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  1. Alexandra Nachtman

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  2. Trisha Patel

    For the counter argument, do we have to use evidence from the documents to support the counter argument or can we just use outside every??? Btw, I’m asking for world history

  3. joer215

    heimler is such a GOAT

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    I just wanna give you a big hug. You're so helpful and funny and seem so nice! WE ALL LOVE YOU HEIMY!!!!

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    Thank you! This was SO helpful!

  6. Jocelyn Limon

    Thank you for using your platform and privilege to address this issue. You are truly educating people.

  7. Autumn

    Okay this is really good! But I can’t say I’ve personally ever thought differently about black people.. like at all. Just because I was raised by great parents who taught that humans and humans, and color of skin always just pretty much went over my head...

  8. Alya Inara

    this made me cry.

  9. Beat Box Coyote

    This is a really good take

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    But who can do mine for me tho 😔

  11. Christine Keyser

    Thank you. In time when we are asking, "what can we do?', you answer. I have posted this on FB as well as on my AP Schoology page...last day of school today and it seems quite fitting.

  12. Katherine Liu

    THANK YOU for this. I already know many of my teachers will not speak of what is happening and just continue teaching as if nothing is wrong, or some teachers will educate us on it briefly, and few will actually explain everything without any bias. im happy to see honest beings such as you doing the right thing.

  13. alex alex

    throught out my apwh class in the past year, ive learned and gained knowledge about so much through your videos. this video alone though has so much more of an impact on me than any other video. racism cannot stand. BLM

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    me, watching the entire review playlist the morning of my apush exam * couldnt get my exam to submit * me a week later, re-watching the entire review playlist the morning of my retake

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    When you realize he basically had the exact prompt from the original test date

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    Bro I'm taking this shit in less than an hour

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      same time to die

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    anyone doing the makeup test in less than 2 hours?

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    Take 2 coming up! Thank you for your help, Heimler! Your videos again have me feeling prepared(if my wifi submits my stuff this time)!

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    What’s a brain cow

  20. Chin.

    I think what many people don't understand about institutional racism is that it isn't explicitly racist like segregation or such laws were. After years of oppression and blatantly racist laws, many POC have been forced into low-income neighborhoods that make their struggles worse in the modern day. Schools, transportation systems, and wages are all lacking in these areas due to previous conditions, and are made worse when large corporations like Amazon in NY (or even white-owned "small businesses") gentrify these areas and make it infinitely harder to escape their conditions. My family spent years escaping these areas and we're only Latino; I can't imagine the struggle to do so as an African-American, especially in a larger city. Y'all can deny the effects of older racist laws in the modern-day but I assure you that POC still struggle due to the conditions left behind by dead institutions.

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  22. adumbratus

    Thank you for helping me to understand as a German my unconscious reaction to Jews.

    1. Heimler's History

      Oh wow, a totally unintended consequence, but I'm glad to hear it.

  23. Lwandile M

    You should watch HBO's Watchmen

    1. Heimler's History

      On it

  24. Ariana Ukaonu

    Kinghood. Thank you for understanding what we mean, everyone else is focused on the violence but not why we started it.

    1. Heimler's History

      Well, I'm glad to hear that you heard understanding from me. I don't fully understand yet, but I want to, and I reckon that's the best place I can be.

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    Anyone getting ready for the makeup? 😭

    1. Heimler's History

      Good luck!

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    Literally no one, not a soul Heimler: YyYaAaMmMsSs

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      That's what I do...

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    I should of cheated fuck me

  29. CYB3R B0X3R

    You explain it really good but how does one start a new constitution?

    1. Heimler's History

      Under the authority of the prior Constitution...

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    I am procrastinating right now

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      Yeah, that's how it goes...

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      that's so funny friend

  31. Ninjaiceboy Frost

    Look, Racism still exist, but situations like George Boyd are blown out of proportion, and the whole philosophy that white people should pay for actions that white people today haven't even done. People are people, if you look at the insident you see a cop who killed a man not a white man killing a black man. Without race you can see the a different problem than the one seen with race. Please hear this from a new perspective, and comment if you need to

    1. Heimler's History

      I hear you, but that assumes we are each born with a clean slate, inheriting nothing from our forebears. Additionally, it also assumes that we are a nation of individuals who have no rightful connection to any other individual in our nation. Both, as far as I can see are false. Our people have surely handed down assumptions and presuppositions to us. For example, our notions of liberty didn't come to us from the ether. It is our heritage, and we had to be taught what liberty meant. That's a positive heritage. But there are also negative ones as well.

  32. SweetJabe 77

    The man himself spitting more fax 📠

    1. Heimler's History

      Doing what I can...

  33. Jada Hunter

    It doesn’t seem like you feel empathy for the black community or that justice needs to be served. You are talking down on black people, you look at them differently? WHY? because our skin is darker than yours? Because society portrays black people as a threat? Since you have black friends why don’t you see them for the person that they are? JUDGE THEM BY THEIR CHARACTER ANS NOT THE COLOR OF TEIR SKIN!seriously you only look at black people differently?YOU CLEARLY STATED IT! How must your black friends feel knowing that you feel this way and do you have black students or co-workers ???how must they feel knowing that you are prejudice?? REAL QUESTIONS

    1. Heimler's History

      Hey Jada, thanks for taking the time to comment. For the record, I was speaking to white people, not black people. And yes, I admitted what I felt needed admitting. If we can’t name our prejudices, we cannot transcend them. And yes, I do have black students. I showed this video to one of them and her family before I posted it and they felt my admission of racism was one of the most important parts. It was the one part I considered leaving out, but they convinced me to keep it in. And they thanked me for making it, so as far as I know, it wasn’t alienating. If that’s not what came across to you, I’m sorry. But I still love you regardless.

  34. Jada Hunter


    1. Heimler's History

      Jada, this is the third comment I've replied to, and by this point I've become convinced that you're not hearing what I'm saying. None of that is true of me and my message. Please rewatch and try to understand.

  35. Raymundo Velarde

    I pretty sure someone has already mentioned this, but why leave out that our current President is instigating this violence for his political base. For example, "when the looting starts the shooting starts" is pretty inflammatory. When our president clears out Lafayette park for a photo opp. When in 2017 at a Rhode Island convention "don't treat them so nice" give alarm bells to Bull Connor, or George McGovern (1). And when such instances of hate from the highest government level position is reinforcing these long held beliefs creates the current crisis of said riots. People of all ethnicities have been protesting with taking a knee (Kaperkick was removed for said protest), to marching in the streets and that this message is not only ignored but is being dismissed as unpatriotic. So to be heard what is the difference if cops have little indifference to people of color, to people looting Target. This is also added to the fact our president wants to send the military to these urban areas, which to me sounds like a declaration of war on America! So, as a history teacher I am witnessing these events, and have come to terms that no one is really listening when we are not including other elements to this discussion. 1. poverty among people of color 2. mass criminal incarceration mostly for people of color 3. denial of educational opportunity for people of color(the college board scandal seems pretty ironic) 4. To be defined as Thugs, or Antifa being used as the new "N" word that legitimizes hate and contempt I know I am going to get nasty comments, but to see this as a passing phase in history is saddening. This will be overlooked in shallow degree of greater discussion that is happening, unless teachers, historians, and America in general respond. I hope we can still continue with this discussion because it is so important ot get it right, unless or sons and daughters will have to repeat them when they are our age. 1. www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-quote-cops-roughing-up/

    1. Heimler's History

      Hey Raymundo, thanks for the comments. It's true I left all that out, but I also left out a lot of other things as well. I chose to include what I did to give at least some context for the relationship between the races. That's all I was seeking to establish. There are ton more complicating factors, but I had a message to speak and I'm afraid no one would really watch a one hour video, nor did I have time to produce one. But I'm sympathetic to all you're saying...

  36. Bugs Bunny

    As white people it is your JOB to do your part in dismantling racism otherwise you’re racist. You benefit from it and if you cannot acknowledge that and work against it then you’re part of the problem. Some of y’all are literally more upset at the looting and rioting than the actual loss of black lives when what you should focus your energy on is talking with your racist family members and identifying your own subconscious racist beliefs and abolishing them! Cheers!

  37. James Douglas

    Thank you sir. You really do help the next generation become better.

    1. Heimler's History

      Well that is mighty kind of you...

  38. Renée C

    Everyone, especially white people, need to address their internalized racism. You cant control the racist notions that were taught to you, but you Can educate yourself and be a better person by eliminating those underlining racist beliefs. It is a white person's duty to address their privilege and underlying racist beliefs, and make amends. This is how to be an ally.

    1. Heimler's History


  39. Audrey Campbell

    I think this was a really great video, but I have one question. When you say that the system has to change, what system are you talking about?

    1. Heimler's History

      The system of racism that has been handed down to us...

  40. Josiah Campbell

    As a black high schooler (who fully thanks you for your help in preparing me for this crazy online AP World exam) I feel the same way you do. It was shocking at first to hear you admit to subconsciously feeling different in the presence of a black person but I soon realize that I, unfortunately, feel the same way around white people. I'm never subconscious of my race when I'm around Hispanic people or Asian people. And of course I need to clarify that, when I'm with white people, it's not as if my blackness is on the forefront of my mind. But I realize that, subconsciously at least, I do recognize when there's a white person in a way that I don't do with any other race. And, like you, it's likely a result of my upbringing. My parents always taught me "Be absolutely respectful if you get pulled over by a white cop, and he might let you live and go home that night." I applaud you for this video.

    1. Heimler's History

      Josiah, I'm deeply moved by your admission, and it feels hopeful that naming the beast is the first step to taming it and then banishing it.

  41. Harry Potter

    After hearing about the Floyd incident, I was just thinking about how great and enlightening it would be to hear about this whole situation from Steve. Love this!

    1. Heimler's History

      Well, I'm glad we were thinking the same thing...

  42. Harry Potter

    This. This NEEDS more recognition!

  43. Nicholas Worpenberg

    I hate how teachers at my school don't really talk about current events. Teachers, need to talk about all types of current events so we can learn more about what the world is actually dealing with. We need administrators to stop frowning on teachers who discuss current events and more teachers like Mr. Heimler.

    1. Heimler's History

      Agreed. Educators exist to help our students learn to navigate the world. Can't do that by ignoring it.

  44. TheAwkwardDrummer

    tomrrow is my APUSH exam. Thanks for your videos,these are really helping. Good luck to my fellow APUSH students for tomorrow!.

    1. Heimler's History

      Good luck!

  45. N. Venegas

    Summary for people like me who don't have time: Organization: Write down everything you have to get done and prioritize the main things. keep stuff in order + cross it off as u go Location: Move to a different space throughout the day so you don't get bored, stay away from places where you sleep/do leisure activities, make your space feel as good as possible so you can be productive Handling distractions: Keep your phone away from you when you're working, set times for breaks and only use your phone during that set time, temporarily block websites you know will distract you if you're on a laptop, and if you need help holding yourself accountable as for someone to support you, oh and use do not disturb. Motivation: Keep a positive attitude, YOU CAN DO THIS. be proud of your little accomplishments, and remember that once all your work is done you wont have to stress about it anymore and the weight will be lifted off your shoulders. ight that its bye guys

  46. YouoY

    Could you say that there is racism between both sides. While racism towards white people isn’t as projected as racism towards others, in Africa and parts of Latin America and parts of India, people are intentionally targeted because they are white and In Persia, there was white slaves along with black slaves up until the Abolition in 1929. Also I understand what you meant how racism still exists inside you. My mom used to be taught by my grandparents that blacks weren’t necessarily equal to them but she ended up marrying a Hispanic man (my dad). You also can’t blame yourself for the acts of your ancestors when you yourself never took part nor were alive when it happened.

    1. Heimler's History

      Yes, racism exists in every race, I'm sure. But the black/white divide is particularly acute for us Americans.

  47. Savannah

    thank you

    1. Heimler's History

      You're welcome

  48. William Horne-Smith

    I haven’t done any of my online work and now I’m freaking out because people in my country are beginning to go back to school and I’ll be in deep trouble if I don’t do it.

  49. Mr. Wood's Classes

    Amazing work Mr. Heimler, more people need to hear this! Peace from Cristo Rey in Minneapolis.

    1. Heimler's History

      And peace right back to you all.

  50. Daryl Pynn

    Nailed a 10 out 10 on the rubric! Courage and honesty among everyone like you have done will hopefully bring this nation closer to together.

    1. Heimler's History

      Ha, thanks. I hoping along with you...

  51. K Meex

    Love you brother...

    1. Heimler's History

      Love you right back

  52. Jaya Vivian

    I never thought about the duality of dehumanization like that, it reminded me of the Stanford prison experiment. Also it was SO great to see you talk about unconscious bias like that, it's something people never open up about and it's probably one of the most important steps in properly addressing racism in America. Because it's very easy for white people to look at police brutality and overt racism and say "I'm not like that therefore I'm not racist" while completely ignoring more subversive biases which we all harbor.

    1. Heimler's History

      Thanks, Jaya. That's exactly what I hoped the message would do...

  53. Kaleb Benson

    You definitely got the Unicorn Point.

    1. Heimler's History

      Aw thanks...

  54. ThatArwing

    There is no "language" in these riots. When I see people running out of Target with color TVs and then burning the place down, I'm convinced that these people are only using this death as an excuse to steal things. I enjoy watching peaceful protests, not robbery. We need to understand that trying to look for their supposed "language" only gives these criminals power. This isn't a historical issue, this is political. I'm sorry to say this, but the analysis is incredibly flawed.

    1. ThatArwing

      @Heimler's History Well first I would like to say that I in no way think it's a bad analysis, and (obviously) from a historical standpoint, it's accurate. But as I said, the riots here aren't a historical issue anymore, they're political. I agree with you for the most part that there are lingering effects of racism from the past, but rioting has almost no connection. Generally protests intend to send a message to the community as we have seen in peaceful protests in the past led by MLK jr, but what we see in a riot is not people trying to send a message, it's people committing crimes. The most obvious indicator for this is the Lake street Target, which was completely robbed. How does stealing a color TV from the community Target send a message? Simple answer, it doesn't. What they DID accomplish however was getting a 100% off sale at pretty much every store they desired. Doing this gives you a temporary material gain, with almost no benefits in the long run. Of course, you could argue that robbing supermarkets was their way of telling America to get control on the police system. If that's the line of reasoning, I could argue that taking a gun into congress and threatening or lawmakers into passing a law that makes police brutality a federal crime, but the difference is I didn't get a color TV for it. Another important point to mention is that these rioters are even hurting members of THEIR OWN COMMUNITY. X5 cuts, a small barbershop in Chicago, lost around 100 thousand dollars in property value and equipment. Now can somebody explain to me what a small barbershop had to do with the killing of George Floyd? I'm pretty sure anybody can figure out that stealing from small businesses is going to do nothing to convince Minneapolis police to prosecute Derek Chauvin. Again, I want to say that I think your analysis is incredibly good, just "subjective" if you will.

    2. Heimler's History

      Well, I presented evidence for my position. I'm willing to hear yours, but these are all propositions and no material evidence. Help us understand...

  55. Leo Hecht

    Hey mr Heimler, appreciate the video. I highly recommend the book White Like Me by Tim wise if you want to further explore and learn about the role of white people in combatting racism.

    1. Heimler's History

      I'll check it out. Thanks...

  56. Jillian Green

    I appreciate this.

  57. hope action

    Thank you Heimler for starting this conversation. I hope it continues as an honest and civil dialogue for us to listen and work together towards positive change…As the days drag on - the positive message of peaceful protestors is being devoured by the rioters’ violence. We need to start brainstorming positive solutions...it's frustrating - All I see are people saying “this is a problem”, blaming others, pointing fingers, standing on the side lines and watching hate groups(and the media) destroy everything including our chances for meaningful positive change. I know some people feel like violence is the only way to be heard but in the end violence leads to more violence. I believe (excluding extremist groups) most Americans are in agreement that we need positive changes and at this point a lot of healing to be done - but we’ve got to stop these riots that are damaging mentally and physically to all groups.

  58. chimbuni

    The king

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    I like you way better than john green

  60. Kay Ozzie

    So exited to try!

  61. Jacob Tolar

    I agree with almost everything in this video. However I don't feel that subconscious racism in my own life. Even if I did, I think just like Heimler said, you get over that with higher level thinking. If the job of protesters is to get that message across, it has been done well. So where do we go from here? Protesting won't change the instinct of people if their own higher level thinking can't. I want to help and I think many people do, but what do you do to fix things now? I think the way to find that change starts in the home. Families need to teach children not to have this instinctual fear. I think both sides are to blame for this though. I can see the logic of why many white families form judgments about black people. Why is it that 72% of black families are raised by a single parent? Why is it that although the American population is only 12% black that our prisons are 40% black? I think these two statistics are correlated, and the health of black families looking at percentages like this needs to be addressed. I'm definitely not saying that all black families contribute to this, I have many black friends whom I love, and many recognize this statistical reality. They think it is a shame too. I don't justify the behavior of white people here but I think in order for things to change, it must start in the home. Only then, when people can have healthy values and can be mature members of society will we be able to work together to break down these barriers. So how do we fix this problem all together? I wish I knew the answer, but the part I can play is to spread the message of God and pray that it sticks to the people who need it most.

  62. arman


  63. Sai Jeyaprakash

    To the 30+ people who disliked this video: Why? He put in his time to pour his heart out and tell us what is really going on, all the while revealing something about his own experiences that he didn't need to. Why would you dislike this?

  64. Arush Guliani

    45 min till the makeup exam wish me luck!

  65. becca marquez

    If you did a video regarding Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton and how they grew The War on Drugs it would be so insightful to how black and brown communities are targeted today! please consider it

  66. becca marquez

    I’d like to point out in the 13th amendment “slavery and indentured servitude unless for the reparations of a crime shall not be used within the United States” therefore law enforcement (initially “slave patrol”)was introduced, which targeted black communities for use of cheap labor once again. The 13th amendment is not as grand as it may seem.

  67. LiamEVideos

    You live in Atlanta? Me too

  68. Aaron Higgs

    This video was enlightening, because as a white person I had yet to realize that there are some pre-existing reservations that I have in my mind about black people. These reservations however I don’t feel became apparent until recently. Never before had I been uncomfortable around a black person, or worried when I walked past someone of color. But now, subconsciously those thoughts emerge. Now I know that these are wrong, and maybe for once I am experiencing what black Americans have felt for years, a fear that someone might hate you for the color of your skin. And to take it a step further the color of my heart, as I am a massive supporter of law enforcement and am quick to defend law enforcement in their wrongdoing. I am not here to condone the actions involved in George Floyd’s death, although I believe that in any case there should be time allowed for investigation. Having said that, (pardon my language) fuck bad cops. They deserve no honor or respect, and from what I can tell, those are the kind that were involved here. I will say this however, and I hope that it conveys properly my point, while I want to strive to understand and empathize with the plight of black Americans, as you so eloquently put Mr Heilmer, there is an over emotional reaction that has stemmed from this event, which I feel does nothing more then further the divide between black and white. The death of George Floyd, while I personally doubt race was involved within the cops motives, was one of negligence and anger. The response from the community has been one of vengeance and hate, and the response of the cops has been frustration and fury. This has continued to snowball and further separate America. The media feeds on tension, and pushes it in order to get clicks, views and more outrage. It was necessary for the north to engage in war with the south in order to abolish slavery. But Martin Luthers movement was one of peace and unity, calling for a union of all peoples. And while I believe that every black life does matter, it seems to me that there is a hateful cry deep within it. One that still pushes people apart. I worry that when I walk through certain neighborhoods that I might be hated for being white. And blacks worry that when they get pulled over they will be unlawfully detained or even lose their life. But if we are to consciously see the best in people, and and work to see ourselves as HUMANS, not black or white, but actually living and breathing humans, I think we can start to move forward. Yes racism exists still, and yes it may be on a larger scale then I am comfortable admitting, but it is both sides that need to put down the pitchforks and come together, PEACEFULLY. It may be easy for me to say as I can never fully understand what it is to be black. And maybe this entire comment is an insult. But I hope that something good can come of this and that people can move on together. Incidents such as George Floyd will always happen, and that is a fact of life. But I pray that as a culture we can get to a point where we recognize such incidents as isolated events, and the mass of the population can trust each other to do the right thing and put behind bars the criminals who kill, steal, and corrupt the good men and woman of so hart.

    1. Aaron Higgs

      Edit: So hart-society

  69. Black Viking

    Being a white man I'm trying to explain how it is to be a black man every day in America like I have and being prosecuted everyday for my skin color you will never understand we at War my city Louisville Kentucky that killed another innocent man yesterday so no matter what you say never change we at War you love something love your white brothers we at War you versus us Black Power

  70. Ryan Roggio

    I’m blessed to have parents who never promoted an ounce of racism to me throughout my childhood. Their parents promoted it to the. But they tried breaking it like you. My mom had a black friend in high school and had to stop hanging out with her because of her parents. That feeling Heilmer has with black people is something I feel but not of clack, but another race and I’m trying my best to destroy it. Like him it’s not like the thoughts are bad but there are thoughts.

  71. BatmanCanFly

    Wish I could have had a history teacher like this. Oh wait

  72. Spongeknob Squarenuts

    He went beyond the contextualization

  73. Andrew McCormick

    Heimler really giving context for a future APUSH Test

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    this will be an apush dbq topic...

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    Heimler for president 2020

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  78. Kristopher Bell

    I am an AP World History Teacher and I am from Atlanta as well. I know that this may not be possible now or any time soon but I’d like to meet with you and pick your brains. This was my first year teaching AP and your videos helped me tremendously. I feel as though simply meeting and speaking with you will make me a better educator. Maybe via FaceTime or zoom will be better but I’d love to speak with and learn from you. Maybe you could learn something from me as well. Great Video and God Bless.

  79. outta here

    Be my history teacher Mr Heimler, my apwh teacher recently resigned and got fired, cause he was not only an anit-black racist, he also in some kind of nazi group thing. AFTER A WHOLE YEAR OF HAVING HIM AS A TEACHER, WITH THat INNOCENT SO-CALLED FACE, and then he does all this at .....disappointed.

  80. jolly elmroot

    The George Floyd incident is staged

    1. 0riginalPoster

      Somehow I knew when I started watching these videos for schoolwork that this would be the kind of content he'd be uploading alongside it.

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  83. Jonathan Ryan

    Fantastic job man I really respect this. Also nice seeing you on zoom the other day.

    1. Heimler's History

      No kidding, that was cool to see you... you been out slaying the fish?

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  85. rocking jump

    Using slavery as context for the modern day america faces is not a good one. The violence between the police and african american population started due to welfare program of the american government on black neighbourhoods during 60s. Because the government was giving free handouts to back house holds and single mothers, black father felt no responsibility to their family because the government was already financing their family. From this we had a phenomona of black fathers leaving their family, which resulted in the rise of single motherhood in african america communities. Kids that grew up with out their fathers, then became crimminals. Fathers are inportant for raising children, and when you have such wide phenomona, the it only becomes invetiable that these kids who grew with out their fathers will commit crime. Due to this factor, the ammount of violent vrimes committed in black communities surpased that of whites, which resulted in the police having a prejudice against african americans; this then leads us to the problem we have today. So thw right context is gocernment welfare programs during the 60s and onwards.

    1. B3auu

      @Heimler's History Yes! and people don't understand the power of the sub-conscious, even in Africa blacks are scared of whites because of the effect colonization has had on their sub-conscious

    2. Heimler's History

      Yes, I agree that fatherlessness is a problem and that the 60s are also good historical context, but it's not either/or. The strained relationship between blacks and whites goes as far back as our colonial days and to ignore that is to give too narrow a treatment.

  86. ItsOnion

    When you were going on about how internal racism could be from the dehumanization of the oppresser, I thought about how holocaust survivors had their dna altered and passed it on to later generations. I just think it’s interesting to think about how extreme situations such as being in a concentration camp, being a slave, or having to lower your humanity in order to own a slave, might have modified genetics in a way. Obviously, I’m not saying that racism is biological, but it’s an interesting to consider how subconscious racism *could’ve* been passed down in such a way, even though we live in current society. Perhaps subconscious racism is a social consequence as well, as the media displays races, genders, and groups with extreme stereotypes. Who knows. 2086 APUSH and APWorld kids are gonna have a time with the dbq

    1. Heimler's History

      Yes, I think you're probably on to something. Social forces are more powerful than we like to give them credit for...

  87. cara m

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    1. James Reape

      Heimler's History - perhaps so. I am more optimistic. Studies show black ppl report not experiencing.racism personally but believes it has gotten worse in society. . i look at research cited by ppl like Coleman Hughes- an objectivist - rates of incarceration, violent encounters with police are way down since the 1990’s. Last year of the 41 unarmed ppl killed by police 9 were black. That is disproportionate to the black population but not the murder rate. Yet, As George Floyd and Ahmad Arbery reveal, it is the stark image of African American suffering and the impotence of the state to protect or deliver justice that is so galvanizing for this moment in our history. I think our shameful history or racism, , Combined with a drumbeat of Fear /negativity from media, and with the absolute horrifying optics of these recent killing deaths cloud our vision. In this moment, it is good to have a Cathartic experience but the prescriptions/ pathways for progress won’t come from that. I see grounds for optimism. Rates of Interracial marriage and children for ppl under 40 are increasing and already substantial. Anecdotally in my life time , this went from taboo to normal and ppl rarely make an issue of. Black women earn more annually Than white women. This is often explained because they are in the workforce in higher rates but I still see this as progress. Lords knows , there is nothing worse for woke ppl than the hint of racism. It will change where they buy $6 coffees and world music CD’s. (Sorry, Poor attempt at levity) For me the persistent concern is the generally inequality of the entire working class. Reforming education, Criminal justice and creating opportunity for the poor and disadvantaged is where the most needed work lies. Once again, thanks for your videos.

    2. Heimler's History

      For sure we're in a better situation today than we were pre-Civil War or even in the Jim Crow days. So I agree that what we're dealing with are the lingering effects of those institutions. Also, it has always made sense to me that if our country took about 350 years to finally get equality for the races down on paper, it seems likely that the heart-level inequality will take another couple hundred years to fully recede.

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    1. Heimler's History

      That's the kind of feedback that makes my heart sing...

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    2. Heimler's History

      Me neither, and that is something to be thankful for. At the same time, those who have experienced it belong to us as fellow humans and we have to do what we can to help them shoulder the burden.

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