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  1. twisted luck

    Kinda want them to help me with my fear of the dark

  2. Ryan Gibbs

    Courtney acting like she's never been at his house before...

  3. Kevin Wong

    I mean they probs should’ve told them they were gonna order a ton in hindsight

  4. Hannah Grace

    “my brand is being super tiny..” I SCREAMEDDD

  5. Charlie King

    thank god you never released that

  6. Bobby

    This is 2010 ALsel in all its beauty.

  7. Samantha Hirdes

    This has to be one of the best ever episodes 😂

  8. Chloe Manchester

    I’m sorry but that Baby Yoda one made me cackle for like 5 minutes straight-

  9. John Li

    what the fuck👳🏻🤢🤮

  10. Ismael Ortiz

    Damien killed the ending high pitch of the song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Evan Yu

    Go to my TikTok channel

  12. Kai Misra-Stone

    I don’t like studying, I like learning!...the way he describes them Ravenclaw

  13. mic wezzy

    Allen Rickman has joined the battle

  14. Animaloverlola10

    Omg please do more of these I'm bored in quarantine 😭

  15. BaltoSojnekah

    You got jarjar because u chose badger lol

  16. gbreezy scott

    Beep watching this like 👁👄👁

  17. USBYDProductions

    bandit keith

  18. Michael Roy

    Gryffindor: Facebook user Ravenclaw: Reddit user Hufflepuff: Tumblr user Slytherin: 4chan user

  19. MoonLight


  20. Adel Theslave

    Not easy on long distance calling

  21. PandaManGaming

    “Finding nigro” 🤣 *Yeets dad

  22. NateDog

    4:52 My nuts dropped

  23. AavantiRah AavantiRah

    This is the video I did not know ai needed💕💕💕

  24. adam fink

    Chlorophyll more like borophyll.

  25. Jasmine Frazier

    3:15 flying on a spaceship

  26. Impiish Arts


  27. Sabbi Merz

    Love the creativity! I've been missing TNTL!

  28. Just Flashback

    Ian when’s the last time you’ve seen Anthony

  29. Ghost

    I see your giant hamster ball and I raise you salad gogurt

  30. Catherine Ng

    So funny

  31. Cathleen Reed

    U guys are sooooo funnie🤣😂😅😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂🤣🤣😂😅

  32. Rebecca Leah

    I'm literally both of you...

  33. JustAStrangeGirl

    claudio is so cute omg

  34. Tonji

    everyone trying to get Courtney to hang up the phone!! haha! that was an amazing bit.

  35. Carl Carr

    How does sarah whittle sound like daisy from the mario universe?

  36. Ellis Pedersen

    Damien asking everyone if they want part of the drink he really likes is the cutest most polite thing.


    Any more info about Shayne's Stains? Is that a good band name?

  38. Kika

    I miss the when 13 year olds looked like 13 year olds

  39. Some Dude

    Pewdiepie ended the Minecraft series so Sven turned himself into a human and became Gus’s brother

  40. Galev

    I love how sassy Damien and Shayne look in the beginning.

  41. hallee :D

    15:27 .. my anxiety said 📈

  42. Kaitlyn Wilson

    There should be another version of this when the person whose turn it is wears or does something but they have water in their mouth but the people sitting have to make up a joke to make them laugh

  43. Lestie Bell


  44. Jake Eggie Bowman

    Nobody gonna say anything about the fact Shane said “Neil Armstrong” the Astronaut and not Louis Armstrong the trumpet player?

  45. Кацярына Гламбоцкая

    Noah was the best narrator

  46. Quizller

    They used the sound clip from "change the world. My final message. Goodbye." Was a thing

  47. Martin The Martian

    15:38 an ad came on 😂

  48. oliver cole

    I don’t get Olivia’s humour

  49. The sassafras Chicks

    this got me wondering, where was courtney when courtney freaking miller was created? was she sick for a long period of time? like what happened? or did nothing happen? i don't know. plz tell me

  50. Onix Harris-Figueroa

    I thought that was Elon musk.

  51. Peanutbutter63


  52. JEllis131

    I cry because i'm not dead yet

  53. adorabella valenzuela

    There’s no class of 2020

  54. AKA Rein

    Every bird ever was so boring, I waited for the new every blank ever and I started crying

  55. Bluestar 18

    Ok even if you don’t believe in this psychic thing some of the things he says is damn good things to think about and really good advice. This guy clearly know what he talks about and I think that’s awesome.

  56. DemiGirlMagic

    I think Josh should be in more videos, he is really funny

  57. JayTD

    What if Gus did Mitchell Robins lol

  58. dedley01

    Notice how it’s always the man who has to remember everything and not the woman.

  59. Logan Rutgersson

    Shayne is the funniest person on smash but I also miss Antony

  60. Shannon Plunkett

    Laurel reminds me of a pissed off, blonde Anna Kendrick

  61. Elysium

    I'm so happy that they gave Shayne extra time just to perform that skit.

  62. Kenaz Deon

    hahahahaahahhaha mosh games!?! that is hilarious.

  63. Zoe Pearson

    Can I see Damien doing it please

  64. Cailean Linnea

    *I like when you boss me around*

  65. A

    Is no one gonna talk about 5:35

  66. Tayla Baker

    I got an ad with Helen Mirren in it in the middle of the video.

  67. Carly The Cute Miner

    JTP like if you get it --->

  68. ꧁ ღ Nesquick ღ ꧂


  69. sophie rice

    Is Damien just part of the squad now

  70. Eloise Badger

    i didnt think i could love damien anymore... and then he started singing 🥺💙

  71. WhiteGirlVlogs 223

    Noah completely destroyed Joven and his career whilst tying up his shoe laces

  72. Lewis Ashall

    Question, where does one buy that one for all jumper Damian is wearing

  73. Not Kaids

    nobody: keith: *YOOOOOOOOOO*

  74. Lonely Little Wolfie

    Bouta share this video with my brother 8000 times until he stops smoking.

  75. red dead redemption tips and tricks

    Why is there a writing that says demonitize I don't remember that writing

  76. Emily Thompson

    Noah and Wes... a new ship?!

  77. sophia aigotti

    Courtney, I recorded everything in a diary too and was also boy crazy in middle school and had girls bully me. I would have def been your friend in middle school 💕

  78. Akid 39 Beats


  79. Shiloh Strong

    I can imagine Courtney doing that 😂

  80. Macie Savage

    Who’s waiting to see Boneless? :D

  81. JasmineW18


  82. Charlie Miller

    Courtney has the same anishals as me and I have the same last name

  83. HeNeedSomeCubes!

    I dont even have the same phobia as him but im still scared

  84. Gigi Skatez

    Shayne when hard

  85. Nick The AntiClause

    I love that you can tell the difference between Shayne Topp and Shayne Topp...

  86. להט קוה צויק

    Keith was flashed twice. Why nobody talks about it

  87. Sroojana Iyer

    You can tell at what point of quarantine this was shot by the state of Damien's beard.

  88. Jonathan Edwards

    First time I've ever watched one of their videos. The blondes intro ruined everything.

  89. Jon L

    Good stuff guys!

  90. drttyu liqm


  91. Jaymie Dumont

    *Shayne feeding his children for 13 minutes straight*

  92. Legoman kwd

    All customers are Smosh people

  93. Gracelyn AB.

    I don't think anyone will see this, but if you do.. i need help. all i want to do these days is either die or cry i dont have friends to talk to so i come to social media...help

  94. Will Becker

    I knew as soon as Shayne came over that he was just gonna say howdy again

  95. srt wq

    “Falun Dafa is a peaceful, meditative practice that is guided by Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance,” Councilmember Brandon Todd stated in his letter. “We appreciate the many contributions of Falun Dafa in the District, including the teaching of the Falun Dafa exercises to residents and tourists on the National Mall for over 20 years.” “We wish you the best and celebrate with you this day,” he wrote, ending his letter with, “Please know that in me, you will always have a friend on the Council of the District of Columbia.”

    1. drttyu liqm

      my god olivia is so funny, adorable, cute, and gorgeous she IS the perfect girlfriend...

  96. Brian Stryker

    Is it really a try not to laugh if Olivia isn't in her purple wind breaker?

  97. Dannielle Warren


  98. Jason RickRoll


  99. Fantastic Dreamer

    It makes my heart so happy to see all the Hufflepuff love here in the comments❤️

  100. Daud Afzal

    Hey guys I love you all. I love you since I first saw you on Facebook Thank you for making us laugh so hard. Stay in our lives.