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  1. TSL killz5

    3:10 Tell him to sit his fat ass down

  2. ッDizlexiq

    I’m sorry Mikey is gonna be a flop when he gets older. Look at him! He’s already developed and clearly isn’t growing much more. Feels bad man he should enjoy this time because he’s peeked

  3. Jeremie Castiel

    tell me why mans looks like tupac

  4. Jake Johnston

    2 fouls a double dribble and then stuffed. Looked like the Bone Collector handed over his bag of bones to me. For some reason that footage isn't on Bone's channel.....

  5. ItzMe Jordyn

    that girl sound annoying

  6. Eireee17

    That's really dope! He took a different route

  7. Eireee17

    Zaire gotta cool personality

  8. Timmy Vang

    White team look like a bunch a nerds😂😂😂

  9. Tyler Snyder

    Number 2 on the Blue Chips getting heated before halftime

  10. OUZZY

    Is Mikey on the freshman team

  11. Don Corleone

    That blonde didnt say sorry because he doesnt speak chinese

  12. Steve Garfi

    Camera work is so bad. Way too zoomed in on specific players. Tape the game. Also that kid Mikey is all about himself. Very OBJ-like

  13. Infect DVirus

    Gabe is one of the few white kids that can ball



  15. Ella Andrews

    I love how he is like “rEf reF he hit me” when he pushed the guy to start with like WTAF!!!!

  16. Ibrahim Rahman

    7:03 mans was really going crazy on him😂

  17. Twiggy Productions

    The guy with the beard can’t even touch the rime

  18. Jehstys


  19. Jehstys


  20. Jehstys


  21. Jehstys


  22. Curly Fries

    I wanna see how the coach was at the next practice😂😂

  23. JD RAMEY

    Herro is damn talented. Too bad he acts like a punk on the court.

  24. John Stockton

    Bro ong who is hiring this announcer thinking all these games is Dyckman. they ass needa stfu

  25. Joseph Mclean

    White boys wiping the nose when they called the starting lineups 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. Raffy Linconada

    Too many selfish plays from the guards. Not being able to take advantage on their bigs.

  27. Jo Marie

    0:24 left that man hanging 😭😭

  28. Rocky G

    Apparently being good is being a show off 😂

  29. Lance Lunis

    Number 4 on the green team is a 4 star safety committed to Tennessee. Out of Ensworth High. NashvilleTennessee

  30. Ziaolgy ll

    The green team mad they suck lmaoo😂😂😂😁😂😂 why they clapping to at mikey

  31. Backpack Josh

    Hope this guy goes far looks like a good kid and a good baller

  32. shinobi55

    Wow, Shawn Porter’s footwork is awesome. He got the hops too.

  33. Meme plug69

    U know they a hood team when they got dark green jerseys

  34. Master Wright

    he won't last long he's gonna end up like tyler ulis he's only 5'8 and he's not a dead eye shooter like trey young the league isn't built for his play style with his kinda height he better enjoy doing layup highlights like this while he can

  35. Chico Beers

    Is that really the bone collector? That dude owes me 3 bucks!! Ive been looking for him for 10 years bro

  36. athleticace24

    Thanks for popping up that video... Can't see the final score... Nice.

  37. My Friend

    This is varsity? That’s sad. These kids wouldn’t be allowed in the gym they played 10 years ago.

  38. Devon Stokes

    Number 1 was killen it damn good to

  39. Yoo!qua

    When you play the lakers on hall of fame 14:17

  40. Dushawn21

    Josh and Dior scores all the damn points this is why they had needed Scottie to stay... in all actuality Josh’s ranking is slipping due to the fact his hs isn’t a top nationally ranked school.. no way he should be a top 15 player he should be in the top 5

  41. Stone Harper

    If continues to get that jumper right he’s going to be something special

  42. valentin Monta

    Unicorn would still dunk on him

  43. Kevin Tolentino

    The New Curry

  44. TrAcy96 zZ

    I saw a girl on the court.

  45. Devin's Vid's

    U should have made a video of the Grayson game from the night before it was crazy

  46. Pablo Omar

    Zaire never passed the ball to bronny😭

  47. Kamote Aim

    Sinadya ba laki ni Kai Sotto Para maging NBA super stars?

  48. Ivan Peaches

    I swear BolBol sucks at basketball now.

  49. Ryan Harold

    Number 2 was staring over him

  50. Js399

    Dude shorts tighter than these girls on my college campus booty shorts

  51. dadaking

    I like how Maldonado and Harmon went head to head. No switching off. Truly the two best players on each of these teams.



  53. That Lamppost

    Just cause he’s a 5 star doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a god Most 5 star recruits turn out mediocre

  54. Peter Davis

    number 24 getting all mad after the cleanes block ever 8:20

  55. Darrel Jackson

    11:16 thats how you get slapped up. play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

  56. Ben Agyeman

    How many points did Rife have damn

  57. Sxpreme. nick

    it’s crazy how Raymond Felton is the least athletic one there and still had a better basketball career than all of them

  58. LucKy Me3

    Its not a full game but , from what i saw kai is just standing not even defending and agresively getting the offensive rebounds ..

  59. Jakerius riley

    fat ass sit the hell down no body tryna see ya crack

  60. Ronnie P.

    They to undersized mcceachern

  61. Kobe Braithewaite

    bruh defense wins games I don’t care what you say even steal/rebound/block is a extra possession n if he’s so trash why he lead his high school too 4 straight state championships? N you niggas wonder why he got so much hype round him

  62. Pol Llano

    work harder kai

  63. michael flores

    I wish harold played using his height

  64. Urip natae

    Butut ah

  65. morning seven

    No improvement 😁🖖

  66. Don Corleone

    6:30 newman thought he's still dunkin on his kid size basketball ring at home.

  67. Steven Tran

    Number 2 a hoe at 11:18

  68. #WeHoopin #WeHoopin

    Bro nice and they play nationally??


    Noah team got Yao Ming and Taco Fall

  70. Gabriel Kielb

    He lives in my state and I saw him play

  71. Jesse Leo

    He has a nice game. Those shorts, though...

  72. IGetBuckz_TV _

    Sharife from Newark not Eo

  73. SuperEagle421

    McEachern is good on offense but they must do better protect the ball while on offense. Where they must do much better on is on defense, boxing out to get better chances on defensive rebounds, not swarm the ball handler to be unprotected against alley oops. Cooper carried his team with a strong performance. I got a strong feeling the ref bailed out the other team with that time out call.

  74. Wendel Ocampo


  75. Calvinkinkin

    that chinese player couldn't punch back coz you dont punch american people in america or you get arrested and expelled

  76. darryl schenck

    I wish they would come up with better celebrations and turnts I thought kids are supposed to be more creative good game gabe class act

  77. Childish Sadbino

    What happened to gabe tf

    1. Childish Sadbino


    2. KobeThomas

      Childish Sadbino what do you mean? He’s small right now he’s gonna get banged up in literally every game they aren’t just gonna leave a known shooter wide open lmao kids a freshman give him time

  78. Kelin Playz

    Wasn’t the guy on hillcrest

  79. RODRIGO MIGUEL Jimenez

    All i hear is screaming defence and more screaming and shoes and claps

  80. Supitsjoune Supitsjoune

    The kid's so fuckin' annoying

  81. Oscar Herrera

    Does the announcer ever stfu

  82. Franco J

    Big guy 35 from CP3 team thinks he hard🤣🤣🤣 please

  83. Scott

    Why didn’t they try to draw a charge on him?

  84. Brandon

    You need to talk more about Gabe come on

  85. Mark Bornilla Leria

    I didn't notice that kai's got featured!👌

  86. aiko belleza

    Idiot guards.... they dont know how to set there big mans...

  87. aiko belleza

    Jokic laruan nya my passing ablity

  88. Maddox Cruz

    what shoes mikey on tho?

  89. Rue Junior

    must've been dizzying after that headshot.

  90. Aaron Watson

    And how many threes did that tall white kid hit.He couldn't miss.His " shot awkward like [Bill] Cartwright, got ugly but it arch right.."

  91. Kevin

    Yo be fair Julian averages 25/9/4 for his career but every time I see him play nigga is ass 🤦🏻‍♂️

  92. Aaron Watson

    Who won?

  93. Decosta Edwards- Class of 2021

    No country will ever beat an American team in basketball, they lose to an unranked team lol

  94. x traspecialj

    Nearly every kid out there on both teams had almost the exact same hair style...

  95. George Mays

    Lukaaaaa my top favorite player in da game

  96. HexRabite 0


  97. CiCLoDoL

    37% FG in some shitty league, lmao. Any team that drafts him, will have to trade him in few years for a bag of chips.

  98. Brandon Scott

    @1:18 when you had the camera man make the same sigh

  99. Liam Stonestreet

    is it just me or does mikey breathe so loud

  100. mel saint

    11 looks like kirilenko