All your favorite moments with Snooki, JWoww, Deena, Vinny, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie and The Situation. Also, brand new original series such as "Cooking in the Crib with Snooki & Joey" and "Moms with Attitude".

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  1. kathia rosado

    Let go let God meaning let it go God will take care of the rest

  2. Clairebair Mashups

    What’s funny is that Angelina told mike to go get Botox cus he’s old and he did liek 10 years later hahha

  3. oy59

    where is sammi?

  4. Michaela Chell

    Please tell me these 2 arent together

  5. Eman the Great

    So anyone else noticed how Vinny took of his pants like an old man 4:00

  6. Andrew Camarillo

    Which one would mike help cause they didn't like each other at this point

  7. Scooty-Puff. Sr.

    I think I would enjoy watching a Mike host a cooking or even just a little ALsel cooking thing. Ever single episode he can look at what he's doing and say "this is a situation" Idgaf if it's corny. With mashed potatoes on the side. And Gravy. You can't forget the gravy.

  8. ImortalChabelo

    they saw all mike’s prescriptions pills

  9. eagletmars

    Vinny's inner chismosa came out: 2:30

  10. gaby dee

    I absolutely love Jwoww and think she’s gorgeous, but you cannot tell me she didn’t look like a Sims 3 character back in the day, outfits and everything 😂😂❤️

  11. Chicano Enforcer

    I’m surprised they couldn’t find hotter girls for this show

  12. Alexcia Julianaa

    Ronnie looks so happy

  13. Jackie Farber

    “I love divorce parties. You should get divorced more often” hahahaha I love Pauly D

  14. Lang Boy

    I get the girls were trying to talk her but they should just said it to her instead of writing the note

  15. Linda is nice

    Awwwwww vinny

  16. Janellis Fonseca

    Ronnie don't even move to seperate sammy and jwow.

  17. Libby Lamas

    Stay for me man 🥺🥺🥺

  18. Jay Bee

    I can’t believe snookers money jionni in the show

  19. TheWhite Shark

    Is this the new dark side of the ALsel

  20. maddie sterett

    ik everyone is on angelina's side- but she kept bringing up the drama with jenni meanwhile nicole and her are at a table over there minding their own business..

  21. Jeniffer Martinez

    Angelina’s grandma looks like that witch from the Halloween movie from Disney 😂

  22. D Block

    This is a nice house

  23. Phoenix Berens

    the true meaning of Chocolate Rain lol

  24. Kristen Chihuahua

    Angelina looks like she bought a whole new face

  25. Dee Whyy

    Pauly D was hilarious!

  26. kyle thomas

    jenni only said what she said because she asked them to not speak on her divorce, but ron had negative things to say, thats why she told him to take notes, especially when it came to children

  27. Debra D


  28. BEEZus

    D has the face of a duckling 🦆 but cute, sure

  29. Killer Jr

    jenni a snitch

  30. fried chicken

    We love Laurens!

  31. Ari Greene

    I'm sorry but I noticed some New York/Jersey Italians deal with prejudice

  32. Megan Reed

    Danny is hot 🔥

  33. Musa Kitty

    You can tan and get a just wont be in a good area lol

  34. Kalyna Beena

    Mike’s hilarious 😂

  35. Karlton Limeback

    Angelinas smile😍😍❤❤ 0:57 she shouldve stayed like this she was so cute there

  36. Big Javi

    it"s aLL GOOD lllllll


    Sammi can still get it

  38. Hussein Rizk

    Worst person on the show

  39. Jason Medina

    Paula and vinny are the opposite off mike and ronny

  40. Zee Godmaire

    Jenni popping from behind the bar "STAP IT"

  41. Jay Bee

    Vinny is so freaking cute man

  42. NikitaMercedes

    Snooki was all over the streets, didn't shower when she got home, slept in her dirty clothes and STILL didnt shower the next day and she just went out. I still love Snooks tho

  43. Gee hernandez

    The guys just chilling 🤣

  44. W J

    Pauly sitting there listening to jenni’s phone convo 🤔😂

  45. vonna Peters

    This what I expected my 20s to be .... so far its been LAME ASSSFFF😂

  46. Costa Santos

    Dude that's low Paulie knows here baby daddy Roger

  47. Sagittarius Que

    Uhhh she said lips 😁😁

  48. Joan

    Angeliners is not a bad person but she says a lot of weird things and then is surprised when there’s a weird reaction

  49. Karen Sellers

    This was great....they may not remember what they learned, but they will remember the fun you shared! Great Mom's!

  50. Windydev

    Deena is hilarious😂

  51. Karen Sellers


  52. Carlos SH

    Real nggas know Vinny was shooting that shot

  53. Lindsey Engelkes

    I love Jenny she so cool chick. And her besties .

  54. Karen Sellers

    Awesome for the kids.....I want to try! This 58 year old woman says....

  55. Sailor Moon

    Danny looks the same omgg

  56. Karen Sellers

    Native American.....girl, you're entitled to some tribal money every month!

  57. Karen Sellers

    Snooki, don't eat those Bloody Mary pops.....way, way, way, too much Tabasco. Your bumm will be on fire for weeks Guidette!

  58. Blackmamba

    Ronnie did not once accept or own up to what he did and tried to blame it on her. Classic emotional abuse

  59. Karen Sellers

    Love you girls....these babies are awesome! Meilani is a little spitfire cutie with confidence and attitude. Little Snooky is so adorable, sweet, and ready for sleep. Sweet dreams!

  60. Brittney Cabral

    Angelina is fake. Notice how she pops off the minute the bodyguard starts blocking Jenny

  61. Daniel Masangkay

    Staten island witchcraft & wizardry

  62. Leslie Bravo

    1:38 i lost it when i saw mike stop to lower his glasses 😭

  63. Alex E.

    I haven't seen these ladies in a minute. My goodness... plastic surgery hit each one in the cheeks, brows and lips! I love their old faces... but alcohol and the tanning also aged them out.

  64. Danya Tayeh

    Why does he sell a confederate flag T-shirt

  65. Trent 1234

    Did she really just say your eyelash in in the Pacific? The Pacific is on the other side of the country Snook

  66. kristina Mejia

    10 yrs later an still not ready for wifey hahaha

  67. D L

    Why is no one talking about Jenni knocking down the clothes 😭😭💀💀💀🤣

  68. MissGlam19

    The thumbnail is like watching Milani 15 years later. Looks exactly like she mommy

  69. VanGee JellyRose

    Little situations 😂😭🥰

  70. Diego Salazar

    Paused at 4:19. I’ll take back what I said Angelina being the best looking.

  71. It's Eboni

    His flirting style makes me so uncomfortable. 😂

  72. Nathan Walker

    :48-:50 had me dead 🤣🤣

  73. EmmelineSama

    Douchecanoe.. 🤣

  74. 256


  75. Primrose Jones

    I hope Maria is back with Vinnie now they are soulmate's

  76. Leesah Asxpflv

    Mikkkkeeee 😆😂

  77. Tilly Tanner

    Mike and Lauren need their own show!

  78. Leonina 22


  79. Adrian Valenzuela

    I deadass think of this moment on the daily

  80. whassuphomiie

    Geesh if Mike said that about that girl who really wasn’t even that big he must have thought Snooki was an elephant!

  81. PAH

    Joey and Nicole bring out the best in each other's sense of humor. SO ENTERTAINING 😆

  82. Johnny Crawford

    Deenas lips get in the way when she talks now...

  83. E C

    Angelina is so ugly bruh and not physically

  84. roomforthefiiixins

    Jenni is a 🐍

  85. John Clayton


  86. jaquelin depaz

    I love Jenni but she actually has been a big instigator in this show

  87. Danielle Zvek

    I can't stand Angelina not everyone has to drink. HEY ANGELINA SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH

  88. Water Man

    Thumbnail is scary af

  89. chrity willy

    Its sad that little did Angelina knew in 2 days the worst day of her life was happening.

  90. Saphyr Docius

    I’m very naturally feminine

  91. ImortalChabelo

    can’t wait to bump into someone named j420 and have a conversation

  92. GamerEly

    It's so funny seeing what they used to argue about to what they talk about now

  93. Usman Ali

    Situation talking real slow

  94. Sefkan Polat

    "WEEEEE ALLL DIIID" iconic

  95. ImortalChabelo

    4:08 sam looking

  96. Darren Shelton

    oh man, a simpler time in life.... i'd take some of these days back.

  97. Jayp

    It's so weird watching them now everything seem's so fake and forced the laughs

  98. hypersonic404

    Why does the grandmother look younger than the mom

  99. Malak Abdallah

    jenni is snooki’s partner in crime

  100. Frank Biddle

    Why do they all look like they're in their 50's?