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I'm Ashley from Alaska, catch me on this seasons Instant Influencer with James Charles every Friday only on ALsel.

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  1. missusa166

    Kailin is sooooo load and makes a lot of load weird noises I couldnt continue watching the video

  2. Aya

    lets talk abtt herr jawline with those lippsss🥺🥺🥺

  3. vayshakh geetha

    Luv u Ashley u are inspiration ♥️♥️

  4. Mia Grace

    I love your friendship I wish I had one like that😔😔

  5. rosita montalvo


  6. Caitlin Richards

    smh all her vids are just "exposing" people. this is not how you be an influencer. btw kailin should have won

  7. Victoria Khorishko

    Ashley is not cold-hearted or self-centered, she just liked to keep her emotions more to herself. Oh, the assumptions people can make!

  8. Amelie Denis

    Yessss two queens in the same video 😆🤩

  9. tarekalsamaan

    Ashely you deserve the win💘

  10. louie roberts

    every time someone says "I'm bursting with excitement" it gets funnier each time haha

  11. Dooching Cong

    i love you two together

  12. Susan Morreira

    Love u girl

  13. Anisa Miah

    Kailin would be a good actor

  14. decredtrouble

    Deym Ashley is so hilarious hahaha

  15. Ryan Islam

    love them together

  16. decredtrouble

    4:37 my mood when everbody hates because they think I hate them. I am just focusing, baby. Hahaha

  17. Rebecca Zimmerman

    It would’ve been cool to see you do each other’s last look from Instant Influencer whole you did this video.

  18. Danielle Poland

    You're stunning! 😍 I would love to know about a sagittarius.

  19. Daisy Pasillas

    I love this video because I’m a Gemini that is married another Gemini 😂 and most of my friends are Gemini ♊️ hahaha

  20. Blossom Beautyyy

    Love this, love them 🔥🔥🔥💕

  21. Shawn Shakoor


  22. Cxlestial

    Kaitlin looks like Karen Smith and Cassie from euphoria

  23. Genesis Britz

    They both look 17 I’m not gonna lie

    1. After All This Time? Always.


    2. After All This Time? Always.

      yep they do be looking younger than they actually are

  24. Baby Frank

    You are SUCH WIFEY MATERIAL. Like HOW😍😍💯❤️CONGRATS GIRL IM SO PROUD OF YOU. I’d come over to my mothers she loves you and we would watch and we knew you’d slay yo! Especially being a mother away from your kid the only thing your worrying is constantly about how your son is doing during competition but you still stole the show and we LIVEDDDD for it. Much love from -Franklin and Marisa from RVA

  25. Mélissa CHIN

    Let’s support Ashley to get the million subscribers ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ she’s so amazing and sweet .I swear I didn’t know her before the competition but during the competition she got my heart ❤️

  26. qlossz

    y’all are the cutest friends ever not abt to lie 🥺

  27. Mahalia H

    You guys are such a good collab <3

  28. Emily Orman

    James must have taught them how to speak on 2x speed!!!

  29. stellina depasquale

    my FAVORITE duo

  30. Matthew Brobbey

    u too are kashme cup it be funny when u did there meme of had bhaddie saying kash me outside how bout that lol but strain is cute

  31. Lucy Biederman

    I love this duo!!

  32. Stephany Novais

    That awkward moment when you realise you've been watching Ashley's videos all this time but we're never subscribed 🤦

  33. Stephany Novais

    Honestly you two were my favourite from the show ever since the beginning so I am soooo glad you both reached the finals and stayed as friends 😂💕

  34. Stephany Novais

    The intro reminded me of me and my best friend sooo much! 😂

  35. Stephany Novais

    Kailin- "you know we're pretty serious people" **Ashley twerking behind her**

  36. Alice Wilner

    3:14 i was laughing my head off

  37. Wyatt’s Wild world

    Assuming person: You poor your cereal before milk Ashley: yeah I do are you a psycho path Me: dang ashley be finding psyco

  38. Orly Cuddle_hog_Drarry_always!!!!!

    How DO YOU BOTH HAVE PERFECT ANIME JAW LINES?????????!! Tell me your secrets!

  39. Wyatt’s Wild world

    Kailin I have the same hair color as you it is called Dirty blonde. And ashley I'm bursting with excitement (says this with a depressed face)

  40. Bethany Fisher

    Okay but I LOVE Gemini’s ♊️

  41. Kiki What


  42. HannahBurlace

    Hey Ashley! Congrats on winning instant influencer!! Would love to see an eyebrow tutorial pleaseee, I love the shape of yours <3

  43. Cappujhino

    Could anyone tell me what the video was about I couldn't stop staring at her perfect eyebrows

  44. Crazy Tracy

    they iced out fr fr

  45. Crazy Tracy

    you guys need to start a channel together 100% ik i would watch it

  46. Tamara Labang

    Your skin looks amazing. Wow! Such a beauty.

  47. Libby Allen

    no hate, but i think the intro is too long, and when you cut the footage it kind of skipped some bits.

  48. Soma JABARI


  49. Keenan Cloete

    Perhaps James needs a Cancer in his life lol 😂

  50. Moa Fernandez

    am I stupid or is the intro new?? Either way I LOVE IT

  51. chanel champion

    I'm only 9 but whenever u are together it makes me smile

  52. Genesis Jara

    I like this type of her ALsel channel not the way it is now tbh

  53. Fathima Nazmeen Anodiyil

    These two are such an iconic duo like I can’t-

  54. Kaeleigh McBean

    kailyn overlined her lips way too much

  55. Joel Gomez


  56. KEZ doughnut

    Wait you are the girls from instant influences

  57. Fernanda Burga

    Their matching chains is so cuteeeee🥺

  58. Jacob JAG

    Ur audio sucks

  59. Ana Maria

    Regarding people thinking Strash me is trans I think it must be because she is so unnaturally beautiful that some think it must be surgical. Kindof like Nikita Dragun

  60. Darkboi the theory guy The other part of the name

    I just found this

  61. Amalia Miramontes

    i died when she started twerking at 6:40 like yea get into it

  62. lovely peaches

    u should do a make up look inspired by the black lives matter

  63. Haya Alemran

    If someone asked me if I had to describe you too in emoji’s these would be Kailinchase:👩🏼 👑💋 Ashley:👩🏾‍🦱💄👑 But they’re both beautiful and amazing and I couldn’t find any more emoji‘s that describe them because I want to continue the video!

  64. YeS! G

    Read more astrology chart I like this segment 🥰

  65. Venus !


  66. Tiaira J

    You did what needed to be done. Period.

  67. Veronica Norene

    i’m a taurus with an aquarius moon and i LOVE aries and cancers.. does that make sense? i hate gemini’s and sagittarius.. i want you to read my natal chart

  68. isabella bonaiuto

    please make more of this type of video. i find this so interesting

  69. Crybaby Martinez

    Lmao "she slayed instant influencers"

  70. Veronica Norene

    the audio sounds super weird at some points...like the mic is overheated

  71. reighn hkgdvk

    wai how old are yall? im here from the show and to find out you have a kid and the other girl is married ??! i thought yall were not even 18!!

    1. reighn hkgdvk

      no tea no shade no disrespect but yall look like babies ! not a bad thing at all im wow’d lol whats in the water

  72. B W

    2 gorgeous gals speaking truth

  73. Shelby Combs

    Kailins’ rock thooooo😍🤩

  74. Ashley’s Vlog Life

    you guys should make a video on all about signs i been wanting to learn about it but it would help if y’all would explain it 🥺

  75. MlpAceSter

    Can we talk about how pretty the thumbnail is?

  76. Isa Espinoza

    isn’t it crazy to think that Ashley is older than James and yet she looks the same age as James

  77. Olivia Navarro

    The audio is a little weird. Kailin sounds a lot clearer than Ashley. She sounds like she’s in a tunnel

  78. Damara kidar

    I watched the whole show Watch the entire season 1 ok New u would win!

  79. Vanity Mitchell

    They try too hard

  80. Taylor Grace

    bruh I fr am loving this

  81. Lovett Malana

    kailin is so pretty omg

  82. Jocelyn K

    I love them both but this video isn't very well done. The sound quality, volume changes, them talking over each other too much, too many effects. Hope it will be better in future videos. They are amazing people!

  83. Jullian Morman

    The amount of leo energy is everything

  84. Julie Franco

    Y’all together is iconic🥰🥰❤️

  85. Alexa Wood

    i want her to read me bc honestly all of the information and like planets and stuff is more than i can process 😂

  86. Jess Parker

    Awe. Hey hey grrrls ✌💜 You two are ze bomb 💥

  87. Clarisa and destiny Gaming

    Once again she’s all like I’m bursting 😐

    1. Clarisa and destiny Gaming

      Not trying to be rude tho

  88. Bby Lucy

    Benny watching this vid: *when u say that ur fine when your not really fine*

  89. aliah Murphy

    I wish this video was longer tbh cus I loved it

  90. Marlowe Straub

    guys what im bursting with excitement

  91. Iz Jus 8r00ke

    Love these personalities! Both of youz! ❤

  92. slzizzling_bacon

    how they're friends and not "teacher" & "student" is so cute!

  93. meadow miller

    you should make a video of you teaching us about astrology

  94. talia grace

    make this a series! read everyone's charts from the show! start with kailin :') love you!

  95. Jackson's Rescue and Horse Ranch

    I used astrology charts for my kids to understand them better. Venus is also money.

  96. dcminic

    Yall look high af in that thumbnail

  97. GoldenDreamBarbie

    Why is it an insult to be a libra 🥺

  98. Alesia Henricy trigolos

    The quality isn’t really good

  99. Samantha Sutton

    #strashlin Like if u agree 👇🏻👍🏻

  100. Jasmin Solis