Hey it's ME (Moriah Elizabeth).
What editing program do you use? Adobe Premiere Pro CC
What camera do you film with? Panasonic GH4
What ethnicity are you? My mom is white, my dad is peruvian/italian
How old are you? 25
Did you make Create This Book? Yes! I wrote it, illustrated it and published it myself. It is sold on Amazon.com

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  1. Iz Ok

    You shiuld make the 4 things that used to have cream dolips and make them a stack of pumpkinins

  2. notiamfay roblox


  3. Juusto Snagero

    The rock is like a mango chicken I love it

  4. md_ cutiewolfy

    Where is the squishy ghost Eny way😕😕 btw i love you and i like rainbow to and unicorns bye👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  5. Saima Khan

    She should paint a palette and a paintbrush as a matching pair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m Alia

    OMG MORIAH YOU JUST MURDERED THAT POOR FLY 🤣😂😂 Cause of death: being suffocated by slime😢💀🤣😂

    1. I’m Alia


  7. Hagop Hagop

    Omg I just realized she is 4 years younger than my mom

  8. Makayla Jeffery

    The clothes peg was painted in a rustic style

  9. Bubble T

    8:37 I'M STILL HERE!

  10. Grace Harris

    PART 3 like if u agree

  11. cailin taylor

    2020 GEORGIE

  12. •Wolf Paws•

    Im watching this in 2020 and uhhh.... Moriah didn‘t change•_•

  13. Θωμας Κυριτσης

    | If she should do the cake on the baking series \/

  14. Jenifer Brock

    love the cup!

  15. Gacha NiNi

    On 17:22 it sounded like “pickle wanna”

  16. Izzy Schall

    "Please try to be impatient" 🤣🥴🤣🥴

  17. Clorox Bleach

    I wouldn’t put my finger in there 😂

  18. Poppy Doney

    You can do an easier way to sift. Get a spoon and rub on the flour on its back side, it should be easier. P.S your so funny

  19. MonktonWylde

    weird moment at 3:41

  20. KingBren

    I was expecting the items to go from detailed to lazy, but this surprised me quite a bit! The designs especially the pencil bag and squishy came out so pretty!! The giant clip too! I really liked all of them :DD Great job

  21. Khushi Zehra

    Your skin was brown little bit now u are pretty

  22. Jessica Hung

    More panting rocks

  23. and i oop

    She should do a video of dying opie’s hair rainbow or her hair

  24. jenny hiebert

    Her : the ears are uniquely shaped Me : those are ghost hands

  25. cailin taylor


  26. Unicorn Potatoes

    I really like the icecream phone case!

  27. Sissy Girl

    I love the ice cream 🍨 phone cases

  28. thankunext

    Im blowing a baloon :/ :D

  29. Violet ArePurple

    i guess in her room, everywhere is color

  30. Kleopatra Toma

    I can't buy it because I live in Germany 😭😭🇩🇪🇩🇪Germany:Hallo wie ghets du bist sooo schön English:Hello how are you you are sooo pretty

  31. Karlijn Wubben

    youre pottery isnt that bad

  32. Nour Wehbe

    I love you soo much ...please make more art things please my name is nour put my name please in a video

  33. Stevie Elliott

    It’s a water bottle *fart noise*. My immaturity: laughs hysterically.

  34. Kyproula Antoniadou


  35. Frost Baker

    When is she going to paint the nesting dolls? AND WHO ELSE THINKS SHE IS A SOOOOOOOCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Leyla Özcan

    The last one look so good 😩

  37. Tiffany Eubanks

    You said puppy paint again

  38. Celina Anglemyer

    I’m not even going to lie this looks exhausting lol

  39. Isa Tuckett

    Moriah: It's so cute and the colors are so amazing! Me: *I missed out on getting a baby hamster* OKAY WE GET IT

  40. Ching Ching

    Paint on shoes.

  41. Gabi Chlup Lps

    Poke loves sloths. Give this squishy to him now

  42. Sylvie Hebert

    *Exactly Almost everybody has that paint*

  43. Ocean Willow

    Moriah:episode 3 of create this book 2 TO MANY NUMBERS Me:.....2 Many numbers AYYY

  44. Melanie Penner

    I thought it was weird that she did a gray muzzle when the mom has a tan muzzle. But if you think its a boy she calling in a boy.

  45. binno blue

    Bring Rosanna Pansino on your next baking episode

  46. Natalie The Unicorn Cat

    Can I buy the pencil pouch ?

  47. KawaiiWolfie _91

    "This rock has no personality." - Moriah Elizabeth 2020

  48. Sylvie Hebert

    Synonym? For -painterly??!!!-edit:pickle the dinosaur is actually looking like a pickle before *you gave pickle the dinosaur a squishy makeover*

  49. 7amod_ Osama

    Six years later Moriah:*looks through seashell box* *sees the new ones* I have no memory of that ThAtS kInDa CoOl

  50. Beril Osanmaz

    Why did I get stress

  51. nhatthien Cao

    Oh , It beutiful

  52. Anastasija Butkevica

    In your 17th video you actually said puppy paintnot puffy paint😡

  53. Cookies,Milk &Tea

    This is how much times she said painting: | | |

  54. EasiTiVi Toy Lot

    I've got a giant clothes pet for Christmas ;-;

  55. eduardo ayala

    Moriah:drinks paint water Me:its water so SHE CAN DRINK IT her: I WAS THIRSTY

  56. Bella Peterson

    i wqnt a better case for my phone

  57. Jadiee Cream

    When you want a pickle plush but lived outside the included countries.

  58. Esha Sharma

    8:08 How about "light motifs" or "rustic chic" or "fine artistry" or "baroque" or "artistic" or "avant-garde"? Let me know if you need anymore....

  59. Sylvie Hebert

    *"when the part Moriah Elizabeth said it's not extreme enough for you I say go uhhhh...48 hours"* (2 days(edit:WHY DIDN'T YOU EVEN BRING OUT YOUR SPINKLES???!!!

  60. Kennedi Jarman

    I was really wondering why she didn't hold the handle while painting. Like if you noticed that😀

    1. Kennedi Jarman

      (The mug)

  61. ashley klukie

    Roses are red Violets are blue If ur nOt Subscribed PEWDIEPIE WILL COME 4 U

    1. ashley klukie

      Not my channel Moriahs

  62. Patricia De Valles

    I like your vidos

  63. Soleida's Words

    anyways I am in Lebanon I can never get or buy anything that you make

  64. Delilah Baker


  65. binno blue

    I love them all print them all on the phone cases

  66. Sylvie Hebert

    Jordan BOOM*I THINK!!!!!!!*😡😡😡😡😡

  67. Normunds Šulte

    Can you do a makeover for popcorn? Thanks

  68. Izzy Schall

    When you use Modge Podge or whatever do you still but tape over it and laminate it

  69. Blank Animations


  70. Bluy ellow

    You are gonna paint more pain pallets agent you

  71. Sprite Bird

    This is how many times she said paint ⬇️

  72. Millie Eustis

    Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseee make a part 3 i want to see the fan mail on your wall

  73. Izzy Schall

    I like how your narrating it while your drawing now its better this way

  74. Millie Eustis

    I love ❤️ your rainbow 🌈 🎀

  75. Kelanie Jackson

    All of them are good

  76. Leah Richard

    All of them

  77. Xerox The savage

    Wait I didn't know staying in my laptop for a week without sleeping was a challenge 🤔

  78. jason ballor

    sksksks save tha tertols

  79. Unicorn LPS

    Mariah check out Rosanna pansino on ALsel she bakes cakes really good and she could teach you

  80. Izzy Schall

    I would love to see your old art!

  81. sydney Caceres

    I love you ❤️

  82. Izzy Schall

    The rainbonator

  83. Aya A

    Imagine that hole entire time she wasn’t recording 😂

  84. Caela Capili

    I like the donut

  85. Sharvi Deshmukh

    Hey, I really want you to make bullet journal videos As you are an literal artist and it would be fun to make plan with me videos!

  86. Hari Farkas

    Rainbow bliss

  87. Lara Summer

    Your daily relaxation

  88. savanna rules

    So satasfying

  89. Halle Bear

    The bow is actually my favorite part I LOVE 💕 THE WHOLE THING so much

  90. lilly uchiha

    Can you actually make the macron cake though (lol I can't spell

  91. Jocelyn Magee

    0:37 and I oop

  92. Scarlett SeaShui Seals

    Also Can you please try and make more Shrink plastic Pin videos I absolutely LOVE 💕 THEM They are soo entertaining and they have inspired me THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR BEING A GREAT INSPIRATION

  93. xTara Chanx

    11:27 are we just gunna ignore the fact that Pickle ( on the shirt ) is dabbing?

  94. Tayla

    I’m in 2020 and loook at OPIE

  95. Cupcake Life

    Morse uses herself as a meme wen I go to me best time

    1. Cupcake Life

      So I was looking thro the comments plexus say that I am copping anyone I just now nosist

  96. Keith Hodges

    I'm sad that you made it the same

  97. Elli Belly

    As much as I like her icon,I think she should change it to pickle

  98. Eloise Bart

    Use the

    1. Eloise Bart

      Use the hamster

  99. CrXep

    can you do a pickle the dinosaur cake

  100. iicherry_bug Gaming

    Can you do they crepy lol doll makeover