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  1. SiaDawn

    4:13 I felt that answer. As a white passing Lakota it’s very hard to represent my people and the tribe that I am legally a part of. I have faced racism nonethless and it’s really hard to stand your ground. Proud Native. Let’s go ✊🏼

  2. laimrite

    lady in the intro looks high LMAO me too

  3. Neelesh Thakur

    next time call me for smoking weed.pls

  4. tony vight

    "im half Mexican" "im full black" i laughed out loud-

  5. Masters Of Kung Food

    Mans got legit flow. Check out Macklemore’s song “Corner Store”. He’s in it.

  6. Sharmaine Cheah

    Dani is so darn cute 😍

  7. Dora Dora

    2:37 his mom is really calm If it was my mom I'll dead before I even finish speaking

  8. Dima Jeddawi

    10:33 that highlight shade on her skin tone wooooooooosh ✨✨✨✨

  9. its upsetting m n my homegurl

    1 year = long term???? In what world.

  10. christopher Dee

    Ok dudes rockier a dead dress..

  11. sienna

    3:39 can we please talk about the scenery behind her? i'm aussie and i've never seen snow before so DANG

  12. Mikkel Lorentzen

    Damn! She’s hot! And seems awesome as well! Aaand girly jealous asf 😂

  13. jansens chrest

    I wanna listen to Webern with him

  14. Anndreaa Martinez

    First dude is just rude

  15. Katlyn Marie

    "I VOTE FOR JUSTIN" "I feel baddddd" 🙄

  16. Andrea Storm

    "Holy dick" 😂😂😂

  17. Isabelle Korth

    At 2:48 when she said her name was Acuna who else started singing

  18. Keira Maupin

    Am I the only one that feels like she’s cussing to try to impress him... but just being kinda awkward abt it 😂

  19. J. Montrice

    African Americans are some the most racist people that I’ve ever met, I’ve had black people tell me that they don’t like going places where there’s too many white people. That’s racist.

  20. Depressed E-girl

    I would be terrified to do this bro I AINT WANT NO NASTY MAN TOUCHING ME

  21. Depressed E-girl


  22. Itachi Uchiha

    "Konichiwa I want to eat Sushi from your pussy" Lmao who says that 😭💀

  23. yt_addi b

    Who else is afrikaans?

  24. J. Montrice

    I’m a racist against ugly & mean people.

  25. ɮᴇᴄφᴍɪnɢ

    The rapper guy needs to sit up. He would be 50% more cool if he works on posture.

  26. Black Deer with Gold Wolf Oficial YouTube Channel

    Ther are some gay men

  27. natasha cabrera

    The video made me so uncomfortable 😂

  28. Marcelo_ACN

    60-70 George Harrison

  29. Brooke

    All white people are racist 😂😂 wtf

  30. Sophia Lambrecht

    ayyye reppin yes theory

  31. Kimberly Walkins

    I’m an exterminator What do you kill people? Everyone’s got a price Dead

  32. Black Deer with Gold Wolf Oficial YouTube Channel

    The guy blindfolded: oh Gay man: get you @$$ over here (aka the gray sweater)

  33. Nocturnal Films

    Sh**, I accidentally done meth! DARN YOU METH!

  34. WS JJ

    Always the blacks

  35. Mr.Xthor

    When the lady said the kid was decapitated, the first thing that went through my head was FINAL DESTINATION(no disrespect)

  36. Black Deer with Gold Wolf Oficial YouTube Channel

    3 or of 1 of the kissing guys is gay It is dude with white and black glass and shirt

  37. alessia bellantone

    The Italian one is actually speaking apulian dialect 🤣

  38. sophie marie

    why is everyone in this video attractive

  39. Ana Rodriguez

    the tattoed bartenderess is my bitxh

  40. 123 ABC

    "Black and brown people can't be racist" *Black and brown people could say anything any other race can say and it would mean the same thing*

  41. sophie marie

    okay ew dont ask teenage girls to kiss in front of their mom and so many other people

  42. Ria

    - adorable laugh and personality - In Utero (Nirvana) tattoo - is a virgin Conclusion: this is my child. I must protect

  43. Bugzpudding

    Guy in the gray needs to chill a bit

  44. Timothy Siamlena

    Why is no one talking about how PewDiePie looks like Brad

  45. zack winans

    no one win

  46. Dylan the science guy

    For some reason my sister thought this was hilarious

  47. Danni Motionless

    Who's the lesbian? She's fucking hot

  48. Bob Joe

    1:31 my man has measuring tape on his head.

  49. Roblox Gaming with Gummy

    Cutting is something that like distracts you from what your thinking, I was 1 month clean until a couple hours ago. I just opened up to my best friend yesterday and I don’t want to tell her I relapsed

  50. EndlessEndings

    She MUST be an Aquarius

  51. Kindofawolf

    Curtis is my spirit animal.

  52. Anzner

    Tim and his dad are always funny together. Great video

  53. Nothing But Art

    The black chick was more Independent if anything

  54. Beah Lorraine

    isn't that Ruby the dominatrix?

  55. Adam

    "Fear of cotton balls" ok, lets not confuse phobias with someone just seeking attention

  56. jupiter is a bean


  57. I doubt it lmao

    girl in the champion hoodie fine ashhhh woah


    My man with the beanie be lookin a bit like brian finch

  59. Heartwork By Kitty

    “Do u suck toes dad?” Loooool

  60. vmaows

    Damn, Lil Xan let himself go- LMAOO JK JK 😂😂😭😭

  61. Nothing But Art

    I loved the guy without the intestine, he answered all the retarded Democrat questions perfectly. Republicans don’t care about race, it seems the Democrats make everything about race, oh a white person was hired over a black it’s racist.

  62. Ara Hi

    3:02 lmao best part

  63. Ivan Damaso

    One kid hates all of the dish wow lol

  64. Amelia Edie

    i have trypophobia. i feel her pain.

  65. TD Outdoors

    Why did she give that to the black dude wtf 😂

  66. zevac

    I mean, the reps got the civil rights question...............

  67. Tuts TheCat

    No offence but some of these people are really pulling out of their league

  68. Dresdin K

    Some of these people are such fake “woke” people lmfao.

  69. Jonathan Bardales

    i forgot i forgot i forgot i forgot.. LMFAO

  70. Its Publizz

    She seems like a good girl to go out with too 😩

  71. Nothing But Art

    Haha what the hell does that black dude mean transformation does he not know what conservative means. We are the exact same as Abraham Lincoln, you guys are the ones changing. Lincoln didn’t want free healthcare, he didn’t want socialism, and he thought that we didn’t owe anything to African Americans besides freedom. Just because you think that black people deserve more doesn’t mean you are like Lincoln, Lincoln wanted equality more than anyone else did and does.

  72. Blu

    5:12 she looks JUST like KSI

  73. Ty r

    Democrats can say whatever they want and nothing happens to them, but when a republican says something borderline the democrats freak out and get offended, it makes no sense

  74. ASTHMA

    3:35 why he so sweaty

  75. Ty r

    What that asian girl said at the end was really disrespectful, about men, and about “white supremacy”.

  76. WantoGenius

    If you rated yourself less than a 7 you honestly are ugly.So you decided to announce online how ugly you are hoping people would tell you how wrong you are and that you’re really beautiful.The truth is people bought it.Check the comment section right now people talking about how all the people who rated themselves low are really the pretty ones.You’re insecure and you’re not pretty no matter what you change you never will be.You know who you are

  77. Dylans Fishing adventures

    Can't find my comment

  78. Ty r

    I can’t stand these democrats, they base off looks and sound, and make republicans look like the bad guys

  79. DLLLON 23245645

    I was in gods favorite look at my profile pic

  80. Ouccii

    Do a pro gamer and his mom

  81. Kristine Angelie

    sebastian lowkey giving me a bretman rock energy

  82. Izzy Maturana

    whats the puppet guys insta im sliding thru the dms

  83. JakulaithWolff

    2:00 sounded like he was going to keep on telling more but he was cut lol

  84. Hermione Acosta

    I lost it when the Asian dude made that face after she said "n o"

  85. Stephanie Trax

    Unrelated but dude at 3:50 is pretty cute imo

  86. Michael Lyons

    The girl who was very pale in all black reminded me of like a super sexy wednesday adams. I want that ass.

  87. Soul _ K1ng

    The term redskin was thought of because when bounty hunters would scalp the natives the blood would turn their face red