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  1. Jack Peters

    Legend has it that Mama and Papa Rug will Pin and Heart this comment if they love their fans. Lets see what happens!!!

  2. Zabair Iqbal

    I wouldn’t like to be in papa rugs shoes

  3. Aqua Beads


  4. BrandonXNitro

    This man rice was playin😂

  5. Amare Hammonds

    Who watches ALsel more often in quarantine?

  6. Henry Coreas

    1:22 that candy looks tasty 😋

  7. Easton Keith

    Bunch of city people don’t even know how to drive side by side

  8. Easton Keith

    Just wanted to let you know that thing has a turbo

  9. joxer boxer

    it’s the birds migrating path

  10. niduoe stre

    Brawadis should take Jackie in the Can-am, and get her reaction lol

  11. Katherine Rosales

    Mama rug! You’re looking sexy! Those pants doe. I need them ASAP

  12. Irtiza Irtiza Ahmad 2

    Omg 😮 ladders my biggest fear one of my relatives fall from a ladder then pass away.

  13. yeets loco

    Am i blind or did rice make the last shot


    That’s a gift to him food

  15. Angel Scinta

    It's still funny.

  16. rideordieguy rideordieguy

    03:32 ThatS the typical Arab mom>> whatever she did when she was young>> [[[[ Oh that was different times ]]]] LMFAO THEY R ALLLL THE SAME 03:32

  17. Mango Man


  18. Abby Stephens

    Omg the way Ron is with bosley is so sweet

  19. Omar Payind

    U can tell anthony does not like Clint at all 😂

  20. Suyashvind Boodhoo

    😂😂😘😘😘love you alot guys God bless you all the happiness 🙏🙏

  21. Queny Yanza-Loja

    Yo I’m better then anothony and I’m 12 years old

  22. Meleq Cullhaj

    Notice how rug doesn't say he doesn't have toilet paper Papa rug hooks him up with the goods

  23. Jimena Burciaga

    I luv how Jackie hypes up mama rug

  24. Kailey Rosil

    Brian and katlyn need to do this

  25. Alan Lara

    Wtf is going in with rons arm at 2:11

  26. Felix Palestino1

    Part 2

  27. Strawberry slime Kisses


  28. Syed Yusuf

    He went in the golf car without bosely

  29. Jaiden Sarjou

    Very good acting skills

  30. Lanna Wallend

    Good luck!!!!!!

  31. Kelly Nye - Hinkson

    Brandon and Jackie should do this like this comment if they should

  32. Almarosa Aguirre

    Love that he doesn’t care about dressing up or wearing females clothes u go papa rug

  33. fanatic gamer

    😢 guys I’m feeling sad all the way from 🇿🇦 South Africa

  34. Alex Wright

    That's Bosley Awadis golf cart Ron Awadis said you guys can't rode it without Bosley In it because he's a pretty puppy pug

  35. lovehotdogs

    Your golf cart is for your dog only you drive you get your dog on it but you left him behind :( you know how sad he will be very sad 😞 next time please take him

  36. Enrique Ramirez


  37. Ben Morgan

    Hi mate

  38. Oscar Marquez

    😂😂😂 Brandon and Faze Rug were not allowed to be in the video because it involves fire. It’s not like they haven’t done anything crazy in their videos.

  39. Angel Scinta

    Raja sounds so much like my friends. 😌😳😘😄I love her,💖😊 her and Sana are so cute.☺

  40. Britney Barnhart

    Hey Mama Rug and Papa Rug i was thinking you should do a part 2 but with Jackie putting the clothes on.

  41. MoiistyRo

    Mama rug vs Rice Mom Basketball 1v1

  42. Artsy_Echo

    Only the OGs know the old thumbnail for this video!!!

  43. smd. Foxtd

    Sorry but mamma rug was moning too much

  44. Salvador Villa

    Bro why's messi in the back lol

  45. OnTSjayyy

    Brandon cant handle a L😂

  46. Flav396 Dan

    I love how mama Rug is getting scared as Ron tries to put the last legos on, it shows their love.

  47. No You

    Dang papa rug lookin like a new sugar daddy 😳 hold the snaps Bryan got a new mom? Brandon got a new mom? Lmfao 😹😹 great video keep up the good content for your fans I'm sure they appreciate everything you do!

  48. Armani Lloret

    Tom and jerry😂


    Could you guys do divorces prank on rug and brawdis please

  50. ryan carson

    Mama rug stylin

  51. Rosie Williams

    I think you are thinking he looks like Gene Simmons

  52. Saleeka Yousaf Da Boss

    1st outfit on him he looked like elvis Presley

  53. Dojo

    Play roblox

  54. Jonathan Rojas

    is it just me or did they change the thumbnail

  55. Elizabeth Ncube

    Papa rug you da, MAN

  56. Alexia Zanfir

    The legend says that the 100 dollar bill is still in the flowers waiting for someone to pick em up

  57. Vlog fan0123

    Lmao Im watching this again and i didnt notice that they had yam yam lmao i watched this last year and only noticed oishi

  58. Maryam

    god bless your family

  59. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Papa rug who do you go for in soccer

  60. Leonardo Arredondo

    Omg y’all should make a boat with LEGOs and see if it floats in your pool

  61. Gracie Guerra

    So funny Bosley being a little snitch🤦😂😂😂😂👍💕💕💕💕💕💕

  62. Gustavo Gallegos

    y’all should make a lego boat 😌

  63. Faze Blade

    I like the way they make it real cuz if it was me i would laugh😂🤣

  64. Cloud Hydro

    I love spicy food, i ate a family size taki bag in one day


    why is Jackie helping should be kaelyn since she's dating Brian

  66. Alif Uddin

    Papa rug avenged brawadis

  67. XctheGOY YT

    13:52 papa rug

  68. Varls 77


  69. Ahmed Redwane

    You should change the title to “I” instead of “we” built the worlds tallest tower. 🤣🤣

  70. jamella shaheen

    11:24 🤣🤣 why would they kick you out

  71. amber medrano

    “Jeez, relax girl “ 😂😂

  72. Andre Ronquillo

    It started at 2:56 your welcome


    White Shorts Mama Rug Signature


    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I Fuck With It 💯❤

  75. Roxanne Perez

    13:50/14:07 funniest moment ever I'm deaaad

  76. Roxanne Perez

    12:08 mama rug and papa rug y'all look soooo good together

  77. Roxanne Perez

    6:27 he saaiid cmon what are you talking about lmaoo love y'all

  78. Roxanne Perez

    Lol live the intro y'all always up yo sum sum lololol

  79. M Eid

    Funny you embarrassed papa rug do more videos this is Fabi I gave this a 10 out of 10 good job


    6:00 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

  81. Adan Ibarra

    Papa Rug has some sexy legs! 😂

  82. Pranavi G

    I think Jackie should recreate mamarug insta pics ... that would be so cool....

  83. 50Tree George

    Broke the rule and drove the golf cart without Bosley

  84. kristina Mejia

    Brandon need put jackie clothes on an brain Kaitlyn an papa rig mama rug for a video lol

  85. Sayarika Drew Adhikari

    This is everyones ideal family duhh. I love them, god bless them

  86. Fernando Murillo

    Now this is entertainment!!!!!!!🤪😆😁😁

  87. Rampus DH

    great video papa and mama rug!!!

  88. Anjana Biswa

    Is it just me or on the first outfit papa rug look like Guru from despicable just with hair😂😭😂

  89. prestige kill

    Mabye brain n Brandon already knew he got it and Anothony didn’t

  90. Jesus Hernandez

    Jackie you have the best ideas !!!

  91. Jesus Hernandez

    Ron you're such a good sport 👏

  92. Jesus Hernandez

    This is funny

  93. Jesus Hernandez

    Jackie you need your own channel !!!

  94. Jesus Hernandez

    Ron is so funny!! He makes the best videos !! I wish there was more humble ppl out there like him

  95. Jenny Duran

    Do jackie recreate your outfit

  96. Ashdsjwusisndb Bshaisnsbshsusjs

    Brian does something then everyone else does how boring everyone runs out of ideas smh

  97. Yousif D:

    U should do something LEGO in the pool

  98. Amrote Abdulfetah

    Did you put pam

  99. Melissa Padilla

    Bob cat , looks like a baby Bob cat

  100. Miichaeljr

    Love the videos and I my favorite sport is soccer as well and basketball