the baller k boss yt

    Let's bend this back cuts to a clip where he is driving it into a pond 😄

  65. Jaylen alexander

    I was happy at first cuz I thought this was his last video ever now im not cuz ion know how his making money for destroying beautiful trucks

  66. Chase Reeves

    Put the old GMC up for sacrifice ..that'll draw alot ...since you are known for it

  67. Larry Manier

    Send me some cash. Or a truck. I need one.

  68. William Fitzallen

    Frank you will be missed

  69. Scott Ferguson

    Pretty childish to be honest. This dumb kid will probably be in the news next week under the headline " Kid dies from eating 8 Tide Pods while snorting used condoms"

  70. Jacob Breitfeller

    Bye Frank 👋🏼

  71. Chris Heimbeaugh


  72. Lynnette Rogers

    Take the wheels off of Frank and then drive him on the road in front of a cop

  73. Lynnette Rogers

    Your dimension have more speed in that dude at least 5 million speed you lit

  74. Lynnette Rogers

    You should make the people that that comment rude and disrespectful things you should give them pay back for that dude

  75. Rylan Wesneski

    people are mad about truck get smashed that is sad

  76. Lynnette Rogers

    A dude you should race every single car and truck you got

  77. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    12:06 to make money off ALsel

  78. Carl Gallegos

    I really wanted to see you drop the jack full send

  79. WesTx Ranchin

    I hope you cut that coke nail

  80. I Suck at Games

    Is that fuckn law and order music?

  81. Jonathan Cambria

    Frank would have been a cool go-kart house🧐 just my opinion...keep on doing what you guys do best entertainment love the channel! And just remember haters are going to hate 😂

  82. RC SMOKE !

    Why destroy 1984 transtar International Especially with Cummins................................you destroyed My favourite semi of all time!

  83. Terry W

    Momma always said, "Stupid is, as stupid does."

  84. Barry Privette

    that's the dumbest vid i've seen yet :(

  85. A. Tibor

    Spoiled american kids playing. Other people hunger and no home.

  86. Zsolt Varga

    Brain = zero

  87. Zsolt Varga


  88. Rabbit hole Productions

    Why the fuck do you do this shit to such nice trucks?I just don’t get it,what’s the purpose?

  89. Daniel Ballantine

    When you have the smallest dong of all time

  90. Alex McAngels

    Your arguments are so weak. So you could end up your life now, because you will get old and die anyway. So what?! But it's your world, so if noone gets hurt, do what you do.

  91. The devil Made me say it

    2 bucks for stickers ??? Thanks dude !!

  92. Alex McAngels

    Why? This Ford couldn't also be restored. prayfor#frank

  93. Deep hug

    up a fight but Mr. WD will prevail. I'm going to give it a respectable month. Haha

  94. Phil McKrakin

    RIP Frank

  95. Brendan Allen

    At 5:55 in the video he washes his truck for once🤣

  96. mack264

    The fact you had a little rant there tells me you do care about what people think

  97. V Z

    Can't wait for you to destroy this

  98. gopan M

    വല്ലാത്ത കഷ്ടാട്ടോ അൻ്റെ കാര്യം

  99. Hunter B

    I wish I had this much reckless abandon. I bought a rusty half truck trailer for $100. It's full of rust and dents and I load it just as carefully as I load the brand new truck.

  100. Faber farms.

    Rest in pieces frank!