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  1. Masil Green

    With the overwhelming pandemic (COVID-19) in the world and the inability for people to get proper treatment in health centers across the world. So I decided to do what i do best to help, I decided to lunch a campaign (social awareness) both for the infected ones and those not infected. Your fundraising will go to the WHO world health organization to help fight this virus. NB; an injury to one is an injury to all 😥😥

  2. stable genius

    How comes the Don doesn't call him Mini-Toni?

  3. qanon pub

    Military exercises are arresting dems leadership. PAIN and PANIC

  4. grodhagen

    Does anyone still deny that Trump strongarmed Zelenski for dirt on Biden? Trump proves time and again that he has a mafia don's mentality?

  5. Russ Folts

    the vaccine gave them coronavirus.

  6. Daniel Velez

    Please bring Dustin Hoffman for president

  7. Ralph Brown

    Is ALsel followed in the USA, it would be interesting if TRUMP reads about his self as others see him..

  8. Richie Rich

    The greedy, soulless filth of man that control our markets, need to be put in prison. There should be no profit on anything that is needed for the American people. But you chose the con artist that sold you a line of B.S. to dismantle our Democracy. You foolish peasants need to remember it all just a Democratic Hoax, drumpf haters! But now my 1% owner said we must go to work, so they can make more money. So what if we spread the virus , your masters don't care if some of their human livestock die off. The market will recover, the herds of human livestock will be younger and stronger. Ensuring future profits for your 1% owners, children's future. Now get out there and BUY, BUY, BUY, support your master's beast!

  9. Wise One

    These guys are all lying. Go look up “ my secret terrius”

  10. Lawrence Lo

    The only thing that needs to go away is him

  11. J West

    What a ignorant C### !!! Right?

  12. GZ


  13. XFERD

    Trump 2020!!!! DemocRats getting what you richly DESERVE!!!!!

  14. Rin R

    Omg just took a Trump approval survey and it says he has a 93% approval rating LMAO. People are right, if the U.S votes this clown in again, then they deserve to suffer more. But it’s not fair to the rest of us. Dear BIGOT, YOUR CHILDISH BEHAVIOR WILL GET THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE KILLED!!!!

  15. Hugh Janus

    Murdoch is the devil his god is power , in the uk he lied and was found out , his papers are treated like comics, so he goes to America sets up fox and spews lie after lie on Fox spews, drive him back to Australia whence he came .

  16. Mr P

    If the Lord permits US! WE must vote out the orange loonatic in November 2020!

  17. Richard Parker

    The US will be a case study in what can happen when you let an incompetent, senile, racist game-show host steal an election and pretend to be president for 4 years... maybe "electing" a lifelong criminal/con-man wasnt such a good idea, huh?

  18. Seeker2 Above

    Governors ...... have depended on BIG BROTHER tooooo long .... THEY need to stand on their own two feet !!!! PRESIDENT is giving our country back !!! Help fix it or get out !!!!!<

  19. Terry Daktyl

    When a yes or no question can't be answered without a 20 minute dissertation, you can bet he doesn't have an answer.

  20. Suzanne Young

    Just think... had Trump been removed from office, we would most likely be in a much better position re COVID-19 than we are now. It’s a shame that we missed that opportunity to replace our incompetent and misguided president.

  21. Tejas Kashyap

    Levered ... not leveraged

  22. Ember

    You people are insane. Your anti-Trump agenda is disgusting. If you believe anything MSNBC or CNN says, you have to believe in unicorns too.

  23. Andrea Jones

    It's no surprise that trump and his cohorts want to pocket the money and use it for themselves. The republicans have once again dealt evil to Americans with a smile on their face. Regardless Americans know the Dems fought for them..not trump

  24. Lil Judge

    We must stop the division and come together right or left it does not matter this virus does not discriminate we must work together

  25. Donald J. Trump aka your daddy

    “DEMANDS” 😂

  26. Robert Esp

    Can you imagine Trumps critique of Obama if this was Obama acting this way during this specific epidemic?

  27. Tom G.

    Trump needs to be charged with war time crimes in a national security crisis. Pathetic.

  28. Robert Millar

    "We pretty much shut it down" ... America now leads the world in reported cases - Trump failed to acknowledge the problem (and still does) he should hang his head in shame ... and resign!

  29. First Last

    Pretty amazing that even in the face of the largest crisis in this country since WWII, so many people adopt a mentality like a flock of chickens pecking one poor bird on the head because the others saw one do it. Sip a little coffee and wake-up. I did not vote for Trump. I'd not want to have breakfast with the guy if it was the $100.00 Top Of Mark Sunday Brunch and he was picking up the bill. But the bottom line is that he did act in January to enact a Travel Ban from China and responded with successive bans. He got flak for this, labeled a racist and knee jerk commentary ensued about how such bans are ineffective. Funny how now CDC and other officials "In-the-know" are calling for quarantines and travel bans. The end point to ponder here is that the USA got into this pandemic on our home soil rather late in the game. Bans and limitations on travel which were enacted rightfully or wrongfully were done and entering this late in the game saved lives. If the talking heads on the other side of the fence had their way, we'd have gotten this spread back at the end of January and we'd be far deeper in this than we are. We have another month and it will start warming up. Projections from ID docs and epidemiologists are that transmission will take a nose dive when that happens. The race is on for a vaccine. This President is seizing manufacturing to get products necessary for saving life. Thank God we did not have the chicken flock mentality during WWII or the west side of the USA would be speaking Japanese and the East side would be speaking German. Oh and another thing. Before you all start with your typical grammar school diatribe and name calling, I am a swing voter and it has been some 8 years since I voted for a Republican. I am an old retired Black man from one career and now in the medical field having spent my life starting at 18, serving my fellow human being. I care about what matters and I care about those souls living around me. I decided to travel back to the state I retired from and now I'm working nights in one of two C-19 devoted treatment hospitals in California. I would encourage everyone to turn the steering wheel and engage in constructive acts rather than discourse.

  30. J West

    My God, Is that pelosi, I just puked a little in my mouth.

  31. Richard Hayes

    Glad I came to this comment section so I could see the lack of creativity and intelligence for myself.

  32. Ann Moore

    Are you sure you're ok? 🤔

  33. htomerif

    Free ventilators for Russian Federation! All cost goes to Americans! All hail comrade Trump, official knob polisher for Emperor Putin! Continue great stock market pump from Dow Jones to Moscow Index!

  34. Steve Stanfield

    Trump and all other elected officials, there has never been another time in your life where you OPINION is absolutely zero. Hey A-HOLE you work for the people all of them not just the tin foil hat lunatics that drool over you. GET THE F OUT OF THE WAY. Go hug a flag somewhere. People are dying.

  35. Jing Sheng

    That woman in Michigan 😂 Donald don't be a cutie pie!


    Why don't the governor's take the money that they utilize for Planned Parenthood and abortion in their state and actually utilize its to save people from the coronavirus? How about that?

  37. BKD Vickers

    Given the circumstances, Obama or any other president couldn't do anything any better than Trump is doing. And I'm not even a Trump supporter. But the crisis would be worse if Hillary was president. And heaven forbid if Biden was president. There is more testing done in America and that's why the numbers are higher. Populations vary in every country

  38. Writewood Creations

    I'm really unhappy with the $500 billion corporate bailout when they are lobbying to get workers back before this thing is lanced. So ... money for nothing. Again.

  39. Jeff Zabelski

    The GOP and their cult leader is going to screw states that have Democratic governors… What did we expect from a racist and what did we have to loose?

  40. Brian Scott McKinlay

    Sell guns to buy ventilators! There! problem solved.

  41. vince mckesey

    Treason. White America is empowered by his cockiness but Goliat will not win this war. He's leading a nation into the Red Sea. He can't fix your problems. Leaders around the world are coming up positive. Heroes and idols are contracting , no one can shield us.

  42. Craig Qualls

    you piece of crap. ALL you do is flood the air waves with doom and gloom, and you say the President say the same thing over and over. Quit playing politics. You put lying Nancy on like she is the responsible one. Your a joke.

  43. wendy barwood

    God bless this woman. I think she and Yang would have done a bang up job had he become President -- not to say that she isn't doing a bang up job now -- just saying. Yang, Porter and Abrams! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP

  44. Charlie Gifford

    How many bodys did you see floating by Brian ?

  45. kpop halmeoni

    his is the only reason trump wants people to go back to work, the tax payer money...he don't care if you die as long as your last check pays taxes.

  46. Tom Saltsman

    DIY FACE MASKS NOW!!! Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweeting that face masks are “not effective in protecting the general public" is worse and far more dangerous and stupid than AG William Barr saying Trump was exonerated by the Meuller Report. Both were appointed by the same president. You do the math. Face masks are just "common sense" according to David Hui, a respiratory medicine expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who studied the 2002 to 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). A properly controlled study would be impossible to conduct ethically, Hui explained “You can’t randomize people to not wear a mask, and some to wear a mask, and then expose them all to the virus,” he says. But there’s more. Wait for it. A study was done. Your face mask doesn’t need to be store bought. You don’t need to buy out all the N95s (98% success rate) or surgical masks (80%) meant for hospitals. Cambridge University did a study in 2013 and found a DIY face mask made from an old t-shirt stops particles smaller than the corona virus, making it 51% effective. A tea towel is 60%. That’s far better than nothing.

  47. Okkie Trooy

    If the federal government had their act together, America would need less ventilators overall and would save a lot of money because they are not competing on price with each other. It would also free up time for state leadership for organizing other stuff. I am quite convinced that Cuomo sleeps a lot less than Mike Pence.

  48. Teetwo Dev

    Yes. No one has done what you've done (and not done). I'm sorry Mike Pence you haven't had your beauty sleep.


    The numbers don't even compare to H1N1...why isn't the press #msnbc investigating why there are shortages now?

  50. Cheeky

    Nobody could give a speech that was both eloquent and vapid at the same time like Mubarack Obama could!

  51. Karen Contestabile

    T-Rump is a worthless c.s....

  52. Ragical the Unhallowed Knight

    Why doesn't he speak like a human... He speaks like he tweets... Trump, my man, you have more than 280 characters in real life!

  53. Unchained Insanity

    Complete and utter BS of a headline. Can't expect much more from MSDNC.

  54. Dimes for you please

    Don't be a cutie pie....lmao

  55. Todd Lavigne


  56. Jay Bonham

    It was actually already here when Trump had that news briefing. China hid the virus and data from us for a month. How many travelers came from China in the months of December & January? A lot.

  57. abdul mohammed

    MAGA 2020

  58. MirrorMommy

    Over 100,000! ☠️☠️☠️

  59. Ismail Kmn

    What a president ... pity Americans

  60. T Boned

    *You'll notice that the hotspots for the virus are all Democrat states.*

  61. Mk2

    Donald Trump lied repeatly. China already informed WHO on 31-12-2019. China Mr Xi contacted Trump on 3rd January 2020 and warned Trump regarding a very dangerous unknown virus in China.

  62. molly cruz

    Read all the sick right wing comments on AOC's accurate description of the corporate handouts in the Emergency bill just passed in Congress. These are people who voted for Trump and now have to rationalize it, instead of admitting how wrong they were!

  63. Robert Esp

    Let’s remember his stupidity come November.

  64. Hans Oconner

    I live in the UK and although our response isn't as fast as I would like it to be but at least we don't have a leader who is playing games with peoples lives like this!???! People are dying everyday all over the world and everyone is suffering. Is he so far removed from everyone that empathy and compassion is lost 😒

  65. Mk2

    Origins of CoronaVirus - Metadata Says Ft. Detrick The Coronavirus CONSPIRACY

  66. Sheila F

    Hey! Cutie Pie Trump... sad you never were taught that sometimes it's best to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. And, in your case, that should happen ALL the time.

  67. abdul mohammed

    MSNBC FAKE news

  68. SSG Whiskey

    "Demands praise"? Jesus Christ you leftists are DESPERATE to clickbait your way into the ignorant trash of the nation loving you. Sorry MSM lying scum, America is better under Trump. It hurts to say it, but it's a fact. All your fearmongering is failing. We're resilient and will recover just fine.

  69. martexmsi

  70. Ike Coston

    Ohh now y'all white people care now since it YALL hes doin wrong now but y'all voted for him MR BUSINESS. LOL

  71. J West

    It's only a crisis for the dims, everyone else is fine, it will always be a crisis for the dims.They have been found out and have literally been in crisis mode ever since Trump was elected. They will stay in crisis mode when this pandemic is over. Who knows what the next crisis will be? All I know is AMERICA is fine, at least where I live.

  72. Saqib Khan

    Whats wrong with that? People shouldnt be judged by the way they speak or look. Dont try to categorize everything as right or wrong. Try to be more accepting

  73. Gary Clouse

    You are nothing but habitual liars!!! I only opened this video to express my loathing for MSNBC and the sad cadre of globalist toadies you employ! Sad! Really sad!!

  74. MLGProDripper69

    Trump 2020

  75. Kathy Reeves

    Trump VIRUS

  76. Mila Montenegro

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍 God bless you!

  77. shikha thakur

    Dear China, You have no idea what suffering you have caused to this world. You just can’t escape. You owe people explanation for this once this gets over.

  78. nomar mar

    i feel bad for the infected people and the doctors and medical workers, EMT workers and I never thought a country like america would appear to be so poor regarding health and general safety. hope things get better in the USA, Love from UAE

  79. Wicked_Deftlady

    Reporters need to have balls and stand up to this orange thing. Why even televise what this thing has to say?! Everything that comes out of its mouth is stupid, evil, and deranged.

  80. patrick mcdonough

    Some of those Govenors blatantly and openly defy federal law but now they are welcoming or at least wanting federal assistance. Something wrong with that picture???????


    President Trump is. Genius

  82. Lawrence Lo

    Because of this administration's arrogant, we are not asking China for help. With the cases in China almost reaching zero, China has a lot of ventilators to give away.

  83. Be Your Best, Everyday!

    Oh man how can anyone think he's doing a good job. He has failed the American people.

  84. D Anderson

    HOW exactly is this not abuse of power?

  85. Omar Vasquez

    Trump hand pens 🖊 to those people during signing! Those people should really sanitize those pen, Trump is a rabid man.

  86. Just some Pikachu with internet access

    Who exactly is this Trump guy?

  87. bob mo

    The vaccine thing? Is that what he calls it! Smh

  88. Heinz Ruedi

    Hey Fredo, you mentioned Apex a hundred times. Do you even know what apex means? I know you don’t!

  89. angelinshagows

    Thank God for the Governor's. Not a time for your self praise Trump. SUCH A NARCISSIST!!!!#!

  90. ABC 123

    Why did the US turn socialist and bail out all the corporation and increase then increase sanction against the socialist Venezuela killing more people like us now! This package is more socialist than is an anything in Venezuela. In fact the government has bought trillions of $ in shares. How much can the government spend on the stock market before we are communist? If they want to help they can pay off consumer loan, student loan, medical loans/expenses, help homeless, provide safe drinking water and that will also create liquidity without bailing out corporation and banks. I’m really confused

  91. godly Clips

    Fake news

  92. Michele Mcneill

    He's a sociopath. Unless you tell him what a great job he's doing, you lose out? Now is not the time to demonstrate vanity, narcissism and insecurity. He's come up against something he can't control, that's why he's panicking.

  93. Leon thecat

    Fauci is skating on thin ice. He will soon be fired.

  94. Sonny Baez

    Is MSNBC like the FOX of the democrats ?

  95. Alax D

    What a shame. We are going to have living society on Mars and here in real world, we are short ventilators and ppe and no medicine for Corona. Fkn mint

  96. Natasha Hill

    I guess I'm the only one who feels he talked about alot of nothing but used a take charge attitude. He didn't answer the question of how it would take and didn't necessarily explain what is going to be happening. Majority of what he said is what has basically put out already. I guess since he's military talking about nothing it makes people feel safer. Not me, makes me wonder...

  97. thefucker ryan

    trump is doing a great job.

  98. Veronica Christopher

    I love how he chuckles before answering the first question 😆 this man is smart

  99. Da'Chief

    Nancy that ole rich elitist who represents a total disaster area - and that was well before Coronavirus

  100. J. J.

    Aired the ad 3 times and commentary. You couldn't buy it. Lol