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  1. Zelmer Ashley

    All about money, for state , kick back, to politician, not. anything to do with environments, goverment corruption,

  2. Mike Stein

    Don’t forget us on the grocery docks without us no one eats

  3. Keri F.

    Aww, that's so nice they have each other all those years ^u^ <3

  4. Young Kim

    Trump knew pretty well where it came from.... ChIIna

  5. Zimbaa

    What a shithole

  6. plockacherrys

    The hind Hassan girl can't even speak proper English

  7. 1,000 subs with no videos

    Imagine the people who got murdered watch this

  8. Akash Kunte

    Neither Messi nor Ronaldo are safe.

  9. Glyn Wright

    I'm sorry I live here and these people are fucking arseholes, making us sick when the country lacks a good amount of tests, is just a risk. In a month then this would be a better pratice

  10. Big Red

    They got married in 1968 ? lol

  11. Mr A

    Typical pet owners. Letting shit lose cause they cant look after them anymore. Thank goodness we ban them here in NZ

  12. will Chisess

    ell, atleast its doing good for business, that's more important

  13. Zelmer Ashley

    Chicago river is polluted i never swim in it, river had china flying fish, which eat sewer in river

  14. Kiran Pervela

    Funny sarcastic....experimenting the countrymen like lab rats when no one knows how this virus interacts with immunity and how much time it will take to lead to total immunity.....May be they are playing God...

  15. Jonathan Lara

    What about HOT BREATH ...!

  16. Reno van Zanten

    Kudos for the lady that's really helping those children!

  17. Truth Seeker

    How are hundreds of people dying each day in a city from this? I thought it’s small % for serious reaction? If we go out and try to get immune millions of people will die. Not something we should do. A vaccine will be available it’s just a matter of how long. As long as we have grocery stores open and food to buy we should stay on lockdown until there is a cure.

  18. Holly Q

    So good seeing good humans!

  19. kookoo kurt

    Great work.

  20. Crazy Pants

    my lockdown is making me depressive. what should I do?

  21. annie Bell

    This happenwdnin Zimbabwe

  22. VICE News

    New York hospitals are running dangerously low on protective gear for medical workers. A college librarian and a doctor are teaming up to help solve the problem using 3D-printed face shields. WATCH NEXT: How Hospitals Overwhelmed by Coronavirus Could Ration Ventilators -

  23. Johnny Moris

    The entire world should do this it will be like the thanos snap half will live half will die .....hey all the cry baby lefties keep crying about the environment here's your solution

  24. The Great Gatsby

    Meanwhile China back to business again, just sold 450 million euros worth of masks to Spain.

  25. justhavnfun here

    The KKK also uses the christian cross as one of their symbols. What are you doing about that.

  26. Anthony Clegg

    It's tremendous, it's under control, control, tremendous, it will be over, before it starts, it's incredibly tremendous folks.

  27. gizmo 585

    They will pass the virus to all the stoners😱

  28. David Robinson

    What the hell is wrong with them.

  29. ToastedYogurt

    Imagine they put on the vr headset and then they try to get out.

  30. Sam 13

    I am nurse here in New York and i really feel the anxiety and fear of everyone especially the healthcare workers.I myself had been sick now for 2 days, running fever, chills, fatigue, bodyache. i hadnt got tested. Been taking vitamins and medication, plenty of fluids and some rest to recover. Take care everyone. God Bless us all.

  31. WaynesWorkVlog

    1:02 you ever heard of tweezers or chop sticks? fuckin gross.

  32. Lynch-R

    God save Spain 😢❤️

  33. karan Karan

    Well I can tell you my experience. I know a light skinned very fair skinned woman she was from a low caste. But I did not care about the caste. But one day she told to do something illegal. I said "no" to her. We fought. And the shocking part she said that I am black and I look like those who live in the forest. Many times she made me down. She looks down at people who are dark skinned or even slighly brown. But I love my skin colour. Even people in the low caste are very cruel. If they are light skinned.... oh man can not stop them. But what that woman did not know is that I love the people who live in the forest.

  34. Barbara murray

    Does he have food in his beard

  35. guy sumpthin

    Probably dying from chloroquine

  36. Barbara murray

    That's righgght

  37. galacticmarine marmar

    sheep beeeh

  38. Donna Joseph

    The most frustrating thing is everybody knows who the big fish are but there is nobody with any integrity to expose them or bring them down

  39. Vforfettuccine

    Last chicken flu didn't make whole world into lockdowns. Doesn't science teach us right from wrong? It's not stigmatization but prohibition. If science can't act and stop hazardous practices, then why bother pour billions of dollars for education and researches?

  40. Mister Awesome

    Booooo to vice

  41. Gagan deep Singh


  42. person who's real

    He said they work with masks, none have them on

  43. guman das

    Pehle khana to do yaar sipahio ko,gulam to mt bnao

  44. Oirua Luciano

    No need for this bloody and expencive war corona virus is killing us rapidly

  45. Christopher Kleinbach

    It is 2020 March and I think a lot of things are going to change, but we all need to come together and stop fighting each other. Because of this corona virus my prars go out to the people in Seattle Washington and multanoma county Portland Oregon klakamas Gresham Corbett Oregon as well.may GOD bless

  46. This is the Beginning

    Why is the interviewer intentionally trying to make the Jailer look bad? I bet assaults and write ups have decreased . Then what about the junk food thats sold in the commissary, the prison and food co.s are making alot more, and can be used for currency by the prisoners. A

  47. Cyndy L

    In a black/brown country, people wish to be white. In a white country, people wish to be brown. In a yellow country, people wish to be white. Gotta love the media and corporations messing with our heads. They want us to obsess with looks rather than living out lives. Makes me sick.

  48. Gagan deep Singh


  49. Sean Anderson

    Rhetorical question. If he believes that the stage isn't the place for others to talk about these issues then should he be on stage talking about them?

  50. Dennis Sweeney

    T. D. S. yea he is trying to be positive. Obama lied lied and lied you can keep your DR and there is more but you lefty are killing people and you just don't care shame on you we will all meet are maker then WHAT ?

  51. lonnie lamar

    They not doung anywhere in philly so stop with the everywhere bs

  52. TheSocialMinds

    Please make a version 2 of this

  53. tobber08

    Virus? Just smoke pot and be happy...... whats the problem?

  54. ruuoxi

    gov : congrats! you've been selected randomly to be our herd immunity! hope you survive the virus! random people : .......

  55. Ross Coe

    Well I've no sympathy for anyone that dies there from this , deliberately spreading it when so much still unknown about it is pathetic and the will get what they deserve

  56. Cliff Bower

    Hmmmm....... Stalin's USSR springs to mind here. OBEY ME & AGREE WITH ME, or I'll have you erased.

  57. Princess Of Nubia

    I hope now Europe and USA understand the horror nightmare that we went through with Ebola. And when we asked for help many very rich countries declined or started helping when they realised this might effect them in the future. It was so horrifying that you actually hope you will die to get away from the horror of life. Sometimes you’re walking and you see your step sister covered in newspaper dead in a corner. The media does not even show how bad. The international doctors that helped and risked THIER lives us we pray for paradise for them everyday. But was hard watching your mother who’s a doctor dying while the white doctor gets taken away by a plane. There was no space no beds that we had to have infected sleep next to each other and they would die faster. It was hell on Earth and it does not even compare to Coronavirus. The world has the resources and the money to help the whole world but greed and capitalism and a sense of arrogance that they are special and civilised. Now you see viruses doesn’t care if you are a president or a Mother. Rich or poor. And it doesn’t care about your trillions of dollars. I feel a lot of resentment I will not lie but I never want anyone to go through this. But I hope this corona virus can teach the west and China empathy and understanding that we’re all humans and by ignoring us at out time of need is like ignoring yourself

  58. George Stewart

    99% death rate in Holland

  59. Samiir Fuaad

    Byy white people corona will take care of u love frm Somalia

  60. Matthew Lo

    Coronavirus: Sup everyone in this town?

    1. SaltySoySauce

      What's the joke

  61. Michael Moore

    keep's a good strategy for stupid people..

  62. Torper Vazquez

    "How many wives you have"

  63. Cream Of Botulism Soup

    1:15 - 1:20 Can see him reaching for the handle after literally only 5 seconds of washing his hands, that's not how you should be washing under ANY circumstances.

  64. Amgliv Ramirez Perez

    Deben escudriñar las escrituras, dejar la soberbia y escoger con lupa y detalle quien entra y quien no.

  65. Jamie Odin

    Do you blame Hungarian. Liberal Vice great work Hungary

  66. Amgliv Ramirez Perez

    I think that Donald Trump, with all the intelligence that he is, should not have given all power to immigration officials and I think that they should look more deeply into the underlying problems and because rapists, kidnappers, drug traffickers enter the United States and only because they have a lot of money are they accepted

  67. HYPER C0r3_z

    I think yellow shirts are a piece of shit.

  68. EVIL QTip

    They were stealing all the evidence all the drugs everything they were taking everything and then reselling it

  69. Vimal Riktam


  70. EVIL QTip

    I heard about these guys a long time ago finally came out

  71. Michael Lim

    1:52 "We work with gloves, masks and all such needed measures" Yet no one wears masks. Are Westerners stupid? This is a RESPIRATORY (aka Airborne) virus. Why are you not wearing a mask? But wait, we MUST HAVE TOILET PAPER!!


    So a creature that hangs upside down & shits on itself carries a virus that's potentially dangerous. I'm shocked! The military world games in wuhan during october19 is a likely ground zero.Mass gathering of people. Most nations attended & most of all these nations became infected. Problem solved. This isn't rocket science!

  73. ААА ААА

    Soviet kommunist , go to Russia, please

  74. Jai Hindutva


  75. Amgliv Ramirez Perez

    Usa and Canada aren´t the best countries of the world but a lot inmigrant people think in the economic progress, but Brazil is the best country in the world or another, the USA officers cancel my Visa legal, I tried to visit Denver for 15 days, I tried to get in by Fort Lauderdale, and immigration officers, stop me, I was treated like a criminal, I am a systems engineer, a university professor and I was in a cell one night, the first time this happened to me and there is no justification when my passport and visa were fine.

  76. Alticroo

    This started with someone eating something they should't have?

  77. Mossad Hunter

    Corona virus is bullshit... don't buy into the fear mongering led by the E.U. and WHO/CDC

  78. patrick dwyer

    I really hope we can find a cure for this

  79. Michael Moore

    panic buying shows how egoistical and stupid people are

  80. jaguar warrior

    Very soon will be the biggest riots in human history


    Kremlin scum killing there own again.

  82. товарищ

    I'm an expat working and living in Moscow. Some supermarket shelves have been low, but on the whole, I'm actually finding my two closest supermarkets to be fully stocked. Oddly, the only thing low, was expensive Italian olive oil. I have no idea why people were stocking up on that. Are the cases strangely low? Damn right they are. Is there anything sneaking going on? Probably not. I just think that Russia hasn't been hit by the virus explosion yet, like other countries have. We all expect that it will get hit within the next few weeks. I do love this idea that any country that is managing the virus must be lying. The US cannot be seen to be handling things poorly compared to other nations. Come on, though, Vice. You interviewed ONE doctor. That's hardly an unbiased report. I know it's only 2 and a half minutes long, but that's poor. You can do better. Give me a bit of cash and I'll actually go and make a proper report. At least I can speak a bit of Russian, unlike this plank of wood you have pretending to be a reporter.

  83. Aristotelezz

    At Foxnews they must be proud that they are the channel from where Trump spreads most of his lies and dangerous misinformation.

  84. Az

    Spain: it's a disaster People in Spain: shopping around for grocery without mask during an airborne pandemic

  85. xhamadeex

    The funny thing is that Islam does not teach this. Sure there are verses in the Quran that encourage Muslims to FIGHT BACK when attacked. We don't have that "turn the other cheek" philosophy. However, there is only defensive war in Islam. It is absolutely unlawful for the believers to wage an offensive war. This is what we are taught, this is what Islam teaches. What ISIS does it POLITICAL, NOT RELIGIOUS. Please read more here:

  86. Shlami Mk4

    People leave Africa to get an education, but then they don't go back. That's the problem. That's why corporate industrialists can just eat the place alive. The current initiative to encourage the movement western educated Somalis back to their homeland is working. This needs to continue and expand accross the continent.

  87. Bhupendra Pawar

    IsIs is Pure Poison !

  88. syrus gates

    Damn..all that money planned on achieving just to die from a mosquito bite.

  89. blu jewel

    Looks like an event were thanos snaped his fingers ever since after 5 years ago

  90. MiVidaBellisima

    This happens in America too, hence why racism still exists many, many decades after slavery ended 😢

  91. Daaku Red Panda

    China lied, people died!!!

  92. Vhuangrui 88

    This man lives in NY...and will get Corona...😂

  93. Nora Lincoln

    Coronavirus is the longest lasting product ever made in China.

  94. Eric Hähnel


  95. jiji maki

    But why they r still not wearing masks

  96. Bishwajyoti Roy

    So why would his 20 yr old daughter have Heroine at that age? What lead to that shit...?

  97. Eric Hähnel


  98. Generic White Man

    What does " winning " has to do with a pandemic? Is covid in cahoot with al quieda?

  99. Sunlight Slash

    that judge is annoying

  100. FM GOBi

    We will eventually get heard immunity. The key is to get it slowly, and not all at once - so that the medical system isn't overwhelmed.