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  1. Dana

    priya is good in this.

  2. Talia Spierer

    Ok we get it Gabby... You are better than everyone because you don't snack. Take your pretentious self and shut up.

  3. Mariam Ahmad

    Its sad that priya gets the name of the masala mixture absolutely right ie 'namkeen' and they didnt score her for that! Bcz thats exactly what it is called and not 'masala'!

  4. Leah Eich

    nobody: Gabby: is this recyclable & that is why we must STAN


    I dnt like her .. ): but i love hot pockets ....

  6. Paranoid Peanut

    I’m just gonna say, in the UK i have never seen a pickled onion crisp and ive lived here all of my life. They should have gone with prawn cocktail

  7. Amy

    Omg Andy... also I love Carla. And Sohla. Ok all of them.

  8. Cleo Lux

    lmaooo andy has a lot of nerve making that face when he literally scored one above molly

  9. Rebecca Stuck

    When Rhoda said she’s so proud of Claire, that really got my feelings moving

  10. Emma Lanchester

    ... who told the producers that the uk love pickled onion crisps??!!

  11. Glenn Merrie Johnson-Thompson

    Only uses salt for seasoning.. 😑

  12. Jaho Tating

    You know why Claire is the one doing Gourmet Makes, she has the best senses for it.

  13. Un1que Arch3r

    11:10 someone needs to make a meme out of that!

  14. Un1que Arch3r


  15. Anonymous

    *Molly in last place* welp, challenge must be rigged *Delany still near top* oh nevermind it's legit

  16. Aiden S. Shin

    As a Korean, I cannot believe so many of these chefs recognize Honey Butter Chip. I don’t like it, either.

  17. Phoenix White

    I love how much fun he has with these videos

  18. XpetraXpazlX

    Why do most of the chickens look really bloody?

  19. TheRealMael

    This point system is confusing

  20. Peter George

    When molly said she was “fridayed” *i felt that*

  21. Deb Rose

    This is making me hungry. Also, please tell me they dont waste all of that food! (I have a taco bell ad too 😂👀)

  22. AeroSimmer

    I love how the designer of Hailee's top really utilized graduation tassels to accent the shoulders 😋

  23. Paul Easterbrook

    24:48 my favorite clip of the whole video!

  24. Lol Loo

    I love runny poached egg 🍳

  25. Dorrit

    Is it possible to choose a favorite?

  26. saltzotheparrott

    Anyone else get the Sting reference? 😂 12:49

  27. chelsea mccalla

    His plating 😍😍😍

  28. Shizuku Mizutani

    The girl who said "Chanachur" is actually correct. This indian snack is also available in my country (Bangladesh) and we call it Chanachur here.

  29. Dorrit

    Chris is ON a different level

  30. appLez

    Why wast brad in this, i saw him in the back ground. So no excuse! May we please have some more Brad content, so Its Alive, or anything! I love Brad!!!

  31. starfishsignal

    andy is so cute when he wiggles about the california tomatoes. i love this series, watching all the chefs and their process.

  32. Kelsey Mountain

    He did beer can chicken wrong. Pour the beer over the chicken. Then put the bird on the can and cook.

  33. LionHeartZ

    Brad is one of the those people who literally doesnt look out of place in any kind of labour environment. I could see him doing any job with his hands and be like yea that's what someone doing that looks like

  34. K John

    When are we going to get Claire in a bikini?

  35. SirWheelzAlot3384

    This was the epitome of SQUAD GOALS.

  36. Lolcats

    Any seasoning besides salt?

  37. marie boyd

    Amiel: the breast looks great Me: heh

  38. Flik

    I love Gabby being so environmentally aware. She needs her own show where she finds out how (un)sustainable some food (packaging) is!

  39. Yuki Alex Nakai

    I'm Japanese and never heard of the squid puff thing lol

  40. Gabriel Ybarra

    BA is the CEO of “I like to bully my chefs for the lols”

  41. GJCL1

    Claire is definitely the snackspert

  42. Cassidy The Cat

    I agree with Priya, I'm left handed and it's annoying/difficult to use appliances with my right hand

  43. XpetraXpazlX

    Do whole turkey next

  44. Yoongi Yoongi Nee!!

    24 CHICKENS WERE KILLED FOR THIS VIDEO. I'm not vegan but that disturbs me

  45. Imak K

    Me being a proud 🇮🇳 bcz everyone recognised the flavours

  46. Unabonger420

    *through gritted teeth* DELANY!!!

  47. The Skiddy

    I just cant stop eating pop tarts, how can you dislike them?!

  48. Ray Zen

    I know im like 2 years late but it should say “It’s A Knife” instead of “It’s Alive” cuz why not

  49. Eijiro Kirishima

    Everyone: *tasting the food* Alex: "iT sMeLLs liKE bAg"

  50. Droo Droo

    Bon appetit: every way to cook a chicken Me: laughs in howtobasic

  51. Nathan Green

    Pickled onion is the worst flavour prawn cocktail is hands down the best

  52. NeppytheGiant

    Moral of the story: Don’t pick Molly as a food trivia partner

  53. Becky

    I laughed, I cried everything I want in a ALsel video about eggs

  54. korybay123

    Do Planters Cheese Puffs!

  55. East(Ayy-Dee)Salinas

    No Brad???? This Isnt Bon Appetit

  56. Lala Sisli

    God the one who fill the plate is so stingy what is this Are they birds or human just add more

  57. Austyn Smith

    "mmmm yeah" "oh Yeah tastes good *smacks*"

  58. Ethan Rickman


  59. Quintus Aurelius Symmachus


  60. Kaitlin Richardson

    Andy’s reaction to molly at the end was priceless! 😂


    Molly te amo!

  62. Calvin Broad

    I would like to see you do something matty wants to do.

  63. Anna J

    Priya: "What is this off brand that you all bought?" Molly: "Love this brand."

  64. Erik Hays

    Disappointed the brick chicken wasn’t called bricken

  65. proda- zzin

    She forgot to tell Mark to add pepper to the salad

  66. proda- zzin

    WTF is with this comment section. All I see r a bunch of :::::::::::::::::::

  67. Rachel Ann


  68. Cedric Purwanto

    Math problems be like: Amiel buys 20 chickens...

  69. kaitlin diala


  70. Chief LuLu

    Of all the Walkers flavours you could choose😩

  71. Ryan Tamura

    Next time they do a blind taste test, the chef that has the lowest score should have to do a punishment

  72. Porter Colville

    I kind of hate how in all of these videos they are dubbed over, it feels disingenuous and sounds wrong to hear him miming eating the foot without hearing anything else.

  73. milkdud4444

    Gabby's recycling concerns are such a mood ❤️❤️

  74. Dane Byrd

    They said so many guesses were wrong for the Japanese snack but there were a lot that were right

  75. primeogre

    with out brads funny comments i lost interest.... not to be lame but man you need to start paying that man more and get him on a lot more shows hes amazing for at least my basic male opinion......

  76. mrshazzam93

    Are these safe to sit out without vinegar in the jar? And what if I don’t add the starter culture?

  77. jeremiah lemke

    Not gonna lie, lean pockets are so good simply because the bread is seasoned, that and pretzel

  78. OutlawMustard22


  79. jayrighz

    Brads not in this... BOOOO

  80. Frank _

    At least 24 chicken was cooked in this video. Thank you chickens.

  81. YonekuniKyuhyun

    11:09 that was a raw BRUH moment. Every person of color that knows what spices are just lost ten years off their life span.

  82. jjuans6


  83. Kathryn Panger

    Always could tell Brad was Italian

  84. Ang Sern

    Today we are preparing salmon vanilla ice cream, also known as salmonella ice cream.

  85. gerry swain

    Ok... I’m kinda new to BA, been a sub for like a month. Quick observation: Clair is like the 💣! No trolling just the truth. So my observation is in most all of her vids the print intro is Pastry Chef attempts, makes or shizzels up whatever... but said pastry chef has a name (Clair). But for beat it up, kill it by throwing rocks at it, nothing escapes the fire “Brad” they use his Name! Brad chances down wild Road Runner and makes coyote foot stew... cuz the Runner never dies. Why do you guys never use “pastry chefs” name in her intro? We all know who she is... don’t we ?

  86. Captain Chlamidia

    Takis for the win!

  87. TheCrimsonCardinal

    Gabby somehow manages to annoy me in every show

  88. jeskuo

    I feel like at these pro chef taste test challenges, Chris doesn't blow everyone else out of the water as much as we all think he might. He tied with 5 other people for 1st place in the cheese test and was in the middle of the pack for the cured meats. He does really well with dishes, but doesn't seem to thrive at these taste test challenges. If I were putting money I this, I feel like usually Delaney is a better bet.

  89. David Garcia

    Mad respect to Gaby for stickin it to the unsustainable food companies..

  90. Joshua Ticsay

    I knew my queen Claire would SNAP at this challenge

  91. Chelsey Leigh

    This says a lot about portions

  92. White hat Gamer

    2:57 this is the part when mark know oof

  93. Jing Chen

    More Hawa and her food! Been waiting for more spicy recipes :P

  94. Qyu Almannai

    Amul cheese toast is like Indian bruschetta

  95. Ooilei

    Of course Claire would win this, she is the queen of snacks at this point 😊 I bet she can recreate a gourmet version of all of these~

  96. carsen _

    Mark: "who can't figure out which numbers go to which Carla: "uhh I'm legally not allowed to say" Ninja: 😳

  97. Tristin Newkirk

    If Amiel uses any other seasoning besides salt... the world is ending

  98. 누가가

    와....허니버터칩 엄청 유명하네....?

  99. Ang Sern

    I use the air fryer only for the chicken thighs, slightly salt it skin up, makes the skin crispy and meat tender. Be sure to salt it slightly.

  100. gsef

    the chip is *3mm thicc*