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  1. Kezia-Priscilla Valentine

    Tamera forgot that we don’t got money😂

  2. Nina D.M

    If you can't afford a wedding, don't friggin have one!! All these people spending money on their wedding and not worrying about paying debt or owning property...dumb and dumber!!

  3. mona potter

    Adrienne!! Sis you are loud. Every time I watch a video, she’s yelling. I think she might be loosing her hearing 🙉

  4. pinkygirlXOX92

    Adrienne and all her guy “friends”.... that convo sounded like what a guy tells a mistress just saying 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Vaughn Resper Jr.

    India looks amazing.

  6. Jeannah Tey

    When they said 50$ VIP I thought they had rooms with Gigalos or strippers.

  7. Madridista Halamadrid

    The legs are open for some pussy care lol

  8. Dolores Markoš

    he's a comedian ,maybe girls like him because he's funny

  9. Debody Designs by Vanessa Williams

    Some people just cannot wear their natural hair thank God that we have lace front for people who have problems with their hair no one should judge anyone because we are all different when it comes to natural hair

  10. de n

    As someone who drives for Uber I hated talking to people and I live in Los Angeles. I hated the riders who would talk. I would always be listening to the real in my AirPod.

  11. S G

    Why would anyone be surprised, this is America? The most Racist country in the world.

  12. Michael Thomas

    Jeannie Mai deserves a raise. She carries that table more often than not

  13. Homework Assignments

    Amanda giving Jeanie the side eye 🙄

  14. Milka Ndaani

    YES!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Finally. I’m so glad North Carolina is doing this.

  15. orando15

    Sometimes its not even that people racist just they have these pre-existing PREJUDICE UNCONSCIOUSLY. I've had friends feel bad for me cuz Trump won. Im 🇲🇽 & asked if Im "ok"🤦‍♂️. No my fam not illegal but friends had preexisting prejudice & stereotypes that we were low income cuz im 🇲🇽🇺🇲 & had illegal parents.

  16. Lucky Jar

    Amanda needs to go if she can't respect or stand to listen to any other opinion than the one she agrees with. The whole point of the show is to have differentiating viewpoints, weirdo.

  17. Cassidy Satterfield

    I'm overly sensitive I take alot to heart so it's hard not to get offended

  18. Soda Pop Top

    I just don't like Loni on this episode. She says little things that she knows will hurt Tamera's feelings.

  19. Umeko Candy Kohn

    It’s not Crazy because I have been to quite a Few Fancy Weddings and Parties. And didn’t get any food except dessert. It looks Good on Everyone Plate yet I end up with Takeout. That will ensure You a Meal if You’re Parched. Ijs Stop acting like everybody Budget the same. Some people want the Gifts so they don’t consider the plate heads on the Planning.

  20. Cindy V

    Bubble coats? Really Jeannie? 🤮

  21. Natasha N

    Loni cracks me up! 😂 😂

  22. Evan C

    Awww I'm happy Loni was really PARTICIPATING and being for real answering the question. Also Loni just looks amazing!

  23. DammitJanet

    great story

  24. SugaLuv 91 Thomas

    Come on Jeannie Mai!! She has been talking real since got away from Freddy.

  25. The Joyner Family

    Stop saying it!!!!!! 🗣EVERYONE!!!

  26. Brian Kerwin

    Why did they try to fix something that very much wasn’t broken....? #ByeAmanda

  27. Secret Encounter

    Many young people don’t know who Popeye the sailer is.

  28. Shay91

    I'm grown and don't have time to waste trying to fix a man. He better have it together.

  29. Jacqui Fricke

    Whenever anyone asks me about who my role models are now, I would say: “these ladies.” I never had female role models until NOW.

  30. Monica DuCongé

    That 1 in 5 debt is probably from STUDENT LOANS 😭😭😭😭

  31. Chantelle Young

    I'd rather see Drake with Rhi Rhi than with Kylie Jenner ! .....

  32. Jazz Mc

    You have the exact same muscle structure as a man. Follow a bodybuilding routine and your breasts will be pushed outwards

  33. rahma osman

    Amanda is going through season 1 and 2 jeannie phase because of all this hairstyles and buffy clothes.

  34. Nikki Reign

    People mature at a different pace. 25 for a man is like 17 in human years (lol). If he had a plan to stack up and do productive things with himself and his life, I think it's fine.

  35. The Joyner Family

    Black people shouldn’t even use that word! It’s nasty, period!!!

  36. K Haynes

    Some people date their psychology...speak it.

  37. Kyndal Boyd

    Tamar was a buzz kill

  38. LesWestLA

    Loni is def drunk from the night b4 lol

  39. Daazzlll

    Adrienne stop screaming please!

  40. Kendra Johnson

    LOL at Jeannie Mai’s ending comment. I love Harry & Meghan & Archie

  41. Subscribe To Me

    I think Loni was just surprised at Jeannie’s response

  42. Jessie BEE

    Baby, get the book folks! If you can get the hard copy and the audible version! 😉

  43. Natasha N

    Can Loni read? LOL Did she really just say Manto-ball? What?

  44. Secret Encounter

    Tam, the style of the dress is cute but I think another color would compliment your beautiful skin better.

  45. Janelly G

    I don’t understand the push back on Tamera’s comment it’s her perspective and I agree. I really am starting dislike Amanda.

  46. chris s

    Mama Man doesn't live with her husband but is about to have her ex move in?.. why are they married LOL

  47. Tiffany Smith

    I'm so glad she is gone.

  48. Secret Encounter

    Awwh! Way to go Popeyes!

  49. Amari Bannerman

    im sorry Amanda edges

  50. Kellee Rivers

    Table #42! We even took a group picture with the table #...so petty but passed the time while we waited until they were cutting the cake when we got food.

  51. Secret Encounter

    Come on Gold!

  52. Monica DuCongé

    Guys guys as far as the low income housing goes they are required to provide 30% of the apartments as low income but now what they are doing is selling the share of 30% of the low income apartments to a separate landlord- it’s a loophole- they no won’t have to abide by the rule for 30% and the landlord can raise the price as high as they want. I worked with a property manager who had a low income apartment three bedroom in New York for $2,937. Please do not believe that the way the system is being set up is to help people of power income, they are even raising the price of rent in the projects/public housing to kick people out. Please do additional research guys- certain laws are in place but there are ways to work around them unfortunately.

  53. MrsB

    Amanda looks stunning! 😍😍

  54. Janelle Guild

    "Don't save [him he] don't wanna be saved" X2 (J.Cole).

  55. Drew Yetti

    Men teaching women how to be better = Offensive Women teaching men how to be better = Correct

  56. Cydnie Garcia

    Wow diddy and his son she’s collllddd

  57. Alial Loves

    Tamera is such a beautiful soul, I love her. How she put back her sleeve back up to cover the tape at 1:02 is so sweet of her. 😍😍😍. #kindheart

  58. Rachael Carlisle

    My husband and I are identical in weight....but he’s half a foot taller. 🍪🥕

  59. Ashley Shanea

    I don’t think it was his intention to scare the guy off. He just wants it to be known that she has a male presence that will jump in if shes treated wrong. A lot of guys treat ladies differently if he knows she doesn’t have a father around.

  60. joseph robinson

    Loni and Adrienne was very rude cutting him off like that let the man speak

  61. Cely Avila

    Nobody can afford that bubbly horrendous crap! It probably costs like $3,000.00! Even if I could afford it I wouldn't buy or maybe I would if I go to a ghetto neighborhood and there's shooting I would wear that for protection! 😂🤣☠

  62. Melissa Cruz

    Did Adrienne really just lie 😫😭🤦🏽‍♀️ They called her “the clean up woman” the first few seasons because she was known for this she has said it herself 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  63. Digital Jada


  64. Elizabeth Sarah

    I'm actually really surprised that I didn't hear a story about Adam and how he would act if this was ariah 😂

  65. Shemika Jones

    I needed to see this....Thank you for sharing

  66. Secret Encounter

    Jeannie that’s quite interesting about how people make dating decisions. Can you recommend that psychology book?

  67. Ramona S

    There’s something weird going on with Amanda and Jeanie. I love the show but Amanda always makes faces at what the girls say and acts like her point is the correct one.... uh no! They all have have their own opinions. And why is she so extra with her 1980’s poof dress trying to out dress the girls. U look silly girl. And one last thing.... Jeanie is the one with momma mai stories don’t try to copy her trying to act like u have cute mom stories to tell us ugh 🙄

  68. Emoretta Robinson

    I wanted to hear what else Jeannie said! She was making a valid point. But I don't think all men have a "fix me" energy. But there are some, and I mean some not all, men who want women to help them to an extent that I think is too much. I have a friend who's boyfriend threw a party at his apartment. Things got out of hand. There were over $2000 in damages. He also didn't pay rent and got evicted. Even though they weren't together when all of this happened. She contacted the apartment complex. Made payment arrangements for not only the apartment complex, but the electricity and cable bill that he never paid. And she "helped" him pay this all off by putting some of her money towards the bills. To me that's going too far! He should be responsible enough to take care of all of that on his own.

  69. Kia ThaLovelyGoddess

    Jeannie Mai is her friend

  70. T T

    Yesssssssssssssssssss, ugghhh. When your BEAUTIFUL every pos thinks they're on a date any time they're wwith u unless they're an actual good guy, then they're to intimidated to even ASK

  71. Ellie Lane

    Just ask for money instead of wedding gifts, people always end up with multiple household appliances as gifts.

  72. Jacqueline Perry

    He seems like such a great guy and cute to.

  73. Fremont District

    Jenny little sexy ass is a freak

  74. Evelyn Garner

    Adrienne saying “It’s cheesy” “It’s tacky” is tacky in itself. Lol

  75. Kesandra Williamson

    Tamera looks beautiful in that dress and shoes. Tam your legs are hot and adrienne hair looks cute. Lol Jeannie and yes loni exotic knees

  76. Dridri1212

    I love Bresha 🤣

  77. Peridotfellow

    So when is Mama Mai and Amanda's Mom going to meet? That's all I need to know.

  78. chris s

    wow, the sky is blue

  79. Shanice Sweetsmile

    Amanda always been a hater so of course she’s quiet. Bye girl 🤣

  80. Safa Slote

    Wait Adrienne is moving??? Her house was perfect! 😣😣😣😣😣

  81. Adwoa Boateng

    Adrienne needs to lower her voice lol

  82. Kesandra Williamson

    I like jeannie choices

  83. Alicia

    Adrienne omg SHUSH!!!!

  84. Chyna Wright

    I want to say congratulations Tyler Perry for allowing God uses him blesses others

  85. lovely by design 33

    Adrienne always screams to be first one to speak lol

  86. mae64khlo

    Lori wants to be seen and discussed, so Jeannie can stop crying about it.

  87. Dridri1212

    She's gorgeous

  88. Queen Anne

    I just realised they represent different races. 😊

  89. Ariana Guillen

    I get where loni is coming from but damn let Adrienne speak, and in the Latin community it is verrrrrryyyyyyy common for men to be womanizers as well.

  90. Christian Estrada

    Wait I’m confused is Amanda an official co-host

    1. Adwoa Boateng

      Christian Estrada yes

  91. Yaileen Maldonado Méndez

    I've always found that when someone takes something they know they shouldn't keep it, bad things happen to that person. You can be sure that if they kept the money, something bad would've happened forcing them to have to spend like three times as much. That's why I never stay with something that isn't mine. God only knows how much she had to pay for his funeral and other things... They freeze people's accounts when they die and you have to pay for cementery, funeral costs and bills out of pocket. God bless the man that returned it. It's really sad to grief your grandfather and have to worry about how to pay for their things out of pocket.

  92. yoslaine rodriguez

    I miss them only being 4

  93. Taylour Darden

    Amanda Seales body language is everything hahahhaa Sis isnt here for IT

  94. Alex_moneymoves

    Tamara spoke factssssssss

  95. Jay McMullen

    How is telling someone that an area has high gang activity racist?

  96. an ce

    Society is making our kids lazy and irresponsible. It should b taught in schools as well as home if parents know how themselves. Basics help with selfesteem. A good way to see talent in yourself.


    My parents were divorced before my father passed.. and they got along great. Often staying over my home together for long stretches of time.

  98. Enchantress

    Finders keepers hunny sorry my luck

  99. Snezana Krdzic

    It is a bit much for me personally. :)

  100. Da Good Vybe

    Jeannie was just about to drop gems😩😭😆💎‼️