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  1. Aneka Fernandez

    “Why I don’t know, ask my mom”

  2. Danelle Septhon

    this man: what a beautiful creature! now here’s how to just go to town on it

  3. Onn

    Aren’t you supposed to boil lobster live

  4. JBlake plays

    My brain is saying, "Ew, gross" My stomach and mouth is saying, "GIVE ME THE DELICIOUS FISHINESS!!!"

  5. Aneka Fernandez

    Omg I love you Saul

  6. Oteroman98

    Why is the level 2 chef white and making “breakfast enchiladas”? Disrespectful.

  7. Syndrome Sauce

    All are incorrect. Its bacon, fried egg, butter, american cheese

  8. Jourdin Edwards


  9. Ethan Sumang

    Rip all marine animals lol

  10. Katoptris Min

    OMG this was so stressful omfg How can they chat an avocado like that? WTF it's freak me out

  11. Matice B

    The lobster stab-kill got me. im out xo

  12. Cheetahjammerplays AJ

    Here’s one thing! YOU CANNOT COMPETE WITH A MEXICAN IN A MEXICAN FOOD COOK OFF! Ofc it’ll be good enough because their mothers will come out with their la chancla if they disappoint them. I’m not hispanic myself, but I grew up with hispanic neighbors, my first childhood friend was Mexican, and my nanny was Salvadorian and I’m already exposed to hispanic culture because I grew up with them before I moved to a general white neighborhood.

  13. Tanya Mueller

    Frank, 8 hours later: and here's my breakfast sandwich. *Looks outside* oh, it's time for dinner.

  14. Multin24

    SPINAL TAP. I love Frank.

  15. Puppets for Kids

    Is vanilla optional

  16. Carl McCatfish

    So.... where's the gamer salt?

  17. Brendan Colgan

    Tbh Johns tacos looked and sounded kinda gross

  18. Honka Chunka

    “After roasting your nuts, let’s them cool completely, and then your gonna blend them up in a food processor”. I felt that

  19. Dr. Peter Lankton

    Level one chef using Seattle pickle co. pickles 👍🏾

  20. Irv U

    Alright, Recommended. I'M WATCHING IT! HAPPY NOW?

  21. Aneka Fernandez

    Oh god they all just look so good

  22. cody mckernan

    I want steak nowww!!!, I went to go ask but I realized it was 2:30 at night but I was starving so instead I got a soft pretzel out of the Concord, and pretended it was that butiful steak

  23. Leo Coyote Arenales

    Ask my mom

  24. challengegamer 123

    Sniff sniff why does my beer smell like hot dogs lol

  25. Nick Allison

    Why does Gabrielle sound really depressed

  26. mitre991 hj

    Why do Americans call Jam - Jelly

  27. LeZI0N

    I love the vibes that Lorenzo gives off. Seems like a very nice and happy guy.

  28. Von Elle

    I would've used my teeth cause this is what I do when I'm too lazy to get a nut cracker lol

  29. Alan Radleyton

    *C R A C K S* Satisfaction.

  30. Mexican Whiteboy

    This vid reminds me of early rainbow six siege

  31. Emina Redzic

    this got my mouth watering

  32. Brendan McLellan

    Who else jus skips the food scientist

  33. ACWest

    Those steaks lookin smack ngl

  34. Ethantheelcgamer

    it says2 times of part 3

  35. Zipzapzóp

    Frank: “I like to raise my own cow.”

  36. Starry Nights

    "I like hotdogs cuz theyre fun"

  37. matthew jolly

    I enjoy catching blue crabs but damn they have so little meat for so much wirk

  38. Mariela Alemán


  39. Catherine Williams

    Why do some of these videos sound like they’re in a cup

  40. Aaliya Hakak

    Is so much of food wastage really necessary, just for the sake of entertainment? They might be donating some of it but not the stuff that the participants accidentally throw onto the ground. #savefood #worldhunger

  41. Cherry Ann Alleysvsshdjbne

    Ink x error

  42. Internet Gas

    I love when Frank emphasises cooking well for people he cares about. I want to care for people like that.

  43. K. León

    this video is a mess.

  44. Nicolas Gongora

    Ladies and gentlemen, Epicurious presents: Elton John making a weird potato salad.

  45. Beauty.Forever

    I just wanna know who’s drinking these drinks behind scene 🍹😂

  46. Alan Radleyton

    Gamer's here, just trying to sharpen my Dad's skills for the future.

  47. Super Goomba

    Can we get a f in the chat for Larry the lobster

  48. Alexander Pertsovitis

    Im surprised steven didnt use a frozen grocery store one and called it a day.

  49. Stole yee backbones

    Yo Lorenzo nachos looks good asff

  50. Xyline Tuazon

    how the heck there is kiwi berry

  51. SnippleSnapple

    this is terrible editing. I want to see how he cracks them, not how he pronounces things. God damn it.

  52. Super Tutorials

    I dont even eat seafood but i watched the whole video for some reason

  53. Miranda Ravenclaw

    How do we mexicans and latinos see this: >:/

  54. David Andersen

    He desperately needs a manicure.

  55. Sharvin Shahane

    Asian guy is a soybitch

  56. Internet Gas

    Can't wait to live in a house so I can cook more

  57. Fonti Kar

    Where is the 4th level? I'm confused

  58. Sara Gallas

    It doesnt matter... I always want to try Lorenzo's... ALWAYS!!

  59. Johnny Swisher

    I hear goat simulator

  60. James Webb

    ogers have layers of flavor

  61. Asian Springroll

    Aww the crawfish soo cute

  62. Evelyn Nhan

    1:15 Guy: “Do u see this form?” Me: Do u see that u didn’t slice all the way through?

  63. Ascent

    Look, a breakfast sandwich is really just any sandwich one eats for breakfast. But yes, I’m my opinion it ought to have an egg 🥚 🍳.

  64. Dat lonely cat tryna get 1k subs with no videos

    Frank cant still cook yet because his wheat hasn't grown yet neither he has got eggs and milk

  65. Minuka Rodrigo

    No one: Fergie trying every single food here: *tHe GlAmOrOuS, ThE fLoSsY FlOsSy*

  66. Kuek De'Gak

    all I was thinking is that guy is evil

  67. No0bm YT

    I have just watched 3 people talking about onions for 16 minutes

  68. IAmABananaxX

    Oh thank god they didn't have any bananas. Except the rip off bananas

  69. Manda MFPanda

    I came here bc enchiladas but I stayed bc Saul :D

  70. Maria Mendez

    Level -1 Eats raw eggs

  71. Maria Mendez

    lvl 3 did anything but scrambled eggs

  72. Mike Oxlong

    8:05 agent 47

  73. Magela Ana

    Excuse me, but am I the only one that thinks those are cappeleti, instead of tortellini?

  74. Per Thyrén

    I would prefer Biancas fries!

  75. Tesla H

    i like the video because saul, dislike cause that level one thing

  76. Sara Ennih

    Was anyone else's mind blown about the fact that nachos are just fried tortillas?! 😲😳

  77. DirtyOldMountainGoat

    Yay! Blue cheese butter log!

  78. Tayia Tritto

    this lady is so comforting, Bruh can she be my mom

  79. Sakuragui

    Does anybody else think that level three looked like a piña colada? Only me? Ok

  80. Cheese Salt

    Why do I like fish? Blame it on Animal Crossing

  81. Starry Nights

    "tougher nuts"

  82. Magela Ana

    I'm only half way through mayo and I love this man

  83. Ordovici

    so... as a baker we roll a 15 foot roles at once and then cut pieces off to adjust for sizes.we fill our buns with cinnamon sugar and raisins. This is the way to make them if you are producing upwords of 100 dozen per day.

  84. fartdog 64

    Geez I wish my parents made me lunches like that I make my own

  85. Shaun Webb

    Did they just call a tangerine a mandarin orange

  86. Chickentornado11

    “Kale” My chickens in the backyard: _slowly turns heads towards my room_ *what did I just hear?*

  87. Chickentornado11

    ALsel: 42 minutes of cutting vegetables that you won’t try to do anyway! 3.6 million people: *interesting*

  88. Bhavik Patel

    This girl got so much Nuts

  89. not tae

    The level 3 chef’s chicken just looks like bs it’s just all thrown on there

  90. btchbegone i

    Why are they cutting it like an avocado?

  91. Devin Ota

    His pronunciation of lychee is just it annoys me

  92. Elijah Hayes

    No one used yum yum sauce 😭

  93. Maxo Louisjin

    Take a drink every time the level three chef talks about his mom

  94. kayisonthemoon

    Liked and subscribed solely because of “Avoca-don’t buy it” 😂😂

  95. Chickentornado11

    I love how they show us how to _cut_ a peanut

  96. Claudiu Stoian

    Why the hell frank didin't make his own eggs ?😕

  97. WoahDereMo

    level one chef.... sigh

  98. Camila Bothona

    i wish we could get the brands hahaha these experts say so complex and cool stuff I want to taste it tooo

  99. Cynara Tavares

    This guy is really good. No, I'm not an expert.

  100. Magnitude Reviews

    People actually buy rotisserie chicken???