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Philippians 3:20- "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ"

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  1. Joshua Lambert

    Bobby didn’t even give him the treat at the end of the race

  2. Ethan Boyd

    Kevin is just being biased since Bryan and him are brothers

  3. Floyds Animations

    I have a Lenovo laptop

  4. The Stupid Gamer

    They used Ace Attorney desk slams for button presses.

  5. HiredKiller08

    Yo y'all are fucking bobby over😂😂😂

  6. Rayan El Abbadi

    Is it just me or is Bryan lookin’ kind of THICC? 😬 6:18

  7. Fares Awadh

    Brian’s the best

  8. Taylor Peterson

    7:28 BRYAN my aim is true GUY YOU HIT ME IN THE SHOE

  9. IDE4L Z

    anybody thought of Demoknight TF2? like J fred

  10. KKL Gamer

    ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿

  11. Taylor Peterson


  12. عالی بودی chaharnaie


  13. David Lewis


  14. Liam Alphonse Mendoza

    I think it's a frog

  15. ladyfoxonfire

    I could do it easy

  16. Noel C

    How did I know they were gonna make Joey sing Star Spangled Banner.🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. hussain al s.

    Bobby: see that shirt you were wearing, it looked stupid me: I am wearing your merch!

  18. Abir Mahabub

    you guys should smash your things.

  19. river of doom

    5:03 that second one sounded like a sound effect

  20. Carpe Diem

    I think that, in every video there should we joey,bobby,bryan,kevin and Matthias and every one will be happy .

  21. Creepincreeper9

    Are we just going go ignore the blatant racism in the poll?

  22. Sir Meliodas

    Please instead of Jordan pick Connor

  23. ZoRy_Rekt

    The whole time I was truyng not to laugh so I dont wake up my mom 1🤣🤣

  24. Zilsos

    Does anybody notice that Bryan dosent have all father give me sights🤦‍♂️

  25. Miguel Lopez

    Jfred: you have so much energy sometim- *Bryan dieing on the floor*

  26. jmeister 259

    Im a new member btw and ive been watching you guys for years i love your guys content

  27. Ari-Pekka Sirviö

    hey crish

  28. jmeister 259

    This was actually rather entertaining team edge always entertains me lol

  29. Artist

    7:30 wow bobby acted like Joey XD

  30. Gaming With Elizabeth

    The 5th grade history question Chad chose I learnt when I was in 4th grade

  31. Servant of the King

    4:35 I have been searching all through Team Edge's videos to find that one *DRAMATIC ZOOM*

  32. Preston dekeyser

    Did any one notice that they gave Kayan extra points

    1. xoobo vola

      They lost cause of Bobby

  33. Ricardo Ocando

    Sounds like a girl being raped 9:03

  34. JEFF PAT


  35. the most u

    Brian said mama in the 2nd thing

  36. Piers Brand

    it's 7colures in a rainbow

  37. Tim Meyrick

    Matt didn't say sir like half the time he was supposed to

  38. Dodo_ HR

    I love it in the intro Joey: WE'RE GONNA SMASH IT

  39. Johnny Montoya

    I get it but Bobby didn't have to do anything

  40. the most u

    How is Joey so bad at singing

  41. 69Follower

    The rope thing all most went down with him Jared and Brian did not try to save him

  42. Flappy Chan

    i miss og team edge. it was as simpler time back then

  43. Tim Meyrick

    2:23 It was definitely Bryans turn

  44. MintyKP

    "ThiS vIdEO is uNavAiLAble oN tHIs DeViCe."

  45. Yongnam Wong

    Its not alowed to just trow the ball in the goal

  46. Different Bryan

    As a teen, I would still watch this at the age of 40 😅😂😂😋

  47. Toby Arato

    If I got crickets I would just nope outa there

  48. Maxim Arellano

    Joey looks like he would play basketball Bryan looks like he would play soccer Connor looks like he would play football Gunner looks like he would play soccer

  49. gamer2000 Harrison

    The answer is June

  50. KOG CyborgBoy

    I wanna hear Bryan sing

  51. Dark_Wolf93

    That was the most hilarious video to watch. Expression when I'm super bored and need a good laugh

  52. R.Thrqbs

    Anyone here from 2069

  53. Ferris Alkateeb

    You guys should use proper paintball masks you can get them for like $20-30 at your local store or online, what masks you guys are using are not certified.

  54. Killxua

    this is like mr. beast but shittier

  55. Ferris Alkateeb

    What pussies the guns aren’t even shooting that fast. I’m 12 years old and get shot 10 times every time I get out at 300 FPS which is way more than what those guns are shooting. I get hit at the same time too.

  56. Shraze !

    Oooof Kevin said the n word

  57. Dragon Gamer2

    More than two

  58. Rebecca Dandy

    We’re u entertained??

  59. Different Bryan

    Hey look, Conner is back, now we need Gunner and Mat and whomever else was ever in previous team edge video

  60. Sebastianher_games08 Herrera

    It should be 23 to 24

    1. xoobo vola

      did anyone know that red was baciclly crying

  61. TerribleTimelapse Productions

    My brain during quarantine 3:43 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  62. Dylan Bales

    Bryan trying to scare luna

  63. p.mac

    Joey was the first one to talkkk

  64. sans is cool

    10:16 someone did search up fur elise klutch dubstep trap remix

  65. Waie Roslan

    becouse conner lame

  66. brandon horner

    Bobby is almost like the twins on dude perfect

  67. Yes I am BoTsMona

    Everyone talking about the fire, tornado, and waves but no one talking about the black background

  68. Different Bryan

    What happened to Gunner and Conner... they are no longer in there current videos... 🙁

  69. Aidennadar 272

    " defend of ANIMATRONICS "

  70. DCOL7 7

    who hate joey, he is like a girl


    Everybody unlike so they can see

  72. Sandy Revillas

    Bryan's slayer name should be black mamba or black dragon 😎

  73. The Slime Boys

    I have a feeling there weren't rocks in that sock or at least I'm hoping or at least Connor's just a beast

  74. Eduardo Toralba


  75. Bong Quilos

    This is how many agrees to Bryan is a cheater 👇🏼

  76. Matt0124

    I know

  77. Monta Love

    Kevin:Kobe J fred:Kobe is dead Me:oh he is dead

  78. Dylan Liou

    Love 💗 the hard work for every edge point

  79. r e l a xx

    *I play piano-*

  80. LIL BABS

    2:27 did Bryan curse?

  81. alois hermida

    Y fuera wtf ?????? U mean " a fuera"

  82. The weird gamer Gamers for life

    I’m so claustrophobic I would quit right away and scream while running away

  83. Brayden Burke

    Bobby finally won

  84. Wise Heet

    Joey only goes once in round one and everyone else goes twice

  85. SixRaven Eight

    8:36 What J-Fred said and Bryans laugh were so funny!

  86. Keith Barreto

    I think J-Fred will get to the Legos

  87. Meh Llanez

    Alan Jackson lol

  88. jin epic ph

    O:48 bobby said a filipino curse word " putang ina"

  89. chino ust

    No no

  90. Baby Paul

    Last one I disagree with bobby

  91. Dinkleberg

    Ref Bobby knows NOTHING about baseball 🤣

  92. Rumayne Pena

    Team edge you are the most amazing person I know

  93. Jenna S

    Bryan will cheat first for sure!!😂😂

  94. Eddie X Richie

    Bobby gots hit in the Nono spot every video he is in and he see he loves his job

  95. King Carterpro

    "Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey ehhhhhhh ahaha oof" Still cracks me up even if this is 2 years ago

  96. Chrishernandez 16303

    Nice job have fun 😀🤣🤣😇

  97. more tim

    This is the dumbest game they have ever played

  98. Pwpnerizer 341

    Why is every team edge video a torture video like SAW

  99. Pickle Gamer

    3:20 I was laughing my head off

  100. PlayerU Plush

    Welcome back to Team L edge