Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  2. sam medina

    Name that color mauvelous

  3. not impressed

    There was a kpop girlsgroup Miss A.. dun dun dun

  4. Noname Nope

    I'm still kinda curious about why it calls drugstore😂 Really, how do you call the new places where people sell legal drugs in US?

  5. Wølfie Star

    I accidentally searched up your name: Sayifa Nygaard


    ????? 1:13 ??? 2019 dec? ?

  7. Imjo Daddio

    So they basically have 117 unity candels

  8. Madzamy

    i can feel their chemistry through the screen- the way they look at each other, i-

  9. Lauren

    And Rinrin came to their wedding!😍

  10. Chiransha


  11. ffion ashton

    Are you aware of the climate crisis?

  12. allie cat

    Dumbledores pajamas

  13. Raikkonen Puan

    No SHADE to anyone if we missed them... xD

  14. Jacob Bramley-Shaw

    Could you do a gothic video similar to this

  15. Olivia Steventon

    You look amazing!!!!

  16. krystal 000333

    Safiya,,,,,,, ur eyebrows,,,,, darling,,,,,

  17. Charlotte Brackenbury

    Quit bra shaming nothing wrong with showing a bra and showing off bra strap or something dosent matter nobody really cares. You should video where wear bra with tops and dresses and not caring if you could see a part of the bra. It will change your life if stop thinking people care about see bra strap as nobody cares and you shaggy boobs if you don't wear a bra with your top or dress and you look worse if you don't wear a bra

  18. Sara Charlie

    You should make a video about going to the worst reviewed nail salon in your city

  19. Kara McCarthy

    You look like Morticia Addams 😍😍😍

  20. Džbáneček Frost

    I just used this science in my chemistry class today 😂 Thanks 😂

  21. Helouise A.

    Realized I get the NHK channel & RinRin is on Kawaii International! I was trying to figure out where I've seen her, and one place is this video!!

  22. Abraham Lincoln

    5:39 it's literally 4 am. 😳

  23. Bronte Spencer


  24. Rasa Markauskaite

    -what did you think of the plastic outfit? -planet is crying.

  25. Awesomeface2675

    So beautiful! Congrats Saf and Tyler!!

  26. Matilda Jackson

    The dress 👗 looks like a pillow case

  27. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    Crusty is Lovely😻😘🐭🤙

  28. Veronicka Coyle

    MAybe do an upgraded version and do it at Sephora or ulta where the displays are brands rather than types of product

  29. tay tay bell

    coby is dead rip

  30. TheOutsidersPost

    Leaving buzzfeed is the best thing that could of happen to you. They were toxic to your growth.

  31. Door Salesman

    I NEED IT!!!!

  32. startrekalien

    This duo is oddly funny I like the girl's voice. She sounds like a defective lol

  33. cnmmd qiuoo

    Safiya: Were married! Tyler: Were still married! Safiya again: Were married!

  34. Steph T.

    Safiya Ima let you slide for wearing adidas with nike lol

  35. Ay Kay

    literally who is disliking this!

  36. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    I mix fondation hightlight tint , color crayons for covering. (Scars and marks) mosturize and brozer

  37. ottoline Violet

    who is just here to see what other people were going to suggest for the name?

  38. Mitzie Ransom

    How much$ coin did dresses cost? She puts the of everything else up

  39. Hei

    9:20 21 pilots.... I’m triggered lolol

  40. myxze !

    saf: *is saying she hopes this video doesn't end up in a brad mondo video* me: *looking at that specific video on my reccomend* yeahhhh

  41. Howdy Partner

    I’ve taken it a few times I got Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Ravenclaw Ravenclaw Slytherin So I guess I’m ravenclaw?

  42. sjjacko6100

    How many ALselrs can you spot ? Safiya and Tyler, Simplynailogical and Beeynn, Shane Dawson and Ryland, Jenna Marbles and Julien, Rosanna Pansino, Kayley Melissa (and her sister), Matpat, RinRin Doll ...

  43. Subscribe or you’ll die

    *James Charles is triggered*

  44. zonescat

    This is super helpful, thank you!

  45. Anwesha Das

    You did so good!!!

  46. Sophie Katigbak

    13:13 did I just saw Ro?as in Rosanna Pansino

  47. Nuclear Bomb

    I watched this the day Kobey from the Lakers died R.I.P. sorry if I spelled his name wrong

  48. Kaylee Hensley

    Tyler would look 20 years older without bangs

  49. Zaylee Jenkins

    i just watched shane dawson microwave batteries, and now i’m watching safiya we’re thigh high uggs

  50. cynthiaiaia francococo

    3:55 when you try to be lele pons mom 💀

  51. Alissa Roubison

    Rip Kobe 🥺😢😣

  52. jake knelsen

    Do you normally wear shorts underneath regular pants? Should wear them without shorts underneath!

  53. not impressed

    i think the socks were The easiest..

  54. Sax and Relax

    omg not skincare pleeeeeaaseeeXd

  55. CynicalSim

    I absolutely LOVE the outfit at 8:40! Especially that sheer jacket. I seriously want it and the skirt.

  56. neverlandonearth77

    I use this cup. It helps when taking it out if you put your thumb or finger(s) in and “deflate it” a bit to pull it out. When the cup gets full, the liquid inside will “move” around inside the cup, giving the sensation of bubbles, but it’s just moving around. If it’s full entirely, when you sit a certain way or move a certain way, the pressure will make the cup “leak” because there is no “suction” keep the liquid in place. No, the blood will not go back up inside you once it leaves your uterus, the cervics keeps the blood out of the uterus, in about the same fashion that your blood will not flow into your abdomen out of your Fallopian tubes if you do a hand stand. So, don’t worry about blood leaking around your body. I can’t tell I’m even on my period when mine is inside. This cup and some pain killers, and I’m fine.

  57. Valerie Sotomayor

    Oh my gosh!!! Just finished watching the wedding video for the 100th time. Now the first video of you two and you’re both little bitty babies!!!! I’m not crying. You’re crying.

  58. HarleyQ85

    I freaking loved this! Put a smile on my face for sure. Congrats!

  59. NJJ Leach

    Sorry no offence you look better without makeuo

  60. Scarlet Rain

    "Mark my words, it *will* be laminated."

  61. spoopysauce

    when he said Kobe 🥺

  62. Random Actress

    In the jumpsuit she looks like vector from despicable me. No offense. 😂

  63. Crystal Dilly

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  64. Crystal Dilly

    Use kfrrcyq to revive 50% off your purchase. For wish . Promise this code is real.

  65. Stephanie Gray

    This is lovely! 💕❤️💕

  66. Ruby MCCARTHY

    Does anyone noticed that she is charging her iPhone when it’s on 100%?? 🤣🤣

  67. Shyra Shah


  68. SadiesStuff

    5:03 ;-; i was eating

  69. BFDIfan1100

    1:37-1:46 Tyler?

  70. Regina Pozzi

    Love the goat what a flash back to 2013

  71. FlowaraRobloxia

    I love how they did Jafar and eyago (Forgot how to spell it )

  72. Izzy Jones

    i was born on july 15

  73. Dejah Thoris

    This was AWESOME. My Gomez and Morticia loving heart enjoyed every moment. Congrats.

  74. Random stuff For fun

    Name it mauve

  75. Allister Bronell

    You wouldn’t be able to tell if Tyler was her best friend or her husband and honestly I stan that kind of love. You guys are awesome and I wish you the best marriage!!

  76. Faradat R

    I cried throughout the whole video literally non stop as soon as u started I did 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  77. Taffy Ann

    5:47 that office reference tho

  78. Faradat R

    So many tears to many tears 🥺🥺

  79. Pandy49

    your voice relaxed me a lot.

  80. Hunter Lasiak

    0:40 persona 5 meeting place ?

  81. Lila Mills

    I know this is off topic, but RIP Koby Bryant. 😓😭

  82. Eva Games08

    love how now she has lit that candle at her wedding

  83. LJO Xtreme

    The problem with cheap makeup is always that it never looks completely right, even when you douse it with powder.

  84. Unicorn Dogs

    Omg 😁

  85. GirlOnTheGo __

    Did anyone else cry 50 times when they were watching this video? 😭

  86. Rebekah's Universe

    I have hand-me-down uggs that I got from my aunt, and I didn't realize how expensive they were until I looked at the website and found the ones I have... 200 dollars. OOF.

  87. Emilben Abeto

    I got a tatoo for you!!😃😃😃😃

  88. Chic Molly

    U were going so slow on the slide because you don't stretch ur legs out. Ur feet cause a lot of friction.

  89. Gaming Rabbit

    I’d like to see this happen with chapsticks. Also yay Tyler for the overnighter!!

  90. Grace Manolis

    can we get a separate video of your dad and your brother singing yesterday?

  91. hpdftba

    I never liked the Bratz. I thought they looked like street walkers

  92. I like food Yep

    Why does does the intro sound like “this is safia’s nia (??) intro song” ?

  93. Peiji E

    She should do an entire outfit with all this custom stuff Eg: custom clothes from the app Nail polish from here ALL the custom makeup Doing her hair with the function of beauty shampoo and conditioner Etc

  94. Rebekah's Universe

    10:33 for some reason, right there Safyia reminded my of my cousin a little bit. Best part of the video XD

  95. Mariana Prada Mendez

    This reminded me of like, one of those episodes of Barbie where she just, pulls out of nowhere a giant lipstick (sorry if there is Bad English)

  96. My PS4 Account

    On the nudes naked people live on there and on the reds a bunch of people with red paint on them live on red

  97. beeboy sollux

    hallo lot of horror

  98. silly Isaac and Daisy crazy

    21:13 she sort of looks like Dolly Parton with dark hair

  99. Isabella mae

    Goddammit this was a year agi