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  1. Hilda Simon

    He found Jesus, now wherever he is will be safe and happy..

  2. elvina m. becenti

    Thank you Mr President for showing us the destruction of the church near the White House & drawing the line because we Americans have had enough of the tearing down of our great country. We trust you you have greatness in your blood & only you & God can make America Great Again!!

  3. Joey Co TV

    Is a miracle?

  4. David Reynoso


  5. Hugo Boss

    Please don't believe what she says, she can not be a Ravi zacharias fallower, in a other video she said everyone can worship any God the want, we Christian's know theres only one way and that's threw Jesus cris.

  6. Alfonso Ponce-Enrile

    Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany are two great Press Secretaries both of whom frustrate the hostile press with their uncanny way of turning the tables on the press. Bravo to you both and God bless you for your outstanding work!

  7. Pat Warburtonr

    , The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus

  8. ana Anna

    Thank You Lord for our President. Please Lord protect our president from all of those who attack him. In Jesus’ name amen. Sorry sir disagree with you. As a Christian we absolutely are praying for our president. You are wrong. 🎺🎺❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. terry stinnett

    Antifa is the Democrats "army" they are walking with the peaceful protestors they breaking out to burn the Cities down ! they find piles of bricks / bottles of gas , on every place they destroy / break out windows its all set up for Antifa !And Biden is lost christain boys .

  10. ana Anna

    Dear Lord I pray for the fake news who is instigating hatred in our nation. I thank you for the media who is looking in their hearts to install peace. Please Lord open people’s eyes and let us stand up for what’s wrong and right. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you for your words. For being our voice.

  11. M B

    Kayleigh McEnany is a beautiful soul. A wonderful role model for all young women. If God can use a man like Paul (who persecuted Christians), He can also use a man like Donald Trump! It's the only rational that works for me at least. Our new press secretary, Kayleigh is a source of light. God still loves us in spite of ourselves, & that is reassuring during times like these. God is using Kayleigh McEnany, & she's humble enough to allow it! What a wonderful blessing for all of us!

  12. Yuuri Shibuya

    It's very sad to see these people being manipulated and forced by religious people into being someone their not. I hope one day they will wake up and shake this corruption but for now it may be safer for them to pretend to be straight. I'm sorry this world has hurt you but you don't need to deny your truth and your self. Don't let religious people manipulate you and corrupt you.

  13. John Farmer

    Did they delay to give the bat lady enough time to type out the RaTG13 genome

  14. Lulee Tomas

    I need to go back to God...i’ve strayed for far too long...pray for me please 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

  15. Elv Ent

    Yeah! So beautiful right? Tell your war monger country to stop invading other nation then we will stop to see this sad story

  16. Jimmy Sweetin

    The Blindness of the Gentiles. is so sad to see so many lost souls during the end times

  17. Keleigh Mccrorey

    No wonder you can only see christian comments. Pretty sure the owner of this channel is deleting comments that argue with this vid. Tried to post something 5 times and it kept getting deleted. Pathetic, they cant even let people voice different opinions here if they arent what they like.

  18. chai momma

    Engage? So you think he should be preaching? Is he a spiritual leader now?? Glad he’s not my pastor.

  19. betty4gators

    so well said - wonderful words and emotion from Kayleigh McEnany. Ravi Zacharias will continue to inspire many of us - may God bless his family.


    Dear brother Nabeel now you entered in to LORD's glory to have eternal life with LORD Jesus. Peace be to yours family. Amen

  21. J S

    Thank you!

  22. Ethiopan mother

    God lesten Your prayers with no doubt 🔥🔥🔥 My brother Nabel Kureshi ❤️❤️❤️💐🥰 God was & is with you all the way. You always make me feel & believe in relation you have with God is stronger beyond my thinking ability ❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐❤️❤️❤️

  23. George Cobb

    Hey folks America is going to hell in a hand basket and we deserve to

  24. Ethiopan mother

    I love you too & I will always Loving you sisterly Love in God 🥰

  25. Farrah

    This Bishop is a leader of apostasy. Beware

  26. Patrice Marie

    ....... Seen on a NYC T shirt today?? ..... In all of this chaos & dysfunction?? What would a wet dream be???? Is that cute?? .....

  27. Sarah McAlpine

    Look...I love my nation...but, I believe some in my family had to have already dealt with this virus, before the firings and layoffs and STUPID staying away from each other!! What an attack on humanity as God meant it to be!!! Did you know you cannot GET IT AGAIN after you have had it??? That. Is. Real. Not unlike the flu...whose numbers are as bad or WORSE!!! LOOK...God made us to STEWARD our bodies...we (our bodies) are made to miraculously heal!! the one who made us in HIS PERFECT self healing-virus-stomping image!

  28. Ingeras Kov

    Thats so true

  29. Patrice Marie

    Where did all ..... all ..... all this social, hellish unrest??? come from??? ...... Wasn't Covid19 enough?? ......

  30. Keith Whitney

    Many of us, even in very conservative churches, prefer to conduct church services online rather than forget Romans 13:1-7. Our building was used nearly daily M-Saturday for drug and alcohol group meetings. These folks do need our services; other members we just lonely. But I find that is true of many, many Americans. Government is not fighting against us; they are trying to save our lives. Your guests views are myopic and inconsistent with numerous Scriptural texts. As a lawyer-turned pastor/teacher, I was surprised it was a 5-4 vote, because the only Constitutional issue was whether government regulations were overly broad or wholly inconsistent in such a way that non-church entities faced lesser restrictions than churches. The actions of government are not against church just larger assemblies. We opened at first legal opportunity; yet, we still could not treat congregants as many local businesses did. We encouraged masks; many refuse. We did not keep them out of our assembly; hence, needy persons put worshipers at risk.

  31. Sarah McAlpine

    Stop injecting people with ANYTHING tainted with the DNA of animals OR humans!!!!! If you believe in His creation, you have to have a sense that God NEVER created us to be unnaturally injected or aspirated in anything in this way! Vigilance actually should be directed in the way of homeopathy and understanding the human immune system and the SOIL (and air) across this planet! Fix those two (as well as our water) fix our food...and everything...

    1. Sarah McAlpine

      God had made EVERYTHING we need here on this planet for good health and unfortunately doesn't make good money for everyone to say and acknowledge this...

  32. Mitzie Henry

    In fact I think this is twisted they burned the church no problem even the pastor. Don't. Mind. Until someone stand before the church holdings up the Word they say he's mocking God how twisted is this. And mind you I'm black

  33. Mark Selzler

    I have five Bibles in my apartment and one in my car. Dose Ed and any other care too judge me for that as well? God has chosen Trump to do his will nothing is going to change that. Only God can. Remember Apostle Paul? God chose him didn't He.

  34. Twila Williams

    I LOVE listening to you handle an entire room of reporters like a conductor in front of her orchestra while she's also playing every single instrument as well. You are absolutely THE right person for this job and I look forward to seeing where your White House career goes! #Trump2020

  35. River Vessel

    May God bless them exceedingly abundantly beyond all they see or imagine. They are truly BRAVE. It's very obvious that they have changed in truth. Look at them they are changed! They are beautiful. And while the LGBTQ community is praised these former members of that same community are ridiculed and cursed by those same ones that used to praise them! The hypocrisy is REAL.

  36. Brenda Silveira

    God's laws are always right. We will all answer to God not the government.

  37. Jordan Brewer

    I think the wrath hit quicker than 20 years.

  38. Monty Magpies

    The cure for the virus is not to test for it like in China.

  39. Amy Rees

    Can we just acknowledge that the Vatican is the shape of a goats head? And that the US government gives the Vatican BILLIONS-with a B- every year? And that it is ran by a bunch of pedos.... Don't you think this will turn into persecution of Christians? People are already so angry. Not the time, Trump.

  40. Sayyed

    So sad he failed to recognize ALLAH subahan wa taala

  41. A G


  42. Gwen Hoang

    I really don’t understand these believers??? I think our President is Glorifying OUR LORD BY HIS ACTION!!!

    1. Mitzie Henry

      @Anthony Davis like I said this. Is a DEMONIC uprising he is quite. Angry the problem is he won't. Kill him self but he"'ll get us to kill our selves and kill each other from hateJESUS is able to keep me from hate hallelujah praise Gid

    2. Gwen Hoang

      Anthony Davis . Wow, I wonder whom you’re modeling up to? It couldn’t be our Lord Jesus! Whom is meek and humble. Your wording tells me you don’t have peace in you. More like anger??? Could you even call yourself a believer. Be honest to yourself as it’s Jesus whom will make the final call for your destination!!!! Please examine yourself and be humble so you may not end up in hell. The road is very narrow. I’m terrified for us all!!!

    3. Anthony Davis

      You're shameful -- what the hell are you talking about?? A blatant charlatan who's never "glorified God" IN HIS LIFE and whose depraved behavior REEKS of corruption and immorality holds up a Bible that he's never opened and takes a political photo-op and he's "glorifying God"?!?! Are you out of your mind or are you just that stupid? Cripes, but are you fools easy to impress! It's called "Talking the Talk" Gwen: TRUMP HAS NEVER "WALKED THE WALK" OF A CHRISTIAN!!!

    4. Mitzie Henry


  43. Eduardo Haro

    I come with the word of the Lord. Make way for Yave! Ezekiel 34 is his word. This is for the lost. May the spirit of God in Jesus Christ name with the power of the holy angels interpreted by the holy spirit and the peace of god be with you all.

  44. Love Roscoe

    US: STOP IMMIGRATION, slow visitation. No worker visas. How sneaky China murders. #China🚫

  45. Connie Schaffer

    Hiv did not "come" from a monkey. Monkey blood was used to cultivate the genetically altered virus in a petrie dish. Hence it came from MAN not monkeys.

  46. Jimmy John

    Thank God for President Trump. What in the world are you thinking Pat. I am so glad to have a leader that will put a stop to this insane action of these morons destroying other peoples property. You Pat are encouraging these demons. I will not watch you are have anything to do with your so called ministry. You are a sad joke. THUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!

  47. Love Roscoe

    We know China did this .. probably made the poison. Want nothing to do with China anymore. Please just stay away and stop torturing animals. Thank you.

  48. Jim Read

    May Jesus guide you and protect you, May Jesus send his angels to cover your back! You’re awesome!!

  49. Jim Read

    She’s a goddess!! 💕 ❤️ 💗

  50. Fiat Carina M.

    I recognize that we as parents have a big influence of the confusion of our children!!! God forgive us for not been able to guide our kids to HEAVEN🙏

  51. Soldado de Cristo

    What a load of rubbish

  52. Soldado de Cristo

    All lies

  53. Paul H

    Donald Trump is so flaccid and impotent in the face of the George Floyd protestors and looters.

  54. Irene Brown

    The Lord establish Government to protect their citizens and to punish those who break the law. The mayors, Governers are not doing anything to quell the mayhem and some police have been told to stand down. Many of those standing for good is being punished and the law breaker is being protected. That is not the Lords law.

  55. ridin dirty

    sick and inhumane, everything happening is deserved

  56. Larry Griffith

    2nd Chronicles 7:14 = If my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their Wicked Ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land

  57. Gloria Rider

    Thank you our "Commander in Chief!!" I hate the way Chicago is handling things & I DON'T feel safe here at ALL!! AMERICA DEFINITELY NEEDS your leadership!! God bless!!

  58. j b

    Let's be truthful here: we have a dem-run state and dems are often about endorsing ideals and values that are antithetical to God's Word.

  59. Aurora Sound


  60. Colin Gen

    Trump and Republicans are still preferable to Biden and the Democrats - hands down!

    1. Anthony Davis

      BIDEN/WARREN 2020!! Vote for Ethics, Morality and Lawfulness - VOTE BLUE, NO MATTER WHO!!

  61. Kathie Bauer

    Protest the officer’s actions yes! STOP The violence, looting, burning, distraction of private & public property. If that takes military so be it. Many of those invoking violence are being paid by someone.

  62. Chanel Graham

    This is great.

  63. Gilbert Lay

    Fake Peaceful Protesters!!! IF they were truly for peace they would not be protesting alongside violent riot, loot and burn types. Just protesting the same day and same city as the violent ones is suborning their violence. Aiding and abetting the violence by turning out in large peaceful protests that distract police from stopping the violence. It's called "Decoys." Trump/Pence 2020!!!

  64. Denise P

    People speaking against the President holding up the Bible, Good grief!! get over the religious self righteousness. He is not sent as the savior of the world, he is a man called by God to be President and he is doing the best he knows how in the light he has. You cannot judge him or hold him to a standard of "light" you think you have. Pls just be quiet and pray for God to protect and keep using the man HE gave us!

  65. Felix Hoffmann v. Meinigen

    Poisoned by religion!

  66. Jesus is Alive!

    No whites are dying? Just minorities? This is exactly what needs to stop! We are not our skin pigment!

  67. JIM V.

    Are great Lord is amazing I almost died from work accident I saw Jesus he asked me what I wanted to live for I will never forget that he was beautiful

  68. Jerry Francis

    "Gays can change through Christ" proclaimed ex-gay ministries for 40 years, but in 2013 national and international ex-gay leaders admitted not one of their ex-gays became hetero via Christ. Every major, decades-old ex-gay ministry from the US to Australia closed. Now we have a tiny new group, but if you ask them (as I did) not one of them is hetero, either. And most are mentally ill addicts.

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  71. Barry Mohammed

    As the real ark of covenant come out ....all that religious stuff done....Jesus is Lord.

  72. Barry Mohammed

    Jesus is Lord.....

  73. Meade Vlog channel

    George Floyd, a Christian man? He was a drug user that assaulted a pregnant woman.

    1. Larry Griffith

      George Floyd was a troubled man. He was a known drug user and actually had drugs in his system at death. The cops that we're arresting him actually knew him and had worked with him in security at a strip club.

    2. Something Unknown

      Who are you to judge a man who just passed away? Shame on you!!

  74. Donald Pfau

    It is beyond sad that you attack the President for calling out the Mayors and Governors that in some cases invited every thug around to come burn and loot their cities. While at the same time ordering the police to stand down. Even to evacuate their headquarters allowing it to be burned down. Many also giving no support or even talking trash about their police. Now they are killing the police. Trump is 100% right. If they won't do there job, he will. Then you also claim Trump doesn't have the authority to do it. Again you are wrong and helping the deep state cabal. And every one pretends its a left vs right struggle. No it is much more than that. It is a satanic deep state cable battle against Trump, Q, and God. Now it should be a no brainer which side your on ??? But yet you keep ending up on the wrong side ?????

  75. Meade Vlog channel

    More race baiting narratives. This "change" they want is a commie takeover.

  76. Jecky Arjona

    Please pray for me,I'm having a hard time sleeping lately,that leads sometimes to shortness of my breath ...thank you

  77. great outdoors

    Trump behind bars.....It's where the little monster belongs

  78. great outdoors

    We pray to the Lord that our criminally incompetent president is soon locked behind bars

  79. Jesse Barber

    It's time. Soon I will speak to you.

  80. Shadow

    President Trump is not mocking God , the tweet is taking scripture out of context , mocking God is flaunting your sin in His Face , believing in a greasy grace , if you listen to worldly music that glorifies fornication would be mocking God

  81. Donald Pfau

    If you would like to lean more about the fight against the globalist satanic deep state. Go to you tube. "Q the plan to save the world" by Joe M

  82. Donald Pfau

    Agian Im so disappointed in the 700 club and Pat for pushing the deep state cabal agenda. You have pushed the fear as much as the deep state MSM. Without showing how and why the numbers have been artificially inflated. And how many deaths were because of deep state Governors policies. You have advocated that the government can force us to take their vaccine. You have come out against the best solution HCQ+. Spewing deep state manufactured lies to disparage it. When their is a mountain of evidence from around the world saying it works best and is extremely safe. Then you claimed the President doesn't have the authority to stop social media from censorship trying to stop the lies. Now you have the audacity to attrack the President for calling out the Mayors and Governors that in some cases invited every thug around to come burn and loot their cities. While at the same time ordering the police to stand down. Even to evacuate their headquarters allowing it to be burned down. Many also giving no support or even talking trash about their police. Now they are killing the police. Trump is 100% right. If they won't do there job, he will. Then again you even claim Trump doesn't have the authority to do it. Again you are helping the deep state cabal. And every one pretends its a left vs right struggle. No it is much more than that. It is a satanic deep state cable battle against Trump, Q, and God. Now it should be a no brainer which side your on ??? But yet you keep ending up on the wrong side ?????

  83. Tommi Baker

    Remember a narcissist slanders their opponents with an exact description of their actions and motivations

  84. Ruben Bockus

    Wow, thank you Lord for your word and thank you for the mouths who share it so honestly, purposefully and meaningfully! Thank you Robertson family!!!

  85. Cheryl Simmons

    The Episcopal bishop who oversees the church, causes me to question her criticism of President Trump, who made a personal appearance in support of the disgusting havoc and pillage of the church... something is wrong with her thinking process. The President of the United States of America comes to stand in support of you, the church, and the worshippers and as a person representing God, this is her public response? Kinda of hellish for her to do.

    1. Anthony Davis

      You're 100% backwards -- something is wrong with YOUR thinking - AND your morality to be sure. This fraudulent poser has never even opened a Bible in his life, couldn't tell you his favorite verse, and doesn't show a moral, ethical bone in his entire body, and you fools are so EASILY impressed by him profaning the Bible by cynically using it as a PROP! Do you ACTUALLY believe that this was for any reason but the MOST cynical, manipulative self-interest that can be conceived? God, you people are either hopelessly STUPID or transparently IMMORAL!!

  86. Carlos Castillo

    Pray for the president not judge “PASTOR “

    1. Slapstick Dome

      He was their supporting and recognizing their loss in an act to draw attention to this congregation. Why would you think he would ever judge them? Maybe now they may get financial help because of him being there. Ya gotta practice your faith.

  87. Bonita Nottingham

    How is Trump holding a Bible sacrilegious?🤔 Nasty Pelosi holds a Bible while pushing for abortions now, that's sacrilegious.🤨

  88. Marvin Olvera

    Joe Biden is following the game plan for China!!!

  89. Christina D

    The music in the background ~ stop 🛑

  90. Gary Schoenberger


  91. great outdoors

    Americans want law and order alright....We demand our criminally incompetent president be put behind bars immediately

    1. Hannah Smirnoff

      Whatever a man sows he must also reap! America sowed a seed of racial hatred long time ago through slavery and now America is reaping that seed. All previous American President including the current one have never addressed this issue and it keeping repeating itself.

    2. Meade Vlog channel

      Shame on you. He is one of our best presidents dealing with criminals around him.

  92. Samuel m


  93. Wesley Wright

    The Bible has the answers. Trump pushes for the DEATH PENALTY for the murder and the riots will stop. Also, Look ! NO EVIDENCE what so ever that Police are racist towards Blacks. HELLO 👋✝️🗽🇺🇸🙏. PUBLIC HEALTH IS JUST THE WOREST IDEA EVER. THE PROOF IS COVID 19.

    1. Karon Smith

      I don't know where you been living Hello

  94. Alex spinu

    Why are we labeling apostasy as deconversion and as such playing it down.

  95. Erne Stina

    GOD knows the Heart..

  96. John Campbell

    It’s time for judgement to begin with the house of God.

  97. Susan Lancaster


    1. Rosee Negri

      Open your eyes!!!!

  98. Socorro Sandoval Ordonez

    @ 9:11 , I disagree with you sir. You obviously don't play chess, this is a message, that he is going to do it "BY THE BOOK", God's way and only God's way! And , you are very negative sir, even you could not bring up a quote from the good book could you!, it's not a question

    1. Hill Psalms

      The Republican political playbook

    2. Bonita Nottingham

      Amen! 🙏🏼

  99. mike koutras

    This is about the killing and way way more .

  100. Servant of God

    God Bless Everyone!