I record myself eating food and upload it here.
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  1. SangaFit Sang-

    good luck on ur toilet

  2. Sutris official

    Sub channel aku alsel.info/video/video/sW6uZa2trW2YZ64.html

  3. Rakel Hernandez

    this music kinda reminds me of sharknado

  4. عاطف النجم


  5. Hercules Euler

    Oh No, Oh God, Your poor ass, I can feel the burning sensation.

  6. Anthony Yudhistira

    Everytime, he ate some foods, that worth like probably $80 in one sitting... That was my whole month salary, I can attempt these challenges and fail miserably and also not having any money left for the rest of the month... 😂

  7. Chinh Dang

    I skipped 10 secs when Matt began eating and I was like Where have the burrito and the Taco gone to?

  8. TBNR sam

    Huwag mong pilitin kung hindi mo kaya

  9. Cedric Lopes

    How much vil he eat even if he doesn't feel like to eat just for challenges, it's just not right, this is food waste, reason like these cause the reduction in the supply of and people many don't get food

  10. kasobiツ

    His toilet : plz *no*

  11. Please enter a name

    Him eating this is like me in the kitchen at 4:00 am

  12. Apex

    Teacher: *points to smart board* this is the first ever black hole we get to see Matt: *looks down* nah I shouldn’t say anything

  13. Apex

    Matt stonie walks into kfc KFC:happy Superwog: you see them up sell

  14. ownzzZ

    Im worried about your health

  15. Shamus Leckie

    This freak of nature consistently impresses me, but c'mon, who hasn't eaten an unholy amount of CTC in one sitting..

  16. Fern Liew

    I love you video I only like you fries it’s so awesome how can you eat so much 😯👍🏻

  17. Gatan Surya


  18. Tiymeen Jones

    Click the link below please. I am not a robot. Follow my Instagram @l1l.meen

  19. Ty Burden


  20. MortaL

    So much French fries would be better to have one by one

  21. MortaL

    I doubt he has a stomach of a human😂😂😂😂

  22. Hinoue Tomu

    It would of sucked if you we’re lactose

  23. Blake133 ?!

    2020: eats a diamond play button 2021: *eats a house*

  24. Art Aizen

    I imagine all those shop owner/ manager saw a light when he opened the store door.

  25. KING LLOYD Cruz

    Hi im from philippines matt stoniee im 14 year old boy i watch you all the time i support you i wish you visit the philippines to make a challenge here.

  26. Love Or leave

    Drink 100L For a vid please

  27. Krishna Naudiyal

    I know Matt is fast but Morgan is actually slower than an average person

  28. Gradus GYM

    U r monster bro man

  29. Sara Moriconi

    Non osare scrivere italiana sotto questo video . Sei da denuncia

  30. Sk8r Gamer

    If only I didn't have a low metabolism...

  31. Alfredo Sirfefa

    Why you dont fat?

  32. Mr. Beast

    Matt just ate all the quarantine supply

  33. Gachen Feng

    Whats next eating a statue 😂

  34. HunteRik


  35. Nur Laily Putri Rahmadani

    Gaada akhlak

  36. Time_YT

    i could do that whole can in a day... Not that bad when you and your dad are literal spice addicts

  37. Neck

    I can taste the heat through the screen.

  38. Burger King Foot Lettuce

    Eating starts at 2:27

  39. Blake133 ?!

    1620 fries + Matt Stonie = *0 Fries*

  40. Nadia Begum

    This guy is unstoppable

  41. Teddy

    those rolls look fucking amazing

  42. Clifford The red dog

    U should do a turbo challenge u eat 3 bags of turbos chips in 25 minutes

  43. Erik Gaspar

    Matt do 32 big macs in the fastest time

  44. Psycho Boy.

    Tanboy Kun Did it

  45. GoofyGooBruh

    I have a question. How does he not get full. Is it fast metabolism or what I’m actually curious

  46. blue chills

    Charli D'Amelio wants to know your location. 😂

  47. William Gorman

    Wtf 0:00 listen ever closely

  48. Danger QD

    Roarin' 20's have kicked off with Quarantine-mode-Corona just like the deadly influenza of 1920...only we get to binge watch. Here i am

  49. GoofyGooBruh

    If you go to a restaurant with him. You would never ask “are you sure you can eat all that”

  50. Red hunter Vlogs

    I think his toilet paper 🧻 is done

  51. fadli pratama

    Tanboykun tercengang (shock)

  52. Science Being

    He would become rocket in the loo .

  53. A.P Miranda

    Matt: **Says Coronavirus and COVID-19** ALsel: Hippity hoppity your vídeo is how my property

  54. Player Van

    Ula bu adamın yedikleri nereye gidiyooo ap he bir de tükler burdamı.

  55. Tomáš Polášek

    Food porn

  56. Sarah Lloyd

    Even single challenge he does it always seems so appetizing no matter how much he eats. Especially the chilly cheese fires challenge. But I’m not eating that unhealthy stuff soooo

  57. Bob Vu

    Where’s the timer

  58. ZaiMathis

    La vidéo fait 10:08

  59. Tomi M

    out of everything in this video... me: you could've toasted the bagels it would've tasted better

  60. Por Que

    Rice to chicken ratio is not balanced lol im amazed he eats rice for a family of 5 for 3 days yet hes in one sitting

  61. Zanais

    and do chocolate daily milk challenge

  62. Zanais

    and be careful in America there is coronavirus

  63. SlipUp

    Matt Stonie, representing what Anime spicy lips look like in real life.

  64. Zanais

    and do a custurd challenge

  65. Zanais

    matt stonie is faster eater very

  66. 1234Philippines

    can you do eating 25bats in under 20minutes

  67. Mitchel Affandi

    Matt is enjoying his bodytype the right way XD

  68. 류현우

    2배로 매운 핵붉닭볶음면이 있는데 먹어보셨나요? 10000 스코빌이라고 하네요 정확히는 업그레이드되서 신형버전은 2.5배에요 구버전은 8700스코빌


    The snot that came from his nose sent me

  70. FTW Wilierfern9114

    Bro it’s not that spicy

  71. _ MIKIMOTO _

    Wow that’s quite impressive

  72. Mah E Laqa Awais

    Matt stonie: what's so cool about the cool wrap Nicokado avocado: bruh! Where's the avocado lime ranch??

  73. Alex prande

    The burger finished at 23 second

  74. sandeep p

    nobody : youtube recommendations : here's a video of a skinny dude eating a ton of cheese.

  75. Tomi M

    This might sound weird but I really wanna see his "bloat" after one of these videos.. like can you imagine!! Also Matt, how does your body handle all these food videos, it's insane.. wish I could eat this much without gaining like crazy 😂 you're amazing!

  76. ISukcz

    Nobody : Not even Africa : Matt stonie : what’s a stomach

  77. Aleff Couto

    Cancer is waiting for you

  78. Authentic R

    Why he even in ur videos? He don’t even try to beat you 🤔

  79. John White

    He must work out A LOT to not gain weight from eating all this stuff.Im out here gaining 3 pounds while watching Matt Stonie

  80. KillerRitz

    I really need to stop watching this man at 3am when I’m starving.. ☹️

  81. Pita jee

    Unhealthy and uncivilised way of eating .fuck u

  82. AaronGames&More

    Honestly I would enjoy savouring those

  83. Fuzion_ Frosty

    When the call of duty game is starting and your eating cup noodles

  84. Mitchell Haddock

    Not gonna lie those fry’s look disgusting

  85. Tre lll

    That shirt explain it all 👍🏽

  86. Marx Labaya

    *PLOT TWIST* Matt was dying after this challenge and his toilet was died 2 months ago

  87. Vigneshwaran P

    Bro pls check SAAPATU RAMAN channel.how to eat rice😂😂😂

  88. Alexzender Gengga.

    Erm eggs..

  89. Bacon Man2004

    This was all for nothing the 49s lost bad

  90. Johnyplays

    I love century eggs

  91. jaecheondaeseong宰全城城

    no one: literally no one: a kid that see matt stonie eating fast: SCREAMS*

  92. Bacon Man2004

    He drinks water when he eat that spicy food he a real chad

  93. Johnyplays

    $5 for 20 piece what

  94. Bacon Man2004

    He protecc He atacc But mostly he eat a lot and not get fat

  95. MozGodGT

    i tried doing this but with 2 packs only and I think I got kidney stones it was salty af


    Someone’s butt is about to burn

  97. Nyla Field

    I feel bad for u.

  98. Mani manoj

    Fentastic thalaiva super

  99. viktor hauge

    why don't you try to buy one that can edit for you cuz i wan't to see more of you i miss you're old videos :c

  100. Red X

    Matt: a fest for A KING